Mike Finoia calls in to wish Big Jay a happy birthday. Jay talks about the Bad Girls Club reunion from the night before. Hugo in for Mercface. Big Jay suggests the team take ballroom dancing classes. Moody Blues poem. Jay felt put in a corner by Dan telling Tim Dillon that Jay has "an encyclopaedia like knowledge of yacht rock".

Jay tells about the voyeuristic view from his Air BnB in Toronto. People who film the even they're attending rather than living it. Jay describes his 9 hour drive home from Toronto while it snowed. Guest Anthony Buono, a rolfer, joins them in studio to rolf Jay's feet. Dan and Jay are dumbfounded by the tourists coming to see the tree at Rockefeller centre. Best candy bar of all time is take 5 followed by whatchamacallit. Camper Lance calls in and recommends microwaving a whatchamacallit.

Japanese Kit Kat flavours, Camper Craig calls in to tell about trying a bunch of them. Camper Tyler calls in to inform the guys about jlist. Jay and Christine playing catch in the street got into a confrontation with the family that owns the toy robot store across the street. A guy made an incredibly mean comment about Izabella on twitter. Ben from the golf channel sent out a nice tweet about the bonfire and the guys question its authenticity. Tila Tequila is a white supremacist now.

Cool styles of the Wu Tang Clan. Playing passout as a kid. Hot girls eating hot peppers. Mike Lawrence in studio. Riffing as Johnny cash on car karaoke. Jerry Lewis made a movie where he was a clown who took children to the ovens at Auschwitz. Jay would like cowboy by kid rock played at his funeral. Jay sent Janessa flowers that she never acknowledged, Dan took a girl with a boyfriend to homecoming, and Christine made tapes for a guy who was clearly gay.

It's the Christmas episode so anyone who curses has to rip out a pube. Camper Zach calls in to tell about taking a girl to prom, taking her back to his apartment and singing to her and her leaving to hang out with her boyfriend so he ate 20 white castles and drank southern comfort and ended up barfing into the tub as he shit out the burgers.

Dan describes a slutty transfer student at his high school that strung him along then had sex with both a hot dog and tennis racket in front of a bunch of guys.

Jay thinks he might be addicted to Afrin. The gang exchanges Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl) gifts. Dans away in Denver, Sharad Small in studio. A comedian friend of theirs was tricked by a transsexual and dated them for a while. Dan talks about his Christmas visit with Trish the Dish and playing wii golf with her.

Christine tells them about the high end keyboard that Jay got her for Christmas. They talk about white supremacists claiming new balance as their official shoes. Camper Heather from Las Vegas calls in to ask the guys what their favorite moment from was. Dan says the second live show New York Comedy Festival or the trial. Jay doing no music dancing might be the moment they laughed the hardest. Christine's favorite was Bobby Kelly storming the stage at the first live show and DJ Lou suggested kip ups, until Jay reminded him of when they got drunk on air.

Antonio Banderas riffing. Camper Mike in MI calls in to tell a story of finding out from a colleague's ex that the guy had given dome ie a blowjob for crack. The next day at work a blunt was going around and Mike shouted "don't pass it to him! He sucks cock! Camper Tyler sent them a gift box of oddly flavoured Kit Kats from Japan.

Camper Mark in CA calls in to say his favourite moment was when a camper called in to tell the stury of a trucker being trained, the truck going all over the road, and the female driver turned out to be finger blasting herself.

Mark reveals he was inspired to jerk off while driving, then realized the only paper in the car was his paychek when he was about to cum and jizzed on his paychek. Dan St Germain arrives and tries a Kit Kat that he thinks is awful. They describe the taste of one as "basement floor". DJ Lou talks about the older women he has been banging lately. Dan tells about an awful photo of himself and his grandma's dog that he sent to a woman, immediately regretted sending it, and sent it to Dan St Germain for laughs.

Discussion of how blow job noise can be hilarious but sexy when a girl does it. Camper Tyler calls in and tells the guys what the Kit Kat flavors were: pancake, raspberry, wasabi, Fuji cheesecake, green tea, dark chocolate, chocolate ice cream, caramel, and sweet potato. Lots of old lady riffing because DJ Lou is sleeping with a widow. Camper Niko calls in about being deployed to SE Asia and being hand fed a soya sauce kit kat in a Malaysian whorehouse by a Japanese hooker.

Behind the Bonfire documentary: they play some of the un-aired 20 minutes that happened before the first show tech issues caused them to think they were on air but actually weren'tthen re-visit Jay introducing Dan to Chet Haze.

Running joke of Dan being on angel dust throughout the episode. They play the Brad call again, then the Tony Danza singing standards bit. Dan jokes that he was beaten as a child with Who's the Boss? They go through the Feldawg saga. They replay when DJ Lou and his girlfriend broke up with him and started banging black guys, and when Jay and Dan found out Lou has a twin. They recap The Trial, giving it an OJ spin "if the fingerless gloves don't fit, you must acquit".

Jay is skyping in from Los Angeles. Jay and Christine have been really sick after holiday travel, leading them to talk about waxing nose hairs to breathe better. Jay burns Christine for shitting at the SXM building before the show and they talk about shitting in public.

Jay and Christine are getting healthy, drinking lots of water and eating well, causing more trips to the bathroom.

Jay got a lot of ear infections as a kid leading to a discussion of whether breast feeding leads to less ear and bladder infections or not, leading to a discussion of third nipples. Tim Dillon Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl) studio. Story of Tim walking in a blizzard to get a McFlurry. Delicious things from Wawa. They talk about the rumour at every high school about a kid having a dog lick peanut butter off of their crotch. They review Mariah Carey's terrible NYE performance and discuss if it is her or the production company's fault.

