That's just how this business is. In SeptemberBennett explained that for the album, they recorded "all great standards, quality songs; George GershwinCole PorterJerome KernIrving Berlinsongs like that.

With a big swingin' band and great, great, jazz artists playing. She described Cheek to Cheek as a "rebellious" and "liberating" album for her because she was able to sing without worrying about record producers engineering it for radio.

Bennett said that Gaga had written an original song for the album titled "Paradise". It also contained solo performances along with the duets; Gaga later clarified that the album contained only standards. Although the project was in development and discussions were taking place as early as Septemberthe recording did not start until the Spring ofbeing delayed by Gaga's hip surgery and cancellation of her Born This Way Ball tour. Along with Evans, jazz trumpeter Brian Newmana long-time friend and colleague of Gaga, played on the album with his New York City based jazz quintet.

Tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano and flautist Paul Horn were also enlisted as musicians. According to Gaga, Bennett wanted her to sing different songs and was impressed by her vocals during "Lush Life", referring to the Billy Strayhorn written standard that has been recorded by everyone from Nancy Wilson and Sarah Vaughan to Donna Summer and Linda Ronstadt. If he can hear that, I'm okay. If he can't hear it, I'm not an authentic jazz voice", she added. I wish she was still here. She was jazz to her core".

While recording Cheek to Cheek she was emotionally upset about her professional and personal conflicts encountered during the Artpop era; Bennett had to support and guide her through the process.

Gaga had informed the musicians about performing the song, and piano player Alex Smith made the necessary musical arrangements the night before the concert. They did not rehearse it, and recorded it live when Gaga performed the song in front of the audience. The first song, "Anything Goes", was recorded by Bennett for his collaboration with Count Basie and his Orchestra, Strike Up the Bandand Gaga first came to know about it when she was 13 years old.

Gaga thought that "Anything Goes" was a funny track with a "real sexy, powerful vibe to it, and it's just because we're having fun singing it. The syllables are pronounced strongly by Gaga in syncopation while her vibrato complemented Bennett's characteristic jazz vocals and swing. Olivier added, "Gaga's voice, when stripped of its bells and whistles, showcases I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) timelessness that lends itself well I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) the genre.

The version on Cheek to Cheek opens with the sound of high-hat and an electronic organ. Gaga alters the lyrics to sing "Gee, I'd like to say you're looking swell, Tony", who later rejoins with the line "Diamond bracelets Woolworth doesn't sell, Gaga".

Written by eccentric songwriter eden ahbezthe song about a "strange enchanted boy" features instrumentation from flutes and drums, and has an orchestral arrangement. A loungier version, Gaga sings in a Liza Minnelli inspired voice with a breathy range, followed by Bennett complimenting her with the story of meeting the titular character. On December 12,Bennett revealed to CNN that the album's release was delayed and the final release date was confirmed as March 18, On July 29,Bennett and Gaga appeared on The Today Show to formally announce their collaboration and confirmed the final release date in the US as September 23, He wanted to see how Cheek to Cheek fared after its release, but Gaga wanted to start working on the collaboration "right away".

Bennett added: "we're gonna do two albums in a row with her. We'll have to try and do that as soon as possible, just as a follow-up for a second album. Photographer Steven Klein shot the album covers, and was responsible for the artistic ideas behind the packaging of the release. He also developed the cover art for "Anything Goes". The singer explained that she and Bennett were sitting and talking when Klein had suddenly photographed them.

The complete track list for the album was also revealed alongside the cover arts. The standard edition consists of 11 tracks while the deluxe edition has 15 songs listed. A grams 0. In JuneGaga began promoting the album through a series of public appearances with and without Bennett, the first of them being at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York City. At the school, which was founded by Bennett and his wife Susan Crow, the pair performed as a duo and individually, and fielded questions from the audience.

They concluded their engagement by watching a performance from the school's choir. The artists announced the news on Instagram. The music special gave fans an exclusive look behind-the-scenes I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) the making of the album, as well as never-before-seen footage of the two artists collaborating in the recording studio. It also showcased their song selection process from the Great American Songbook. Set and lighting was created by Robert Wilsonwhile David Horn directed it.

Bennett and Gaga were joined onstage by a piece orchestra conducted by Jorge Calandrelli, soloists Chris Botti on trumpet and David Mann on tenor saxand jazz musicians associated with both artists.

The channel's vice president Jamie Reynolds explained that their decision to incorporate the "classic swing vibe of New York" led them to use the Cheek to Cheek songs.

Universal Music provided the videos for the songs, which were then mixed with tennis shots and used in the ads. Their performance received positive reviews, with The Daily Telegraph ' s Anne Bilson giving it four out of five stars, complimenting their vocals, saying "Bennett had the lungs to compensate, and Gaga had the moves.

Bennett had confirmed that he and Gaga would tour jazz festivals insupporting Cheek to Cheek. Bennett also explained that he was accustomed to playing in acoustic music halls and outdoor theaters, so Gaga had been looking at such options. That's how she wants to work with me. He also noted that the concerts had a much higher ticket price than the average, especially in the secondary markets.

