The Bottom Line: John Martyn is always essential. Stub page for editing. Island ILPS Search form Search. Cant confirm anything else. Bob Doom Posted June 9, MuffFuzz Posted June 9, V Posted June 9, Didn't Ernie Isley use one with a maestro phaser on "Who's that lady?

MathiasWilliam Posted June 9, Slint used Big Muff's?? Does anybody know the original source of this info? I know it's not Dolphin. Author Members. Katarzis Posted July 31, Posted July 31, More bass, less gain but a very different sound. MPSA13's: ultra high Hfe around Nice touch for some more gain. Use four of the same transistors or try to mix. Note from Coda Effects: I also experimented with Album) few transistors, here is my feedback about this: The first transistor is the one that will define the most of the gain of your unit.

I tried a few ones: 2n high gain, but also gives a "gritty" touch to the muff that I do not really like. Also quite noisy 2n nice sound, gainy unit, Album) less noisy and agressive trebles than 2n I really like it and use it often. Beware: polarity is reversed compared to 2n MPSA extreme gain!

I would suggest to increase emitter resistor to limit gain especially for noise issuesbut you can have a nice "doomy" muff with it! The two transistors of the gain stages play a bit more with compression. I usually use low hfe. The last transistor will define the final output volume of the unit. I like to have quite a lot of output volume, so I prefer to use high hfe transistor for the last stage, like 2n, or MPSA Connect the emitter of Q3 with the emitter of Q2 through a switch so you can turn the loop off.

The sustain will be on full when this mod is engaged. Connect the collector of Q3 with the collector of Q1 through a switch. The sustain now can be varied by the sustain knob. Great addition : add a 1M potmeter in the loop wired as a variable resistor or, even better!! Note from Coda effects: this is really cool, but I will suggest to use a momentary footswitch. If not, you can be quickly bored with the noisy issues that will rise from this mod.

However, from times to times beginning of a songit is a Album) mod to use! By bypassing the tonestack the tonestack has no influence anymore on the sound thus does not color the signal in it's own way. Great way to get a more middy tone from your Muff. As the tone stack also cuts volume you get a huge volume increase. One of my most fav mods. Remove the tone stack altogether from the Muff and place a three band EQ circuit in it's place. Works like a charm and gives you more control over the sound!

Mike Matthews, its founder, went on to build Big Muff pedals under the Sovtek brand starting in the early 90s on a side note, Sovtek had a killer line of amps at the time. Their current range of pedals is huge. The connoisseurs think that the current range of Big Muff is quite inferior sounding to the 70s gear and even to the Sovtek Models. If you would like a much more detailed history of the Album), check out this post on Gilmourish.

You can also visit this awesome site for more details and schematics. First of all, let me tell you that the Big Muff is an animal that is difficult to tame. You might try it and think that it sounds really harsh. The good thing about the Big Muff is that it plays quite Big Muff - Dead Mould - Polymog (CD with other pedals. For instance, a compressor placed before will really smooth out the tone whereas an overdrive placed after can remove the relative harshness of the tone, especially at low volume.

III. Allegro Moderato Alla Marcia - Grieg* - Abravanel* / Utah Symphony Orchestra - Works For Orches, Bill Haley And His Comets - Hook, Line And Sinker / Forty Cups Of Coffee (Vinyl), Amor De Ciudad Grande - Nacha Guevara - No Llores Por Mí, Argentina (CD), Stuttgart Sampling Terrorism, George Baker Selection - Summer Melody (CD, Album), To Gaius! Part IV, I See A Million People (08-20-41) - Benny Goodman - In Chronology - 1941 Volume 3 (File, MP3), Whats On Your Mind (Junior Vasquez Club Mix) - Various - Uncut 20 (CDr), Untitled - Genital Masticator - Lets Fuck Music Concert 6 Feb 93 (Cassette), I Wanna Be - Usher - Usher (CD)

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  1. Explore releases from Big Muff at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Big Muff at the Discogs Marketplace.

  2. The Bass Big Muff and Deluxe bass Big Muff worked as a suitable replacement for bass players, but many guitar players were still after the exact sound of those mid s Sovtek Big Muffs in the green boxes - the Green Russians! It was the sound of David Gilmour's soaring s leads, early Black Keys' blues grooves, and numerous grunge.

  3. A history of the Big Muff, from the Foxey Lady, to the Russian Sovteks, to the current USA re-issue. Everything you want to know about Big Muffs with sound clips. Big Muff Pi, Electro Harmonix, Ram's Head, Triangle, Sovtek, Green, Green Russian, Black Russian, Civil War, BYOC Large Beaver, P-2, P2, Pete Cornish, Mike Matthews, Little Big Muff, Muff Fuzz, Axis, Guild Foxey lady, Jimi Hendrix.

  4. Big Muff. () Fucking Cool. () Big Muff is an album by The Killer Barbies. It was released in on Toxic Punk rock.

  5. The Big muff contains 4 diodes (2 pairs of diodes), that clip the signal to create gain, and compress the signal. Changing these diodes can change the compression and gain of the pedal drastically: Silicon diodes: these are the original diodes used in the Big Muff. Usually, they are 1n type diodes, and gives the Big Muff reference tone.

  6. The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and influential guitar pedals ever made. With roots going back to the psychedelic late-'60s, the Big Muff has evolved into an entire genre of pedals. EHX makes at least a dozen variants with different shades of tone and feature sets, and that's in addition to decades' worth of.

  7. Big Muff Pi Analysis. The Big Muff Pi is a distortion/sustain guitar pedal designed by Bob Myer and Mike Matthews in and mass produced in This effect was the first overwhelming success of Electro-Harmonix due to the distinctive sound, price, and reliability. Several versions and reeditions were released over the years.

  8. Aug 03,  · The Big Muff has been David's main distortion unit from present. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Used on several songs from Stadium Arcadium for the guitar solos, notably "Strip My Mind" and "Wet Sand" by guitarist John Frusciante, also used on several other albums such as Californication and most of his guitar solos on live recordings.

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