See the pics below? It took ten minutes of straight-up wrestling to create that hole. In the end, it was big enough to pour the egg through, but I almost lost a thumb in the process. Then, have a year-old retiree berate you because his coffee was too hot. This nametag is making my boobs itch. Egg McMuffins Makes 2 McMuffins Cooking spray 2 English muffins, split in half 2 slices Canadian bacon 2 large eggs 1 ounce reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese, grated I prefer Cracker Barrel Salt and pepper to taste 1 Coat a medium non-stick pan with cooking spray and heat on medium-high.

Once pan is warm, place English muffins facedown on pan. Squish lightly with a spatula, so they get evenly browned. This will get the melting process started. Note: if you have a gas oven, do this away from the stovetop to avoid a fire. Place the Canadian bacon in the pan. Place an egg ring OR thoroughly washed tuna can with both lids removed on the pan. Pour the egg into the ring. If some should leak out the bottom, no worries. You can flip it later.

Then, add egg 2 to the ring. Flip the bacon while you're at it, too. Place it on top of one of the cheese-covered muffin halves, and add salt and pepper to taste. Then, add a slice of Canadian bacon and top with the other muffin half. Press down lightly with a spatula so the egg will finish Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) the cheese.

With the dawn ofcomes the dawn of many a resolution. It's a little scary. We also post one or two frugal, healthy, and delicious recipes per week, which are compiled here. This piece first appeared in Happy New Year! This past Wednesday, I watched an entire broadcast day of the Food Network and blogged about it.

Then I slept for 67 straight hours. The experience changed some ways I felt about FN, and reinforced others. Turns out, the chefs prefer long sleeves rolled up. Except Giada. You can always count on Giada. The whole thing is attached below, in chronological order from am to 5am the next morning. Anyway, here goes. Merry Christmas. I enjoy sploshing. Someday, I hope to splosh my way into college. She's making jam, and has described it as "fiery crimson" and "volcanically boiling.

I think Food Network is trying to seduce me. Are these related somehow? I want to go to there. Cooked by candlelight, naturally. I've never been attracted to a potato before today, but somehow, Nigella is making them look sexy. Maybe because she just "splodged" them with sour cream, and now - I swear to god - is "forking them together.

This is a Luther Vandross video. It's a Christmas show. There's a band, too. I can get behind this. How many times have I set them to toast and sniffed the air three minutes later all like, "What's burning? It's still more interesting than golf. I imagine curling will finally have its day as THE sport for people who don't like sudden movements. Pam from Maryland is a winner, and she reminds me of every nurse or teacher's assistant I've ever met.

Pam is using crab in her macaroni and cheese, which "kicks [it] up to notches unknown. Is that like rooting for the Yankees and the Mets? The vertical rotisserie ad is back so "Dad" can school us some more. I think I've found my nemesis for the day. Thank god for commercials. Did you guys need to know that? Also of note: my computer is resting on a hummus tub so the bottom won't overheat.

In Brooklyn, we work with what we have, folks. It looks like that. Which is okay, because sometimes ugly food is the best food. See: eggplant. He's from Boston, right? Because it sounds so Brooklyn sometimes, I imagine him selling me knockoff sunglasses on the corner by the Halal Chinese Food place.

You'll be sploshed inside an hour. We can all agree it looks like baby puke, right? Like Morocco. Were fez hats just decorative, or did they have a purpose? They don't shade the eyes or protect the head very well, so I'm figuring they were invented for aesthetic purposes. In a related story, I think it's time for some coffee. What kind of degree does Doc Gibbs have? Like, all her appliances and countertops are a fiery crimson.

Wouldn't that make you angry when you're cooking? Like you're in Hell's Kitchen? Everyone in the audience cheers like crazy, as if to say, "WOO! This flan is gonna get us totally sploshed! No mess at all. I would look like Pizza the Hut after a day Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) that.

