Something was needed, Chandler thought, whereby Hendrix could blow the successive acts off the stage and Altham had the beginning of an idea. Altham borrowed a lighter from Gary — the third Walker brother and drummer — and that night, at Bobby Jones And New Life - New LP Releases (Vinyl Astoria theatre in central London, Hendrix set his guitar ablaze for the first time.

The small clubs in regional venues. When he was desperate to make a name for himself, but was also playing for himself. In the small theatres, people had come to hear him. But that was his best music ever — played for its own sake. None of these crazy expectations, no one hanging on — just the people he knew, liked and trusted, and his own music. But what was this music, this singular, uplifting, otherworldly, menacing, exotic and erotic sound?

Then there was just the dexterity — he was left-handed, but I remember people throwing him a right-handed guitar and Hendrix picking it up and playing it upside down. These were no Fenders or Stratocasters. These were Hofners we bought for a few quid. Very basic, but stretched to the fucking limit.

The most precious insight comes from Etchingham. Sometimes, he would play a riff for hours, until he had it just right. Those were the moments he had got it right for himself, not for anyone else. The Experience would finish a concert up north, drive south, record between 3am and 9am, then return north for two more shows each day. LSD had yet to play a major role — if the Experience were on amphetamines, it was to keep the schedule. He would talk in colours and my job was to give him the electronic palette which would engineer those colours so he could paint the canvas.

But nothing can be predictive — it is speed-forward analogue, a non-repetitive wave form, and that is the definition of pure music and therefore the diametric opposite of digital. Digital makes the false presumption that you can predict those ripples, but Jimi and I were always looking for the warning signs.

The brain knows when it hears repetition that this is no longer music and what you hear when you listen to Hendrix is pure music. Jimi Hendrix only sounds like he does because he was Jimi Hendrix. The memories of the people who actually knew him overshadow the tragic, antiheroic Hendrix of popular imagination. Etchingham and Keith Altham recall a man with a sense of humour. You always knew you were with someone quicker-witted than yourself. He wanted the music to speak.

Many of his childhood friends were over there, some never to return. And then, well, there were drugs, drugs, drugs. I never took any, because I had to make sure everyone got out of bed in the morning — but they were around, too much around. Even the flat on Brook Street became an open house, to journalists, anyone. Yet Hendrix was available to anyone, perhaps almost too much so. Only Hendrix was almost too shy to appear and, when he did so, he retreated to the steps outside, where he met a young singer-songwriter too shy to enter the fray — Patti Smith.

And he was so full of ideas; the different sounds he was going to create in this studio, wider landscapes, experiments with musicians and new soundscapes. It had been a long weekend on the Isle of Wight and, for me, an exciting one.

I was compelled — not disgusted, as is the official history — by the determination of French and German anarchists to tear down the fences so that it be a free festival. The strange atmosphere added to the climactic moment, after the Who and others: the one set, at 2am on the Monday, for which it was imperative to get down from among the crowds on Desolation Row and force a way right to the front and concentrate or, rather, submit to hypnosis.

The set by Jimi Hendrix. It is written in the lore of Hendrixology that this was a terrible performance. I remember the sound — the sounds, plural — bombarding me from the far side of some emotional, existential, hallucinogenic and sexual checkpoint along the road towards the rest of my life.

I remember the deafening and painful silence after he finished his fusillade and in the crowd a mixture of rapture, gratitude, enlightenment and affection. Afterwards, Hendrix went on a reportedly disastrous tour of Scandinavia and Germany failing to meet one of his two children, by a Swedish girlfriend — the other he had sired in New York and also never metbefore returning to the Cumberland hotel and the room in which he gave his last ever interview, to Keith Altham.

To mark the anniversary, the Cumberland has designed and decorated these rooms in a swirl of colour, stocked it with Hendrix music and called it the Hendrix Suite, in which people can stay. On the tape, Hendrix laughs and jokes; he tells Altham about plans to re-form the Experience and tour England again. Burdon considered him unfit to play. The following night, he returned and joined his friend on stage. It was the last time Hendrix ever played the guitar.

Hendrix went on to a party with a German woman, Monika Dannemann, and back to her rooms at the Samarkand hotel in Lansdowne Crescent. He vomited during the deep ensuing sleep, insufficiently conscious enough to throw up; Danneman panicked, and telephoned Burdon, who urged her to call an ambulance. Sadly, Danneman took her own life in So it was, back in Septemberthat I made my way up Lansdowne Rise and round the corner to the Samarkand hotel after reading the news today, oh boy.

