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It was perhaps the last decent music period, the early 90s and seemed like that when Kurt Cobain ended his life and Nirvana, the music begin to spiral out of control to nothingness till either Universal bought out Polygram or Limp Bizkit went gold which was when the day the music actually died. But even then I managed to find some highly great albums that nobody knew about.

I saw The Honeydogs three times in the late 90s when they made their way to Gabe's. In fact they did a acoustic show at BJ's Records in It was this time in that I took my first trip up to Madison to check out their music stores and became such a fan of those music stores that every year I seem to go up there at least twice a year. At that time we heard about the internet but it remained a mystery till Steve at work got me online one night and thus changed my way of thinking forever and became a internet junkie.

But aroundthe Relics that I once knew and cherish was changing. Jerry couldn't get the latest music for me and one day told me to head to Best Buy to pick up It's Alive by The Ramones. Something was up indeed. There was no mention of Relics closing up for good. The next week, I returned to an empty building and that was it. Four months later, Relics opened up under Steve Bray in Hiawatha and then Marcus then bought that and moved it next door to Yanda's before the owner complained about that Hippie place selling demon music and it was moved to another place down the road.

But for me the end of the original Relics was the ending of a part of my life. A part of wasting three hours a day bullshitting with Jerry or Bruce or Carol or Erin about new music.

Sometimes I see Jerry Scott from time to time at Best Buy while he's checking out the new music or even at Half Priced Books and we say hi but it's not the same. Bruce works at Siegel's Pawnshop, Erin got into catering for a while and then formed Alter Ego Comic Books in to which she did sell music till she gave that up and now sells comic books. She says it's less hassle than dealing with the major labels.

At 409 In Your Coffee Maker - Green Day - Singles Box (CD) time, the music stores were moving on too. Camelot closed up their music store around and Rock and Bach managed to outlive Relics and then Jim Henson went to online only but for the most part, I spent a lot of time there talking with Jim Kibler on the Saturday Nights before heading next door to DeSotos.

As for the Relics store itself, the strip mall that it used to sit would be bulldozed and made into a parking lot for the brand new Best Buy, as for the second time in ten years taking away a part of my history in favor of a bigger and better store. But the times were changing for the music hunter and not for the best either. To which we conclude this era on a ominous note. However, in while going to Siegel's in downtown C.

Rick Parker would be pleased but that's for another time and blog. The Music of this era. I think Alternative rock was at its best in the early to mid 90s but some bands I didn't hold much interest, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Korn, Marlyn Manson fall into that category. Some bands I didn't include of the fact that I wasn't into them at that time Sister Hazel, Eagle Eye Cherry, Mighty Joe Plum had great singles on the radio but the albums were blah at best although Sister Hazel has grown upon me as the year progressed.

Of course Jennifer Trynin Cockamanie which came out in had the great Better Than Nothing and was poised to take over the alt music world till Alanis Morrisette topped her with You Oughta Know which I heard for the first time in the Las Vegas Strip and thinking this was going to be big. Trynin made one more decent album for Warner and then disappeared.

A lotta great local bands had decent albums out. So for part two, I add a few more forgetten favorites and why I overlooked Uncle Tupelo can be blamed on my Alzheimer's.

In other words, too much music, and too little memory. Here goes the rest that I remember and if I forget any, you can comment later. I'm sure I will omit a few. On The Subject Of: As you can tell I haven't really been posting a lot this month, only two all of the month. A sign of spring actually, been getting out of the house and trying to do a bit of exercise before the ticks come out.

This week, Old Purple, the once trusty Corsica is on life support once again. Went to work and when I got there, ended up seeing smoke coming out of the hood and it was spitting out anti freeze. Thought it was a radiator hose split right? Oh no, it was a crack coming from the radiator itself. Fucking nice so my brother got the sliver Corsica back home and took Old Purple out to the shop to which we can either put a replacement in it or just trade the old thing in.

It was supposed to last through the winter and it did while Miss Sliver got its brakeline fixed and the GF who came down to see me was treated to the antics of Old Purple and leaking tires in a 10 below morning in Iowa City. Old Purple was recused 12 years ago from the ex who was 3 payments and my credit rating just about becoming worthless and we have gone from town to town searching for bargains and more music.