Not kid food, apparently. In first grade, either of those words would have thrown me into total gag reflex failure. Urge to kill Does that count? Moderate amounts of fennel are always appreciated, but this looks like it's going to taste like a bag of black licorice exploded in your mouth. I have never heard a finer collection of words. Did you know "tiramisu" means "pick me up"?

Me neither. Thanks, Mike! We know you need more than four minutes to hit up the orchard, Chiarello. Delicious, delicious brains. They should have a show made up entirely of Ina Garten and Bobby Flay doing dishes. I guarantee it would be a ratings winner. How you know: the wine comes out, and Mike changes into a red t-shirt under a charcoal grey blazer. Very Napa. Now getting off my high horse before I hurt myself.

I can relate, having the upper body strength of a fetal chihuahua. I'm still deciding how I feel about this. Also: "take it to a whole new level" should be retired permanently, as should "outside the box. In general, wouldn't cooking would be much Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) awesome if all our chopping was set to Michael Jackson?

Here, try it. But she poured it in a bowl, so now it's a soup. If she poured it in a votive glass, would Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) be a candle? But most days, Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) butter. Just butter. I miss the cackling, y'all. Later, they will create gingerbread babies together, unless they use gingerbread prophylactics. How does Real Michael feel about this?

This means "mozzarella" is "mooz-a-dell" and "parmesan" is "parrrr-mi-jhan. Giada is my Ma. When she's done, they will be "sweet and tender, which is how your date will act after he eats them.

Giada's tasting O-face: check. Still waiting for first pronunciation of "pan-CHET-tha. If I hear, "Get your career cooking The theme of this show is "Date Night. Not Christine. And I don't have kids. And I hate mayonnaise. Just sayin'.

Forget plain ol' pregnancy. These will get you a Duggar-style reality show on TLC. This is not the intended meaning, I understand, but When you're makin' TV, it's really, really tough to turn on the cheer when you're not feeling it. But she manages. I dig that. It's a broccoli recipe. It tastes slightly better than burlap, but if we don't get some veggies in our diets, we'll die.

Then I'm going to grab my toothbrush like this. Now I'm gonna bring it up to my mouth, and run it back and forth across my teeth. All right! And we end by spitting the froth into the sink. Big finish! For Jeffrey, of course. If so, can we go to Ina's kitchen for our honeymoon? I will let you have the Gandalf ice carving if you say yes. If you're not a regular viewer, this means nothing to you, but if you are, it's a plot twist on par with The Sixth Sense.

I like to picture her being personal friends with her various mongers, and at the end of every year, they all have a giant monger party. Where they mong, presumably.

I was taught to appreciate fresh-from-the-animal lobster meat from a very young age, and always hesitate to use it in any recipe. I mean, what if I mess it up? And why would I want to dilute lobster flavor? But I'm going with this, Ina. I trust you. Be careful with my heart. If so, my apartment is very rustic. This is cruel and unnecessary.

Also, I don't know how to spell "unnecessary. It's Ina, and dissent will not be tolerated. So naturally, the first dish is a Fig and Goat Cheese Quesadilla.

Leave your logic at the door, ladies and germs. Which brings another question to mind: when I don't wear my hair back when I cook, it gets in the food. Is this a concern of TV chefs? This is like saying, "The first step is making an awesome cake is to buy an awesome cake. I guess both are dirty? And can take a few minutes? And at the end, you get delicious fries? You can see the cream itself dissolving as this happens. It looks like, in the following shot, the desserts have been replaced with new ones.

I can't say for sure this happened, but I think it happened. C Showing us the molecular representation of sodium chloride. It was a lavender blouse. We have fallen into a K-hole of flavor, everyone. If it craps out 10 hours into the marathon, I will go on a killing spree. Fans would like him because he shows up early to practice, and managers respect him for his knowledge of the game.

Three years after retiring, he'd take a job managing Double A, where he'd stay until the majors call him up in his mids. After a few years as a hitting coach, he'd get the full-time manager's job and win the World Series within three years. He'd always have a secret love of mango salsa, but would't know why. Flay is making, is something I would like to eat right now.

