That can only happen when a recurrent and institutionalized form of racism has become a way of seeing, entering into the presentation of visual evidence to justify hateful and unjustified and heartbreaking murder. So it is not just that black lives matter, though that must be said again and again. It is also that stand-your-ground and racist killings are becoming increasingly normalized, which is why intelligent forms of collective outrage have become obligatory. But a mode of address may also describe a general way of approaching another such that one presumes who the other is, even the meaning and value of their existence.

We address each other with gesture, signs and movement, but also through media and technology. We make such assumptions all the time about who that other is when we hail someone on the street or we do not hail them. That is someone I greet; the other is someone I avoid. That other may well be someone whose very existence makes me cross to the other side of the road. Indeed, in the case of schematic racism, anti-black racism figures black people Whats The Matter Now a certain lens and filter, one that can quite easily construe a black person, or another racial minority, who is walking toward us as someone who is potentially, or actually, threatening, or is considered, in his very being, a threat.

In fact, as we can doubtless see from the videos that have swept across the global media, it may be that even when a black man is moving away from the police, that man is still considered to be a threat or worth killing, as if that person were actually moving toward the police brandishing a weapon.

Or it could be that a black man or woman is reaching for his or her identification papers to show to the police, and the police see in that gesture of compliance — hand moving toward pocket — a reach for a gun.

Is that because, in the perception of the police, to be black is already to be reaching for a gun? Or a black person is sleeping on the couch, standing, walking, or even running, clearly brandishing no gun, and there turns out to be evidence that there is no gun, still that life is snuffed out — why?

And why when that person is down, already on the ground, and seeks to lift himself, or seated against a subway grate, and seeks to speak on his own behalf, or is utterly subdued and imperiled by the chokehold, he never stops looming as a threat to security, prompting a policeman to beat him or gun him down? The fleeing figure is coming this way; the nearly strangled person is about to unleash force; the man on the ground will suddenly spring to life and threaten the life of the one who therefore takes his life.

These are war zones of the mind that play out on the street. At least in these cases that have galvanized the nation and the world in protest, we all see the twisted logic that results in the exoneration of the police who take away the lives of unarmed black men and women. And why is that the case? It is not because what the police and their lawyers present as their thinking in the midst of the situation is very reasonable. In other words, every time a grand jury or a police review board accepts this form of reasoning, they ratify the idea that blacks are a population against which society must be defended, and that the police defend themselves and white society, when they preemptively shoot unarmed black men in public space.

At stake is a way that black people are figured as a threat even when they are simply living their lives, walking the street, leaving the convenience store, riding the subway, because in those instances this is only a threatening life, or a threat to the only kind of life, white life, that is recognized. But racism is also reproduced in the present, in the prison system, new forms Whats The Matter Now population control, increasing economic inequality that affects people of color disproportionately.

These forms of institutionalized destitution and inequality are reproduced through these daily encounters — the disproportionate numbers of minorities stopped and detained by the police, and the rising number of those who fall victim to police violence. The figure of the black person as threat, as criminal, as someone who is, no matter where he is going, already-on-the-way-to-prison, conditions these pre-emptive strikes, attributing lethal aggression to the very figure who suffers it most.

Small calibers with great big charges of ultra-slow-burning powder behind them must have 26 inches of barrel in order to burn all of it. Competition and sniper rifles Whats The Matter Now always have barrels on the longish side.

You want to keep your bullets supersonic Out There, and bullets from small cartridges like the. The same applies to sniper rifles, although here a balancing act is necessary. These days, no self-respecting people-shooting rifle comes without a suppressor, so a barrel longer than 24 inches is ruled out. I like short Whats The Matter Now. Looking back, the rifles that have served me best have almost all had a rifle barrel length of 22 inches or less.

Celiac disease is not a true allergy; eating gluten once does not cause an immediate life-threatening problem. However, prolonged and continuous ingestion can cause diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition. Avoiding gluten is the only solution to this problem. Gluten is found in a variety of grains, including wheat, rye, barley, semolina, bulgur, and farina. Many processed foods also contain gluten.

People with celiac disease must also be careful about cross-contamination, when a gluten-free food comes into contact with a gluten-containing food. After eating certain foods, a large part of the population experiences symptoms that are not related to food intolerances, food allergies, or celiac disease. These are referred to as food sensitivities. Though there is controversy around what exactly happens in the body of someone with a food sensitivity, it appears that exposure to specific foods may create an immune reaction Whats The Matter Now generates a multitude of symptoms.

The symptoms are not life-threatening, but they can be quite disruptive and include joint pain, stomach pain, fatigue, rashes, and brain fog. Gluten is probably the best-known trigger of food sensitivities. The best tool we have to identify food sensitivities is a process of careful observation and experimentation.

Removing certain foods believed to cause reactions from the diet for two to four weeks, reintroducing them one by one, and watching for symptoms is the current gold standard to pin down what may be causing symptoms.

A physician or nutritionist can provide guidance for undertaking an elimination diet, and can help you understand limitations and avoid possible pitfalls. Removing certain foods can help stave off undesirable symptoms and improve your quality of life. Food reactions, especially sensitivities, can also fade away with time. Our bodies, immune systems, and the gut microbiome are continually changing, and what may not sit well today may be fine to have later on in life.

It is predicted that in the future both specs will be replaced by Content Editable and Input Events. We changed our privacy policy. Read more. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 6 months ago. Active today. Viewed 30k times. Omar Omar 4, 4 4 gold badges 15 15 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges.

Is this helpful? Check this out: MDN: Making content editable - although it also seems to refer back to document. Also see Is there something better than document. There's also the fact that contenteditable is a pretty unpredictable beast, so you might want to consider not even using contenteditable at all, and instead swapping element out for an editor with that element's content preloaded in. Heck you don't even need a framework for it, element swapping code is easy enough to write in vanilla JS and will offer far more control than contenteditable could ever offer.

Show 2 more comments. Active Oldest Votes. Your primary focus JavaScript wise should be on the following: document. Here are the key parts to that success: The anchorNode and focusNode can switch depending on if you select left-to-right or right-to-left.

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  1. Jul 15,  · Yes, but mostly it doesn’t matter. Much depends on how heavy your bullets are, and how slow or fast your powder is, but as a rule of thumb, you lose 50 fps for every inch of barrel you chop off.

  2. Jan 12,  · This is the fifth in a series of interviews with philosophers on race that I am conducting for The Stone. This week’s conversation is with Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor in the department of comparative literature and the program of critical theory at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of numerous influential books, including “Dispossession: The Performative.

  3. Jan 30,  · Many people have experienced unpleasant symptoms related to food, but such a reaction does not necessarily mean that you have a food allergy. The symptoms could indicate a food intolerance, food sensitivity, or possibly celiac disease.

  4. Sep 14,  · What’s in Season Now: Pueblo Chiles. Colorado’s favorite peppers are ripe for the picking—and they’re hotter than usual this year. By Riane Menardi Morrison September 14, It’s time to stock up on fiery peppers from Colorado’s acclaimed chile-growing region.

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  7. hardly, with vue and react etc. these days it's trivial to write something that takes the element that a user clicks on, replaces it with a code textarea (plain textarea, Draftail, CodeMirror, etc) so that it can be edited, and then back-replaces the original element with updated content on blur. Heck you don't even need a framework for it, element swapping code is easy enough to write in.

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