Mercface Andy talks about being in Turkey to do stand-up over the holidays. Dan just returned from San Francisco. He and Big Jay converse about the way the city has become - Googlified, gentrified, passive aggressive. Jay recounts a couple of shitty waiter experiences at San Fran restaurants. Jay reveals his mom was a badge bunny. Dan tells about when he wrestled as a child from ages and when another kids dad made fun of him for crying after losing a match.

They talk about an upcoming Goddamn Comedy Jam show. Mike Finoia dresses like a dad. They talk about watching and betting on the Golden Globes and Dan reveals he does something similar with Royal Rumbles.

Jay reveals he got angry at an 11 year old boy after losing to him at Madden. Bert Kreischer in studio after second break. A bit about the KGB from his special went viral the previous weekend. Jay tells about some fans who got too drunk, asked him and Christine to go to their house and do some "blow-caine" while the wife kept trying to kiss him on the mouth.

When friends embarrass you at the comedy club, haircuts. Michael Che gave all his texts with a crazy girl he met on an Illuminati dating ap to page 6. Jay is away on ShipRocked, Mark Normand in studio. Mar has had 4 women in 24 hours and had 4 women in 5 nights on last year's Impractical Jokers cruise. Drinking, blackouts and hangover cures. Normand describes tossing glass ashtrays over the bacony of the Balcony Bar in New Orleans and smashing a frat guy's windshield.

A Benny Hill situation ensued, Normand was trying car doors to get away from the guy and ended up getting into the frat guy's car, getting punched and then taken to the drunk tank. Dan talks about times when he wants to dink again. Pat O'Brian ET host drunk video. Mel Gibson's racist voicemail. Pretending Jerry Rafferty is your dad.

Greg Stone in studio. Greg encountered what looked like a small child working in a McDonald's. Young girl punching tree trunk. Working in fast food. A woman who worked at restaurant Emerald Isle with Dan showed him her tits when he was a bus boy there when he was They chat about drones and David Z and then Luis spills an entire cup of coffee. Luis tells about his plans to rob his local KFC back in the day he didn't actually ever go through with it.

Camper Brent calls in to tell about stealing shopping carts full of food and beer from WalMart. Camper Dave in Minnesota, who is a cop, calls in to tell Luis if holding a screwdriver and wearing a balaclava behind a KFC counts as a crime: "you're fucked dude".

Camper Mike, and attorney, calls in to throw the book at Luis. Camper Will in NJ calls in about a crime spree he went on after returning from Iraq. Camper Chris in TX calls in with a hog hunting story. Worst areas of crime in the country. Big Jay and Christine describe their fabulous new Keikico blanket.

Dan met Tranny Jamie in Seattle the previous weekend. Big Jay was with some amateur comics the previous weekend who were too star struck when Hannibal Buress showed up. Stroked out Sam Elliott impressions. Dan lived above an Indian restaurant that was always blasting Indian music and does some great impressions.

The girl Dan is dating is super into reggae after living with Jamaicans. Big Jay describes being in an Uber with Dave Smith being driven by an approx 50 year old black guy listening to Greg Holden, an acoustic singer-songwriter. Camper Tyler in CO calls in about his love of Japanese heavy metal. Camper Remi in CO calls in about his friend who loves Kpop. The guys check out an out of control teen girl on Dr Phil Danielle Brigoli whose catch phrase is "cash me outside how bout dat?

Renee, owner of Keikico blankets, touched base with Christine because the Bonfire's shout out caused them to sell out of blankets! They return to the topic of "cash me outside" girl. They speculate about a fight between cash me outside and the girl who punches a tree trunk. Phil's dog Maggie bit a friend of Phil and Robin who is suing them. They check out a very dark grainy video of Danielle Brigoli getting beat up.

Jacob no longer wants to have kids after seeing this girl. Camp cousellor Stephanie Falconi tweeted at them about how Dr. Phil got Maggie. The superbowl was the night before. Lady Gaga's performance, Humpty Dumpty commercial. Jay watched live and saw Chrissy Tegan's nip slip. The team got sent some Keikico blankets. DJ Lou smokes in the house. More Danielle Brigoli videos. Dan was in love with Soleil Moon Frye for her massive breasts. Whiteboyz movie trailer. Christine hung out with chollas when she was Video of woman breastfeeding.

Deb Donniger in studio to provide DJ Lou with dating advice. A Man and His Dog episode. Middle names. Is showering daily necessary? Video of Cash me outside girl punching someone on an airplane. Chocolate Rain sung as Vanilla Dan. Video of George Lopez kicking people out of his show. Mike Finoia in studio with Big Jay. Transvestites in female prisons. Lena Dunham said she wishes she'd had an abortion despite never being pregnant. Celebrities butcher singalong of Sweet Caroline at the Grammys.

Chance the Rapper. Roy Wood Jr in studio to talk about people's anger over Beyonce not winning album of the year. In Memoriams at the Grammys. New Edition story on BET. Which members of New Kids on the Block are gay? The guys hate-watched Nick Cannon's stand-up special "but do he got dat good dick tho". The guys recap their watching of Danielle Brigoli's return to Dr. Phil after she had been to Turnabout Ranch. Skype with Dan who's in LA taping his Netflix special.