I'm hoping to get more up to date car this spring and trying to muster courage to head to the car dealership and dealing with them shysters. Wish me luck on that. You may have never heard of Bill Pitcock IV but he played guitar on Dwight Twilley's I'm On Fire back in which is one of the best power pop songs ever to come out I'm sure the next top ten will have a DT song in it, look for it and guess which one.

I'm On Fire was one song I played over and over back in the days of 45 collecting look for another blog about that too. Pitcock IV died this week from cancer at age Twilley's latest album does have Pitcock playing on it or so Dwight says. That was the B side to I'm On Fire, and it's the closest thing to power pop rockabilly ever attempted. For the most part, nothing new worth getting and basically Best Buy has some bad road construction so I didn't go there.

As far as I know this is the only complete career overview of the Stanley Brothers although Columbia issued a cd of their own and Mercury added choice cuts to their short lived Best of Bluegrass series. The third CD combines rare live performances and life after King Records. Time Life almost has done a perfect job in terms of getting their best songs.

Even Jackson Browne and Charlie Rich Rush covers but perhaps the standout remains his own No Regrets that is the last song of the album. This record must have meant something since Elektra has kept it in print all these years even after when Rush would leave for Columbia soon after ward. Interesting fact: Linda Eastman was the photographer of the album cover and that might be her snuggling up to Tom in the cover shot.

For more fun and giggles in the two dollar bin comes The Free Story Island to which that point UK Island issued this as the complete best of to which it is not.

On the plus side it adds hard to find selections from an aborted Paul Rodgers album Ladya selection from the Kossoff, Kirke, Rabbit and Testu project that Island did release as and album and the original 45 version of All Right Now.

On the negative side, it adds way too many songs from the crappy Free At Last album I could never get through side two without falling asleep at some pointskimps on Ton Of Sobs and gives us the halfassed live version of The Hunter and the jamathon Mr. Even on Fire and Water, Free's sloppiness and meandering blues tend to try my patience. So maybe they were destined for failure but that doesn't discredit the fact that Paul Rodgers has always been one of my all time favorite singers.

So it goes. For albums this week, I took my chances on Wishbone Ash Locked In Atlantic which is their least interesting album and maybe it is the new guy Laurie Westfield but this record never gets off the ground with pointless songs going nowhere, or Martin Turner's She Was My Best Friend even worse Turner can't sing period.

Rest In Peace is probably the best thing off a pointless album to which a reviewer blamed Tom Dowd for this but he had nothing to work with. Nevertheless that was the 2 and final album for Atlantic and Wishbone Ash returned to MCA for another five years with minimal success. More country rock than Steppenwolf, Kay managed to get Easy Evil written by Alan Undercover Angel O'Day on the top thirty and that turned out to be the highlight of that album.

From what I remembered I wasn't too impressed with Lone Steppenwolf but perhaps if I find another copy of that I'll check it out but I think the cuts on Sportin Life sound better on that album rather than a comp. Getting bored with the new stuff, out of my collection I pulled the Capitol Monster Summer Hits Series of surf and drag music. In fact Drag City, in the cover shot they have the famous Moon Muffler logo my fave. Can't understand why somebody would give us a even lesser edit on comes in at rather than and five cuts from The Super Stocks is about four too many although me thinks they were in competition with The Four Speeds who recorded for Challenge in I still think The Duals were way ahead of their time by being the only black guys doing surf and drag music with Stick Shift.

It's rough and unusual and my idea of drag music fun. The Pipeline and Wipe Out numbers are not original. Given as a whole both comps suffer was too much filler and lackluster pop numbers trying to be surf and drag and probably too much for the autotuner crowd but for old hippies like myself, they do remind me of a kind and gentler times when I was younger So I decided to go to Waterloo on a late notice and of course it turned out to be a road trip.

Found a couple old country records at St Vincent De Paul and surprised it was not too busy there on a Saturday. CD's Plus up there has closed up shop so if there's any decent music stores up in Waterloo it's beyond my knowledge. Stopped at the Isle, the new casino up there to use the bathroom and then head to Independence to the Del Rio Mexican Place to where I was treated to bad Mariachi live music and had to wait 45 minutes for supper to arrive but the salsa was awesome so I loaded up on chips and salsa before returning home and spending 45 dollars to fill the car up.

Dark days lie ahead. The country records found was Carl Jackson Old Friends Capitol to which this bluegrass banjo superpicker sets his sights on making it into the Nashville country charts only to fall flat and no sales.