I was amazed to have the pavement outside the address at which Jimi Hendrix had died that morning all to myself for a good couple of hours — not a soul. He was born to a father who was an alcoholic and a mother who died and he died because he was in that flat in Notting Hill with a complete stranger who gave him a load of sleeping pills without telling him how strong they were. I can look back and see all that more clearly than I did at the time — I was so young, only Plus, he always said he wanted to be buried in London, not Seattle, where he was born and his family lived.

Lion — Rebecca St. James From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rebecca St. James St. Genres Indie pop alternative rock indietronica alternative dance neo-psychedelia[1] Years active —present Labels […]. David Rogers introduced me to Larry […]. Working at the Museum often brings experiences that one would have never imagined. Sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary.

A fairly ordinary call. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting this lovely group at Crystal Bridges. It was their first visit to Crystal Bridges and, for most, their first time in Arkansas. However, as we prepare for our upcoming exhibition State of the Art: Discovering American Art Nowmany of these works have been temporarily stored in our vaults to make room for this large-scale exhibition.

You guessed it. We made special arrangements, following Museum security and safety guidelines, for the family to visit the vault with our Registrar to view their beloved artwork. Family members told stories about it hanging in the master bedroom, where it was for 30 years, and jabbed at one family member for his careless play as a young boy that nearly damaged the work.

The matriarch and her late husband purchased Supine Woman from a gallery inone year after it was painted. She shared important documents regarding the provenance of the work, such as conversation records and purchase documents. The matriarch insisted on seeing a photo of Supine Woman on my cake! From this point forward, Supine Woman will hold new meaning for me.

I will not look at her without thinking about this extraordinary family who allowed me to step inside their story and a very special birthday celebration. Note: Crystal Bridges did not acquire Supine Woman directly from this family, the work was purchased at auction. Wayne Thiebaud born November 15, is an American painter widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects—pies, lipsticks, paint cans, ice cream cones, pastries, and hot dogs—as well as for his landscapes and figure paintings.

Thiebaud is associated with the Pop art movement because of his interest in objects of mass culturealthough his early works, executed during the fifties and sixties, slightly predate the works of the classic pop artists. Thiebaud uses heavy pigment and exaggerated colors to depict his subjects, and the well-defined shadows characteristic of advertisements are almost always included in his work.

His family moved to Long Beach, California when he was six months old. From tohe worked as a cartoonist and designer in California and New York. Thiebaud subsequently began teaching at Sacramento City College. Inhe became assistant professor at the University of California, Daviswhere he remained through and influenced numerous art students. He continues to hold a Professor Emeritus title there. Thiebaud did not have much of a following among Conceptual artists because of his adherence to basically traditional disciplines, emphasis on hard work as a supplement to creativity, and love of realism.

Occasionally, he gave pro bono lectures at U. On a leave of absence during —57, he spent time in New York Citywhere he became friends with Elaine and Willem de Kooning [1] and Franz Klineand was much influenced by these abstractionists as well as by proto-pop artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.

During this time, he began a series of very small paintings based on images of food displayed in windows, and he focused on their basic shapes. Returning to California, Somebody Needs Prayer - The Gospel Keynotes pursued this subject matter and style, isolating triangles, circles, squares, etc.

He also co-founded the Artists Cooperative gallery, now Artists Contemporary Gallery, and other cooperatives including Pond Farm, having been exposed to the concept of cooperatives in New York. These shows received little notice, but two years later, a Sidney Janis Gallery exhibition in New York officially launched Pop Artbringing Thiebaud national recognition, although he disclaimed being anything other than a painter of illusionistic form.

He is a very special man. Paul Thiebaud was a successful art dealer in his own right and had eponymous galleries in Manhattan and San Francisco; he died June 19, These painters were part of a new movement, in a time of social unrest, which shocked America and the art world. Inhe turned increasingly to figure painting: wooden and rigid, with each detail sharply emphasized.

Inhe made his first prints at Crown Point Pressand has continued to make prints throughout his career. Inhis work was shown at the Biennale Internationale. Wayne Thiebaud has been married twice. With his first wife, Patricia Patterson, he produced two children, one of whom is the model and writer Twinka Thiebaud. Thiebaud is well known for his paintings of production line objects found in diners and cafeteriassuch as pies and pastries. He was associated with the Pop Somebody Needs Prayer - The Gospel Keynotes painters because of his interest in objects of mass culture ; however, his works, executed during the fifties and sixties, slightly predate the works of the classic pop artists, suggesting that Thiebaud may have had an influence on the movement.