Guest Mike Vecchione. Chicago Dicks is born. Dan doing various accents. Foreigner music the whole show. Ripping on how Lou Gramm looks now. Jay singing Dan's upcoming show dates to the tune of Foreigners Waiting for a girl like you. The old Jewish grandma smooches bit. Discussing the Oscar's and mocking Dan's actress ex girlfriend. Dan is in LA to film his Netflix half hour. Dean Edwards in studio to talk about early days of comedy when Jay worked a lot of "black" rooms.

KRS One married a not so hot woman who saved him from living on the streets. Jay and Dean look into rapper Ugly God who uses the ringtone from iPhone as his beat. Remy Ma Niki Minaj beef. Rap beefs of the 90s. Jay tells some stories about old days with Kevin Heart and Patrice. Jay and Dean share their thoughts on Nick Cannon's stand-up, hip hop, and acting. Tai Mack's guest role in the rape episode of A Different World. Big Jay is wearing spurs that Dan brought back for him.

Sal Volcano in studio with weird Japanese Kit Kats for them to eat. Jay is dumbfounded that Izabella is not interested in any older music.

Sal tells about getting "thrown out" from Steve Miller Band concert for basically enjoying the concert, but then being taken to the freestanding area at the front. The entire crowd was sitting and not moving as the concert was at Jones beach, a dry venue. Assigned seats at the movie theatre. Jay tells about a lady dancing all witchy and bumping into he and Christine at Fleetwood Mac. Campers call in with concert stories and stories of being pissed on.

Having to fight when the girl your with gets hit or insulted. Drunk Nate Bargatze and his taste in music. They check out cast member Angie's music video, cast member Francesca trying to become a hype girl, and a girl getting kicked out for threatening another girl with a rat-tail comb. They watch a video of a woman giving birht in a bathtub. DJ Lou was hot for her when he saw videos of her dual breastfeeds her children but changes his mind after the birth video.

Jay talks about seeing both his daughter and sister being born. Is Gewn Stefani hot now, who had different stars in their primes. New Guns'N'Roses. Discussion of how handicapped a person can be and have a comedy career, on stage or as a writer.

Campers call in with different stories about people with disabilities. Mercface Andy had to confirm for Big Jay that the lyric in the Randy Newman song is actually "short people got no reason to live". Jay and Christine have mice in their apartment. Hot 97 Ed Lover Dr. Dre roll call riffing. Steve Wilkos show. Aaron Berg in studio after second break to talk dick pills. They try some strangely flavoured sodas: peanut butter, chocolate, bacon, ranch, red velvet cupcake, maple syrup, and buffalo wing.

Ron Bennington in studio. Campers call in and give their opinions. Lisa from GA calls in to suggest Gregg Allman and says which becomes a regular drop, in a southern accent "his best friend is a black guy!

Drops of "smash, smash, smash!! Myq Kaplan in studio after the last break to watch more of Kai's video and talk about doing ayahuasca. They riff calling Moss man by the names of his recipes and talk about making Natalie love Jay and Moss man hate him.

Dan has trouble pronouncing "pecorino". Finoia weighs in on how Jay should behave on New Day Cleveland. They watch a video of Danielle Brigoli, cash me outside girl, in a physical fight with her mother. They check out some leaked sexual videos of WWEs Paige. Jay tells about a skin disease he's dealing with, stress induced diseases. Jay tried to tell Dan that some jerk-off told Natalie and the Moss-man that Jay was planning to mess with them, but Jay reveals he was just exhausted and Natalie was too nice.

The guys read an amazing post on Craigslist by a 56 year old divorced guy named Gordon looking for a young hot woman to go to Coachella with him in his Shasta Chinook. They read Gordon's list of requirements for his travel companion. Paul Mercurio in studio. They share Gordon's posting with Paul. A female cuddler has asked Jay if she could cuddle him for free for research purposes. Jay is insisting she be naked and he be clothed.

Jay decides he is going to hire a male cuddler to cuddle Jacob. Jay and Dan return to Craigslist poster Gordon's list of requirements for his Coachella travel companion: ie. The whole team makes plans to attend Corey Feldman's upcoming birthday concert. They check out a Craigslist add where a guy asks for a girl to fling his son's model trains around like Godzilla. Awkwafina calls in to talk about performing with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Video of a greasy Italian showing his deceased parents house which he's now selling.

Video of a white trash couple who's kids are stuck in an elevator. After the final break, they guys watch a newscast about Kai the hitch-hiker. Bonfire fans in full force at Caroline's comedy club over the weekend. Backlash over Jay's makeout voice when talking about the cuddlers in the previous episode. Professional cuddler Can in studio to cuddle Jacob and Lou. Jacob is furious because he thought they'd sit side-by-side, not laying down.

Lou is getting drunk to get through it. They interview Can about the ins and outs of cuddling. Dan does a phenomenal Gollum impression. Jay explains carpark dogging to Dan. Female body builders and how their bodies become masculine in appearance.

Can, Lou and Jacob form a massage train and Lou ends up all blotchy. Doug Benson in studio. The Wrestler documentary.

Video of woman losing her shit on a kissing couple in a line at a poke bowl restaurant. Turns out the crazy woman is a cam girl and they check out some of her vids. Video of man being pulled off flight shouting "I want to go home! Christine shares about how she felt when Lisa came over to cuddle Jay. Lisa tells how white guys never liked her but then she went to Jamaica and all the guys liked her, so she saved up all her cuddling earnings to go to Jamaica for the winter. Lisa also reveals she's been in the audience of about 20 episodes of Steve Wilkos show.

