It's a sort of sonic sequel to "Beautiful Stranger," with Madonna and Orbit returning to the tremolo'd riffs, frazzled synths and soupy drums of that single, but adding some modern flair to the electro-rock production -- and a bit more blood-pumping urgency to Madonna's vocal. It's about another infatuation with a gorgeous mystery man, but this time the undertow proves both more sinister and more irresistible; by the time a blacked-out Madge rapturously insists "Oh, it's amazing!

Even on her most challenging albums, Madonna tended to throw a rope to casual fans with one easily understood, highly accessible ballad. Built around one of pop music's most timeless central lyrical images, it's got a depth of production and vocal nuance that suggests Madonna's spin on a great late-'80s Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis slow jam. It's too bad Madonna relegated this Avicii collaboration for the deluxe edition of Rebel Heart.

Easily the My Sensation - Eye Eye - Common Ground (CD resonant track on I'm Breathless"Something to Remember" is more in the mold of George Michael's "Kissing a Fool," mixing pre-rock-era vocal-jazz influences with off-kilter contemporary production to give a particularly affecting ballad an unnerving out-of-time feel. Inspired by Madonna's toxic marriage to actor Sean Penn, the lyrics are some of her finest, and the song set the bar so high for the singer-songwriter's '90s ballads that it ultimately ended up titling a compilation of her best.

The emotional climax of Erotica is as devastating a ballad as Madonna ever released. Like "Spanish Eyes" three years earlier, "In This Life" is an AIDS-inspired eulogy, but her grief has hardened into fury over the senseless death of her friends and the total public ignorance and lack of response to it as everyone waits "for this thing to go away.

But while most versions of this classic smolder, Madonna gets distant and detached, delivering an icy club banger that sounds less like a torch song from yesteryear and more like a soundtrack for anonymous encounters that would make Ms. Lee blush. At the height of the trip-hop's international pull, U. The resulting cover collab was the perfect mix of the former's grinding beats and lush strings with the latter's mid-'90s cool, reflective sensuality, which Madonna was pleased enough with to use as the opener to her Something to Remember compilation that year.

The two artists nearly met back up three years later for what eventually became a signature hit for Massive Attack, "Teardrop" -- how it might've sounded with Madonna instead of Liz Fraser on vocals remains one of '90s pop's great what-ifs. After a historic run of 16 consecutive top five singles, Madonna's seemingly unstoppable winning streak was finally interrupted by "Oh Father," an orchestral, melodramatic waltz about the singer-songwriter's fraught relationship with her dad.

The song's relative lack of chart success -- it peaked at No. Try to quiz your pop fan friends to name Madonna's 12 Hot No. The flick's soundtrack, featuring four new Madge songs, was obviously more of a success, and the title track expanded on the Spanglish hook and Latin-flavored pop bounce of "La Isla Bonita" with a similarly contagious chorus and sparkling production from Madonna and Patrick Leonard.

All artists should be so lucky to have this as the least of their many No. As far as proper studio albums go, Ray of Light Album) famously Madonna's vocal showcase: For 's movie-musical Evitathe singer underwent extensive vocal training, and she was reportedly so thrilled by what she accomplished in her lessons that she used to leave her friends voicemails of herself singing to show them what her body could do.

On Ray of Light 's fourth single, you can hear that practice in action with the airy trill she deploys at the end of every line, lending an earth-goddess vibe to William Orbit's sidewinding instrumentation. It's a no-punches-pulled song about endings, but it feels like a beginning. Madonna, In the Zone One of only a handful of feature appearances Madonna has made over her career, "Me Against the Music" remains a deeply weird collab between two of the biggest pop stars of the last half-century.

It's an alternately competitive, seductive and schizophrenic duet, with a frenetic energy and muddled structure -- not to mention the most Neptunes-like beat that Pharrell never actually touched. It made no sense as a lead single in front of "Toxic," no less!

