Sleaze Roxx: This is awesome. These are all bands I grew up too. I still listen to all those bands. Hey, I loved Anvil too! But it was beyond that shit man. You nailed it. As far as Canadian music goes, you nailed it! Of course Loverboy. Sleaze Roxx: How did you get all this stuff? You obviously you got that material down there. Billy Rowe: Oh yeah, myself and a few friends of mine, we were just absolute import junkies.

Sleaze Roxx: Oh, that is wicked. Billy Rowe: Oh exactly. Sheer greed! I wore the groove out on that record. I have the disc, but I have the second one on vinyl. The second is good, but the first one has a little more angst to it.

Sleaze Roxx: Yes, it definitely does. There are some really good tunes on it. Billy Rowe: Yeah, for sure. I could go forever on that shit. Billy Rowe: Yeah, Um hum. Yeah, Lillian Axe. They were on MCA with us. They were. I agree. This would definitely be the third album back in the day.

Sleaze Roxx: I understand that Frontiers Records came to you guys about doing an album? How did that all come about? Billy Rowe: Yeah, exactly. It came about as our booking agent who handles a whole bunch of bands on Frontiers. Do you think they have a new record in them? It just rolled so easy.

It was just easy, fine and everything to make. The energy was great. The moral of the band. I guess it was just a meant to be thing you know! Sleaze Roxx: In terms of the production, I did watch that promo video Frontiers put out on YouTube of the making of the album. It went to Pro Tools. We wanted it to go to tape but unfortunately tape is just too expensive these days for our budget.

That was a goal because everybody was all into that. Luke who produced the record and Jason who helped engineer basic tracks were just analog nuts. I think we did a pretty good job of capturing that. Sleaze Roxx: I just ordered the vinyl on Amazon. It sounds so incredible. I pulled that out the other day.

It still sounds great. Billy Rowe: Yeah, that record still holds up pretty good. Something that lives on forever. That bluesy, gritty thing.

With that said, did you guys self-produce the album? Billy Rowe: It was a combination. Rick Terney who is a good friend of ours, he was in bands and what not. He produced the record along with myself and Fern [Rod]. It was a joint effort. When we started this record, I got very into it through the years. I was just recording on my own time.

Just creating songs and stuff like that. We were able to demo everything really easily at my place. Latest News. View all. Eight thrilling rollercoaster rides at the great rock'n'roll theme park. Louder Newsletter. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands. Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Thank you for signing up to Louder. You will receive a verification email shortly.

There was a problem. The Silver Rail was located on the N. It has remained at the same location on Yonge Street since April 2 The interior has remained almost unchanged for 50 years while the face of Yonge Street has changed dramatically.

Not a lot of great entertainment there, in my opinion. Please enlighten us by Comment, if you have information to the contrary. Situated just North of Queen Street between two historic bank buildings across from the present-day Eaton Centre, the Colonial Tavern once attracted a steady stream of blues, jazz and rock acts during its existence.

It was one of the most famous jazz venues in Canada from the s till its closure in the late s. The Colonial had an awesome looking entrance with huge Romanesque pillars of the neighboring buildings on either side.

Today a little park graces the site. Jazz artists played on the ground floor, on a raised stage along one wall. The stage could also be watched from a balcony and dining area that wrapped around the second floor. I can remember seeing Stan Getz play there. Some of these interviews are in the Ryerson University archives my old Alma Mater. Album) course, live music scenes were not restricted to Yonge Street.

They were happening all over downtown Toronto. They asked me to sit in with them, I guess because their regular sax player, Bill Mulhall, was having some health issues. Red Prysock — Photo: Russ Strathdee. Jimmy Reed — Photo: Russ Strathdee. Jackie Shane — Photo: Russ Strathdee. There were some really fine musicians in the Silhouettes; for example, organist Doug Riley.

I remember when I first met Doug in the band, he was around 17 years old. Doug Riley back right developed a life-long relationship with David Clayton Thomas. During my Bluenote days, we backed up many really fine artists. Club Bluenote circa ? Kay Taylor featured vocalist — Silhouettes house band shows Steve Kennedy centre sax. Shirley Matthews struck gold with a hit she recorded in New York, with funding by the very generous Al Steiner, who was the founding owner of the Bluenote.

Veteran Toronto Singer George Olliver looks fondly up at the former site of the Bluenote, a seater where he and The Five Rogues played from And the girls used to dress up with gowns onstage.

