In the s and s, Bowie's public statements shifted sharply towards anti-racism and anti-fascism. In an interview with MTV anchor Mark Goodman inBowie criticised the channel for not providing enough coverage of Black musicians, becoming visibly uncomfortable when Goodman suggested that the network's fear of backlash from the American Midwest was one reason for such a lack of coverage.

His speech read: "I'm completely delighted to have a Brit for being the best male — but I am, aren't I Kate? I think it's a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much and Scotland stay with us. Denied at first, Moore was given the rights after calling Bowie personally, recalling: "I've read stuff since his death saying that he wasn't that political and he stayed away from politics.

But that wasn't the conversation that I had with him. He noted that Bowie had kept working during the illness. He always did what he wanted to do. And he wanted to do it his way and he wanted to do it the best way. His death was no different from his life — a work of art. He made Blackstar for us, his parting gift. I knew for a year this was the way it would be. I wasn't, however, prepared for it. He was an extraordinary man, full of love and life.

He will always be with us. For now, it is appropriate to cry. Following Bowie's death, fans gathered at impromptu street shrines. In the ensuing decades he was honoured with numerous awards for his music and its accompanying videos, receiving, among others, six Grammy Awards [] [] [] and four Brit Awards—winning Best British Male Artist twice; the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in ; and the Brits Icon award for his "lasting impact on British culture", given posthumously in I seriously don't know what it's for.

It's not what I spent my life working for. Bowie has sold over million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists. Inthe spider Heteropoda davidbowie was named in Bowie's honour. On 25 Marcha statue of Bowie was unveiled in AylesburyBuckinghamshire, the town where he debuted Ziggy Stardust. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English singer-songwriter and actor. For other uses, see David Bowie disambiguation.

LondonEngland. New York CityUS. Angie Barnett. Art rock glam rock pop electronic experimental. Sample of " Ziggy Stardust " A pioneer of glam rockBowie performed as the character Ziggy Stardust, backed by the Spiders from Mars. Main article: Berlin Trilogy. Sample of " ' Heroes ' " One of the ambient rock songs to emerge from Bowie's Berlin Trilogy era, " ' Heroes ' " gained lasting popularity.

Main article: Tin Machine. See also: David Bowie's art collection. Main article: Celebrity bond. Main article: David Bowie Is. Main article: Stardust film. Main article: Death of David Bowie. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by David Bowie. Main article: David Bowie filmography.

And just before I went on stage something just told me to say the Lord's Prayer. The great irony is that he died two days after the show". I very nearly got suckered into that narrow [view of] finding the Cross as the salvation of mankind". Following the success of Ziggy Stardust the album was rereleased worldwide as Space Oddityafter Bowie's well known song of the same name that opened the album.

Ina worldwide release returned the original name to the album. Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 16 September BBC News.

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Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 5 May ABC Newsradio Online. Mojo Classic. Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved 5 September Retrieved 25 June Even his 'failures' will echo through the ages".

The Conversation. Melbourne, Australia. Retrieved 25 February Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on 27 March Retrieved 6 January Archived from the original on 24 March Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Archived from the original on 25 March Archived from the original on 13 January Retrieved 5 July The Independent.

Retrieved 13 January Archived from the original on 1 July Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 16 November The Telegraph. Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 27 June June Lonely Planet.

New York. Billboard : David Bowie: A Life. Preface Publishing. Retrieved 22 December New York magazine. Retrieved 17 November NME News. Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 25 March The Guardian. New York Music News. Archived from the original on 30 December Retrieved 8 January And she feels an incredible connection to her music — she can't sing a song if she doesn't have some emotional connection to it, which I really understand.

McDonald won the Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for this role, making her the first person to earn six Tony Award wins for acting not counting honorary awards and the first person to win a Tony Award in all four acting categories. I am standing on Maya Angelou 's shoulders. You deserved so much more than you were given when you were on this planet.

This is for you, Billie. McDonald had planned to make her West End debut as Holiday in Lady Day in June through September[31] but after becoming pregnant she postponed these plans. McDonald has maintained ties to her classical training and repertoire.

She frequently performs in concert throughout the U. McDonald has recorded five solo albums for Nonesuch Records. Her first, the Way Back to Paradisefeatured songs written by a new generation of musical theatre composers who had achieved varying degrees of prominence in the s, particularly LaChiusa, Adam Guettel and Jason Robert Brown.

