Labels: baby silverskinscracklelprecordvinylyarping down the tweeds. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. With the first round moving to best-of-7, there's a serious chance the first round will last longer than the freaking war. Every NBA analyst I've heard says the Lakers are the team to beat, again; that home-court advantage means nothing to those guys; that they're going to win it all again. Thus proving the point, once again: The NBA regular season is worth about as much as the Iraqi dinar.

Rampant fans "Hey, Carl! Can you hear me now? Before we proceed, we must marvel at the sheer efficacy of the toss. Did it from the second deck. Give that guy more tosses of the cell phone at Everett's head, and not only does he miss times, but he falls out of the second deck 30 of those times. The incident did produce Everett's best line to date. Asked how his day went, Everett answered: "It was sort of Verizon-ish. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm the sort of guy who bums out when he can't locate his cell phone -- mostly because it's work issue, and I'd have to report it as lost, and it'd go in my ever-growing, demerit-laden work file.

I can't imagine parting with it, via heave. Maybe the guy received a text message from one of the Chicago Ligues, reading: "Dude: Try heaving this phone off of Carl Everett's head. If you hit, I'll spring for your next tat. You remember the Ligue dynasty. The actual playing of instruments and structure of the songs are fun and unique. They've got a somewhat nasty rock and roll streak to Album) with strong guitar riffs and a saxophone wailing along.

There are tiny moments where the band gives off a Rocket From The Crypt vibe, especially with the way the sax interacts with the rest of the band.

Unfortunately, Radiation Risks aren't an instrumental band. Once you add the vocals to the mix, everything just comes crashing down for me. The singer has a drawn out growl that sounds completely out of place with the upbeat nature of the music.

There's lots of unnecessary yelling and at the end of the day, I just don't like it. It's a shame, the band is on to something. If they could lock down a shit hot soul singer or something, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Labels: 7goodbye moneylumpyradiation risksrecordvinyl. Let's get out the hardcore checklist out.

Band is called Pissing Match. The longest song is thirty-eight seconds long. Song titles are written in that Crass font. I do not understand this sort of thing. It sounds like Anal Cunt, but less metal and not as funny. If you like growly shouting, maybe you'll like this. I don't. For future hardcore band and label people, I appreciate the sentiment, but it's a waste of a record to send stuff like this to me. I'm just not going to enjoy it like you do. Let's call it a shortcoming on my end and an inability to broaden my horizons.

I like pop. One last thing, does anyone know why the monsters on the record cover are so mad at that tire? Labels: 7breat the sealferal kidpissing matchrecordvinyl. I don't review nearly enough 10"s on this site. It's one of my favorite wacky formats, but it's not used nearly as often as it could be.

As someone that's put out records and price checked the cost of the 10" format, I completely understand why. It's just as expensive as putting out a full length, but it's tougher to justify the cost to the rest of the world for fewer songs.

Regardless, I applaud those that take the leap and I'm happy that Pig Baby records decide to send over a copy of this Schizophonics EP. I've been hearing about The Schizophonics for quite some time from some friends out in California. The consensus is that they put on one hell of a live show. If the high angle suplex the guitar player appears to have given himself on the cover of this 10" is any indication, it seems like it would be an interesting show.

I'd only previously heard the band's contribution to the Swami Hardcore Matinee compilation, so it was nice to finally hear some more from them. We're talking the gritty MC5 type stuff. A more modern comparison that I see is The Dirtbombs. The guitars are fuzzy and the vocals have the sort of howling in a cave distortion that really works when applied just right.

I'll always give extra credit to bands that throw in "wooos" and "uhhs"as exclamations during song fills. The highlight for me is "Venus Transit. Ooga Booga is a fun EP and a nice introduction to the band. I'm curious to see what else they have out there. Labels: 10epooga boogapig babyrecordthe schizophonicsvinyl. This was another album sent to me to review.

I was struck by the artwork when I opened up the package, particularly the prevalent use of primary red. It's very eye catching. The quality of the packaging is quite nice too.

Thick cardstock, hefty opaque vinyl and nicely done insert. But even today, I can recognize that this is great little band who, if nothing else, really have their shit together. Based on what I see on Discogs, they have one other record out, a full length from I don't know if that would be an even better introduction to the band than this live 10", but this record is still a pretty darn good first listen.

Those that know me know that my all time favorite time, place and genre of music is the wonderful UK punk scene that existed during the 90s. It's a who's who of some of my all favorite bands and some of the best albums I have ever heard sprang from here. And that's not even mentioning the countless Japanese bands that took and continue to take their inspiration from this era. When I'm making the family tree of these bands, I always put Snuff and Leatherface at the top.