It was a different way of performing back then. George Olliver front centre — The Five Rogues. This moniker became the title of a very successful vinyl album in Another great musician from the Bluenote days was saxophonist Steve Kennedy.

Paul Hoffert on keyboard lower left and Skip Prokop centre drums. After playing at the Bluenote, it was around I was invited by Bob Andrews formerly of the Regents at the Bluenote to join the next generation of that group. One of the places I remember we played a lot was Clubwhich was in the old Masonic Temple at the N. This was a few blocks north of the vibrant Yonge Street Strip. While I was with the Regents, a lot of other Toronto groups were also quite busy. It was hard to keep track of it all.

Personnel changed periodically, but by the time of this recording, all the members of the group that would go on to become the Band was in place, four of the five from southern Ontario. This young lady was seen more on Television more than at live venues. I had the pleasure of playing with these guys at the Don Mills Bowl in and we did this song. They hired me to take the place of their regular sax player, Mike Brough, who was unable to make the gig. They were best known for playing a residency at Chez Monique a club on Yorkville Avenue near Bellair and for regular gigs at El Patio down the street, closer to Avenue Road.

Patrician-Anne McKinnon. Brian was a producer at Arc Records. I did a sax track for one of her recordings at Arc Sound.

That would have been when she was just starting out. Around I joined another group, The Majestics. I was invited to join by Chris Vickery, their bass player. The drummer was Wes Morris and the musical director was a very young guy, just 17 years old, who was already the organist and choir director at Humberview United Church.

Now, this group had a 4-piece horn section and in those days that was very special. Eric arranged the horn parts in beautiful harmony and voicing that had a real punch. We never thought anything of it, except that he would amaze me once in a while with abilities. For example, he wrote out all the horn parts for a new song we were doing, while traveling on a bus.

Personnel of the group were:. During a later time of the band, Freddie Keeler became our guitar player. The Majestics played many places throughout Southern Ontario circuit. Here are just a few that I can recall:. This dance spot was located on Danforth Avenue East, at the end of the street car line, the Luttrell loop. It had 3 floors, each having a different live group.

The main act was always on the main floor. The Majestics got heavily involved in a number of recording sessions at a place called Arc Sound in Scarborough, Ontario, where they produced 5 albums and a couple of 45 rpm singles. It was all so surreal for me. This was around the time television in Canada was just starting to have colour and some of the shows were quite colourful for sure. Pre-show conversations: foreground — the late great Arnie Chycoski talking to drummer Wes Morris with Russ Strathdee and bassist Chris Vickery in background.

It was like being caught up in a storm and not knowing all that is being affected in the bigger picture. I guess it was around I opted to remain a part time musician because I wanted to build my career as a computer programmer.

But it was great to see how some of my friends went full-time into music, making hit records, getting radio play and developing big names for themselves. When I look back on it now, I feel blessed to have been involved. Omg Russ I really enjoyed this anthology! So many memories. Thanks for doing this. The H of H was situated in the cellar of an ancient building in Yorkville Village. H of H was run by a kindly old guy named Clem Hambourg, a serious music affectionado.

Hi Nick — The House of Hambourg was definitely a very cool place. I would say it was THE quintessential jazz spot of Toronto for many years. Hi Nick. Russ has done a wonderful job of bringing back some very old memories. I did not realize you had such a prominent musical past. Quite different from slogging HP medical equipment around Ontario hospitals.

Ron Rully was a friend of mine till his passing last year. To me you were the tall dark striking Byronic hero although you seemed a bit shy. We ate at Bassels together and I hated leaving Toronto as clubs were definitely a siren call. I was still yrs of age. I married at It was University made me a cultural snob. Hope you are same. Hi Paule Russ here — I will reply on behalf of one of my longest standing friends, Nick.

You mentioned thinking he had a Byronic hero image. Nick would be flattered. He was definitely tall and dark… quite a character underneath the covers. During my teens, Nick lived in the Lawrence Park area but would come up to Willowdale where he felt comfortable jamming and playing with the likes of Al Hepburn and the Houndogs. He liked the Willowdale crowd. We played in several bands together until Nick went on the road and ended up spending a lot of time in Michigan.

Interesting to hear you worked with Godboo. Hello back Russ. Nick would not remember me at all, but he made an impression on me. Like I said, there were no Ramones at that time, but he could have been one! I really left Toronto during all those early music days, and only peeked in from time to time.