She reprised the role in some performances of the March Lincoln Center concert production, again directed by Price, this time opposite Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson. McDonald has also made many television appearances, both musical and dramatic. She replaced Merrin Dungeywho played the role in the series pilot. On August 1,it was announced that she had been added to the main cast for the second season of The Good Fightreprising her role as Liz Lawrence from The Good Wife season 4.

McDonald married bassist Peter Donovan in September McDonald became close friends with Kahn after they filmed a TV pilot together, and she found out she was carrying a girl the same day she sang at Kahn's memorial. She married Will Swenson on October 6, In OctoberMcDonald joined many other Broadway stars in a virtual voter education and letter-writing party sponsored by VoteRiders to raise awareness about voter ID requirements.

In JuneMcDonald and a coalition of professionals from across the theatre industry launched Black Theatre United, an organization whose mission is to inspire reform and combat systemic racism within the theatre community and throughout the nation. Emphasizing four goals — awareness, accountability, advocacy, and action — BTU works at the community and national levels to elevate anti-racist causes and support the Black community through various resources and initiatives.

She joined the Covenant House board of Directors in Covenant House oversees programs for homeless youth in 27 cities in six countries across the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Audra was the recipient of their Beacon of Hope Award. Source: [67]. Source: [70]. The tour ended due to McDonald's show, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill opening on Broadway, but she picked up again with a new tour once the show closed.

The lack of August shows was due to her run in A Moon for the Misbegotten. The Award states, in part: "for lighting up Broadway as one of its brightest stars In musicals, concerts, operas, and the recording studio, her rich, soulful voice Back To Berlin (Long Version) - Mark Clement* - Back To Berlin (CD) to take her audiences to new heights.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actress and singer. Peter Donovan. Will Swenson. Archived from the original on July 4, Retrieved June 9, Retrieved March 5, March 8, Retrieved January 7, September 11, Retrieved December 29, The Fresno Bee.

January 15, The band would be driven to the studio in the early afternoon where recording would last into the late evening and sometimes early morning. To make up for the departed band members, McCartney would play drums and lead guitar parts, in addition to his contributions on bass guitar, with Laine playing rhythm guitar and Linda adding keyboards. It's a collection of songs and the basic idea about the band on the run is a kind of prison escape.

At the beginning of the album, the guy is stuck inside four walls and breaks out. There is a thread, but not a concept. Several of the songs on Band on the Run reflect themes of escape and freedom, [18] while the structure of the album recalled the Beatles' Sgt.

Four years later, the album's creation coincided with what author Peter Doggett terms McCartney's "moral victory in the debate over Allen Klein ", as Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr now became embroiled in litigation against Klein [20] — the business manager they had appointed to run Apple indespite strong opposition from McCartney.

Aside from the challenges presented by the substandard studio, various incidents plagued Wings' Lagos stay. While out walking one night against advice, McCartney and Linda were robbed at knifepoint. The assailants made away with all of their valuables and even stole a bag containing a notebook full of handwritten lyrics and songs, and cassettes containing demos for songs to be recorded.

According to Emerick: "Within seconds, [McCartney] turned as white as a sheet, explaining to us in a croaking voice that he couldn't catch his breath. We decided to take him outside for some fresh air Linda began screaming hysterically; she was convinced that he was having a heart attack The official diagnosis was that he had suffered a bronchial spasm brought on by too much smoking. Kuti went to the studio to confront McCartney, who played their songs for him to show that they contained no local influence.

McCartney agreed to go there for one day. Recording for the majority of the album's basic tracks, together with initial overdubbing, was completed after six weeks in Nigeria. In October, two weeks after the band's return to London, work began at George Martin 's AIR Studios on transferring many of the eight-track recordings to sixteen-track. Visconti said that the arrangements were collaborations with McCartney, and was surprised he was not correctly credited for his work until the 25th anniversary reissue.

Vanderbilt " [16] and " Jet ", and would go on to become Wings' regular horn player. McCartney agreed, although it was never his intention to include the track. Early versions of the Capitol release fail to list "Helen Wheels" on the label or the CD insert, making the song a " hidden track ".

The album cover photograph was taken at Osterley Parkwest London, on 28 October by photographer Clive Arrowsmith. The spotlight's low potency meant everyone had to stand still for two seconds for proper exposurewhich was made difficult by the photographer and subjects reportedly being in a "substance haze" following a party held by McCartney, making it harder for them to hold the pose. The golden hue of the picture is due to Arrowsmith using a regular daytime film instead of a Tungsten filmwhich would be better suited for night-time photographs.