In addition to pastries, Thiebaud has painted characters such as Mickey Mouse as well as landscapesstreetscapes, and cityscapes, which were influenced by the work of Richard Diebenkorn. Thiebaud is a voracious reader and is known for reading poetry to his students. His thick, saturated brushstrokes and flair made him one of the most important painters of our time. Despite his monumental presence in the art world, Thiebaud is still a bright light on the Davis campus.

Though officially retired sincehe teaches one class each academic year. As much as anything, it keeps this professor emeritus of art on his creative toes. Thiebaud has taught at Davis for 34 years and endures the incessant creak of classroom chairs in the Art Building. He reads voraciously — poetry, especially. And his busy schedule does not get in the way of a serious tennis passion. His teaching philosophy is more straightforward.

Sometimes described as a realist or formalist, Thiebaud is concerned that students are not learning the basics of drawing, painting and art itself. His teaching talents and contributions, together with his artistic achievements, were honored in with the UC Davis Prize for Teaching and Scholarly Achievement. Thiebaud also has given a large number of his art works to campus galleries. Thiebaud began as a commercial artist and cartoon illustrator like many other artists of midth Century America, including Andy Warhol.

And like Warhol, Thiebaud became tied to Pop Art as he was creating images of popular American products like food, lipsticks and toys.

Yet unlike many of his pop peers, Thiebaud was not interested in poking fun at the establishment. One day the teacher asked if anyone knew how to correctly sharpen a drawing pencil. Dinah 2. I'll Get You Yet 3. I Don't Wanna Love You 4. Just A Little Bit Sweet 5. The Loneliest Sound 7. Lonely Corner 9. Just Relax There's Nothing I Can Say I've Been Lookin' A Happy Guy In My Dreams Don't Breathe A Word I'm Talking About You Yesterday's Love Live And Learn Liz I Tried I'm A Fool Stop, Look, And Listen From A Distance When The Chips Are Down Ladies Choice Only The Young Mean Old World Since I Don't Have You Say You Love Me Love And Kisses Love And Kisses Movie Promo 1 Love And Kisses Movie Promo 2 Love And Kisses Movie Promo 3 Love And Kisses Movie Promo 4 Love And Kisses Movie Promo 5 It's Beginning To Hurt 3.

My Blue Heaven 4. How Does It Go? You Don't Know Me 6. Come Out Dancin' 7. I Know A Place 8. I Paid For Loving You Raincoat In The River I Catch Myself Crying Our Own Funny Way I Need You Try To Remember More Your Kind Of Lovin' Freedom And Liberty Fire Breathin' Dragon Louisiana Man Congratulations Truck Drivin' Man No Vacancy Hello Walls Night Train To Memphis I'm A Fool To Care You Just Can't Quit Here I Am Bright Lights And Country Music Kentucky Means Paradise Alone 2.

Peddler Man 4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5. Mystery Train 6. You Win Again 7. The Bridge Washed Out 9. Things You Gave Me Helpless with backing vocals Funny How Time Slips Away Take A City Bride Salty Dog Walkin' Down The Line It Doesn't Matter Anymore Take A Broken Heart I'm Called Lonely Suzanne On A Sunday Morning Moonshine Helpless without backing vocals CD 5 1.

Reason To Believe 2. Marshmallow Skies 3. Georgia On My Mind 5. Barefoot Boy 6. Dream Weaver 7. Baby Close Its Eyes 8. Don't Make Promises 9. Daydream Promenade In Green Three Day Eternity The Lady Stayed With Me Wait Till Next Year Without Her Stop By My Window Love Story Lady Came From Baltimore She Belongs To Me Promises Easy To Be Free Promises CD 6 1.

Believe What You Say 2. Come On In 4. Easy To Be Free 5. Hello Mary Lou 6. I'm Walkin' 8. I Shall Be Released 9. It's Late Poor Little Fool Red Balloon Travelin' Man Violets Of Dawn Both masters and alternate takes alike still cook with blusey ferocity and rockabilly drive galore. Still very active, Thompson is highly acclaimed on the rockabilly revival scene and still producing top notch music. This remarkable compilation provides the best introduction to his work as a country singer and is a real treat for fans who want to hear how it all started.