In my mouth. With my teeth and gums. However, it looks like Buffalo Bill's bathtub in Silence of the Lambs. If only such deliciousness was waiting at the top of every NYC fire escape, instead of the tar paper and Wire -style Mexican standoffs that are usually there.

If anyone saw me right now, they'd immediately turn to stone. And he uses way less "Dude! This onion is radical awesome gnarly, bro! From Guy Fieri. Who knew? Also, it helps that he's making dolma [stuffed grape leaves], one of my all-time favorite foods.

Stuffed grape leaves are delicious, not delinquent. He reminds me of Prince Humperdinck from Princess Bride. Somewhere Gildera village is missing its cowardly noble.

Maybe they ARE bad boys. Everyone's voice rattles like they're riding a vacuum cleaner. This is gonna be good. He just called all-purpose flour "A. A futile existence, my friend. A futile existence indeed. You can hardly hear him above the noise, and it's kind of hilarious. Food abuse! Jon Self has a unique playing style, based on limitations he faced after nearly losing his left arm.

He developed a method of playing that has to be heard to be believed. Jon has been running the sound at open mics in the Portland area for several years, most recently on Wednesday nights in the Hollywood district at Poor Richards. His interesting tuning style and beautiful melodies stay in your mind long after his guitar has been set down.

If you've never heard Jon and his original tunes, you're in for a treat. At the age of 16 Jon's older brother Bruce gave Jon his first guitar and his first guitar lessons. For several years Jon mimicked every guitar song, riff and solo that he could find while composing his first songs and working as a welder.

But then tragedy struck. An industrial accident nearly severed Jon's left arm. I listen to all of those records and try to keep up with what everyone is doing, there are so many good bands out there.

I go through different phases with all of his records. Dylan is the real king. As for the Beatles, I heard the last few songs on Abbey Road as I was walking around in an antique shop today, and it really captivated me. Talk about putting a bow on the end of an era, a decade, and a band. What an incredible way to wrap things up.

So sad, majestic, melodic, and poignant. A lot of people like to trash the Beatles but they really were such an extraordinary band. TLF: Finally, what are your plans, musically, for the near future? Will Ryan or any of the other Cardinals figure into those plans?

Either as a solo flyer, playing guitar for someone else, taking photos, whatever it may be. Cardinals family always figures into everything I do. We all bonded in a way that will never change. Interesting report out of the Bay Area: Raiders head coach Tom Cable claims that the conference call that he held with owner Al Davis and newly acquired QB Jason Campbell did not touch on the subject of who would start. If you search the internet and ask all your friends, you will likely get a lot of similar lists but there will always be differences and debates.

In fact, there could probably be a great top 10 list of incredible rap albums that were left off the list below hence the 15 honorable mentions. Choosing only ten was difficult enough, so these are not ranked and appear chronologically. Nothing ever sounded like this before, and only a few imitators and some other Public Enemy albums sounded like it after. They made it cool to be peaceful and artsy. For better or worse, they practically invented the hip-hop skit and certainly broke ground by sampling off the beaten path stuff like Steely Dan and French language instructional tapes.

Nas — Illmatic Perhaps the undisputed classic rap masterpiece. Expert beats and production from DJ Premier perfectly showcase the lyrical fury and on-point delivery of a young Nas on his incredible debut. They had several good albums, but this one is a real standout. But this one is the true banger. It not only put the South on the hip-hop map, it pushed the envelope of what rap music could be. This is another great album that may have slipped through the cracks of the collective un consciousness.

For many reasons. We remember life before Xbox and Wii. I played freakin PONG with two "paddles" lines on the screen hitting a "ball" a dot back and forth. That was it. That was the whole game. Now, just the commercials for video games look better than the movies we grew up on. Not only did we wait for our favorite song to come on the radio, but we did so with our cassette players setup to record and then tried to release the Pause button right away to tape the song.

