You ain't half as raw, you need to practice more Somebody tell this nigga sum'un, 'fore I crack his jaw You runnin with boys, I'm runnin with men I'ma be rippin the mics until I'm a hundred and ten Have y'all niggaz like, "Damnit this nigga done done it again" I throw slugs at idi-ots, no love for city cops I sport a pretty watch, eight-hundred and fifty rocks I'm makin wonderful figures I don't fuck with none of you niggaz I might pull out this gun on your niggaz and rob every last one of you niggaz [Bobbito] YEAHHH!

Aight, we gone hit it like this, check it out Yo check it, yo my shit is hot like jerk chicken, I should rob you But with that cheap shit, you ain't worth stickin' I've got a left hook, that be leavin' guys knocked out Keep frontin', and I'm a choke you till your eyes pop out I was taught that if a nigga swing, swing right back Battle Corleone, why do a stupid that like that? I ran through every bitch in my path I was fuckin' chicks in the ass when I was six-and-a-half [laughing] Yo, I'm a take you out your misery [Stretch:] Yeah right!

Give me tape Flamboyant Pt. I Lyrics — Big L. I'm straight, keep a Harlem World mindstate I never lounge where you find Jake Suprise niggaz like a blind date, L rhyme great And I'm a increase the crime rate for old time's sake Run with me and I'm a make you a star When me and my crew hit the clubs, we go straight to the bar Leave 'em empty, I cruise through Harlem in an M3 Never pay for parties, say my name and I'm in free I'm on some G car shit, superstar shit Selling niggaz that wet shit right out the jar shit I'm dumb hot, I'll wreck you and your young flock Keep the gun cock, represent one block nigga, the Danger Zone We quick to put a bullet in a stranger's dome I'm known to kick a rough rhyme and rock much shine Yo I'm out, I done took Album) enough time We out, no doubt, you know how we do, Flamboyent for life.

Royal Flush. Nigga Please Lyrics — Big L feat. McGruff, Stan Spit. Dont let a nigga breathe? Harlem backbone pack crome Lennox ave. Flamboyant Records baby How Will I Make It?

Lyrics — Big L. I won't, that's how I walk around with a frown; I got no reason to smile And how will I make it?

I won't, that's how Aiiyyo times was rough, I had to grow up foul And how will I make it? I won't, that's how [2nd Verse] Five years passed by, now I'm at the age of 15 No more fun and games, it's time to get cream word up Cause I'm about to burst, it's like my life was cursed I went to church, prayed everyday And it still got worse Soon I ran into a couple of guns Started stalking the streets, slate robbing suckers for funds give it up, give it up Now everyday I creep with the heat Ain't nothing sweet, I rob for meat If I don't steal I don't eat Then I lost control and started going too far Robbed this brother named Umar Then got snatched by the blue car Where I grew up it was a living hell Then I started to realize — I'm better off in a prison cell Now I can sleep, now I can eat Can't hit skins, but I wasn't hitting skins when I was in the street Aiiyyo I just can't take it And every day I ask myself, 'how will I make it?

All I tried to do was live the one life that I got But it seems like I can't get a fair shot word up I just can't take it uh-huh And every day I ask myself, 'how will I make it? One-two, y'all know, y'all know [Foxxx] Alright, we gon' keep it movin [Primo] Check this out though! You know what this mean? We gon' have you do this shit all motherfuckin night so get used to it. Yo, that's like jewels without ice That's like china without rice or the Holy Bible without Christ or the Bulls without Mike or crackheads without pipes The Village without dykes or hockey games without fights Don't touch the mic if you unable to spit Flamboyant is the label I'm with, motherfucker [scratches by DJ Premier] "Big L.

Ebonics Lyrics — Big L. Hey yo, the streets love me, man And I love the streets So I know ya ain't think I was comin' with some fruitcake shit Ya know me better than that Ayo, I shoulda been out I'm deadly when I pull the pin out Keep frontin', I'ma try yo' chin out I knocked a lot of men out I left 'em on the floor spittin' phlegm out It's either that or I'ma squeeze the gat and pop ten out You see?

A lot of cats be frontin' Made singles wit' a fifty on Album) L tryin' to have the city on lock Peace to Biggie and Pac 'cuz they really were hot Rap game, heavy hitters, it's a shame they no longer wit' us Niggaz wanna be L, ladies wanna see L If I go to jail you'll wear a shirt sayin' "Free L!

See, Harlem 'bout to get it, all eyes on us Only ghetto niggaz shine, who gon' rise wit' us? And the first cat who act, we gon' size 'em up Ayo, I hear a lot of bitch in your talk See a lot of switch in your walk Only thugs get rich in New York Time is runnin' out Niggaz like,"L, when you comin' out? Deadly Combination Lyrics — Big L feat. Tupac Shakur. Yeah nigga! Thug Life! I Roc-a-Fella like Shawn Carter with more game than Ron Harper The bomb sparker rapper slash charm robber While y'all be on the corners bummy and high I be out buyin the finest shit money can buy You wish you was in a position that I'm in Hot rhymin, diamonds shinin, autograph signin My lifestyle is far out Every week bring a different car out I go to nightclubs and buy the bar out, UHH cause I keep cream, I'm large on the street scene Everytime I touch mics you hear all the freaks scream Yeah yeah Big L Harlem's finest, yeah That nigga who hold it down for Uptown [Tupac] Hahahaha, that's how we do it out here on this underground real shit nigga, it's the heat nigga Now rewind this motherfucker, you know you can't help it Deadly combination bwoy!

