Death Waltz. The film was panned by both critics and fans of the original TV series on its release, but has since becoming something of a cult classic.

Badalamenti's fine score is as atmospheric and beguiling as his work on the original Twin Peaks series, and contains a number of tracks that rework musical themes from that acclaimed production. Death Waltz has gone all out on the production, too, housing heavyweight, cherry-splattered vinyl in a luscious gatefold sleeve.

Played by: Giorgio Luceri. Review: Eyes Wide Shut is of course the erotic mystery psychological drama by Stanley Kubrick and one of its many standout features was the soundtrack. It was his final soundtrack and might well be his most subtle and consistently surprising.

There are also schmaltzy ballroom sop tunes like 'When I Fall in Love' and a handful of compelling cuts from English composer Jocelyn Pook. Scarface Soundtrack heavyweight picture disc LP.

Studio Ghibli Japan. Spirited Away Soundtrack gatefold 2xLP side 4 etched with obi-strip. Lakeshore US. Add to cart! Nippon Columbia Japan. The Holiday Soundtrack white vinyl LP. Varese Sarabande US. Mambo Man Soundtrack limited gatefold gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP.

Pure Pleasure. Tokuma Communications Japan. The soundtrack, which has stood the test of time, is one of the contributing factors which makes the film so magical. Fisher In Trance - Various - Attica 3 (CD) by longtime Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi who is one of Japan's most prolific and celebrated composers, this soundtrack is one of the lightest in mood with the 20 tracks running in chronological order.

Stunning, raw and powerful. Rabid Sweden. Resident Evil 2 Soundtrack reissue gatefold gram vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip. Elmer Bernstein. Ghostbusters [Original Motion Picture Score]. Film Score. One of Elmer Bernstein's finer film scores, only a handful of these pieces made the original Ghostbusters soundtrack, most of which was given over to pop fare like Ray Parker Jr. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. This week's noteworthy shows:. Mystic Triangle [ Tape Release! Wavelength feat. Kurt Marble [ first show! Add these to your calendar:. Les heures Ah! La lettre! A tribute to Jennifer Castle and Neil Young feat.

Audiopollination 24 feat. Contact Contemporary Music: "Down to Earth" [ works for solo and duo guitar ] feat. Margarita Night don't know any songs, but they do take requests. In fact, they insist on them.

Cuddly noise explosions noisy cuddle explosions? The songs tended to end when all three members surprised each other with a simultaneous sudden stop that would cause them to break out in laughter. Ten deep, this improvised big band was under the guidance of conductor Christine Duncan, who was using a stripped-down version of the hand signals she employs with Element Choir.

Performance-wise, the frenetic parts were the most entertaining to watch in real-time, with Duncan weaving the players into several cacophonous crescendos. But listening back, it was the quieter parts that resonate most, with subtle textures playing off against each other.

Recorded at The Garrison, September 12, Teenanger - Fly On The Wall. Teenanger - Twisted. The lineup has shifted since I last saw 'em with The Soupcans' bassist Nick now holding down the bottom end but the core sound — call it Syd Barrett's Black Sabbath — remains in place. The Beverleys have just added a new single to their official discography, but they have a whole buncha others as yet untapped in their setlist.

Fisher In Trance - Various - Attica 3 (CD) one leans on a familiar little guitar change, and as with the last time I saw the band at The Garrison, Steph's drums were especially thunderous.

Some Wavelength shows are raucous parties and some are island reveries, but this one is a more composerly affair, highlighting the cutting edge of the intersection between the "indie" and "new music" worlds.

Meanwhile, in a fine pairing, Nick Storring also well known for his work in the improvised and pop realms is releasing his long-gestating and very tasty Gardens album as well. AIM Toronto Presents feat. The Reigning Sound catl. Feast In The East 42 feat. Playing without a drummer, they're not tied down by metronomical thinking but there's still enough of a rhythmical impulse to keep things from getting too abstract.

They're celebrating their new album on Saturday at Array Space see listing above — but you can also check it out now online. Song: [ excerpt from first set ].

Time pulls us along our various paths, which sometimes means being pulled away from old friends. The October Trio dates back to when Evan Arntzen sax, clarinetJosh Cole bass and Dan Gaucher percussion established themselves as regulars in Vancouver's jazz scene.

Billed as a tenth anniversary spectacular, the band played three nights in a row in Toronto in three different venues, wrapping things up at The Tranzac. There was an easy interplay here that kept things moving nicely across two sets, a testament to the enduring power of old friendships.

I passed my recording along to the band, and they have posted their entire second set up on their Soundcloud for you to enjoy. X Avant IX: Transculturalism. Kicking their season into full gear, the Music Gallery's X Avant festival is always a special occasion.