In some ways it reminds me of Vince Gill when he first became a solo artist, or Keith Urban although Jackson beat Gill by about 7 years. Jackson is at home when he covers Bill Monroe or does a banjo instrumental like Lil Jimmy but the album never really goes anywhere till side 2 and the conclusion of Sweet Dixie Reprise to which the ballad fades into a mean banjo playing and fading into the distance.

I think Starday at that time was distributed by RCA judging by the packaging, but for a budget label and the record 40 plus years old it played like new. I like it fine myself but I doubt that y'all ever find another copy. It's not the fact it's rare, but people today don't care for Country Instrumentals like they did back in the past.

We'll see where the road leads on that one. Long time ago, I got the 2 record set, then traded that for the 2 CD Polydor set, then traded that in for the 20th Anniversary Edition, then found the remaster of Layla for a dollar and now went to Best Buy for the 2 CD 40th Anniversary one. What does that make of me? However Duane Allman then came on board to add his great slide guitar work and the title track became a song for the ages.

For years I played that song and try to figure how did Duane do that, was he playing violin? And then leading off to Jim Gordon's beautiful piano beginning of the second part of the song, Gordon being the ill fated drummer of said band making his biggest contribution. Originally Atco put it out in edited form and it even made its way to a K Tel Comp album 22 Explosive Hits I think it was and then in reissued it in its 7 minute glory. Originally there was work on the second album but it was aborted and most of it didn't see the light of day till the 4 CD Crossroads came out.

ByDuane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident and didn't figure on the 2nd album. In some ways I think it was best there wasn't a followup.

Perhaps it was a concept album so to speak. Nevertheless, Layla the album, is just about perfect, even down to Bobby Whitlock's Thorn Tree In The Garden, a throwaway but still when Whitlock moans at the end of the song, even he is feeling the blues of love and loss. The original mix of Layla was always bland to my ears although music purists praised the Phil Spector like sound courtesy of Tom Dowd so they remixed it on the 20th Anniversary Version and there's a bit better separation of sound and there's a few extras that are in this recording that's missing from the original, the intro of Whitlock going "Whooo" on Keep On Growing and bit more brighter sound that I kinda prefer over the original mix.

Disc 2, featured some long form jams that are for the fanatics only. I think I played that disc about three times in the past twenty years and the third disc featured some more extended jams and alt versions of Mean Old World or Tell The Truth and couple others.

Again I don't play that one much either. Whitlock added his vocals and keyboard work last year in Austin for inclusion on this recording. To me, it kinda like colorizing an black n white movie, kind of pointless and is good for a listen or two. And the aborted second album is mostly blues covers, a hard rocking Evil, but Mean Old Frisco is messed up by Jim Gordon playing on the offbeat and not exactly keeping up.

That one doesn't work very well. And One More Chance, Clapton does sound like he's ready to move on to other things. And Got To Get Better was done better in concert then in the studio.

I think overall had it been released it would have been at least a three star album tops but to these ears it sound like the wheels were beginning to fall off. Part of the problem was Phil Spector's production 409 In Your Coffee Maker - Green Day - Singles Box (CD) a fast version of Tell The Truth sounds too hurried and out of place with the much better and slower version.

Those two songs made the EC Crossroads boxset as well. Whitlock provided a great vocal counterpoint with Clapton on these songs as well as In Concert album.

Why they didn't continue is probably due to too many drug problems and too much paranoia within the band. Just an observation from myself, nothing more. In terms of what to buy, if you have the remaster of the Layla album I really don't see any need for you to upgrade to the version, unless you like 409 In Your Coffee Maker - Green Day - Singles Box (CD) much louder bass sound or if you're a completest and want it all, then the 2 CD Deluxe Edition would make a nice coffee table version to play.

But I still remain partial to the 20th Anniversary Layla album version which the sound opens up and is not as compressed but since I'm such a lazy bastard, I usually pull out whatever close by.

But any rock and roll fan who wants the classic best has to have some version of Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs in their collection. For all the time and effort, Eric Clapton hasn't made anything this outstanding or memorable before or after and that's saying something. And even in the end when he finally got Patti Harrison, the object of his affections, it was doomed to failure and they would eventually go separate ways.

For the first 30 minutes and his monologue Elton and company made SNL the most funniest I have seen since the days of Eddie Murphy and that's saying something. Of course it helped when Tom Hanks made a cameo but Elton was funny, playing the diva guy in some of the sketches although toward the end, the gay jokes and man to man kissing got to be awkward about the 5th time.