It also charted at number on the sales chart of the Official Charts Company. The song was Bennett's 15th entry on the Jazz Digital Songs chart, and his third number-one single. Gaga announced the release on Twitter, accompanied by the single's cover art. The video was shot in the recording studio and the first half showed Gaga in numerous outfits and wigs, while recording the song and roaming around. Bennett joins the studio sessions later on, singing the song.

The final chorus finds the two singers belting together, described as "join[ing] forces for a peculiar, yet potent blend of styles that transcends generations and genres".

Jon Blistein from Rolling Stone complimented the video, saying that it "proves [Bennett and Gaga] exude a unique, adorable brand of musical chemistry".

Additionally, " Nature Boy " was released for streaming on Gaga's Vevo channel from September 16, Gaga had previously tweeted about the background of the song, as well as about the death of flautist Horn. At Metacriticwhich assigns a weighted mean rating out of to reviews from music critics, Cheek to Cheek received an average score of 64, indicating "generally favorable reviews", based on 12 reviews.

He added that the singers were able to "flawlessly" merge their unique vocals, that was reflected in their in-studio rapport, and thus onto the songs on Cheek to Cheek. She also praised that "Cheek to Cheek reveals the considerable warmth and depth of her voice". Her lower register is warm and her phrasing is heartfelt. Both singers revel in swing rhythm, eager to buoy from one offbeat to the next and the next.

They achieve considerable energy. But it's when things slow I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) that you can hear what these artists are capable of as interpreters, alone and together. Jazz author Ted Gioiawho reviewed the album for The Daily Beastwas surprised by Gaga's ability to sing jazz, saying that "in all fairness to Lady Gaga, any singer who matches up with Tony Bennett needs to get loud and assertive Dolan felt the album "proves she can be a sophisticated lady".

Gan from Associated Press also praised Bennett and Gaga's singing, writing that "Had she been born in an earlier era, Gaga would have been right at home in an MGM musical". With three stars out of five, Kenneth Partridge from Billboard opined that Gaga justified Bennett's faith in her — but sometimes "too forcibly" — and that she needed him, more than he needed her, on the recording of the album. Partridge summarized that overall, they had a "blast together and both will benefit from this pairing".

Bennett received great review from the site about the agility and pluck he is able to sing the songs. In a mixed review, Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic declared that " Cheek to Cheek is a record where the music and even the songs take a backseat to the personalities". Camp criticized Bennett and Gaga's vocals in the album, adding that "If not for the session musicians' top-notch work Cheek to Cheek debuted at number one on the Billboard withcopies sold in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScanearning Gaga her third consecutive number-one album and the second for Bennett.

Bennett beat his own record—previously achieved in with Duets II —as the oldest living act to earn a number one album in the US, [95] giving him the Guinness World Records for "oldest person to reach No. In the United Kingdom, the album debuted at number ten on the UK Albums Chart with sales of 10, copies, making it Gaga's fifth top ten album and Bennett's third. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album. For other albums, see Cheek to Cheek disambiguation.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. Cheek to Cheek consists of jazz standards by popular jazz composers and lyricists, including Cole Porter left and Irving Berlin right. Gaga's image on the album cover was compared to singer Cher left.

Main article: Cheek to Cheek Tour. Dorothy Fields Jimmy McHugh. Cy Coleman Carolyn Leigh. Johnny Burke Jimmy Van Heusen. Matt Malneck John Mercer. George Gershwin Ira Gershwin. Burton Lane Alan Jay Lerner. Richard Rodgers Lorenz Hart. Lane Frank Loesser. Meiselas — legal issues Sonya Guardo — legal issues Lisa Einhorn-Gilder — production co-ordinator Dyaana Kass — marketing Jurgen Grebner — international repertoire Tomoko Itoki — international repertoire Nick Miller — international repertoire Amanda Silverman — public relations Dennis Dauncy — public relations Interscope Ianthe Zevos — creative director Steven Klein — photographer Gretchen Anderson — production work.

Digital download CD. Interscope Universal. Streamline Columbia Interscope. Retrieved July 11, — via Twitter. Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on July 30, Retrieved July 31, October 15, Archived from the original on March 12, Retrieved March 10, The quarterback draft class is awful.

My choice remains Carolina offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Throw in an experienced defensive coordinator to run the defense and that would generate excitement for next year.

Fans need that. The energy around this team is fading. That in itself should be a talking point. Times have been good. Carroll is a fun person to interview. Now is the time, however, to ask some probing and difficult questions. That starts with Mike Salk on ESPN in the 1-to-1 interview this morning and goes into the group press conference later. ED 2 — None of the questions below were asked but kudos to Gregg Bell for asking a couple of probing questions on the cornerbacks in the general press conference.

Especially if the likes of Tampa Bay and Carolina were touching base with him? This is just off the top of my head. None of these are unfair. Just as the team needs to be seen to be acting to fix their problems, the media has to be seen to be asking questions of the person ultimately responsible for the football operations in Seattle. Become a Patron! I remember you getting on me years ago for saying Pete was washed so people who say you were never a Pete guy are flat out wrong.