The group talks about taking a trip to be part of the Steve Wilkos show audience. A comedian put up a post blasting Craig Glaser for not paying him.

Jay tells a story about a comedy club owner being arrested and in jail and unable to pay him. Guys selling comedy tickets on the street. Camper Evan who is playing bass for Keith Jacob, who is opening for Feldog tomorrow night calls in.

Dan brings up camper CamoAng tweeting at him about Feldog's recent acoustic set which was "live from Feldmansion". Jay talks about performing on Goddamn Comedy Jam. Lukas Rossi calls in. Zach from Albany, GA calls in to tell the guys about a Facebook video of what transpired just before the recent viral video of the guy getting kicked off a flight. They check out a video of Keith Jacob performing his hit "Ranch Hand". Keith Jacobs music video. Evan, Keith's bassist, calls in and tells about when he was part of Keith's band and opened for the Feldog.

Keith is with Evan and informs Jay about his back-up dancers. Sexual harassment stories, campers call in with tales of being sexually harassed. The guys describe the fun at Moontower. Dan took too many mushrooms, Andy and Lou got stou'd. DJ Lou describes trying to wear down a girl that previously slept with his twin brother. Camper Nick in CO calls in to tell about his ex-fiancee sleeping with his best friend.

Jay discusses how he'd feel if Mike Vecchione got with Karla. Mercface tells about his best friend marrying a girl he used to fuck, and Andy was best man at their wedding. Christine and Dan share stories of people they've liked and fooled around with that did not reciprocate. Michael Che joins in studio. Making out with trannys. Could Jay and Dan give a good blow job. Jay describes an incident involving his ex Cheryl and anal beads. The crowd guesses Jay's fake crimes that Comedy Central would not allow to be printed on the fake wanted poster.

Porn where girl gets fucked by a horse. Colin Quinn joins Jay and Dan on stage. Jay believes anyone who passes away by hanging was jerking off. Bill O'Reilly putting loofahs up his ass.

Jacob as the catch me outside girl. Chicago dicks trailer. The gd comedy jam guys. Silence of the lambs the musical. They bring up a camper and his chick from the audience and musical heckle them. The whole gang sings I wanna know what love is to end the show.

Playing Madden online. The girl DJ Lou mentioned last week does not want to come on the air and talk about her past with Lou's twin. Jay and Christine returned to the scene of the crime that caused the trial, and that the guy who was the catalyst was hosting the show.

A discussion of how the alcoholic brain works takes place. Jay has difficulty understanding how it works. Canadian weed and gravity bongs. Dan can stop with weed in a way he cannot with alcohol. Justin Silver told Jay 2 stories about picking up birds that Jay does not believe. They travel down the Z-Dogg rabbit hole. A camper calls in to tell them about "Take you to the movies" by Bangs. Camper Quinton calls in to tell them about Ronald Jenkees.

Mercface Andy is leaving the Bonfire for Nick DiPaolo's show, Big Jay met Kate Flannery Meredith from The Office when she came to his show and Jay asked her about Parks and Rec, Cornell Acapella group expelled for putting icy hot on new members ball sacs as hazing, camper Mike in IL calls in with hazing stories, Luis J Gomez calls in and agrees to put icy hot on his balls on LoS, Rich Vos in studio and he and Jay discuss how unimpressed they are with the size of their soft dicks, Jay tells about his daughter's incredibly unenthusiastic recital leading to the team checking out choir videos and come across the Chula Vista boys choir led by Carlos singing I'll Be There, and the Monte Vista high school choir singing Africa by Toto.

Merc Face Andy's last day on the show. Mark Normand is a guest. Dan catches a foul ball with his bare hand at a Mets game. They watch a video of some crazy chick obsessing over the new Harry Styles song. The gang ceremoniously folds The Bonfire flag to send Merc Face out. Football, Dan carrying a stroller up the stairs with a single mom. Boogie Nights Music the whole show. Guest Dan St. Drunk Lou Moontower bit. Jay tells a story about getting a hooker like 15 years ago.

Dan did a Yahoo web series about a Russian bath house. Chapelle enforcing having your phone locked in a bag at his shows. A couple was in the green room over the weekend and the guy kept getting the girl to show her panties to everyone there.

They ended up wiping out pretty bad and getting kicked out. Camper Mitch in Denver calls in. Getting drunk and gassy at high altitudes. Mike Vecchione in studio. Choke jerk discussion. Justin Silver in studio for more choke jerk conversation. Justin defends his story of picking up birds. Justin sent a video of him holding a bird to Jay, Jay believes it's a dead bird. The guys let Mike and Justin know about watching the Transformers trailer last week and that they've been talking in Mark Whalberg voice about "robot cahs" ever since.

Jay's daughter and ex wife in studio, also comedian Craig Gass. They discuss Izabella Jay's daughter doing standup. Jay would rather her be a stripper than do improv. The guys mock black circuit catch phrase comedy. Dan decides Izabellas catch phrase should be "I'm grown enough!

Chris Cornell choke jerk bit. Biggy Smalls bit. There is a bunch of hilarious stuff in between these bits. The last half of the show, Craig Gass tells a crazy story about having sex with 3 girls in Jay and Carla's brand new car. Jay and Dan talk about Justin Silver being obsessed with air drumming. Jay tries to beat Shazam. Jay says he wants to challenge Justin to an air-drum-off. Justin Silver calls in to talk air drumming. Camper Jonathan calls in to tell the guys that Feldog's song Go 4 It was originally sung by a girl named Celine Stone and oddly, Snoop is featured in both versions.