Love My Baby 2. Rock-A-Billy Gal 3. Fairlane Rock 4. One Broken Heart 5. Blues Blues Blues 6. Oh Mama Mama Mama Mama 7. You Are My Sunshine 8. Don't You Worry 9. Congratulations To You, Joe Call Me Shorty With that said, the three of us are always having conversations about how other genres influence us personally.

Post-rock, post-hardcore, industrial, indie rock, and electronic all factor in. Our tastes evolve naturally and we follow accordingly. All songs written and performed by Ebony Tusks unless otherwise noted. Album cover art by Justin Bergin. Martinez Hillard was part of the popular band Cowboy Indian Bear They were three dudes who had just moved from their hometown of Topeka to, what in our eyes, was our very own local music mecca: Lawrence, KS.

We were flush with plans and ideas for our music. Over the course of almost six years, the three of us, along with Katlyn Conroy who joined the band inand Danny Bowersox, who came in to the band in worked hard and were able to accomplish so much. Martinez Hillard started Ebony Tusks. Danny Bowersox helped form the band Spirit is the Spirit. CJ Calhoun created the musical project Bonzo Madrid.

At a time when the scene was hostile, frigid, and cliquey, Cowboy Indian Bear put on their best manners and welcomed everyone with open arms. Often times at shows early in their careers, they greeted every single patron who walked through their door. This allowed more music fans to feel at ease, and actually feel drawn to live shows. The album cover was created by Justin Bergin and shot by Rachel Lock. The layout was created by Marty Hillard with assistance from Tanner Spreer.

All rights reserved. Am I to lead discussion? The music and the sound beneath it are overwhelming on an all-new level. The loudness of the music and resonance of the lyrics truthfully replicates their powerful live performance in a way I could have never predicted. The message in the songs fills you with rage and at the same time overwhelms you nearly to tears.

This is hard-listening music with no apology and like so much great art, Heal Thyself is hard to digest. Listen to Bloodletting. The band was formed in Joe Sears is lead singer of the Lawrence, Kansas reggae, ska, soul rocksteady band, Page 7. Louis, starting in August 6, until Present. Joe Sears was a Therapist Aide at St. With Page 7, you get a little soul, a little funk, and everything in between.

Next week on Wednesday, Oct. Friday, October 16 at Lemonade Park. Joy Division were an English rock band formed in Salford in Sumner and Hook formed the band after attending a Sex Pistols concert.

Their debut album Unknown Pleasures, recorded with producer Martin Hannett, was released in Curtis suffered from personal problems including a failing marriage, depression, and epilepsy.

The remaining members regrouped as New Order. They were successful throughout the next decade, blending post-punk with electronic and dance music influences. They left with four songs—one side of the album—and the record was completed at Sierra Recording Studio in Visalia, CA. After the LP was pressed, the group took their music on tour, first in California, where they played with acts including the Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires, and the Mighty Clouds of Joy, and then on an ill-fated trip to Texas.

A follow-up album was planned forbut it never materialized; having slept sometimes a dozen to a room in Texas, the men in the band were reluctant to leave jobs, wives, and kids for the hardship of the road. The group simply fizzled out, even if the friendships never did. A copy of the album sold to a fan on that Texan tour made its way to a San Antonio record store, where it was discovered nearly three decades later by collector David Haffner Friends of Sound.

And he eventually introduced the group to Light In The Attic Records, which now presents the album, restored, remastered, and available to the public for the first time. The three shared a love for s era pop rock and soon started writing their own music.

On April 4th,it was announced that the band had signed to Polyvinyl Record Company. Trevor defines himself as a musician. Trevor now creates music full time by playing, recording, and holding clinics around the United States. He is the founder, lead singer and trombonist for the band Sulu Moon.

Kansas City Syzygy is a glimpse into the music created in the middle of the map in the middle of a pandemic. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit organized to ensure that everyone in KC has a safe, accessible, and truly affordable home.

Lianne La Havas is a British singer and songwriter. Her career began after being introduced to various musicians, including singer Paloma Faith, for whom she sang backing vocals. InLa Havas signed to Warner Bros. Records, spending two years developing her songwriting, before releasing any music. She was raised in Tooting and Streatham, spending the majority of her time with her grandparents after her parents separated.