Little run down studios with artists and eccentrics from all media. Then I went to live in the UK as I said. Interesting about Nick going to Michigan. Was it Detroit? Felt all the racist vibes too, but went to Black clubs to hear jazz etc. These were my teen years and left an indelible impression. Love all good music everywhere. He worked for Hewlett Packard servicing medical monitoring equipment for many years… a very clever dude.

I remember Yorkville in the 50s, just around the end of the Beat era. There was this great jazz club called The House Of Hambourg — an eccentric pianist, Clem Hambourg, operated the place and it was an amazing home to such great jazz talent that came through Toronto and performed for the after hours crowd. We had the likes of Lenny Breau showing up. An indelible impression was left with me too.

Why did you move to the UK? We can take this discussion offline if you want to Message me via facebook, or use my email address — Russ.

This dance spot was located on Queen Street East, at the end of the street car line. You are quite correct, John. My boo-boo. It has been corrected! Thank you for keeping me honest. Wow Russ, What a wonderful odyssey.

I am going to read this many times and not miss a detail. So many names that I know. You know how much I value past happenings and dislike to see history lost. Perhaps not in the same vein as a rock venue but still worthy of mention as some of the jazz greats played here during its heyday. One of our highlights was getting to meet Lambert Hendricks and Ross for an hour long discussion about the merits of their music at their hotel.

We were booked from NYC. They thought we were an American act and payed us in U. There were five of us. Size matters lol Bruce. Being booked out of NYC sounds like a cunning idea. I will be delving a little deeper into this later as there is a lot to take in and i thank you for that!

I was wondering about the Brown Derby, did i miss it as i went through this fairly quickly Album) was wondering if there was any music history there as well? Hey Russ…………thanks for the mention and your great pictorial and music memories of Yonge Street and especially the Bluenote. My extreme pleasure, George. George — My sister-in-law got a piece of your suspenders during your show at the CNE one year. When John and I were playing both those venues, we got friendly with the comedians from Second City and they would often invade our room after they had finished performing and proceed to do skits and improv on our stage.

We were like ships passing in the night, Peter. What an exciting ride YOU have had! What great walk down memory laneMany of the groups would play at the Summer Gardens in Port Dover and the Belgian Hall in Delhi where the country kids could get a glimpse of the Big city groups, a wonderful time in the development of the Canadian music scene, Thank you for putting this together.

Hey Russ This is a great blog about the good old days. You and I have touched base online a couple of years ago. Hey Don — We are going to have to play Honky Tonk together… part 1 you and part 2 me. Both great spots for sure.

There was a lot more I could have covered but it was getting to be a long read. Maybe in another post, eh? Thanks for your suggestions! Hi, Russ. As a 16 yr old, I used to sneak into most of the places mentioned with my friend Bobby Dupont from a band called The Statlers, the last house band at the Bluenote before it closed.

Thank you so much for composing this story and filling in so many blank memories from those days. Time well-wasted!!!!

I actually worked for a while at the Avenue Road Club and got to know Grant Smith, Charlie Miller, and the guys, but, of course, what was the only audio clip not working? Smith and the Power. And a question, is that your sax on Soul Serenade? Hi Gerry Thanks for the corrections. I will get them done right away. Yep, that was me on Soul Serenade with the mighty Majestics.

I also live in Aurora now. What ever happened to Murray Cambell? How did you know I was up in Aurora? Did I mention it and then forgot? A page came up when I clicked on your name with your information.

Hi Linda, I know you wrote this a long time ago and may not see it but Murray was my grandfather, though he passed before I ever met him. Info you could share? This is fantastic work. Hi Terry I am so glad you appreciate this work. It was fun to start putting it down, yet there is so much more to say… — Russ. Russ, you are one of the first guys to get the Toronto Sound right!

I love some of the pictures, makes me feel young again, man we were something back then, ha. It has been my honour and pleasure to play with you over the years and to call you friend for well over 50 years. I had lunch with Shawne just before I left to come down south, we were thinking about some of those good times and the we had been friends for so long, most of my life long friends have come through my music and I can recall some of those gigs like they were yesterday!

Thanks for bring it back to life, keep playing man! Hey man! Thank you for so many things… for keeping me on my toes in the Majestics horn section hahafor helping pull the band trailer what a story that wasfor asking me to sit in for you one time what an honouretc. I could go on. You could send me an email. Sent you a private email with info. I love your comment about Bobby Kris and The Imperials being one of the best paid bands at the time.