To me, they're the grandfathers of this particular scene and the various bands that sprung up around them are legion. One of those bands was Baby Silverskins. Their only proper release, a split 7" with Pig Pile, isn't one I ever owned, so when this LP that compiles all of their recorded output was announced, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. Listening to it, I know how much I would have loved it if it had been released at the time.

It can sit nicely right next to those early Snuff records, but has moments of sprinting through songs at what feels like a hundred miles an hour. I personally prefer the songs that aren't quite so manic and the pop sensibilities shine through a little brighter.

That said, the entire record is an excellent listen and just feels right, if that makes any sense. I'm really glad the Crackle folks brought this back and put it out on vinyl to boot.

Saturday Night Karaoke are a band that has been cranking out a good amount of releases over the past few years, this 7" is their most recent and was released on quite a few labels from around the world. So chances are if you are reading this, there's probably a label close by that you could pick this up from if you wanted it. I've written about Saturday Night Karaoke before and I kind of stand by my prior statements that they really feel like a Mutant Pop band to me.

They've got that Ramonesy sing-song version of pop punk going on, but I do really like this particular 7" more than a lot of other bands that go down this path. I hear elements of bands like Walker and there's definitely a kinship with The Hum Hums that I can't not hear. It's very easy for this style of pop punk to end up sounding kind of generic and just fade into the background, but Saturday Night Karaoke manage to avoid those traps.

They write genuinely great pop songs with great hooks, killer backing vocals and sweet, sweet melodies. So your band name is a pro wrestling reference and your record has come out on Snappy Little Numbers? Well, yeah, chances are that I might be in your demographic. Following up on a flexi single that came out a few months ago, The Animal Steel drop off a full length album and it has the same sort of style and energy that made me dig the one song on that flexi.

I can't listen to these guys and not hear some Jawbox creeping in on their guitar work. The drumming is more straight forward and it doesn't delve into the odd time signature thing much, but there's this low rumble with jagged riffs that really make me think about the 90s.

The songs are all on the longer side with several topping the four minute mark, but it's only a nine song LP so you're still in and out in under forty minutes.

But it's a fun ride for those nine songs. Not sure I would rank it super high in comparison to years past, but this year it's a standout. I wasn't aware of Kill My Landlord coming out in I blame it on the sheer number of incredible, genre defining releases that came out that year. I don't recall seeing a Coup video on Yo! MTV Raps and I don't even remember any coverage of this first album in The Source, but we're talking nearly thirty years ago, so it's possible they were there, but I missed them.

Regardless, I'm glad that I eventually caught up to The Coup as their debut album is pretty incredible. Super Deluxe was in probably ninety percent of the used bins I sifted through back then.

I can't say I know a lot about this band. While I've been aware of them forever, I've never really done a deep dive. To be totally honest, I hadn't even really started giving this band their due until the last few years.

They were always just a CD kicking around that I didn't listen to. For whatever reason, I started to play it again and it really upped my appreciation for a band that I had mostly just considered an also-ran. They play extremely polished guitar pop songs. Big, loud, crunchy guitars that are layered with wonderful vocal harmonies and tremendous hooks. I'd put it right up there, maybe just a notch below, early Weezer or Fountains of Wayne. Luckily for my wallet, most of the world seems to have forgotten about these guys, so I was able to get a sealed copy of this record for about ten bucks.

It has the cut out notch, but that doesn't bug me much. It's worth it to hear how incredibly full it sounds spinning around on the turntable. I did already have the standard version of Critical Beatdown, but when an expanded version was announced that was on colored vinyl and was limited; I just couldn't help but pick it up again. Even though there isn't anything I didn't already have on a 12" single, I reordered this as soon as I saw it was available.

Does everyone need this version, probably not - but it has two big things going for it in my opinion. The first is that it includes the 12" version of "Ego Trippin'" which is one of my favorite Ultramagnetic songs. This version has the same production as the original LP version, but it's longer. So more song for me to enjoy. The second big reason is the inclusion of the original 12" version of "Funky. I haven't posted about those yet, but one of these day's you're all in for about 10 straight weeks of Ultramagnetic MC's singles All in, is this version worth paying double the cost of the standard version?

Honestly, probably not. For me it's worth it as I'm such a gigantic fan of this band, but for most normal people the single disc LP is probably enough at this price point. That said, I truly believe that anyone that likes hip hop should have some version of this record, it's way too important of a release to not celebrate.