Her father, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, taught her the basics of guitar and piano. Lianne wrote her first song at the age of 11, but did not learn to play the guitar until she was 18 years old. Lianne sang in her school choir. She attended Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls in Thornton Heath where she studied art A-level, and had planned to take an art foundation course before she decided to leave college to pursue a career in music full-time.

She lives in London. The band released their second album, American Love Call, on March 7, Bayou-born soul sensation, Durand Jones got his start in the church, after being forced to sing in the choir of his rural hometown Hillaryville, Louisiana because his Grandmother thought he sang too much at home. The three began writing original soul music, recording themselves straight to tape in the basements of Bloomington — and their debut album is now available on Colemine Records.

This young band of twenty-somethings are students of soul, including guitarist Blake Rhein, who moonlights doing research for The Numero Group. The album was negatively received when it was released and Smith was attacked by critics for what they perceived to be laziness, self-indulgence and selling out. It was also featured in the movie Times Square. The family was of part Irish ancestry and Patti was the eldest of four children, with siblings Linda, Kimberly, and Todd. Smith graduated from Deptford Township High School in and went to work in a factory.

She gave birth to her first child, a daughter, on April 26,and chose to place her for adoption. She is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and poet who became an influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her debut album Horses. ByPatti Smith was performing rock music, initially with guitarist, bassist and rock archivist Lenny Kaye, and later with a full band comprising Kaye, Ivan Kral on guitar and bass, Jay Dee Daugherty on drums and Richard Sohl on piano.

Kral was a refugee from Czechoslovakia who had moved to the United States in with his parents, who were diplomats. After the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia inhe decided not to return. A court later heard that Hearst had been confined against her will, and had been repeatedly threatened with execution and raped. Rimbaud was like my boyfriend. Considerably less accessible than Horses, Radio Ethiopia initially received poor reviews. However, several of its songs have stood the test of time, and Smith still performs them regularly in concert.

She has said that Radio Ethiopia was influenced by the band MC5. On January 23,while touring in support of Radio Ethiopia, Smith accidentally danced off a high stage in Tampa, Florida, and fell 15 feet into a concrete orchestra pit, breaking several neck vertebrae.

The injury required a period of rest and an intensive round of physical therapy, during which time she was able to reassess, re-energize and reorganize her life. Patti Smith Group produced two further albums before the end of the s. It reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot chart in and number five in the U. Inshe was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The book fulfilled a promise she had made to her former long-time roommate and partner, Robert Mapplethorpe.

Recording Engineer: Ross Brown. Mastered by Mike Nolte. Like A Tiger began playing together in early and draws on influences of rock, jazz, and electronic music. The band presents a refreshing take on instrumental rock, using live looping and exploring effects, textures, and timbres.

On September 1m Khrystal. Executive Produced By Duncan Burnett. Will be our guest on WMM on August 5!!! Remy Styrk talked with us about being born in Newark, New Jersey. His birth mother was a homeless heroin addict. He spent three weeks in the hospital as a new born baby fighting to stay alive. Remy was adopted by Tom and Deborah Styrkowicz in a semi-closed adoption. Tom Styrkowicz was forced to leave his job at Hallmark to take care of Remy and his older brother, and comfort them in this difficult time for their family.

Tom Styrkowicz began to go back to one of his earlier passions of photography and found work as a photographer. Push through everything. Never give up. Dedicate yourself to what you love and work towards it each and every day. His family supported him entirely.

Remy talked with us about his discovery of folk music and the ability to tell stories with music. Remy talked about music allowed him to express his feelings and write about his mother Deborah, and how much of his music deals with her and the loss of her in his life. It pushed me to work harder on being who I want to be.

He is asking listeners, to imagine and create the visual story. Scene descriptions can be between 2 sentences and 2 paragraphs. Recorded at Shadow Scape Records. Mastering by Greg Beery at Merx Mastering. Loading up her 97 Honda Civic, Una then spent a year traveling across North America promoting her music and connecting with listeners one-on-one. She ended up living in New Orleans. Una Walkenhorst is the youngest daughter of Bob Walkenhorst, a founding member of The Rainmakers, which had national and international hits in the s and 90s, and continue to this day touring and recording new music.

Over the past several years, Una and Bob had performed together at selected events, including Folk Alliance International. Info link: bit. On August 28th, local artists and leaders will partner with The Greenline Initiative is a Black family-owned organization in Kansas City that uses crowdsourced funding to help historically marginalized and low income populations in our city buy and renovate the houses they rent.