If his music career finally dries up, he can always try for standup comedy. But I wished they left the screaming soul chick singer home on Hey Ahab. She sucked. Carol-Tommy Roe I'm fifty years old and can't remember last week from last year but when it comes to forty fives I used to have I got a photogenic memory and this long lost classic was from my first collection of 45s back then I was 3 years old.

Seems like Momma always knew what would shut me up would be plenty of cheap 7 inchers and I think I got this one from Woolworth's cheap bins since it was her name. But for a Chuck Berry cover, Roe sure nails this down and I always got a kick out of the dude doing a guitar imitation along with the doo dooing chick singers. Somehow the old 45 got broken but it would take me over 45 years to find a replacement copy, thank you Mad City Music X for having it.

Ball Crusher-Steppenwolf Steppenwolf 7, one of my all time favorite albums and of course Robert Christgau bashed it big time but he missed the mark on this. This song is so heavy sounding, I have to play this in the basement otherwise the top floor would have collapsed.

Thank God for Spell checker, I cannot type for shit tonight. Spanish Moon-Arc Angels Drew mentioned this one on his best albums of the s and this is my way of saying that I do read his blogs but sometimes don't comment. I figured between blogging all the time and commenting over on some of my followers on Blogspot that perhaps I overdo things.

Tonio K Life In The Foodchain helped on the lyrics so this is actually a mini supergroup if you think about it. Unfortunately, this band didn't last, Sexton went solo and helped Bob Dylan, Bramhall moved on the play in Eric Clapton band and Double Trouble, Stevie Ray Vaughn's rhythm section would formed another mini supergroup with David Grissom called Storyville and made a couple of so so albums for Atlantic's Code Blue Label.

I used to remember that they have a much bigger record selection than K Mart to which at that time both places were where I went to buy music. Prior toI didn't take care of my records, most of them you threw away the sleeve and stick it on these wire storage units and then the dust bunnies would take over. Or they all got thrown in the box and ended up getting many scratches and some even got broken.

When I was over at my folks I was sorting through the ones that I could salvage and still play and this one is in better shape than the majority of them. From to Chicago managed to have least one hit in the top ten charts and of course most of them still get regular play on classic oldies stations.

Then the hits dried up and then with the help of David Foster got them back on the charts in the mid 80s with more of a keyboard sound than horns which made me less of a fan. Basically after Terry Kath's ill fated date with a gun, Chicago was never quite the same either. The guy could play a mean lead guitar. Actually I thought about doing a top ten of the week of 45 singles but since I started adding album cuts decided to forgo that for a while.

Last time I did that, a tribute to the 45 singles, the ratings took a dive. Perhaps I should do a top ten downloaded song blog? Maybe that will stir up ratings. Fuck me running. Heartbreaker-Joe Bonamassa Imagine my surprise on his new album Dust Bowl that he covered this song from Free and he does sound a bit like Paul Rodgers and was just about floored. Imagine my disappointment when he bought in over the top screamer Glenn Hughes to ruin this.

Does it sound like I'm anti Hughes? Hughes tends to grate on my nerves when he overdoes his screaming for the high notes. Anyway, the new Bonamassa Dust Bowl album is worth getting, it's a bit more rock and roll than the blues that he's known for.

Guess being in Black Country Communion has gotten him to rock out. Look for the 2nd BCC album later in the year. That's how it spells out on the latest from REM with a cameo from the usually annoying Peaches who actually blends into the song. And doesn't use the F bomb for a change. Has she been born again? There's too many harder rocking songs such as AAAA don't ask me to type that out again. It's more of an extension of the sound they has on Accelerate how come this song didn't make that album since AAAA is more in tune with Accelerate.

Collapse Into Now is a worthy followup and the more I listen to it the more it sounds better. Maybe it is the answer record to Out Of Time. But knowing REM and how they operate, I doubt it.

Possessed car that would 409 In Your Coffee Maker - Green Day - Singles Box (CD) anybody who did it damage or ones who flicked their cigar ashes in it. Seen it originally at a drive in here in the early 80s and it scared the hell out of me till I got used to seeing it on TV. Back in the early daze of MTV when they were showing music videos rather than being another shit reality channel this was one of the early videos to which big bad Bo Diddley played himself and ole George wows him in a big game of pool.

