The guy who has the right to turn his back to the members of royal families should always keep his spine straight and look young and healthy. However, he does feel his age sometimes. The Lieutenant Colonel Yaaran who has spent so many years in the army can leave it any moment now. But serving here is his favorite profession. These guys make him feel younger.

He always has the chance to get some adrenaline. Time passes by, new generations come, but they still have a big audience.

Just like the opera fans never get tired of hearing their favorite arias. There is some kind of routine every day. We play at ceremonies and play the same pieces every time. It might be their tenth, twentieth, hundredth time. But it might be just once for the young married couple. This is routine for us. But our goal is to make is unique, like the first time. However, sometimes routine does win, and then I get angry. Music teaches us kindness -By the way, what kind of person are you?

Do you often hit the ceiling? After all, you are a military man and you are bound to be strict. No, I hardly ever get angry he is answering without thinking. Music is a tender and sensitive material.

It is born in the heart, and only a kind and compassionate heart can really understand it. I cannot bring out something good if I make the musicians obey with harsh words or shouting. A trumpet and a drum call or a horn calls everyone to a battlefield! Such is the great paradox of military music: the combination of threat and lyrics.

A military musician is a soldier, but he has a personality, a soul that despises war and longs for peace. What stratum of population is the most peaceful of all?

Well, soldiers! Their hearts long for beautiful tunes. Michael, how would you explain, what is a military wind band? Why does the army need an orchestra? He asked me to make a musical evening for them. We prepared some information on the history of marches, and we performed the marches and held a short lecture on it. The whole story of how it emerged and everything. People were stunned, they were more than interested. It might cause lyrical, romantic, nostalgic feelings.

A man probably primarily percepts and responds to the sounds signaling for battle. How do you think, why is military music different from other genres? All the orders of the conductor are to be fulfilled in the same way as the orders to any other soldiers. The music itself is bound to call for discipline, and you need to give the musicians certain orders.

The rhythm of a military march is a rhythm that is attacking. Michael had been his deputy for 20 years. Graziani was an unbelievably bright personality. He was s son of a Bulgarian merchant of Jewish descent but from the very first days of his life, his soul was longing for music. Inhe started serving at the Israel Defense Forces. As there had been no musical adaptions of national music for orchestra, Ziko started adapting popular Israeli songs for wind orchestra. SinceGraziani was made chief conductor of the Israel Defense Forces, and he had worked there till his death in Ziko Graziani conducted the orchestra at state ceremonies.

One of the most important events for him and his orchestra was the visit of the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat to Israel. Probably, he also means he gained these high aspirations and this longing for perfection from his teacher. When Muses talk The famous festival of military bands in Haifa dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel was also an idea of the conductor Yaaran, and it was not an easy job to arrange all that. And, when the military bands from ten participant countries arrived, the logistics was very difficult.

The musicians of all participant countries lined up forming a huge Star of David. This is the second greatest military musician in Russia after General V. It would be great if it the festival took place in Tel-Aviv, in the very center of the country. This is the army, no one asks any questions here. The stadium was full to the top! It was an unforgettable sight.

Richard Clayderman - Ti amo Flower Music - Peach Blossom Fausto Papetti - Honesty Vladimir Cosma - Vladimir Cosma Gil Ventura - Europa Gino Marinella Orchestra - Love on the Rocks Morks - You Don't Knowe Koto - Oxygene IV Armik - Mystical Breezes Paul Mauriat - El Bimbo Chris Spheeris - Culture Francisco Garcia - Woman In Love Calvert - Lonelyness Robert Michaels - Cupid's Dance Conquistador - Las Patillas Santana - Flor De Luna James Last - Moonlight Sonata Caravelli Orchestra - Comme Toi Richard Clayderman - Dolannes Моя звезда - Анатолий Королёв - Золотая Коллекция Ретро (CD) Fausto Papetti - Estate Violenta Mark Snow - The X-Files main title Gil Ventura - Luna Latina Mike Rowland - Magic Moment Brian Smith - You Latest Trick Henry Arland - Sweet moments Shi Jin - Xie Xiao An Mythos - Surrender Edward Simoni - Feuer Tanz Argentinas Pan Flute - Autumn Dream Anthony Ventura - The Boxer Pourcell - Besame Mucho Jesse Cook - Orbit Sam Taylor - Ima Wa Shiwasekai Robert Miles - Full Moon Boris Zepyr - Fernando Bent Vigg - Avant De Mourier The Spotinicks - Theme of Nadja Weite See - Weite See Keiko Matsui - Whisper From the Mirror Armik - Besos Nova Menco - Tigris Palace David London - Horizons Rick Wakeman - Battle Sonata Fausto Papetti - Insensatez Shura-Sommer absorbieren regnet Chay Vdvoem Proschaj Rassvet Alsou Wintertraum….

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Shake It Arabika 2. Zatyazhnoj Pryzhok 1. Zatyazhnoj Pryzhok 2. Sommer wie Winter ohne dich 3. Der Wind des Wandels 4. Regnerischen Abend 5.

Flugpost 6. Anerkennung 7. Sentimentale Моя звезда - Анатолий Королёв - Золотая Коллекция Ретро (CD) 8. Ich ohne dich-ich bin nicht 9. Neue Musik 1. Televyhodnoj 2. Gelbe Teufel 5. Russischen Volkes 6. Neuer Tag 9. Kleine Frau Gruppe "wurde"-Intro 2. Zemlyane- aber das Leben geht weiter 3 B.

Grebenshikov und Aquarium-Adelaide 4. Gruppe "the Secret"-Alice 5. Gruppa «Ariya»-der Kampf geht weiter Grebenshikov und Aquarium-ur Hausmeister Und nicht SO 4.

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Dorf 3. Neue Care 4. Verborgenen Schatz 5. Galcian Hvatajka 7.

Por Essa Mulher - UHF (2) - Cromados & Limalha - BD Pop Rock Português (CD), Nuthin But A G Thang - Various - 15 Years On Death Row (CD), ばちかぶり* - 85 Live (CD, Album), I Wanna Be With You (D Man Bonus Beats) - Devan - I Wanna Be With You (Vinyl), Gett Off - Prince - The Hits 2 (CD), Krystal K - Lets Get It Right (Vinyl), Golden Apple - The Waikikis - Midnight Luau (Vinyl, LP, Album), Promises - Dates - Promises (Vinyl), Lalene - Keith Jarrett - Facing You (CD, Album), Senandung Rindu - Broery Marantika - Best Of The Best (DVDr), Zemle Russkaya, Take Me Away (Purple Haze Remix) - 4 Strings - Take Me Away 2006 (Remixes) (CDr)

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