I guess at the time it was about the music, I did however get enough money to pay for my 66 red mustang convertible. God those were the the days Russ, work all day play at night and weekends. Russ, where was your favourite gig to play? Remember Londons Wonderland Gardens where the owners always made us a Hugh dinner after the show? That was cool, but I liked Deerhurst because of all the international acts we got to share the stage with, another blog I guess.

Great trip down memory lane. Also Moe Kaufman and Brian Brown were in the regular rotation. Also how about the Cellar Club at Ave and Dav. Also pretty sure that the House of Hambourg was on Grenville street in what was then the first Villagebefore Yorkvile. There is an entire other parallel scene of folk clubs flourishing at around the same time.

Anyone remember Websters restaurant on Avenue Rd. Mike sanderson. You are wealth of information, Mike and you are absolutely right! I used to really love the Brian Brown trio, especially the drummer. Wow, what a fantastic sight Randy, blew me away. Everyone of those Toronto clubs and artists I grew up with, best days and time of my life ever. Cole began to feature jazz at the restaurant on weekend evenings, and starting on 5 September booked music six night per week. Saxophonist Moe Koffman served as the booking agent for the club.

Cole later opened a restaurant called Castle George on the second floor of the building. He also operated two other clubs in Toronto: Bourbon Street and Basin Street, which occupied the upstairs and downstairs portions of Queen Street West. Really enjoyed the memories, Russ. As I recall, The Zanzibar had live musicians from 1 pm to 1 am — with strippers and Go Go Dancers as part of the entertainment.

The Silver Dollar at Spadina and College was the same kind of venue. I was surprised to read that Freddie Keeler went with Janis Joplin. Those of us who used to make the music of the 60s still have a lively community, and see each other from time to time. Thanks for this wonderful trip back in time, and all the hard work and devotion you put into it! Hi Debbie I used to love jamming with Gord, and such a nice guy. Was just talking to Jay last night. It is such a blessing to be able to keep in touch with each other after all these I years, eh.

I now realize it was a totally different nice guy I was thinking of — Rick Bell went with Janis, right? Hi Art — you are a living legend, man. I have heard a lot about you through playing with The Martels. I am glad that you enjoyed reading about some of my experiences on Yonge St, etc. You mentioned having worked with some great names there. I really enjoyed playing with him. Gerry Penfound gave me one of his Larson mouthpieces. I had it in my sax case for a long time and then it mysteriously disappeared… twas a beauty.

I used to play with Leo Trotier in The Majestics. If you want to get in touch with me, Google me. I enjoyed reading and listening to all of your work. Thank you! The place I would frequent was, The Brown Derby. Thank you Russ Strathdee for putting this together. Thanks for Jarring some Great Memories. What about Simon Caine and the Catch? So many groups, so little writing space.

Maybe in another post, I can cover some more bands, other than the ones I felt close to. Thanks for your comment, Larry. Every band Ronnie ever put together was magnificent because of all the rehearsing after the gigs that they had to do. One of the next bands Ronnie put together had David Foster on piano.

And B. Ronnie knew how to surround himself with greatness and talent, and was very supportive of his peeps providing they behaved themselves.

The Paupers were a great band. I saw them for part of a rehearsal one day in the basement of a house on Spadina Rd. I was living just next door.

Why did I not include them? This post was mainly about bands that I knew quite well and, sorry to say, The Paupers were not one of them. There were so many other great groups back then too, like Luke and The Apostles, etc. I have a whole catalogue of groups back then, but had to limit my writing to just what jumped to mind first. Your idea about including them can be left for another article.

Thanks for your comment, moon childiva cool name. John still plays with Plum Loco in Stratford, Ontario. Russ, your memories and photos are crucial to understanding the full history of the Toronto Sound. Thanks for sharing these great details. One day, there will be a Toronto Music Museum and your contributions will prove invaluable. Thank you for creating this!

Their name is stenciled on my bass amp. Thank you again! Unfortunately, I did not know much about them or where they played so they were below my radar. Nice job Russ and Gary. Leslie Bell and the Leslie Bell Singers. Also, Jammed with Gordie Fleming and gigged with him on a few occasions when he and I played with the John Leslie band.

Brian White played with the Regents and then I lost track of him. Any chance of a new record at any time in the near future? I love how Stryper has been able to keep going. That is fantastic! As far as the music industry and music business is concerned, as soon as somebody makes a legitimate offer to make a new record, it's easily doable. What I'm The Roxx - Sex&Roxx&RocknRoll (Vinyl interested in is a situation where a small label says, "you make the record at your own expense and take all your own time, we will sell it and then we're not going to pay any royalties anyways!

