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June 3, Archived from the original on July 28, Archived from the original on March 5, Music critics praised Austin's work and TLC's new musical direction, and commercially "Creep" became the group's first number one on the United States Billboard Hot It topped the chart for four consecutive weeks and was later certified platinum in sales. Included in the remixes was a new rap verse written by Lopes which warns listeners of safe sex issues.

The resulting video was later deemed one of the most iconic pop videos of all time, notably for the famous silk pajamas costumes and the choreography. With changes in both musical style and image, the song marked a major reinvention in TLC's career and was hailed as a "masterpiece".

They performed it during several live concerts and television events, and the track being used in films and TV series, and covered and sampled by artists including American rock band The Afghan Whigs and singer Zendaya. After releasing their successful debut album Ooooooohhh She recalled it for Billboard :. You're with a guy and he's not showing you attention, so another guy comes along and you're like, "Hey, if you were where you were supposed to be, he couldn't be showing me attention right now!

Watkins shared this with the group's long-time writer-producer Dallas Forever As One - Various - Hitmix 2001 Part 1 (CD). She had known him, and they had shared stories since they were teenagers.

Austin wrote "Creep" from a female perspective, [5] [4] and thought Watkins would be its perfect lead singer. Latoya Peterson of Spin observed that feminism was being loudly maligned in music at the time of the song's release, and as a result more female artists like TLC, Salt-N-Pepa and Tori Amos began to "overtly defend themselves".

I think when we first came out, it was very bold of us to have a song called " Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg " with [the lyrics] "Two inches or a yard, rock hard or if it's sagging". People totally understood what type of group we were. To sing a song like "Creep" wouldn't be surprising from us. Despite this, member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was opposed to it. She threatened to wear black tape over her mouth in the song's music video to express her disagreement with its message, and its selection as CrazySexyCool 's lead singleand in part because of the group's history of advocating for safe sex.

In the end, Lopes capitulated, saying: "If some people can creep, and in their minds, they can feel better by going out doing the same thing I'm just not one of those people. Thomas thought the song and the video's choreography routine were "cool" enough to distract people from its lyrical content and "just sing along". Even the song "Creep" — not that we creep, but if we did, [It was a song] for a woman that would do such a thing.

I say just leave his ass, but if you're not ready to just jet at the moment, then you know, I guess we told you how to [creep]. We were really happy and we still are really happy to be the voice for so many women in so many different situations in their lives.

Jon Parales of The New York Times stood by the song's concept: "The women sing about infidelity, revenge, status and power plays, not as victims but as contenders; when they're cheated on, they cheat, too. Musically, "Creep" is set in the time signature of common time with a moderate tempo of 96 beats per minute.

It was composed in the traditional verse—chorus form in C minor with Watkins and Thomas's vocals ranging Forever As One - Various - Hitmix 2001 Part 1 (CD) the chords of C 4 to F 5. Opening the second verse, Watkins again counts her "twenty-third of loneliness" and still talks of her love for her partner despite signs of a broken romance. Vibe 's Clover Hope watched the scene and realized how "perfectly sexy and unapologetic" the song was at the time of its first release.

It's the single that's probably remained the most relevant over the years, and it's also a seamless breakdown of a cheating woman's thought process: 'Though I might mess around, it's only 'cause I need some affection.

In contrast, one of Pitchfork 's contributors, Jess Harvell, felt its lyrics were "unconscionable", but praised the song's groove for being "so seductive you barely register what you're singing along to". Harvell continued to say that Austin even managed to make scratching, "that emblem of noisy hip-hop ruckus", sound "smooth". In Charles Aaron 's review for Spinhe used a short story:.

A young woman was walking through downtown Brooklyn the other day when a man approached her and asked mock-politely, "Excuse me, do you know where I can get some pussy around here? Including it on her list of best tracks that make people dance, Bernadette McNulty of The Telegraph claimed: "The Dallas Austin groove on this is so deep, it might give you vertigo. Gonzales agreed that the song "put the sonic scientist that much closer to [Austin's] dreams of making tracks as enticing and sexy as the ones his hero Prince created for Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 ".

It won the first of these awards. We just put out music so that people could find a connection with what were saying, so we didn't know exactly how people would feel about anything", Thomas said of TLC's winning moment.