This year sees it a little more compressed into one weekend, which makes for an action-packed few days. This year's theme is "Transculturalism", putting into play Artistic Director David Dacks' masterplan to explode the narrow confines of genre, of ethno-cultural barriers and more. That's explored in a musical sweep which mixes Laraaji's New Age electric zither, Ed Hanley's tabla grooves, The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner's tribute to an under-heralded contemporary composer, DJ Ushka's global bass music and Lido Pimienta's anticolonial celebrations.

And do note that the afternoons see a couple intriguing panel discussions that you can check out for gratis. Advance tickets are also available at Soundscapes, and as always, Music Gallery members get a sweet discount. But if that weren't enough, complements of the Music Gallery, I have a festival pass to give away so you can overload on the festival.

To enter, shoot me an email to mechanicalforestsound gmail. Driessen, and L. Sackett, eds. MacMullen MacMullen, R. Magnelli Magnelli, A. Malfitana a Malfitana, D. Malfitana b Malfitana, D. Mallwitz Mallwitz, A. Mandalaki Mandalaki, K. Manning Manning, S. Stoddart, Sheffield Mansi Mansi, G. Reprint of original Florence edition. Marangou Marangou, L. Marginesu Marginesu, G. Markoulaki et al. Empereur, and A. Christodoulakos, and C. Martin Martin, A. Adiego, Tortosa Matthaiou Matthaiou, A.

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Rizzo Rizzo, M. Rook Rook, T. Laronde and J. Maffre, Paris Rotroff Rotroff, S. Launey, Inscriptions de Delos: Nos. Amandry, and P. Ripolles, Roman Provincial Coinage, Vol. Sackett and Branigan Sackett, L. Branigan, Knossos: from Greek city to Roman colony: excavations at the unexplored mansion, Vol.

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Heidelberg Stamatis Stamatis, E. Stampolidis a Stampolidis, N. A2, Chania Stampolidis b Stampolidis, N. Stampolidis Stampolidis, N. Doumas and T. Cullen, Athens Stefanakis Stefanakis, M. Stefanis Stefanis, I. Stevenson Stevenson, T. Stewart Stewart, A. Stiros Stiros, S. Stiros et al. Markoulaki, and S. Strong Strong, D. Stutzinger Stutzinger, D. Dezember bis Marzed.

Beck and P. Bol, Frankfurt Reprint of original Macon edition. Sweetman Sweetman, R. Tatton-Brown Tatton-Brown, V. Hurst and S. Roskams, Sheffield Taylor Taylor, L. Themelis Themelis, P. Myers, E. Myers, and G. Cadogan, London and Berkeley Themelis a Themelis, P. Themelis b Themelis, P. Matthaiou, epigraphical catalogue entry no. Review: Given his impeccable downtempo credentials, you'd expect Bonobo's Late Night Tales mix to be one of the finer installments in the series and that's saying something.

Predictably, it is. Sweet, sensual and atmospheric, with plenty of unlikely gems and forgotten classics for the heads to enjoy, it surprises and impresses with each successive track. This vinyl edition features 17 of the tracks unmixed naturally and lifts out many highlights. His own cover of Donovan's "Get Thy Bearings" is particularly revelatory - string drenched, hazy, atmospheric and, of course, immaculately produced - but there are many other gems.

Check Darondo's classic heart breaker "Didn't I," the smoky reggae-soul of Nina Simone's "Baltimore", and the enveloping intimacy of Shlohmo's "Places". Do seek out Benny Cumberbatch's spoken word turn at the end too! In den Warenkorb! Fabric Presents Bonobo gatefold 2xLP. Review: For their first foray into the mix market following the conclusion of their original, volume series, London superclub Fabric has decided to offer up a rare DJ mix from genre-defying producer Simon Green AKA Bonobo.

It's his first mix of any sort since and it is really rather good. Beautiful, picturesque, melodious and fluid, the mix not only includes heaps of previously unheard material from the man himself, but also touches on Fisher In Trance - Various - Attica 3 (CD) dizzying number of styles most notably ambient, loved-up deep house, African and South American drum music, IDM, electronica, techno, electro-soul, broken beat and dreamy breaks.

That it all hangs together brilliantly is testament to Green's impeccable DJing and production skills. Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Downtempo. Review: The long running Late Night Tales series has retained a certain prominence despite the increasing flood of online mixes and podcasts thanks to the concept that's remained its selling point; namely ask a high profile musician, act or band to compile a selection of music to soundtrack the post club twilight hours.