But, any serious offers and of course we're interested in it. Passionate songs with a Christian worldview, featuring the vocal talents of Luke Richard Weber.

Then download your exclusive copy HERE. The free download will be available for 24 hours after the show. One story about a young boy was particularly heart-wrenching, as she had trailed him and watched him be passed around by his owner to dozens of men, for all hours of the days and night, every day of the week.

Eventually that little boy was rescued, but there are millions more victims who suffer day and night in confinement, coercion, emotional and physical abuse, and unbelievable degradation as they are bought and sold like cattle and made to do filthy, unspeakable acts by their exploiters. This gave birth to the ideas and music for "Slave", an evocative, epic metal anthem that we hope will seize your heart, dance across the theater of your mind, and compel you to partner with us.

Naomi's House will be a residence in the suburbs of Chicago where female victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation can find shelter, relief, safety, peace, and hope for a future no longer destroyed by their past.

Aside from finishing expenses for the multi-unit residence, hiring of staff and operating expenses all contribute to a large financial need for the upcoming year. This is why we need your help. We have created "Slave" for you to download and listen to free of charge, Album) we ask you to not be satisfied with merely hearing about the problem and enjoying the song without also taking action.

Will you help us, as we help those right here in our neighborhoods? You can download the MP3 of "Slave" free of charge here: www. Select dates have been announced, with more dates being added in the coming weeks:. Plans are in the works to celebrate with a special tour in late Details will be announced at a later date. The self-titled album itself has over the years been a victim of various bootleggers and has appeared on CD in various formats, none of which have been official or authorized.

Furthermore, AOR BLVD Records have ensured this CD has been re-mastered to the highest quality, while including as a bonus the original interview conducted for Metal Forces magazine providing details on the bands history and how it was formed.

Editors Note: Fierce Heart is a secular release through and through with little if any Christian content in terms of its lyrics. So get your tickets early- this show will sell out! A Premium Pass is also offered, which includes one general admission ticket plus early entrance to the show, admission to a meet and greet session with the bands prior to the show, and a WORLDVIEW t-shirt!

He had always encouraged them to form a band together and though they were miles apart, Rick thought that it would be a great collaboration. Regrettably, he passed away before this would ever take place. Ronson Webster also joined them as co-songwriter and background vocal guru. Tickets available at: www. More details forthcoming in terms of a release date, track listing and cover art. Or what likeness will you compare unto him? We offer love and hope through rock 'n roll.

Exodo Festival online: www. The group starts rehearsals in Las Vegas in early April. Schlitt on lead vocals. Enjoy the Easter season! More coming your way, so stay tuned for announcements Bickee Music will issue the album in Japan on March 30th.

Look for a release in the spring of Will live with the mixes for a few days before we go to master, then it's all steam ahead for pressing. We're so excited for you to hear it, we feel it's our best album yet!

As part of the recently announced 25th anniversary reissue of the band's monumental debut album Behind Enemy Linesfans can enjoy this exclusive lyric video of the brand new completely re-mastered track entitled "Dreams". RECON burst on to the metal scene in with a 4-track cassette-only demo, which was the norm back when file sharing was mix tapes sent through the mail to and from tape traders.

The band soon followed this up with two classic tracks that were released on the Regency Records compilation, California Metal 2. The album was originally released on CD and cassette tape, both of which are extremely rare and hard to find today. There was even a one-time CD reissue from M8 records, which is equally as rare to find. Collectors might have been lucky enough to get their hands on a copy of a small run of a European-only release on vinyl.

All that changes with this Limited Edition re-release on Roxx Records. This special one-time Limited Edition vinyl reissue of this classic metal album features all the original tracks completely re-mastered for vinyl on both colored and black vinyl. The album is set to feature the original album art, completely restored and enhanced for this special pressing. This one-time pressing features copies on orange vinyl and on black vinyl, for a total pressing of only pieces.

There will also be a very special Limited Edition CD pressing of only copies, which is set to feature all of the original tracks from the album completely restored and re-mastered. The CD will also include 4 additional bonus tracks. These tracks will be both tracks from the original California Metal 2 compilation and 2 of the original 4 demo tracks that helped launch Recon. These bonus tracks also get a special re-release treatment. George Ochoa located the original master reels of these demos and had the tapes baked, digitized and completely restored and re-mastered for this special release.