It will also include non-Black performers and local leaders who will speak on privilege, solidarity, and the importance of consistently lifting up our black community members. Isaiah, Dee, and Solomon Radke of the critically acclaimed rock trio Radkey joined us live in our Radkey was formed in in St.

Joseph, where the brothers were raised. The family moved to Kansas City. In the band went back on the road with The Damned throughout the United States. In December they went back into the studio to record with producer Bill Stevenson of the California punk rock group Descendents. In early they played shows in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

It comes after the January 11, release of No Strange cats…Spiders — EP a 6 song EP of several new songs mixed with several singles from late The Greenline Initiative is a Black family-owned organization that uses crowdsourcing to help historically marginalized and low income populations buy and renovate the houses they rent.

In the last 2 and a half years, 26 year old, Una has played played The Folly Theatre for Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Ben Kane. Mixed at The Garden, Brooklyn. The song is a bass-driven track with minimal drums and acoustic guitar accompanied by eastern and orchestral flourishes.

The faint gargling noises in the intro is part of a scene from Doctor Who. It reached number five in the UK Singles Chart. Since she has released her solo material as Joan As Police Woman. She has released five regular studio albums, one EP, a number of singles and a collection of covers. Throughout her career, she has regularly collaborated with other artists as a writer, performer and arranger.

Ballentine was born and raised in upstate New York. Ballentine attended the Hackley School, graduating in Ballantine moved to Los Angeles to attend college, graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in graphic design in Having played piano for most of her life, Ballentine decided to quit her job working at a gallery to pursue music full time.

Upon the release of the single, Ballentine announced her debut self-titled EP, to be released on June Browne wrote the song at age 16; its lyrics deal with loss and regret. Gregg Allman recorded a new arrangement of the song in on Laid Back, and Browne recorded the Allman arrangement on For Everyman the same year. Chelsea Girl is the debut solo album and second studio album by Nico. It was produced by Tom Wilson, who added string and flute arrangements against the wishes of Nico.

At the same time, she started a solo career and released Chelsea Girl. She then composed songs on a harmonium, not traditionally a rock instrument; John Cale became her musical arranger and produced The Marble Index, Desertshore, The End… and other subsequent albums.

After a concert in Berlin in Juneshe went on holiday in Ibiza to rest and died as the result of a cycling accident. He is also highly regarded for his impresario role within the Sly James for Mayor Campaign in the where he created the first ever KC mayoral candidate rap song. Next week on Wednesday, August 5singer songwriter actress LP) Khrystal. This was a follow up to his release City Music. Kevin learned to play guitar when he was In his teens he formed the band Creepy Aliens.

He later joined the noise-folk group Woods on bass. While living in Brooklyn, he became close friends and roommates with Cassie Ramone of the punk trio Vivian Girls, and the two formed a side project together called The Babies, who released albums in and He began a solo career in releasing his debut album Harlem River. His 2nd album Still Life was released in Since we have been celebrating the music of Calvin Arsenia.

Lots of them still live here, some will be joining us from around the world! We hope you can tune in and watch. Produced by David Bennett. She performs with a rotating cast of friends—although these stay-at-home days, she is playing solo. In Kansas City, she is known for hosting house shows and co-founding Rubix, a performance art collective.

Kansas City based musician Sarah Magill joins us to share information about her new sonic adventure, Quiet Takesan on-going collaborative project with a rotating cast of friends. Mastered by Zach Hanson. The plan was to put this stripped-down version out in the fall after releasing its more produced twin on an EP this summer, but then everything changed.

It seemed right to put this version out now. Additional key by Ian Thompson. Was release in Quiet Takes has new music coming in Lee on drums, and a guest appearance by Kevin M. Johnson on vocals. Hermon was a semifinalist in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition. Hermon was also the winner of the National Trumpet Competiton and placed second in the International Trumpet Guild competition in Sydney, Australia. He splits his time between touring and playing all over the world and creative projects in Kansas City.

She is an American funk and soul singer. She is a performer who was known for her memorable and noteworthy live performances. Born in according to most sources though she claimsBetty Mabry grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and just outside Pittsboro. King, Jimmy Reed, and Elmore James and other blues musicians. She soaked up the Greenwich Village culture and folk music of the early s.