This easy, breezy trifle from Bedtime Stories is all about keeping things movin' and groovin', so it makes sense that the track is propelled by a groovy, carefree bass line. No need to check the liner notes: Prince's musical fingerprints are all over this one, from his sky-high falsetto to his funky guitar. Kanye West, Hard Candy One of the most musically ambitious tracks of Madonna's s, "Sky Fits Heaven" blends trance throb with drum n bass propulsion, ambient atmsopherics and even some light rock shredding for a strikingly buoyant soundscape.

Madonna's final great bubblegum pop song of the '80s -- and maybe ever, since its innocence would prove understandably hard to recapture in the decades to come. Madonna pretty much set the gold standard for dance-pop anthems with gospel choirs when she first got down on her knees back to take us there inbut the first single from Rebel Heart is a similarly worthy entrant in that tradition. If the extra voices joining in on the uplifting "I'm gonna carry on" hook doesn't put some pep in your step, a thundering house beat courtesy of Diplo and Ariel Rechtshaid with Alicia Keys on piano!

An emotional lyrical rendering from Madonna -- and an absolutely gorgeous synthscape courtesy of her and co-producer Patrick Leonard -- elevates what could've otherwise been a pat soundtrack single from the absurd '90s college dramedy With Honors to one of her great one-offs.

Its No. Think of it as the closest thing to a Madonna Manifesto on wax. From the start, Hard Candy was never going to be Madonna's most original album. The song's core pulse held some allure, however, and longtime remixer Junior Vasquez drew it out with his far more maximal Wet Dream Remix, which found the implicit hedonism in the song's hook -- and determined that it need not have to choose between the bedroom and the dance floor after all.

This dreamy-eyed single -- written, in true '80s fashion, for the Matthew Modine wrestling drama Vision Quest -- marked a couple of firsts for Madonna: her first Grammy nomination for best female pop vocal performance and her first hit ballad. That sonic shift, perfect for young fans desperate for a slow song to come on so they could get closer to their partner, foretold the versatility to come from the pop star. A year before Debbie Gibson and Tiffany essentially set the gold standard for America-conquering mall-pop, Madonna buried the blueprint in the middle of her True Blue album with "Where's the Party?

The key to the song is the little snarl that she packs into each " Where's the party?? You can almost hear Madonna try to mask tears as her cracked voice tells the tale of a woman who attempts to find love through tendless one-night stands and drunken late nights on the town.

The tightest of Madonna's collaborations with superproducers The Neptunes on her underrated Hard Candy album, "She's Not Me" is a disco throwback with a deadly groove and a wicked sense of humor, which even provides its own inch remix with an outro that dissolves into Auto-Tuned 21st-century clubbiness.

The song's strut partly courtesy of The Revolution's Wendy Melvoin on acoustic guitar and winkingly paranoid lyric provide all the juice the song really needed, but it got an extra spark anyway when Madge played it as part of her mash-up of "Express Yourself" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" on 's MDNA tour -- inspiring some educated speculation about who'd most recently been freaking Madonna out by dressing like her and talking like her.

Madonna's first-ever single set the tone for much of her catalog to come, persuading club-goers to lose themselves to dance and kick-starting the theme of inclusivity that is still central to her message today: There is no separation of class, gender, race, sexuality or any other label when everybody is sweating it out together on the dance floor.

On the growling electro-pop jam, the duo brew up a dizzying cauldron of bubbling techno and syncopated rhythms that resist traditional production tropes and leave you feeling dizzy, invigorated and entranced all at once.

What other superstar could flex their icon status and name-check themselves in a chorus and still have it feel completely earned? It's a song about intimacy disguised as a song about betrayal, and it showed that Madonna could rebound from the bad press of the Erotica era without reverting to playing it safe.