In fact, I used to blast records through an old stereo, with a boom box sitting in front of the speakers so I could copy it to a tape. We wrote letters on paper and sent them through the mail to be read three days later. We used phone books. We used payphones. We used maps. We had to research our school papers at the library, with encyclopedias. We had to look shit up in books. We watched three TV channels plus PBS and waited until the 11pm local news sportscaster came on to show us highlights, until, if we were lucky, we had parents who could afford cable if and when it was finally available in our neighborhood.

And we were already 12 by then. So yes, we are the last cool generation. And all the little whippersnappers who followed us think they are the cool ones. They can kick our ass at Playstation but they never played outside in the yard until it got dark enough that you could only see the ball when it was in the air.

They make fun of clunky out-of-date CD players; I actually owned an 8-track tape player. Meanwhile, all these crappy bands sound like early U2 but not as good or wanna-be Radiohead or minimalist retro White Stripes. Just like everybody else. He retells the story of each and every Super Bowl through his own reviews of the game films and the fascinating interviews with the players, coaches, and assistant coaches involved in the game. Throughout the book, McGinn also mixes in several interesting Top 10 lists as sidebars.

Another great aspect of the book is the fact that he lists the entire coaching staff for each team. We all know and remember the head coaches, but seeing and recognizing countless names among the coordinators and assistants is a useful football history lesson beyond the considerable information found in the text. Oftentimes they sound as if the game had just been won or lost last week and not years or decades ago.

His expert storytelling and game recaps make this even better than just an exhaustive Super Bowl reference book, though it serves as that too. Also available direct from the publisher, MVP Books. But no, this was an American white guy named Andrew Joseph Stack.

Michael McCaul, a Republican from Austin on the Homeland Security Committee, said the panel will take up the issue of how to better protect buildings from attacks with planes.

Might want to look into that…. He declined to rule out the possibility that the crash was a case of domestic terrorism. Starts with a T. Of course, when that guy opened fire at Fort Hood, that was definitely Terrorism cuz his name was Nidal Hasan. And the Super Bowl that used to be played in late January, now increasingly falls out on the first few days of February.

Presidents Day is kinda pointless anyway, right? Like it matters. But wait…. This is actually an economic stimulus package that I implore President Obama, enthusiastic sports fan that he is, to embrace and pursue.

They drum up these silly commercials with cartoons of Lincoln and Washington to tell us to shop for stuff.

So no one shops. Wasted holiday. What an opportunity! This makes too much sense. But, until then, just keep callin in sick. Of course, the mainstream media trots out Beyonce and U2 while the hipsters try to out-obscure each other by only choosing albums by artists that no one has ever heard of.

Magnolia who? I think there are more albums on this list than there are readers of this blog. Anyway, wow. That kind of variety is what makes him incredible. Sometimes all within the Eye In The Sky - Various - Johny Super Dance Hits -21- (Cassette) year. Who knows. Just adds to the legend.

But the real legend is in his resume. Check out his bio on allmusic. Originally, I set out to compile my list of the Top 20 Albums of the Decade.

Les Maitres Chanteurs De Nuremberg Ouverture - Wagner* - Version Intégrale (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lightnin Strikes - Various - Hit Parade International Extra I (Vinyl, LP), Stain Of Mind - Slayer - Diabolus In Musica (CD, Album), Brigantia - Corax - Brigantia (File), Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly (Vinyl), Alans Psychedelic Breakfast = El Desayuno Psicodélico De Alan - Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (Cass, Sexy Eis - Various - Fetenkult Vol. 2 - Die Volle Sommerladung!!! (CD), Run The Show - Various - Topradio Dance Year Mix (CD), Boom Selection (Gridlock Remix) - Genius Cru - Boom Selection (Vinyl), San Antonio - Willie Nelson - Spotlight On Willie Nelson (Vinyl, LP), Cold Wars - The Rezillos - Cant Stand The Rezillos (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Should Be So Lucky - Various - Happy School Hit News (Vinyl, LP), Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Dogs On The Run: A Musical Documentary (DVD), Das Ende Der Band, Derrick Morgan / Prince Buster And The All Stars* - In My Heart / Kingston 13 (Vinyl)

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