Upon release, Band on the Run received mostly favourable reviews. Author Robert Rodriguez writes that, after the disappointment of McCartney's previous work since the Beatles, "It was exactly the record fans and critics had long hoped he would make …" [50].

In a combined review for Starr's concurrently released Ringo album, Charles Shaar Murray of the NME wrote: "The ex-Beatle least likely to re-establish his credibility and lead the field has pulled it off with a positive master-stroke of an album entitled Band On The Run. If anybody ever puts down McCartney in your Back To Berlin (Long Version) - Mark Clement* - Back To Berlin (CD), bust him in the snoot and play him this.

He will thank you for it afterwards. Writing in The New York TimesLoraine Alterman considered the album to be "bursting with a great deal of compelling music even if the lyrics at times make as much sense as that cover photo" and admired the "fascinating range of sounds" offered in the title track, as well as the "lovely, romantic aura" of "Bluebird".

While noting the importance of studio production on the overall effect, Alterman wrote: "McCartney has managed to make the complexities of multi-track recording sound as natural and fresh as tomorrow. Village Voice critic Robert Christgau wrote in "I originally underrated what many consider McCartney's definitive post-Beatles statement, but not as much as its admirers overrate it.

Pop masterpiece? The commercial reception was unspectacular initially, with the record-buying public wary after Wings' preceding releases. Although McCartney had been reluctant to issue album tracks as singles, [61] the public's apparent lack of interest in Band on the Run led to him ceding to the recommendations of Capitol's head of marketing, Al Coury[62] who had similarly pushed for the inclusion of "Helen Wheels".

McCartney therefore authorised single edits for the two new A-sides. During that time, its chart performance similarly reflected the popularity of the two singles, with the album spending three weeks at number 2 in April, and six weeks at number 1 throughout August and the first week of September. The album topped the Billboard chart on three separate occasions during[60] and was the top selling album of that year in Australia [74] and Canada.

Band on the Run was eventually certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America ; it would go on to sell 6 million copies worldwide [67] and become EMI's top selling album of the s in the UK.

Init was released on 5. In Maythe album was made available through the iTunes Store. InBand on the Run: 25th Anniversary Editiona special extended edition of the album, was released to coincide with twenty-five years after the album began to take off in March after a slow start. The package includes an extra disc of live renditions of songs throughout the years, as well as brief new renditions by McCartney.

For example, parler translates to to speak, finir translates to to finish, and aller translates to to go. Conjugation French verbs conjugate, which means they take different shapes depending on the subject. Most French verbs will conjugate into many different forms. Most verbs are regular, which means that they conjugate in the same way.

The most common verbs, however, are irregular. It is an irregular verb, and is not conjugated like any other verb. I am a lawyer. Il est beau. He is handsome.

They will become very useful in forming tenses. To respond poitevely, you say Oui, je suis d'accord. In English, one would say Okay. G: Cities and Nationalities To say what city you are from, you use the preposition de. When stating your nationality or job, it is not necessary to include the article. This is an exception to the normal rule.

There is both a masculine and feminine form of saying your nationality - for males and females respectively. In the next lesson, you will learn how to say the nationality of more than one person.

Check for understanding Please use the the nationalities list to find out what your nationality is in French. Then say what city you are from and what nationality you are. Then say what nationality some of your friends are, and what city they are from. For example, Marie est italienne. Elle est de Rome. Most adjectives, such as those above, are affected by this rule.

Exceptions and Irregularities Adjectives that end in e in the masculine form do not change in gender. When an adjective, such as gros, ends in -s, it does not change in the masculine plural form. Sometimes the final consonant is doubled in the feminine form. Elle est petite. Ils sont petits. Elles sont petites. Il est moyen. Elle est moyenne. Ils sont moyens. Elles sont moyennes. Il est grand. Elle est grande. Ils sont grands. Elles sont grandes. Il est gros. Elle est grosse. Ils sont gros. Elles sont grosses.

Elle est blonde. Ils sont blonds. Elles sont blondes. Il est brun. Elle est brune. Ils sont bruns. Elles sont brunes. Elle est intelligente. Elles sont intelligentes. Il est amusant. Elle est amusante. Ils sont amusants. Elles sont amusantes. This process is called liaison. In this book, will will show that the sound is connected usung z. Examples J'ai deux stylos. I have two pens. You have three brothers.