She associated herself with frequenters of the Cellar, a hip uptown club where young and stylish people congregated. It was a multiracial, artsy crowd of models, design students, actors, and singers. At the Cellar she played records and chatted people up.

She also worked as a model, appearing in photo spreads in Seventeen, Ebony and Glamour. Their album was a major success, but Betty Mabry was focusing on her modeling career. She was successful as a model but felt bored by the work. As a model inBetty first met jazz musician Miles Davis who was 19 years her senior at a concert. At the time he was separated from his first wife, dancer Frances Davis, and he was dating actress Cicely Tyson.

Betty began dating Miles in earlyand they were married in September In just one year of marriage, she influenced him greatly by introducing him to the fashions and the new popular music trends of the era.

In his autobiography, Miles credited Betty with helping to plant the seeds of his future musical explorations by introducing the trumpeter to psychedelic rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix and funk innovator Sly Stone.

The Miles Davis album Filles de Kilimanjaro includes a song named after her and her photo on the front cover. It was disrespectful to Jimi and to me. Miles and I broke up because of his violent temper. The influence of Hendrix and especially Sly Stone on Miles Davis was obvious on the album Bitches Brewwhich ushered in the era of jazz fusion.

In fact, it is said that he originally wanted to call the album Witches Brew—it was Betty who convinced him to change it. Davis briefly dated musician Eric Clapton; she refused to collaborate with him. She released her album Nasty Gal shortly after. The band draws their influences from the origins of their families: Santiago, Panama, and Kansas City, Missouri, and Guadalajara, Mexico. It is a desire to remember where we come from and assure that we better ourselves in every step along our journey.

Every chapter is an example, a reason to not be silent and not accept corrupt leaders as something inevitable. We were accomplices to get ourselves to this point so we will have to be accomplices in the solutions.

Making Movies include elements of rock, cumbia, psychedelia, American roots, son cubano, and spoken word in their sound.

Produced at the Lawrence Kansas Public Library recording studio. This was all it took to ignite a lifetime love affair with music. With her smooth and sultry voice and the warm tones of a baritone ukulele, she shares stories of love, loss and everything in between.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Sam Wells is now based in Lawrence, Kansas where she is bringing her music to the greater Kansas City area, in many venues, and now in live stream shows. Originally from Somebody Needs Prayer - The Gospel Keynotes, Arizona, Sam Wells is now based in Lawrence, Kansas where she is brining her music to the greater KC area, in many venues, and now in live stream shows.

Produced by Brad Cook. Engineered by Jerry Ordonez. Additional engineering by Jon Low. Mixed by Jon Low. Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen. Livestream locations: fb. At Mark talks with KC, based musician Sarah Magill about her new sonic adventure, Quiet Takesan on-going collaborative project with a rotating cast of friends. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Sam Wells is now based in Lawrence, Kansas where she is brining her music to the greater Kansa City area, in many venues, and now in live stream shows.

We compiled representative tracks from our favorite full-length and EP recordings of and a few that came out late in In we have broadcast nearly musical recordings through our In we conducted interviews, with special guests.

Xavier Martin and Jade Green have made an impression of the KC music community with their videos and songs, live shows in clubs, art galleries, record stores, area music festivals and shows in surrounding areas. Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear have garnered international acclaim, and new fans from all over the world.

They signed with Glassnote Records and recorded their debut full length album in Nashville with acclaimed producer Jim Abiss. Ruth Ward has continually performed throughout her life, mostly in coffee shops and open mics, for over 30 years, even recording a solo record.

In the midst of this she got married and became a mom, and was busy raising a family. He graduated from William Chrisman High School in Eventually he began to learn to play the guitar, and poured his talent for writing into the music to create original songs. Calvin Arsenia — L. It was one of the best recording experiences I ever had. During her teenage years, influenced by musical inspirations as diverse as Norah Jones, Rachmaninov, and John Denver, she began writing her own songs on the piano as a creative outlet.

After being introduced to the banjo in college while studying French and visual arts, Hunt began to develop her own improvised style of playing, combining old-time picking styles with the percussive origins of the instrument.

I was writing a lot and playing a lot and started to not be satisfied just playing to my walls of my room. Mess previously released several singes and heartswithholes EP in Brothers Alex and Austin Ward later joined in The band first toured Europe in Fall InHembree performed at Hangout Music Festival.