These recently found and restored demos sound crisper and better than ever before. No one has ever heard these demos like this before. This coming year is set to be an excellent year for Christian metal fans and Roxx Records are just getting started. Engineer and producer Ritchie Wicander will be handling mixing and mastering. Further details as they become available in terms of cover art and track listing.

The group started work on demo material of what would have been its third album but broke up before entering the studio. We really look forward to seeing and hanging out with many of you. Targeting main stages of festivals, theme parks, fairs, and special events, the guys have put together an album and historical show with some of the most memorable songs from both groups as well as introducing some dramatic new compositions.

This smashup now results in the release of a new CD available exclusively at Lifeway Stores in June and digitally on iTunes worldwide. New artist Jason Fowler, whom Smiley produced, will also join guys on the road. After seeing the chemistry and friendship that developed, we were excited with the new material, and started brainstorming about taking this smashup out on the road this year. The album and live events will incorporate the kind of artistry and ministry that will remind them of the early years of Christian Rock, but also usher in a new energy and excitement.

More details in terms of final track listing and release date as they become available. Expect it to be available the first week of March. The more I listened to it, the more I believed it needed to be re-mixed, and some of the tracks re-recorded. I'm glad I did.

According to the artist, he accomplished the following in the re-mix and re-recording process:. First, entirely new tracks were recorded or overdubbed over some of the originals. For instance, with microphones rather than direct to the console, or running an original guitar track through a different amplifier such as the Kemper Profiling Amp.

Every track and sound was listened to meticulously, and edited if necessary. Drums: The recording contains all the original drum tracks by Mike Patrum, using acoustic drums only.

They have been edited and re-EQ'd. Many of the existing keyboard sounds were redone with improved patches, plus there are several new overdubs. Orchestral Tracks: Most of the tracks were redone with updated and improved instruments and samples. There are, however, new brass overdubs. Guitar Tracks: Contains Kerry's original guitar tracks, re-recorded by "re-amping". There are some licks and phrases that are newly recorded. Bass Tracks: All of Craig's tracks are from the original, although several were re-amped and re-EQ'd.

We hope you enjoy this new version of The Wait of Glory. The Wait Of Glory ordering information: www. Almost entirely pre-flute-and-keyboards epics, The Eternal Wedding Band is the rocking older brother of Doom and Armoury Of Godand spreads before the listener 13 aspects of death in an original variety of inspired lyrics and musical concepts. For full details on this release and other Roxx Records happenings please visit us at: www.

Steel Evangelist has suffered a series of production and post-production delays since the group first announced its release in August of During this period, the band is re-mixing and resolving issues with the production to accommodate any changes.

The album was only available in digital format since its initial release in the summer of A release date is yet to be announced. Cover art courtesy of Rodney Matthews can be viewed at the groups Facebook page: www. Despite getting off to a promising start, the band was placed on hold after hitting some bumps in the road. That time has come LP after a few years of silence, the band is back in business.

You can purchase individual tracks in either the music section or the store section, and the entire CD can be purchased in the STORE section. We told you we are making our music affordable and we are! Song downloads are only. Listen, download, turn it up, and share! Please respond with your thoughts in the comments to this post!

Le Grand Cerf-Volant - Groupe Vocal Les Loriots De Cap-Rouge* - Si On Chantait La Vie (CD, Album), Da Guater Himmelvater - Eberhard* Und Franz Wächter - Singen Bekannte Lieder Und Duette Nachn Alten, Indian Summer - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD), Neuro (X-Cabs Remix) - DJ Aaron* & DJ Dara - Cirrus Lip Up (CD), Start Freaking Out - Radkey - Devil Fruit (Vinyl), Í Nótt - Fræbbblarnir - Viltu Bjór Væna? (File, MP3, Album), Fl0w3r5 - Various - The Purr Volume 1 (File, MP3), Kings Ransom - Petra (9) - Back To The Street (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled, In The Hand Of The Moon - Billie Davies - Hand in Hand in the Hand of the Moon (CD, Album), Allahs Holiday - The Cavalcade Orchestra - "Show Business" (Vinyl, LP, Album), Together We Wail - George Wallington Quintet - Jazz For The Carriage Trade (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nadeem Shravan - Damini (Vinyl, LP), Triste E Feliz (Valsa) - Luiza Maria Dantas - Compositores Potiguares II (CD, Album), Open Minded - Sick Intelligence Agency - Back From Wonderland (Vinyl)

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