He has an idea. Expressing Age Avoir is used to express age. G: Direct Object Pronouns le, la, and les le, la, and les are called direct object pronouns, because they are pronouns that are, you guessed it, used as direct objects. A direct object is a noun that is acted upon by a verb.

In the above sentence la boule is the direct object. You have learned earlier that names and regular nouns can be replaced by the subject pronouns je, tu Similary, direct objects, such as "la boule", can be replaced by pronouns.

Le, la, and les can replace either people or inanimate objects. To conjugate, drop the -er to find the "stem" or "root". Add endings to the root based on the subject and tense. Example: J'attends. Also, as a rule of thumb: h is considered a vowel; as in J'habite If a phrase is negative, ne changes to n'.

In all plural forms, the s at the end of each subject pronoun, normally unpronounced, becomes a z sound and the n of on becomes pronounced when followed by a vowel. It is a type of pronominal verb a verb that includes a pronoun as part of it called a reflexive verb, which means that the action of the verb is reflected back onto the subject. Literally translated, the verb means I amuse myself.

When negating a sentence, remember that the negative goes around the conjugated verb. Besides the new vocabulary you should also have a look at how the verbs are conjugated depending on the subject of the sentence. What are you doing? You will learn their conjuagtion in a later lesson. G: Indirect Object Pronouns lui and leur Indirect objects are prepositional phrases with the object of the preoposition An indirect object is a noun that receives the action of a verb.

Lui and leur are indirect object pronouns. Whether lui means to him or to her is given by context. In English, "He throws him the ball" is also said, and means the same thing. When used with the direct object pronouns le, la, and les, lui and leur come after those pronouns. Note that while le, la, and les are used to replace people or inanimate objects, lui and leur are not used to replace innanimate objects and things. It can be used to refer to both sports and instruments. As always, jouer must be conjugated rather than left in the infinitive.

Partir is used in other phrases. You will learn how to conjugate these verbs in a future lesson. G: Faire The verb faire is translated to to do or to make.

It is irregularly conjugated it does not count as a regular -re verb. Exercises Try to describe your house or bedrooom using the vocabulary. Don't forget prepositions. You may also wish to talk about what housework you do. Nous avons aussi un bureau avec 3 ordinateurs[4] : un par personne! La cuisine est toute petite et nous y[6] mangeons[7] le soir. Il y a une petite table et 4 chaises. Le jardin est assez grand et nous y faisons pousser des fleurs.

The ne is placed before the verb, while the pas is placed after. He is [a] lawyer. Il n'est pas avocat. He is not [a] lawyer. Nous faisons nos devoirs. We are doing our homework. Nous ne faisons pas nos devoirs. We are not doing our homework.

Je joue du piano. I play the piano. Je ne joue pas du piano. I do not play the piano. Vous vendez votre voiture. You sell your car. Vous ne vendez pas votre Back To Berlin (Long Version) - Mark Clement* - Back To Berlin (CD). You do not sell your car. Examples Il est belge. He is Belgian. Il n'est pas belge. He is not Belgian. Nous lisons un livre.

We read a book. Nous ne lisons pas de We do not read a book. Je mange une cerise. I eat a cherry. Je ne mange pas de cerise. I do not eat a cherry. Cold and Windy Weather Il fait chaud. It's warm. Il fait froid. It's cold. The skiy is clear.

Il fait du vent. It's windy. The skiy is clearing up. Le vent souffle. The wind blows. Le soleil brille. The sun is shining. It's snowing. The Back To Berlin (Long Version) - Mark Clement* - Back To Berlin (CD) falls. Il y a un orage! There's a storm! Il pleut. It's raining. It rained. It's going to rain. Le temps est pluvieux. G: Aller The verb aller is translated to to go. It is irregularly conjugated it does not count as a regular -er verb.

Usage There is no present progressive tense in French, so aller in the present indicative is used to express both I go and I am going. Aller must be used with a place and cannot stand alone. Instead of a preposition and place, you can use the pronoun y, meaning there.

Y comes before the verb. Remember that aller must be used with a place there or a name when indicating that you are going somewhere, even if a place wouldn't normally be given in English. Remember that the negative goes around the conjugated verb. Liaison Usually, whenever a vowel sound comes after However, since allons and allez begins with vowels, nous allons is pronounced nyoozahloh and vous allez is pronounced voozahlay. In order to have a pleasing and clean sound, two liaisons should not go connsecultively.