Roy Wood Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl) in studio to talk Afrin and kids doing gross tricks like flipping their eyelids or being double jointed. Jackass, Borat and silly comedy. Prank phone calls are Level 1 assholes. Matt Ruby joins in studio to talk first nut smash of their lives. Camper Mike calls in with a Canadian hockey nut shot story. Anyway the only thing they have done is pull up the carpet in my closet. There was signs of mold all over the door they took off as well as an ungodly smell.

I have been getting headaches and been nauseated, so has my boyfriend, my son has asthma and has been wheezing some but nothing major as of yet. My son has been complaining of bad stomach pain. Once we are all out of the house for a while we start to feel a little better… Please help what do I do!!!! Hi Angela, You will need to work with your landlord and find a good remediator to clean up the place.

Hi Dr. Jill I was just wondering if molds can grow from behind the walls? If so, how do we detect it? Please reply as soon as you can. Yes, mold is commonly hidden behind walls if there has been leaks. I had blood testing done this week for mold toxins and I am not sure if they tested me for black toxic mold.

All the blood testing shows that I have low levels of mold in the blood. I live in a home with mold present in my wall which is black in color, yet I have not had it remediated due to cost. I am on a Paleo diet to help with detox. It has helped but the symptoms continually occur throughout the day. Hi Joel, I am not sure which test showed mold in your blood as that is highly unlikely, however, we can measure the immune response to mold. I agree that the paleo-grain-free diet is a good option as many grains are contaminated with mold and will make you feel worse.

Wish you the best in healing! Dr Jill, Are you saying that the blood tests are not conclusive in determining the level of mold in the body? How is the immune response to mold measured? I appreciate your help in the search for improved health as I have been struggling with the symptoms you mentioned on your website. Thank you Joel. We are treating Chronic inflammatory Response syndrome CIRS a genetic-based immunologic reaction to mold, not the mold itself.

Dr Jill, Thank you for your reply. I will read all the information possible to learn how to improve my health. I got really sick, fatigued, my hair is falling out and my nails are a mess.

If it is from the mold what will my biopsy and blood work show that it is mold sickness. Jill I been dealing with toxic mold and fungi infestation over a year now. I have all the symptoms including vision problems and parasite. I dont know what to do I have loss myself and personality. This week blood as coming out my eyes,nose,and ears this week. The parasites are eating through my body and skin. I told my doc over and over again that he need to run tests. Last time I went my throat and nose was irritated.

Plz help Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl). Please find a doctor who will take your concerns seriously and help you by making a diagnosis. Pumpkin; I just read your story above — I too am suffering and knowner one seems to listen.

Im sorry close to suicide because imy loading my mind. What did you end up doing? Please Help -Bryan. Are you on Facebook? There are several very helpful groups on there — Surviving Toxic Mold, Mold Avoiders, etc etc etc Thousands of people just like you — sharing information and knowledge. Most importantly — get away from the mold. Get you and your family and pets out! Sleep in a car if you have to…. Pitch a tent in your yard….

Just get out. I never found this help because I could not afford to travel and see a Shoemaker doctor. I am going through the exact same thing. Until a professional came to my home and told me I had toxic mold and needed to remove my children and I ASAP my whole family thought I had lost my mind This whole thing has caused me severe4 depression.

My home is being burned to the ground next month. Thank you, Dr. Carnahan, for the medical advice you have provided. I am just wondering if i start treating myself with the treatment options based on this site information without knowing the specific type of mold i have been exposed to will it be to no avail. Thus, should I seek to have the mold in the house tested or is there a medical test that a doctor can administor to me that will tell just that the type that I have in my system?

What is the specific title of the type of doctor that can help me one that specializes in mold exposure? I moved to the East Coast September for a new job. I have had 3 upper respirator infections, which is unlike for me. The third one is the worst, seems more like the flu but I had a flu shot since living here. I work in a very old building. It was found to have L? In the water. I was tested but not infected. I live in the exposed basement of a very old house.

Please help, what should I do and in what order. Doctor Jill, thanks for sharing all of this information. I noticed mine droops more on the left around my mouth area and I and I seen online other people reporting this symptom, as well. Also my liver enzymes were elevated and my breath and urine have an odor. I got sick after a pinch with a used needle! It states with flu like symptoms diarrhea and nausea that lasted a month!

I loose almost 40 pounds at once looking like a skeleton. I thought I had aids but I took a hiv test and it came out negative. Whatever I have is inffeccious because my wife has the same symptoms! I have eye floaters inside my eyes and a throat phlegm that never stop coming out also my muscles are twitching hard and I have a lound ringing noise inside my ears andy nails are falling and a lot of pain on my stomach with noises on the inside ect ect!! Can it be a fungal systemic infection???? Please reply.

Hi Mario, You may have some other infectious disease but fungal infection is less common unless you are immune compromised for another reason. Hello Dr. Or more importantly how do we convince the insurance companies to get these done? Hi Nick, Conventional medicine is still 30 years behind the times in recognizing mold-related illness. While I am all for less expensive testing and treatment you will not find it easy to get insurance coverage for the most cutting edge diagnostic information.

You may have to choose what your health is worth to you as insurance should never be a measure to dictate the best testing or treatment for your optimal health. Any oxygen therapy? I was,exposed to stachybotris aspergillus cladosporium, and penicillium, on my job as a Federal Ranger with the Fish and Wildlife Agebcy, due to a faulty air conditioner installation. The condensation was pouring behind the walls instead of out doors. I suffered tachycardia arrhythmia heart attack, heart surgery, seizure symptoms, kidney stones, renal mass right kidney, kidney removal, anxiety, depression, IBSD, random vomiting, oh the gifts that keeps taking goes on and on.