The Grammys is like the Oscars of music, so we were just beyond happy to get one. After more than a month in the top ten, "Creep" reached the number one position on January 28,and became TLC's first number-one hit in the US. It peaked on the Swedish chart at number The song was described by many publications as a "masterpiece" and a "classic", and became one of the group's signature hits. The term "creep" still appears in rap music. Martinthe director of most of their early videos.

Reid and the trio decided to scrap both versions which did not show their growth as women, and had "grimy" images with bad lighting. The first Forever As One - Various - Hitmix 2001 Part 1 (CD) lacked sufficient footage for the song's length. Rolston brought his team including make-up artist, wardrobe-hair stylist, dancers and choreographer, but had a few creative conflicts with the group. I like different kinds of stuff", Watkins stated. Another dispute between TLC and Rolston was over their wardrobe.

Combining the two, the girls ended up in bright colored, flowing silk pajamas "that took on an edge when all but one button was unbuttoned and wind machines were turned on high. So when we did that part at the very end of the video where we're talking to the camera and looking all silly, we were so tired. But sometimes that ends up being your best shots. The clip debuted on MTV in the last week of October Watkins wears blue in front of a pink background, Lopes—red with a blue background, and Thomas—pink with a red background.

In other scenes Thomas's colors have been color corrected to grey for artistic reasons. The video ends with the trio dancing arguing jokingly. This was Thomas's favorite scene.

The group acknowledged one scene that showed the exposed left lower part of Watkins's breasts received public attention. An alternative cut for the video has also been made. Many publications considered the video "iconic" and "classic". Anthony DeCurtis of Vibe claimed that the visuals for "Creep" and " Red Light Special " set the standard for video eroticism at the time. Gonzales reminisced about the time when the video debuted on MTV, TLC returned as the " lipstick liberators", much to the surprise of a public used to their tomboy style.

The journalist then compared the "splashy" video to its previous versions as "less urban" and more " Madison Avenue commercial chic". Huff also noticed the "striking" difference between the T-shirt and baggy pants look on their last video " What About Your Friends " and the new "silky nightgown come-ons" look on "Creep" and "Red Light Special".

After the video's release, the pajamas created "a fashion stir". The visual was one of several parodied in Blink 's video " All the Small Things " in On stage, they performed the song to an audience of 3,—6, in front of the letters "CrazySexyCool". Many girls Forever As One - Various - Hitmix 2001 Part 1 (CD) cropped T-shirts with oversized jeans held up by thick belts. Preston said their set "lit torches for female desire" their songs "Creep" and "Red Light Special".

In Octoberthey performed the song in their famous silk pajamas during FanMail Tour 's third act, which represented the songs of CrazySexyCool. For what was billed as the group's final performance, they wore baggy white jumpsuits while singing "Creep" with four backup dancers.

He invited Watkins to contribute vocals for a new verse. Luckily when she heard the record she loved it! And that's kind of what I think made me want to record it. In other media, "Creep" was included on "CAT", an episode from season one of the television series New York Undercoverwhich first aired on February 23, UK inch single [].

UK CD single []. UK and Germany CD maxi single [] []. US inch single No. US CD maxi single [35]. UK inch single [40]. UK cassette single [].

Europe CD single [39]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote or, for entire works, to Wikisource. May LaFace Arista.

A sample of the song's chorus, where Watkins's vocals are laid over an "infectious" groove, comprising a heavy hip hop beat, a trumpet sample and scratching sounds. Reid — executive production Kenneth Edmonds — executive production Perri Reid — executive production Dah Len — photography Davett Singletary — creative direction Christopher Stern — art direction. Retrieved December 6, Retrieved January 8, Rolling Stone. Retrieved December 14, Newsweek LTD.

Retrieved January 2, ISSN Retrieved December 24, — via Google Books. Retrieved December 15, Retrieved December 13, Retrieved January 12, Street Press Australia Proprietary Limited. Retrieved January 11,

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  4. "Creep" is a song recorded by American singing group TLC for their second studio album CrazySexyCool (). Dallas Austin, who tried to write the track from a "female perspective", wrote and produced losandes.biz is based on member Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins's experience with losandes.biz lyrics portray the singers as women who cheat on their unfaithful lovers for attention.

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