If you've been following the sort of records I've been writing about lately, a trend is emerging The vast majority of them are records from the 90s. Be it reissues or finally tracking down an album that I only had on CD, I've spent far more time chasing down old hits than buying albums that were just being released this year. I'm not totally sure why, but I have hypothesized before. Is it just that there are less good records coming out this year?

Or is my old age finally catching up to me. It's easier to blame things on the pandemic or bands for not hitting that sweet spot I'm looking for, but it's definitely possible that it's just me slipping.

Then I hear a record like Fiction Writer and absolve myself of all responsibility. This is an amazing record and it came out this year. Go figure. I've been a fan of Herzog for a while and have loved the way they've built their vocal harmonies over instantly catchy, fuzzed out guitars. This is their third album and might be my favorite of the bunch. In particular, the first half of the record is just on fire. From the opening "Na na na na na" of title track "Fiction Writer" to the scratchy vocals of "Money," it's just hit after hit.

Not that the B side is any slouch either, but man that stretch of songs on the A side is something special. There's not a lot of albums that have come out in that I'm all that excited about. It's a very select club at the moment, but Fiction Writer is firmly in there with Cloud Nothings Hooton 3 Car - .By Means Of Maybe (CD Czarface as the records that I'm listening to the most.

When I first started my post-Beck journey into the world of punk and indie rock, one of the most important records I bought was a compilation called Rock Stars Kill. As an aside, even though I would almost never listen to it today, I probably should pick that comp up on vinyl one of these days, just for archivist purposes.

And man, did I end up loving that record. From the minute the huge fuzzy guitar riff from opener "Noel, Jonah and Me" not the absence of the oxford comma, just another reason to love The Spinanes hits, I just fall head over heels for this album. The big guitar sound is always warm and melodic, never noisy Hooton 3 Car - .By Means Of Maybe (CD for the sake of it, and it meshes so perfectly with Gates' incredible vocals.

I've had the CD for well over 25 years at this point, but decided I should pick up the vinyl. I hemmed and hawed about buying this reissue for a while as I don't really like the artwork, which differs from the original. But ultimately, It just made more sense to pick up a new copy for under twenty bucks than it would to overpay for an original with different artwork.

It sounds as good as ever, and that's the important part. In I was in college writing music reviews for my college news paper. I was lucky to have decent relationships with a bunch of Album) and publicists and Matador was a label that pretty much sent me everything they released.

I don't know what it was about this record that caught my ear. It was so very different from anything I was listening to at the time, but from the very first moment I heard it I was onboard. I think what keeps me coming back to it are the lush soundscapes of the album. The production is upbeat and full of warm inviting sounds. The vocals are somewhat secondary to me, but when they are present they just make everything seem bright and sunny.

I've always been particularly obsessed with the song "It's a Beautiful Day. I've had that promo CD I got at the newspaper in my collection since the day I got it, but decided that I also wanted to be able to listen to this on vinyl. While patrolling Discogs I came across someone in Europe selling a copy that was still sealed. While the price tag I ultimately paid was somewhat high, about a third of it was postage, so I still don't think it was a terrible deal.

Plus it sounds so amazing spinning on my turntable. I'm glad to have a copy and I'm not even sure why it took me so many years to finally procure one.

I've posted a few times about my goal of finding a pristine copy of Orange, as it is one of my very favorite albums of all time. It's been a tough road, but I think I'm finally content with this version. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn close. This was actually a sealed dead stock copy that I bought from Japan, I got to be the first person to open and play the record after releasing it from its shrink-wrapped tomb for the first time in twenty-seven years.

Unfortunately the record had moved around inside the sleeve over the years and there was some minot scuffing, but for all but one song, it plays about as good as I could possibly imagine.

No crackles, no pops and rich, full sound. The only exception to this is that there is a particularly deep scuff int he middle of "Flavor. It's not a deal breaker, and I probably wouldn't notice it as much if I had not been listening to it so intently. For now, I'm calling this quest over. If I ever stumble across another reasonably priced sealed copy, I might take another chance, but for me this copy is finally good enough. The first four EPMD records are stone cold classics and in my opinion are pretty mandatory records to have in any respectable hip hop collection.

I'm on record many times stating that my favorite of the bunch is their fourth, Business Never Personal, but each of them has something unique to offer. For their debut, Strictly Business, from the most revelatory piece is how full and forward thinking their production was.

This was back when sampling was still the wild west and at times it feels like EPMD managed to cram their entire record collection into the beats on this album. Of any hip hop record that came out in or earlier, I think you could make a really strong case for Strictly Business having the best beats. For me, where this album falls short is Album) actual rapping.

While Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith would very quickly grow into incredible MCs with a dynamic back and forth style, on their first outing they sound pretty subdued.

The rhymes themselves are strong, but the delivery is so lackadaisical they almost sound bored at times. Now, this was the early days and the album itself is so forward thinking that I definitely don't detract for the vocals too much, but that's the main reason this is probably my least favorite of the four key EPMD records. Things improved dramatically on the next record Unfinished Business and by the time they hit with Business as Usual, it was pretty clear that they were among the very best of the golden era.

Quaker Wedding popped on my radar last years with their excellent full length In Transit. They're back with a two song, lathe cut 7" and as much as I liked that LP, these songs may be even better. My major complaint about A side "Russian Hill" is that it's way too short.

It's such a good song, I'm betting it to continue for another two or three minutes. Hell, I'd be fine if it was one of those songs that just flat out repeated the verse just to pad the run time a little longer.

It's an upper mid-tempo rocker that feels like Jawbreaker somewhere in between 24 Hour and Dear You. B side "Running List" slows things down a little bit, but still brings forward an energy that feels like it could explode at any moment.

The vocals are full and impassioned without drifting into cornball territory and the chugging guitar chords set the perfect tone. I really, really dig this 7" and I hope that there's more Quaker Wedding material being worked on. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands.

In I was writing reviews for my college newspaper and was spending an inordinate amount of time hanging out at Flipside Records in Pompton Lakes, NJ. In addition to all of the great punk and indie records that were coming out at in the mid 90s, it was also the pinnacle of the failed major label band.

There were so many great bands that put out an album or two on a major label, sold essentially nothing and then ended up as cutouts or promo CDs hanging out in the used bins of record stores across the country.

Kara's Flowers were one of these bands. Now, I am pretty sure that Reprise sent a copy of this record to me to review at my paper, but it is just as likely that I bought my CD as a promo for two dollars from the Flipside used bin. I was and still am taken by the fuzzy pop brilliance of album opener "Soap Disco. I can't say that I consider The Fourth World an essential listen, but it's a CD I've been carrying around for almost twenty five years and when I found out they finally put out a vinyl version all these years later, I just couldn't resist.

Now, the weird part of all of this is that several of the guys in this band went on to be in Maroon 5. I can't say I know much of anything about them other than giving them a quick listen about a hundred years ago when I heard the were 'ex-members of Kara's Flowers. They are famous now, and I think it's funny that they're embarrassed by their record frombut I thought it was fun back then and it's still a good listen now.

There's no accounting for taste. Labels: ed lover dance dayfunkdoobiestlpmusic on vinylrecordvinylwhich doobie u b. Labels: in the valley of dying starslprecordssuperdragsuperdrag sound laboratoriesvinyl. Labels: CDimomushijapanjapanesethe crumpthe song for empty nights. They are focusing on saving lost hip hop from the 90s. Sometimes it's reissuing records that have been out of print for decades other times it's compiling 12" singles into full length compilations and then there are times where they're digging in the vaults to find something never before released.

Science of Sound kind of straddles those last two. The group self released a four song 12" in Additionally there was another 12" that had those four songs plus five additional ones, though that seems to have been limited to some test pressings or promos. Discogs isn't particularly clear on that one, but they certainly look like white labels. This double LP from 90s Tapes takes all nine of those songs from the two 12"s and adds on six more. It seems like this is the entire recorded output of Science of Sound.

This group was closely aligned with A Tribe Called Quest. This really strong golden era stuff. I really Hooton 3 Car - .By Means Of Maybe (CD this album and while is a little bit past when I stopped paying attention to a lot of hip hop, had I heard this back then, I'm pretty sure I would have been on board.

If it had come out as is inI know I would have been all over it.

Entmagnetisierung - Theme Fe - Slices Of Electronic Cuts (File, MP3), You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees - Greatest (Vinyl, LP), Percussion Solo, 84 Bpm - Fishguhlish - Drum Crazy Volume Five (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nisz Demograficzny - Po Prostu - Poczet Alimenciarzy (Cassette, Album), Cielo Azul - Crystal (51) - Crystal (Vinyl, LP, Album), Drum Song - Per Tjernberg - Universal Riddim 2 (CD, Album), White Rhythm & Blues - Linda Ronstadt - Living In The USA (Vinyl, LP, Album), Holiday At Loch Ness - M.A.S.S. - Mythosphere - Electronic & Computer Music Collection Vol. 3 (C, Soliloquy Of The Sentenced - Aeternal Seprium - Aeternal Seprium (CD), Woman From Tokyo - Deep Purple - Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple (CD)

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