The air quality report clearly defined what I was exposed to. Those vastness at workman comp doing all they can to deflect from responsibility. I am not sure what to do. I started a new job where the office is located in the bottom of an older home. My office is enclosed under the stairs and across from the bathroom. In December I caught a strange flu and have since recovered all except for my Eustachian tubes which became chronically plugged.

I have been seen twice and each time they see no infection so I am given Sudafed, Flonase, natural sinus products etc. I ended up talking to the lady I replaced a friend who told me that the same exact thing happened to her with her having to have tubes put in to fix her ears.

She also mentioned that she suspected it might be from the septic overflowing twice and not being professionally cleaned. Is there a test I can take to prove to my boss that this may be the issue. Or some swab test? Any help would be appreciated. I was diagnosed by Dr. Brewer in KCMO at the end of and am approaching my third month of treatment.

I really need to pay more attention to what is going in my body. Thank you so much for writing, and being one of the wonderful docs dedicated to learning more and treating those of us who have been ill for so long. Hi Sher, Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article! I know how difficult it can be to heal from mold exposure and I sincerely wish you the best in your healing journey!

Thank you so much for your article. Our family got sick from a house that had hidden moisture problems and toxic mold. We are thankful to be in a safe home and aware of the importance of fresh, clean air. Andrea Fabry has been a help and a blessing! I need advise… If you are moving from an unclean or mold inhabited environment into a clean one.

This is my biggest fear. As we are in the process of purchasing our first home. And am so concerned. Any advice? Hi Dora, If you were truly in an environment that had mold which was affecting your health, you need to leave all porous materials and not bring them to the new space — this would include books, clothing, paper etc.

I know this is hard but if you were sick in that environment and bring these things with you, they can continue to affect your health. My advice is leave everything that is porous and start over.

This is why it is extremely imoprtant to call in a professional drying company ASAP after any unusuall amount of waterwasher, dish washer, sink overflow, broken water pipes, roof leaks, etc! Thanks for the article. It took me 25 years to find an accurate diagnosis for CIRS. Genetic testing was the key as the best doctors could not solve the edema question regardless how much my health improved. I did not give up working on my health as much as I could.

God lead me in a providential way here in Alabama to discover Dr. Berndtson in Chicago!!! That is how I would encourage others who seem to have such a variety of symptons. Dont give up. Thanks for bringing more to light. Hi Rachel, Thanks for taking the time to comment! I am glad you are on the path to healing… curious was edema the main symptom you noticed after mold exposure CIRS?

Blessings Dr Jill. B for the same issue! Is there any way I can get in touch with you to discuss what methods have helped you? I know each patient is unique, but just wanted to get your two cents. I live in Chicago and have been seeing Dr. B for a few months now. I noticed edema because my overall health would improve with exercise, nutrition and of course much water.

But why would the water not seem to be the answer? Later, as I got the genetic testing and realized my liver does not get the message to more or less use the water correctly, I knew more and more water was not the answer. So for me the edema is from the genetic issue but not from the direct mold toxin exposure. Usually if I have a fall I know that I was exposed maybe a couple days before. The cerebrum is affected by the toxin traveling through the blood brain barrier and so the imbalance.

It could be mold exposure. Thanks for the question. I have needed a chat on this as I have no one in particular who inquires and I am trying to learn more about myself and encpurage anyone else. I am in the beginning stages of diagnosis and confirming the source of mold toxicity testing being done today at work. Getting my doc, that admitted he knows nothing about mold toxicity, on board with my certainty about having CIRS is slow and difficult. After reading the small excerpt about diet it yet again confirmed another piece of this puzzle for me.

It took me a bit to. So now i am on the difficult task of eliminating grains as much as possible. This article will be shared with my doc. Also, question…to check for the gene, which test is it? Would like to request my doc orders it. I may just ask for a referral to one of you two docs and have it taken care of by you all. Hi Jessica This is a difficult and daunting journey to healing but I admire your courage and persistence!

Taking charge of your health will really pay off in the end. You might also want to have him check c4a levels which if elevate, often correlate with mold exposure and will go down as your health improves. In addition, get on a grain-free, mold-free diet asap as that will help tremendously.

Warmly Dr Jill. Thank you. I have been experiencing the same episodes. I have been living in a mold infested home for the last five years and I have become very weak achy and fatigued and have so many of the symptoms everyone has from biotoxins. I am curious to know what your outcome was and what you did to get better, being it is almost three years later now.

Kristina, from Westmoreland County, Pa. I began seeing Dr. Keith Berndston in Chicago a Shoemaker-approved doctor for my condition. B; acupuncture, Chinese herbal regimens, diets, etc — but saw no results.

My family is positive that there is bad mold down there, you can just smell the mold infestation. Anyway, I went on Cholestryamine to bind the toxins for 2 straight months. Also used Dr. Note that I moved out of my house and settled into a new, clean apartment while I was on the regimen too — Dr. B said this was the most important step and I agree. After seeing little results, Dr. However, both Dr. Do you think this is plausible? I wonder if Charcoal and a strict diet would help again?