In terms of theory, classic rock radio plays the hell out this song but it is the highlight of that album. In fact, he would make a good DJ in terms of what he plays. Maybe some day XM Sirius will let him have his own hour long short. Betcha it would be ba ba ba baddd. That's this week's top ten. What I'm working on in the common blogs are the continuation of Music Of My Years, more album reviews and what else comes to mind. I have kinda been taking it easy the past week but rest assured that I have been keeping up to date to reading all of your blogs out in Blogspot and making a comment or two.

Thanks everybody for your comments and keeping my blog career going for at least another week or two. It's always a work in progress. Finally, 17 years ago this date: Kurt Cobain blasted himself into oblivion. Everybody knew this was going to happen. The first thing that came into my mind when In Utero came out was this dude is going to off himself. That album always seemed to me to be his suicide note, especially after the feedback laden All Apologies.

I'm sure you the listener probably didn't think that way but I think it was the only album I have listened to and said afterward, this is the final statement. On April 5th, Cobain blew his face 409 In Your Coffee Maker - Green Day - Singles Box (CD) and you can make a good argument that the music truly died on that day. Even though Nirvana broke up on that shotgun blast, Dave Grohl has a new Foo Fighters album out to which he reunites with Butch Vig as Producer and the bass player on a couple songs and Pat Smear too.

Probably as close to a Nirvana meeting as it will ever get unless Courtney Love gets involved which won't be the case. But it was also 30 years go this date that Bob Hite, the big harmonica player and singer of Canned Heat passed away from a heart attack at age Hite was rumoured to have one of the largest record collection of blues 78s from the past and Canned Heat was taken from a old Tommy Johnson blues song. General Comment fuck you all green day kicks ass ryanilano11 on August 20, Link.

General Comment the title is hilarious. General Comment ok then picky! General Comment actually, the title of this song comes from mike and billie joe putting in there teachers coffeemaker i belive. General Comment i got the impressions, while sitting in math class bored out of my mind, that he wrote this song about being bored in class, and the teacher's words just flying over him and no matter how much they yell at him to do his work, he doesnt, and his talents are wasting away, being controlled by chains, the chains that control his future's aim.

Fini on June 03, Link. General Comment this song has two meanings the first one is just about daydreaming since all of the green day members love to daydream the second meaning is just how billie joe put in his teachers coffee maker Artists - G. Rate These Lyrics.

Fast Forward - Reggie Workman - Cerebral Caverns (CD, Album), Guantanamera - Frank Valdor - Frank Valdor In Mexico (Cassette, Album), Take It Off (Billboard Radio Mix) - Ke$ha* - I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance: The, 1964 Shadows - Norma Loy - Open Your Mind (CD), Knock Em Out - Noveliss - Dilla Instinct (CD), If You Want To (Instrumental) - Lalah Hathaway - If You Want To (Radio Single) (CDr), Freddy Krüger - Böhse Onkelz - Live In Wiesbaden 1989 (CDr), Seventeen - A Giant Dog - Pile (Vinyl, LP, Album), Youve Got The Power - Steve Miller Band - Children Of The Future (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Put A Spell On You - Gunther Neefs - Swing Is The Thing (CD, Album), It Is No Secret - Bill Blacks Combo - That Wonderful Feeling (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Check out in Your Coffeemaker by Green Day on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

  2. Feb 24,  · In Your Coffee Maker: Welcome To Paradise: Welcome To Paradise: Chump: Emenius Sleepus: When I Come Around: When I Come Around: Coming Clean: She: Geek Stink Breath: Geek Stink Breath: Don't Want To Fall In Love: I Want To Be On TV: Stuck With Me: Stuck With Me: When I Come Around:

  3. Apr 13,  · in Your Coffeemaker Green Day. A song about dropping out of school. Formula is a cleaning fluid that we can confidently assume tastes terrible with coffee. Moreover, the song says that.

  4. Mar 07,  · Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. For much of the band's career, they have been a trio with drummer Tré Cool, who replaced John Kiffmeyer in prior to the recording of the band's second studio album, Kerplunk ().

  5. Jun 05,  · Singles Box, a Compilation of songs by Green Day. Released 24 February on Reprise (catalog no. WPCR~07; CD). Genres: Pop Punk, Punk Rock.

  6. Green Day - Basket Case collectors edition CD single. Individually numbered in a green case. Disc and case are in great condition. Track list: 1. Basket Case 2. On the Wagon 3. Tired of Waiting For You 4. in Your Coffee Maker.

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