Holdin' it Down Lyrics — Big L feat. Stan Spit, A. I stay strapped, I go to sleep with my steel Makin figures while you broke cats keepin it real L is rap's most livest cat I'm gettin stacks while you askin people, "Do you want fries with that? No way pal Wword up - my money longer than the OJ trial [Chorus: Miss Jones] Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know, do you still got it got it? Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know, do you still got it got it?

Not shit I did a flick and bounced on L's shit Well shit, expect me to go platinum That's the only reason why I'm rappin And since L passed, niggaz expect me to make it happen with no release date, I sell in each state I'm the type to drive to Philly, for a cheesesteak So what I'm a Harlem king, doin my thing My name ring - chains and dames what the fame bring After platinum it's the same thing And niggaz'll never learn Album) I pull the steel and make they lover burn You don't get another turn, game's over Here's my flamethrower Rearrange your Rover, Harlem soldier Wait til I get older - and we won't stop I thought Mase told ya Nigga Stan he do what he gotta And these haters can't do me nada Be in Nevada, with a lot of enchilada [Chorus] [A.

Fuck that These rap niggaz with the mills, we deduct that I asked all my ghetto cats, where my love at Now where the brews, and the drugs at?

Corrupt cats kept slug hats Asked the feds where the bugs at Puff with the dread, cause I puff black High, til I die, and you can trust that All I wanna know - is the club packed?

I see the haters sweatin shorty, but I dug that She put my nutsac, back where her lungs at - little hoe And them niggaz who owe, give up that Huh, it's me and Corle', like Eddie and OT Go 'head and provoke me Heard you rap, wanna rhyme?

The Heist Lyrics — Big L. Bust it Hey yo, I just left the studio, and it's about 2 in the morn' I just finished doin a song Now I'm ready for sleep But first I want spaghetti to eat In this good Italian restaurant right up the street So I jumped in the jeep, stash the heat under Still Shinin - Lexiglass - Mobb Phonics (Cassette seat Then I got a beep My voice is harsh, barely can speak I called back on the cell It's Coley, mad as hell He told me to listen well as he started to yell "I just seen Mike and Ben with your wife and a friend And they just got a room in the Holiday Inn" "It's my wife, you sure?

The Enemy Lyrics — Big L feat. Fat Joe. Fall Back Lyrics — Big L feat. Kool G Rap. Rap and my dog Big L [K] Holdin it di-down, ya heard? Rap] Yo - all of y'all weak people fall back G. Rap and Big L, we all that Goin back to back where they brawl at Swing and walk with tall bats Leavin big holes with small gats Have 'em all fallin where the wall at All of y'all weak people fall back G.

Rap and Big L, we all that Goin back to back where they brawl at Swing and walk with tall bats Leavin big holes with small gats Have 'em all fallin where the wall at [Kool G. Keeping track of the music I listened to was pretty enjoyable and non-taxing, so this list is a continuation of that idea throughout Every number is an album I listened to from front to back in its entirety.

Also without the ability to listen to music at work and my much shorter commute it was borderline impossible to listen to as many albums as Originally I was going to just do whole numbers out of 5 but decided that was too broad of a grade and narrowed it down to every 0.

Good news everyone! None of the albums were this bad! I probably only liked a few songs. Pretty decent though. Still mostly positive. A lot of these albums will more than likely always be on my lists. If you do the math the total ratings is over and this is due to me changing a few ratings after a couple listens.

I kept the original scores and tacked on the new ones at the end. Additionally an asterisk next to the score shows that I have listened to this album before. If there is no asterisk then it was my first time listening to that album.

Only spitting one verse, Benny offers a glimpse of how hard hitting and grimy this album becomes as the tracklist rolls. It is also the first track on the album produced by lengendary producer, Alchemist. The next track offers up some braggadocio bars where he explains that he is the last person you wanna rap with on a banging beat. Benny compares himself to vintage mafioso Jay-Z over a great boom bap beat produced by Daringer.

What puts this track over the edge for me is the second half beat switch up. His delivery of this verse is on another level and really shows he has staying power and can hold his own if not regularly outshine his Griselda Gang label mates. When I saw that Royce was on the tracklist I was immediately interested to hear that track to see how Benny.

In my opinion Benny did just Album). Benny also touches on how that tragedy has affected him, his mother, and their relationship. He also gets a little introspective and offers a glimpse into his childhood explaining how his mother used to sling crack and maybe that lifestyle as a youth is why he acts like the way he does now.

His story telling has always been a strong-suit of his but it reaches another level on this one. I am really excited to see what he has planned for the future and what all of Griselda has planned for that matter.

Final Thoughts: This album has exceeded my expectations and recommend everyone give it a listen. I was a little late on Benny and the Griselda train but the projects they have put out this year are all of very high quality and Still Shinin - Lexiglass - Mobb Phonics (Cassette definitely will check out everything they release from here on forward.

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