Drummer Nick Robertson charges the group forward with a fiery fueled obsidian backbeat. Adam York delivers pulsing bass lines that the compliment the songs and his partner in the rhythm section. Beware The Creepy Jingles, their siren call is coming from inside the house.

Billy Paul — Traces [] 9. Billy Paul — Proud Mary []. But that ode to a steamy extramarital affair hardly told the whole story of Billy Paul. As a young man in the mids, Paul was already known on the Philadelphia airwaves, and he parlayed his success into live gigs with artists as renowned as jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. Naturally, record labels pursued Paul, and he had been recording since It was in that year that Paul recorded the first version of the Morris Bailey song that would give Ebony Woman its title.

Typical of the era, it was a studio effort despite the live title. Ebony Woman scored a none-too-shabby No. Andy Kellman has provided new liner notes based on an interview with Paul. Artist……………: Champaign Album……………. Champaign — Party People [] 3. Champaign — Whiplash [] 4. Champaign — Lighten Up [] 9. Champaign — If One More Morning [] A wonderful treasure from the early 80s soul scene — the first album from Champaign, and an instant winner right from the start!

Artist……………: The Chi-Lites Album……………. Also features the original cover art. Posted January 9, by mrdap in Soul. The Commodores — Wide Open [] 2. The Commodores — Slippery When Wet [] 3. The Commodores — The Bump [] 4. The Commodores — Wide Open Reprise []. This superb LP, which the Commodores produced and arranged with James Carmichael, is more diverse than its mostly up-tempo predecessor.

Posted January 9, by mrdap in Motown. Tagged with Motown. Artist……………: Mayer Hawthorne Album……………. Mayer Hawthorne — A Long Time [] 3. Mayer Hawthorne — Dreaming [] 5. Mayer Hawthorne — The Walk [] 6. Mayer Hawthorne — Finally Falling [] 7. Mayer Hawthorne — Hooked [] 8. Mayer Hawthorne — Stick Around [] 9. Mayer Hawthorne — The News [] Mayer Hawthorne — You Called Me [] Mayer Hawthorne — No Strings [].

Happy days are here again! I loved his first CD A Strange Arrangement and this collection of songs is even better than the last. Unusual for a relatively unknown artist to have two incredible albums back to back, but Mayer Hawthorne has accomplished just that.

Henny and Gingerale is, in my opinion, the best of the lot and he saves it for the very last. I love the short and sweet The News, what a great tune. What a great CD, thanks Mayer, I can always count on you for great music. Posted January 8, by mrdap in Soul. Artist……………: Ace Spectrum Album……………. Ace Spectrum — Moving On [] 5. Ace Spectrum — Pickup [] 6. Ace Spectrum — Easy [] 8. This is one of my favorite albums from back in the day. Ace Spectrum was a wonderful group that had some of the best harmony.

This was without a doubt, their finest work. Surprisingly, my lp is still in good condition but I had to have the cd to listen to in my car. Posted January 7, by mrdap in Soul. Artist……………: Fontella Bass Album……………. Fontella Bass — Rescue Somebody Needs Prayer - The Gospel Keynotes [] 2. Fontella Bass — The Soul of a Man [] 5.

Fontella Bass — Recovery [] 7.

Drawing Circles - Kris Dubinsky, Warmth (5) - Nature In Its Forms (File, MP3), Jingle Bells - Unknown Artist - Frosty The Snowman/Jingle Bells (Vinyl), Straight F***ing - The Transitions - Back In Da Days (CD), I Cant Let Maggie Go - Peter Pan (17) - Goa 10 I Topp Bitar 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Intro - Beyonce* / Destinys Child / Kelis / Lil Kim* / Cassie (2) - MP3 (CDr), Sun Wont Shine - The Coasts - Racilia (Vinyl, LP), 炭坑節, Three Stars - Eddie Cochran - Legendary Masters Series #4 (Vinyl, LP), Ya Tassa (Club Vocal Mix) - Oriental Dream (2) - Ya Tassa (Vinyl), Guiltless, Out Of Goodbyes - Maroon 5 - Hands All Over (CD, Album), Quiet Village - Don Cunningham Quartet - Something For Everyone (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP)

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  8. Nov 09,  · After the LP was pressed, the group took their music on tour, first in California, where they played with acts including the Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires, and the Mighty Clouds of Joy, and then on an ill-fated trip to Texas. A follow-up album was planned for , but it never materialized; having slept sometimes a dozen to a room.

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