To conjugate, drop the -ir edit lesson to find the "stem" or "root". In English the possessive adjective agrees with the subject his sister, her brother. But in French, possessive adjectives act like all other Back To Berlin (Long Version) - Mark Clement* - Back To Berlin (CD) they must agree with the noun they modify.

Liaison and Adjective Changes Liaison occurs when mon, ton, and son are followed by a vowel. Liaison also occurs with all plural forms, since they all end in s.

Mon, ton, and son are used before a feminine singular noun. Elision to m', t', or s' does not occur. To conjugate, drop the edit lesson -re to find the "stem" or "root". Add endings to the root based on the subject and comment tense, as demonstrated below for the present tense.

Common -re Verbs Compared to -er verbs, -re verbs are not very common. You will however see the following verbs fairly often. Consonant Masc. Vowel Fem. The grammar now becomes a lot more advanced, and each lesson now gives much more information. Also remember to go to the lessons planning page if you would like to help improve this course.

You will eventually learn everything that is covered in edit lesson it, but if you would like a preview, read it, and if not, continue on to the school comment section. List of Tenses There are seven perfect tenses in French.

These are: 1. Le plus-que-parfait de l'indicatif The Pluperfect of the Indicative 3. Le plus-que-parfait du subjonctif The Pluperfect Subjunctive 4.

Each tense and lists of irregular verb conjuagtions will be given later in this course. Whereas American grade numbers go up as you approach your senior year, they descend in France. The nonsense song written about Crashaw Bailey was soon corrupted to "Cosher Bailey" and verses were added on by anyone who knew how to make a rhyme.

It also includes additional arrangements with lyrics and guitar chords. Civil War era photos exist of women dressed in soldier's uniforms.

There were allegedly women who served in the army, disguised as men. Some versions of this song have a tragic ending where she is killed in battle. The lyrics here are based on several versions and are common, but each singer seems sing it their own way!

My favorite, by far! I particularly like a comment on an amazing YouTube video of the a cappella group Kraja performing this song at a Christmas concert: "Until yesterday I didn't believe in the existence of angels. Now I changed my mind. It was originally an English ballad Child Ballad 56 and a carol. It is based on a parable of Jesus reported only in the Gospel of Luke As in other popular renderings of the Lazarus and Dives parable, "Dives" Latin for "rich" or "splendid" was considered as a proper name.

The meaning of the lyrics to the Yiddish and English versions is largely the same. However, in English the singer sings about a dreidel, whereas in Yiddish the singer is the dreidel. In the Yiddish version, the dreidel is made out of "blay", which is lead, which is historically accurate, and in the English version it is made of clay. Professor of Music and Jewish Studies at Northeastern University, Joshua Jacobson, claims the song was originally in Yiddish and the opening line was "I made it out of lead.

The train was on its way to Clifton Forge, Virginia, when it hit a rock slide. The author of the song is unknown, but the best known version of the song was written down by A. Carter and recorded by the Carter Family. Here's a song that's probably been around since the 's, again with lots of variations. But definitely not the same "Factory Girl" sung by the Rolling Stones! Joyce's "Ancient Irish Music" published in Joyce collected many Irish tunes at the time and this one he "Noted down from the whistling of Philip Gleeson, of Coolfree, in the County of Limerick".

This version is in the E Phrygian mode. Gabriel's Message is usually a favorite around Christmas time but the theme might also be suitable for 9 months before Christmas. The carol tells the story of the event where the archangel Gabriel tells the virgin Mary that she is soon to bear the baby Jesus. He wrote this tune for Lady Eglinton in about after she apologized for insulting him. The tune is sometimes mistakenly attributed to O'Carolan, who was born 20 years after O'Cathain's death.

This song is often played at Irish weddings and is sometimes called the Irish Wedding Song. It's a traditional folk song that was first recorded inand was a theme song for hobos and Dust Bowl refugees in the 's.

There are many versions of the song's lyrics, given how many folks have sung it. This one's fun to play on the dulcimer, although it's tabbed here in D. But once you learn it, you can retune to D-G-dd or D-G-GG and play along with the fiddlers, with some changes in fingering, of course! Dates back to the s. PDF Greensleeves This is a fingerpicked version. Players might want to use a capo on the 6th fret for the DAD version. A noter or melody only method is all that is needed for playing the DAE version.

The words came two weeks later. At first I called it half moon until a friend reminded me that that's the symbol on a outhouse door. There is no copyright on this one. It is my gift to you guys. Obviously, this is not Schubert's arrangement, but I like it anyway. The English king at the time gave Barton permission to attack Portuguese vessels, but then Barton and his brothers got carried away and started attacking English ships.