Overseen by the band's Dave Mclean, this twenty one track selection demonstrates he's got a fine ear for music with cuts from Bob James, Primal Scream, Roy Davis Jnr and Massive Attack sequenced perfectly. The requisite cover version sees Django Django taking on The Monkees whilst Benjamin Cumberbatch is called on to do the closing spoken word honours. Lauren Laverne - "Ah! It's for this reason that his edition of "Late Night Tales", a series dedicated to the joys of post-club home listening, has been so eagerly anticipated.

The resultant mix is a triumph, with Shepherd showcasing a largely rare and obscure mix of new age ambient, high-grade jazz, sumptuous folk-soul see Abu Talib's impeccable "Blood Of An American"psychedelic soul weirdness, intergalactic jazz-funk, Satie-style piano movements and the drowsy, liquid electronics of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. In a word: essential. Late Night Tales mixed CD. I Love Serge 2xLP. Blue Wrasse. Heavenly Sweetness France. Review: Piloted by Ibiza-based producer Guts and Los Angeles' crate-digger Mambo, the Beach Diggin' series gleefully gathers together sun lounger-friendly cuts from around the World.

While there's always a lazy, sun-ready feel to their selections, they stick closer to soul, funk, disco and boogie than many other like-minded collections. This fourth volume in the series is packed with more obscure, horizontally inclined material from the likes of Sue Barker not the former tennis player, obviouslyAlex Khaoli the talk box-sporting, electrofunk-era jazz-funk beauty of "Cross Lines"Brooski the close-dance sweetness of "This Love"and Jemaa the reggae-soul shuffle of "Bob Marley".

DJ Kicks mixed CD. Sonar Kollektiv Germany. Review: Peace and football: Fisher In Trance - Various - Attica 3 (CD) only the best compilation album title of and possibly every year since but also an immaculate collection of Brazilian folk, funk, disco and soul by Sonar Kollektiv champs Jazzanova. Ten years on and the SK dons are back with a second edition of Paz E Futbol, compiled with just as much care as an homage to football's spiritual home as that debut record.

To adopt the football parlance, the band's digging duties score goal after goal after goal; the smoky Fisher In Trance - Various - Attica 3 (CD) of Ary Lobo, the heavenly vibraphonics of Skymark, the slippery time signature and almost cosmic bossa of Lucas Santana, the raw jazz soul of Nathan Haines, the list goes on.

Peace out. Staubgold Germany. It's been rather successful so far, as this first label compilation provides. Back To Mine heavyweight vinyl 2xLP.

KolomeeKuutta - Rauhantekijä - Suggestio (CDr, Album), Track One - Various - Logic Trance 4 (CD, Album), Ice Rose - Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Darker, Ginas Song, On The Rocks - Gillan - Glory Road (CD, Album), Jenny Lind Polka - Craig Armstrong - Far From The Madding Crowd (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Este AMor - King Ras Pedro - R A S T A (Righteous Apostle Serving The Almighty) (CD, Album), Ice Cream Man - Van Halen - The Good, The Bad and Van Hallen (Vinyl, LP, Album), Old Toys Trains - Noël Akchoté - Jingle All The Way (Christmas Carols) (File, MP3, Album), (I Cant Help You) Im Falling Too - Skeeter Davis - 20 Of The Best (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Mini-Homenaje a LeveL 0.(La Pineda-TGN) Real Sound Pure Energy. "REMEMBER SOUND"-Temas miticos & discotecas de la epoca dorada.

  2. Fisher In Trance - Various - Nau B3 - Tiempos Salvajes (CD) Voodoojora. Label: Bit Music - • Format: 2x, CD Compilation, Mixed CD Compilation • Country: Spain • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hard Trance, Makina. Sitemap.

  3. Download Misja Helsloot Feat. Fisher - Inspire (Original Vocal) mp3 – Trance In Motion (Vol) of Trance - Various Artists -

  4. Traceable™ Excursion-Trac™ Datalogging Thermometers have a temperature range of to 70°C and resolution of and maintain an accuracy of ±°C across the entire temperature range. High-impact, chemical-resistant ABS plastic case measures 7 x x cm ( x x in.).

  5. Download Filo & Peri Feat. Fisher - Ordinary Moment (Main Mix) mp3 – Vandit: The Sessions 04 (The Rome Spring Session) of Trance - Various Artists -

  6. Title: Best in Trance, The - Chapter 3 Artist: Various Artists Genre: Dance|Trance Duration: mins Format: CD / Album Type: CD No. of Discs: 3 disc(s) Studio / Label: ZYX UK Release Date: 11 Jul Seller Rating: % positive.

  7. Fisher - Hurricane (Stonevalley Remix) is a song from the Best Of Euphoric Trance Vol.1 album by Trance - Various Artists Vast Vision Feat. Fisher - Hurricane (Stonevalley Remix) (8 / 10) -

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