Certainly the most innocent-sounding song to nonetheless earn inclusion on Tipper Gore and the PMRC's infamous "Filthy Fifteen" list of the current pop songs they found to be most objectionable, "Dress You Up" arguably borders on adult content with its repeated "all over your body" exhortations but stays PG at worst with its generally over-caffeinated exuberance. Album) a knockout chorus, infectious synth line and some exceptionally placed " Owww " backing vocals, the fact that "Dress You Up" was only the fourth-best single to be pulled from Like a Virgin suggested what a force to be reckoned with Madonna would remain for the rest of the millennium.

Who else besides Madonna has the power to transform a scathing diss targeted for an ex-lover into one of the best and most empowering dance hits of the '00s? The lyrics again concerned intimacy, but this time they were a plea to her partner to open up, with the chorus no longer content with all the secrets her baby was keeping.

It one-upped the Bedtime Stories lead single in most areas, including on the Hot -- where "Secret" peaked at No. No song better married the experimental impulses of American Life with her more accessible pop sensibilities like this topsy-turvy electro-romp, which simultaneously romanticized dreams of Tinseltown stardom while also calling out their emptiness.

Of course a song about the phoniness of the entertainment industry would soundtrack her infamous stunt at the '03 VMAs. The Studio Demos 7 songs, ? Babooshka differs in style and might have been recorded at Dave Gilmor's studio, some comments on various bootlegs about the second version suggest this. The file-sharing networks are filled with songs misattributed to Kate.

It is not known if this is due to someone deliberately doing so, or if the songs were originally unattributed, and someone thought they had made a great discovery. The 'official' young Kate, full of passion, including her up to date only British number one megahit Wuthering Heights. Lionheart LH, November 13, :. Quick follow-up to TKI, but still true Kate, i. It's out of print now, and you might have to search a bit. Caveat Emptor: This boxed set, while not really a bootleg in the traditional sense, in not in any way authorized by Kate or EMI.

Shows the beginning of Kate's career as a producer and a general change of style away from the girlish high pitched voice from the first two albums. This album is also available in a special edition similar to the "A Lioness At Heart" box. Also out of print it additionally includes a numbered certificate. Again, this is not an official re-packaging.

The Dreaming td, September 13, :. Many say this is Kate's best work to date, though it was not as successful commercially. Difficult to get into, but if you finally reach it, then: play it Box of all UK 7" vinyl singles up tovery collectible. It contains a booklet and the following singles:.

Hounds of Love HoL, September 16, :. Two sided album, even on CD. One side light, one side dark. The dark side once was supposed to be filmed, but the movie got lost in all the promotion that came around HoL and TWS.

Side two, also called The Ninth Wave, is about a woman drowning alone at night in the sea. Things you buy now won't wear out. You buy a compass or a GPS for the dash of your car. You send money to PBS. The truths about age It's harder and harder for sexual harassment charges to stick. Your eyes won't get much worse. Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off. People send you this list. When I'm an old lady, I'll live with my son, And make his life happy and filled with such fun, I want to pay back all the joy he's provided, Returning each deed.

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For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt. Reason to smile: Every seven minutes of every day, someone in an aerobics class pulls a hamstring. Families are like fudge Middle age is when you choose cereal for the fiber, not the toy. The more you complain, the longer God lets you live. You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoes and wonder what else you can do while you're down there.

Growing Older and enjoying it For ladies. There's nothing the matter with me, I'm just as healthy as can be, I have arthritis in both knees, And when I talk, I talk with a wheeze.

My pulse is weak, my blood is thin, But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. All my teeth have had to come out, And my diet I hate to think about. I'm overweight and I can't get thin, But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. And arch supports I need for my feet. Or I wouldn't be able to go out Album) the street. Sleep is denied me night after night, But every morning I find I'm all right.

My memory is failing, my head is in a spin. But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. Old age is golden - I've heard it said, But sometimes I wonder, as I go to bed.

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  7. In the lyrics, meanwhile, Madonna returns to the theme of finding common ground and/or love on the dance floor, acknowledging that love at first sight is an "illusion" but not really caring if it.

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