Not a good move. Day Carol" is one of the many Cornish Christmas carols written in the 19th century. My own arrangement, best for fingerpicking or flatpicking style. Titled "Always Rejoicing", and attributed to "Pauline T. By this tune had already become a part of the English folk tradition, although it has changed a bit from the original operatic version. You can compare them in numerous videos online. What makes it interesting to me as a dulcimer player is that while fiddlers now play it in G, in the opera it is sung in D, so if a fiddler tells you you're playing it in the wrong key, you can tell him you're right!

Lyrics are included on the sheet music. Lyrics at taken directly from Isaiah Just by chance, he discovered a little band of itinerant revival street preachers on the steps of Murphy Methodist church, who had rigged a wooden platform on the back of a car, and were about to use it for preaching. Preacher Morgan was the leader, and Mr.

Niles heard the song first sung by his daughter, Annie. As he records in his unpublished journal: "Meanwhile I heard singing coming from the other side of the town square. On investigating, I discovered a revivalist group about to start preaching I sauntered over to get a closer look at Preacher Morgan and his entourage. A girl had stepped out to the edge of the little platform attached to the automobile.

She began to sing. Her clothes were unbelievably dirty and ragged, and she, too, was unwashed. Her ash-blond hair hung down in long skeins But, best of all, she was positively beautiful, and in her untutored way, she could sing. She smiled as she sang, smiled rather sadly, and sang only a single line of a song.

The burden of her song had to do with wondering and wandering and the reasons for Christ's birth and death: "I wonder as I wander out under the sky how Jesus, the Savior was born for to die" Niles furiously transcribed this little tune into his field notebook, and then encouraged Annie Morgan to sing more. She must have been an astute businesswoman, because she sang for him seven more times, each time he gave her a silver quarter, and each time she revealed a little bit more of the song.

He edited it and scored it for print in October,and he sang it publicly for the first time in December of that same year at the John C. Since that time, it has become one of the most popular and beloved American Christmas carols, arranged numerous times for choirs, soloists, orchestras, and handbells, and it has appeared in countless anthems and Christmas church cantatas.

And it all began right here in Western North Carolina. Incidentally, at today's silver prices, Mr.

Saigon Intro - Julien Lourau - Quartet Saïgon (CD, Album), Mama Coco - Various - Lets Start A Sweet Rock Party Vol. 2 (CD), Thiefing Boy - Chuck Turner / Nardo Ranks - Two Hearts / Thiefing Boy (Vinyl), Undressed - Lloyd Cole - The Collection (CD), Uptown Babies Dont Cry - Max Romeo & The Upsetters - War Ina Babylon (Vinyl, LP, Album), Danny Kane (2) - Lord Protect My Darling (Vinyl), Stovky Hotelů - Katapult (4) - Good Bye (CD, Album), Pura Vida - Born Low - The Hunger Within (Vinyl), I Will Wait For You (Love Theme From The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg) - Cher - With Love (Vinyl, LP, Albu, Glow (12) - Set Yourself Free (Vinyl), Opening Theme - Bombing Mission - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks (CD, Album)

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  2. This version is in Dm and tablature is for CGC and DAC mountain dulcimer tunings. The LISTEN file starts with a DAC dulcimer and the second time through it is played with a CGC dulcimer. PDF: Midi: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Em: This version is in Em and tablature is for DAD and EBD mountain dulcimer tunings.

  3. Band on the Run is the third studio album by the British–American rock band Paul McCartney and Wings, released in December It was McCartney's fifth album after leaving the Beatles in April Although sales were modest initially, its commercial performance was aided by two hit singles – "Jet" and "Band on the Run" – such that it became the top-selling studio album of .

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  5. Marcell von Berlin, the brand by Designer Marcell Pustul, with flagship stores in both Los Angeles and Berlin, has released its SS21 collection. The collection is built on the idea of celebrating the cosmopolitan woman who is filled with a yearning and desire to follow her inner path through life with sensuality, joy and fulfilment.

  6. Tony Awards: Broadway is Back - and Worth The Wait Micaeli Rourke Tony Awards Live Updates: Best Tweets Jaime Hutkin Good Movies .

  7. We try and be very strict with our grades but offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy. We are always looking to buy CDs from people so if you have some you don’t play any more please let us know. We also offer a valuation service if you just want to know what a CD .

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