When I was on cholestryamine, I sometimes cheated alcohol on weekends and occasional bread. I also read that Cholestryamine only works for certain strains of mold, while Charcoal is recommended by Dr. Joseph Brewer along with his own nasal spray formula. What do you think? Joseph Brewer has done fascinating work with mold toxins residing in the sinus and gut; I also experience a constant runny nose and sinus problems. Again, thank you so much for the article.

Please know that people like us appreciate your knowledge and attention to this condition! I also think treating sinus colonization with antifungals and biofilm disruptors is essential if you continue to have positive urinary mycotoxin testing. Dr Jill. So everything points to mold. Wish I could afford a urinary test to confirm! Hi James, For sinuses work with your doctor and a compounding pharmacist to combine an anti fungal solution Ampho-B, nystatin, itraconazole or fluconazole and a biofilm disruptor into a nasal spray or solution for rinse.

For best results, the sinuses should be rinsed with Nettipot or saline sinus rinse prior to application and the biofilm product should be separate from the anti-fungal. Unfortunately I cannot give out specific prescription medical advice on the blog.

Best wishes in healing! Your problem is very serious and you have the exact same issues my partner and I are having. I recommend you quickly get off the Cholestryamine, this product is incredibly dangerous and has been banned in Germany. This focuses on the gut, the mycotoxin are in your cells and this will never help solve this and actually gums up your ability to digest and heal your gut.

My partner is now suffering from Neuropathy severe pain in his feet from being the Cholestryamine and driving his cholesterol to an alarming low rate, causing other issues like severe depression and anxiety. We have been on the PK Protocol now for 5 months and are recovering really really well.

Night and day…we almost died in our environment and had no idea what what happening. This has been a painful and long journey. Best- Rob. I just listened to your presentation on the anxiety summit and it was so helpful!!

I live on an island that was hit hard by hurricane Sandy. Since that time I went from being able to run marathons before the storm to now not being able to run more than a few minutes without getting a migraine that lasts a few days. Have you ever had patients with exercise induced migraines from mold exposure? I think your symptoms could certainly be related to mold Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl) and hoping your move helps!

Thank you so much for one becoming a functional medicine doctors and obtaining all of your knowledge well beyond the standard medical world!

I thoroughly enjoyed your interview on the Anxiety Summit! I have listened several times. If a person was exposed to serious mold in their home for 10 years this was 25 years ago for me. Would it still be in my body and an issue? I have been doing special diet and detoxing for 4 yrs. I have made remarkable progress but still struggle. My question is where would a person go from here? Hi Terri, Thanks for your kind words. Yes, a person can become colonized gut, sinuses, lungs, etc with mold after extended exposure.

Try binders and glutathione if you are not already doing them. I loved your talk on the Anxiety Summit! Our previous house had water damage, and I started getting a lot of hypochondria in that house, that progressed to having my first panic attack in years at our wedding rehearsal.

My husband also had colds frequently when we lived there. It was such a relief! I had a major crash this year that took just the chronic anxiety I was experiencing to a whole new level. Need to get back into that. Something that was really interesting that came out of our recent home testing in our current home was that we found out we had a slow gas leak parts per million filling the whole house since we moved in.

The inspector that we had come to check out house is a sick building specialist, and he said he sees this all the time. Someone in the home feels crazy like PMS timesand they have a gas leak filling their home with a low level of natural gas that goes undetected by other inspectors or plumbers.

When my husband called him for the mold testing and he heard my symptoms he said-you have a gas leak. He uses a combustible gas detector to find the leaks. We looked up the symptoms and a lot of them were what I have been experiencing. It likely was the icing on the cake for me.

Very interesting. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you are doing. I did have one question for you: for someone treating mold, how important is it to avoid an unknown sick building? We live in Pittsburgh, PA, and we have lots of really beautiful old homes and buildings here-and lots of rain and moisture.

Will being there for a short amount of time do a lot of damage? Especially when it took a year and a half of trial and error with other things I thought were the cause of my mood issues to find this out.

My husband and I work from home paleo cookbook authors and bloggersso we were really exposed in the home. I am so glad you found out the issues and have been doing better.

Many patients who have been exposed or sensitized to mold develop some form of MCS multiple chemical sensitivity. Best to you in health and healing! Can I ask who your doctor is in Pittsburgh, PA? I have a friend who lives at home with her mother and three adult siblings.

They live in atrocious conditions…tiny trailer that leaks when it rains, has hoarded items to the ceiling in most places,is heated only with the oven, floor heaters or warmth from the dryer venting indoors.

Also the sq. My friend suffers from severe allergies just recently in the past two or three years. She has had retinal blood clots to the point where at one time she was blind. For a long while she was on blood thinners. Also she has lost between 60 — 90 lbs. I asked her mother of the possibility of mold being a cause of her symptoms, but she says when they find a source of mold they wash it with bleach right away! Is this adequate? And how can a person detect mold under piles of boxes and bags of hoarded items?

Also the problem of animal dander, not enough litter boxes, mice etc. This poor girl can rarely eat out at a restaurant for fear her food contains something she may be allergic to. She is a wonderful young woman who deserves so much more out of life. Her mother is a lovely woman, who also has many health issues and lives on disability.

My friend is very protective of her mother and siblings but I feel as if sometimes they take advantage of her. Any suggestions would be helpful. Hi Jenna, Oh dear — please have her watch this documentary, Moldywhich is free for Turn Me Out (Acapella) - Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Vinyl) limited time. Dead mold spores may be as harmful or more than live ones so bleach is not adequate.

Mycotoxins from black mold are so dangerous I have trichothecenes mycotoxicosis as well as my family from living in an apartment complex owned by what I like to call white collar slumlords. I never, prior to what happened to us, even thought or worried about mold. It never had been a concern of mine and because of that I was completely uneducated on the topic.

I can understand to SOME degree however am extremely frustrated with there not being a threshold of limitations established for how much mold is too much mold in a residence. I think at minimum there needs to be certain types of mold that should be, if found growing in residences through what should be mandatory thorough investigations, necessary to completely remediated properly. Mycotoxins are truly a silent killer and it is coming to be known I believe if I recall right from my research, about 1 in 4 homes have a moisture problem resulting in black mold.

How abrupt the symptoms are and how severe they become as rapidly as they do, it is petrifying to me. I would never wish mycotoxicosis on anyone. It disgusts me the lack of education my building manager at the time this occurred had in regards to the architecture of a building, the building envelope, ice damming, mold, and the horrific havoc it can have on peoples health.

Come to find out to be a building manager of a residential apartment complex you need a business mnagement degree and a minor in fashion. Just kidding thats what the lady I had had degrees in. Needless to say, you are not required to have really any education in anything building associated.

However, I get it they would need to open their wallets……. I went from having an iron immune system to being sick every single day in just 12 weeks of living at the building. I want to emphasize every single day for 1.

I use to love to sing especially to my kids and I could still but with the constant post nasal drip I have I have to stop and clear my throat every 5 words. It really sucks when I go back and think about my families experiences throughout that time I just wish I would have recognized the problem sooner especially for my childrens sake.

I feel so guilty and dont believe in living in regret however I can say I fully regret and wish I had never gotten my family into that situation. People have no idea how bad it is none.

I was always healthy and then the next thing I knew at 23 normally healthy active ate great for the most part was being tested for asthma unheard of in my familyCOPD, having EKGs done because my heart was beating irregularly, chest x rays, etc My daughter got put on an inhaler at 8 months old, had horrid full body rashes, my sons fingers and my extremeties were going numb, we all developed chronic fatigue, my short term memory was and continues to be horrible, the whole event looking back seems like a dream.

Eventually I got it added into my medical chart that I was a hypochondriac bc none of the departments could come up with any answers as to what or why I had these symptoms and eventually I just felt helpless no one believed me or took me serious. Please get educated and thank you to the author of this article for educating. Dont risk waiting if you suspect black mold have it checked out dont wait until you know its whats causing you to be sick and lose everything you have worked so hard to get and personal possessions like my family had to.

I feel for anyone going through what my family and I had to its truly devastating. Have you found that your clients with mold have vision issues? My 6-year-old was recently diagnosed with Binocular Vision Disorder. Wondering if it is possible for vision to improve with proper treatment and healing from the mold?

Yes, vision issues are quite common with mold exposure. I believe all symptoms may improve over time if you remove yourself from exposure and treat the mold toxicity. I am thrilled to finally see other physicians taking notice of mold exposure. I am a former teacher 52 at the time who was in perfect health and loving life until Once I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Had a heart carth which showed my heath to be in excellent condition.

Then the other symptoms began. Horrible headaches by 10AM every day, muscle pain with twitches, severe joint pain, lightening bolt pains down my legs, dirt like taste in my mouth, blurred vision, slurred speech and memory loss.

I could recall names of my students or how to spell 5th grade words, body temp changes and much more. I went to local doctors for a year who had no idea what was wrong. My family doctor finally said that it must be stress or a virus that would go away. I sat in his office feeling like I was dying!! I began my own research. To make a long story short I finally found Dr. Shoemaker in MD who saved my life. He was able to prove it was the school that was making me sick.

I received nothing but a chronic illness and no job but at least I am alive. A few other teachers were sick but chose not to believe. One finall went to Dr. Many kids with horrible rashes, lumps in lymph nodes, bloody noses, dizziness, stomach aches, headaches and more. I keep hoping and praying that the medical community will begin to listen to their patients and start thinking outside their little box! The environment and indoor mold is slowly killing people. I am so much better but still have times that I go some place new that, unknown to me, makes me very sick for 1 to 3 days.

Thank you for educating others. It is the only answer because there are still way too many naysayers! Thanks, Susan! I agree… I am continually shocked at how many of my patients are affected by this nasty toxin.

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. My doctor ran a lot of blood work and found that I do have this mycotoxin illness as well. My insurance company sent an environmental testing company out to look at my basement. They tested the air in basement, first floor and outside.

The results of their testing shows higher levels of mold outside. The mold inside is same type as outside. How do you deal with that? Hi Ann, The insurance company has their own best interest in mind. I would get an independent air quality inspector to retest your home.

You may also want to do Hertsmi-2 testing yourself which can be more accurate than air samples. Some of the most toxic molds do not readily release spores into the air and the air samples may be clean.

If your health is suffering and you suspect mold exposure, you need to find the source. I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and numerous other neurological symptoms. I also have an autoimmune disease which was under control for about 12 years.

If we have a mold issue, I understand it can cause inflammation and trigger the immune system. Have you had experience with this type of illness? I also have recently had genetic data interpreted revealing significant methylation issues. It just keeps getting worse. I have a guy coming next week to test for mold, etc.

Hi Michelle, Yes, this is not uncommon with mold exposure but there are many other causes of fatigue and neurological symptoms. Certainly worth checking for mold! I have been suffering for probably 20 years from sinus issues fatigue, upper back and neck pain. If I leave my home I feel better with in 24 hours. Solimano - Brothers [] Find the best place to download latest songs by DJ Style.

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