You adapted your stance as evidence mounted and many are unwilling to do that. Rob — Outstanding, prescient…you name it. You have been on the ball with this for quite some time now. Pete Carroll, inbrings nothing of value as a Head Coach. People constantly bring up team culture…what team culture? Blaming the scheme? Complaining that fans just want you to be Richard Sherman?

This team fell apart in and has never recovered any of the magic that made it special. D in football to see that. Despite the early inconsistencies — the attitude, culture, and most importantly, talent, was evident. You mentioned it on the stream, but I find myself not liking the players on this team, for the most part. Despite their old guard personal warts, there was a warrior mentality that was fun.

It oozed off the tv screen. False bravado. He just did it. What we are watching is managed decline. We have enough talent and Pete Carroll has enough savvy as a leader and a coach to be able to make that decline much less dramatic — but I ask, is this a good thing? The football life is so short that I find myself wanting the car to crash so that we can just move on to something new while we still have a great QB at our disposal.

They strike me as genuinely good men. And I know deep down, these guys are probably demoralized as to what they are seeing and feeling. Losing, when you are used to winning and playing for big things — it just kills you.

Pete no longer has the golden touch. We are not building towards anything. My hope is that Pete hangs it up after this year. What made him great is ultimately going to be his downfall. Thanks for all you do, Rob. Pete is familiar with the poetry here- the 30 for 30 Trojan War is pretty interesting on the rise and fall of USC. The loss to Texas mirrors the SB loss in the story, with it ending when he jumps ship before the sanctions come down and leave the team in purgatory led by his mediocre assistants.

There are many more and it is a real stain on the franchise. I actually just forgot to watch the 2nd game altogether. Completely slipped my mind. My wife and family were both shocked when they heard I missed the game. Probably over 20 years during Grad school. Last year I shut off a game for the first time and walked away. First time I have ever in my life done that. I nearly did it again yesterday. It does make me mad.

This product is just trash, and not competitive. It feels like they are just completely disoriented and have no clue what they are doing. That comes down to coaching…. Im ready for this ride to be done, and to move on to the future while we still have some good pieces left. I miss the swagger that started early in the Pete era. You had hope. You believed that anything could happen. Beast quake is a perfect example. Everything from the team just feels empty.

The Seahawks are seriously flirting with it right now. Many fans are starting to tune out. It starts with not listening to the press conferences, not being excited about the games, not having the same vinegar for a Sunday. Great post, my only disagreement is that I am mad, and for many of the same reasons you brought up. This team should have been run better in so many ways. Resources were squandered, personnel decisions were often poor, coaching suspect, and all along without vision and foresight.

To me having to endure all of the above while the teams erodes and a talent at qb like Russ is squandered — it all makes me upset to say the least. At that point the hawks will be rebuilding and not have much to rebuild with as far as cap space and draft picks go. I think at this stage you just have to do something to not appear inactive or complacent.

It shows up on the field when you see guys way out of position with many yards of cushion between the defensive backs and the receivers. Now maybe both of them are bus trucking and making excuses for their poor performances but to my eyes it seemed obvious out there that guys were not in the proper places. Given the talent and Pete at the helm, Do you think a good DC will accept the opportunity.

Look at what they did with OC with some good talent on the offensive side. Change of DC is welcome respite for fans but nothing else may change. The defense stands dead last in total yards allowed after three games 30th in Run D, 27th in Pass D.

The stats are always nice to have, to confirm what you thought you saw and believed performance-wise. It looked like the Titan and Viking offense could do anything they wanted to us the last quarters or so. I had zero faith we could stop them.

Our D looked like it did at the start of last season. But we had to be at least an average defense to truly compete at a high level. To me, this started just before Paul Allen passed away. Probably as the cancer came back and the prognosis became bleak. Pete solidified his power in the organization. I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) it interference from Pete or is it RW wanting to be the hero with the deep ball, like in the OT loss I have watched the team since and the only other time I have seen it this bad was Jim M time witch lead Pete taking over.

The narrative about Wilson and his refusal to use the short game is poppycock. In the second half and overtime of the last two games, Wilson has passed 30 times.

Only 6 of them were deep balls. The consistent blaming of the offense and nitpicking of Wilson whenever the defense plays abysmally is a time honored tradition that a certain section of Seattle fans indulge in as a form of denial that something is truly wrong on the defensive side of the ball. Second half, they got only 3 FG but the drives kept offense off the field. They had a big day. Really frustrating for our guys. Gotta get through this and get going. Gotta finish this and get going. So often I See Your Face Before Me - Tony Bennett - Perfectly Frank (CD) of how game goes.

Yesterday 9 of 14 way too much. Want to make them function under duress. Primarily comes down to making it hard on QB. Make it hard for him to function. Can do it a number of ways. Obvious you think blitz. He did a great job. Also have to go to mixing coverage and rush. If he can keep going, Cousins off incredible start. Goes along with calls, zone or man. Most teams primarily zone and mix man. LBs drop into zone and get ball to dump off. Have to be in right spots.

Minimize the check down. Game we played last couple weeks. CBs 3 deep zone and 2 deep zone. Have to function. All gets amplified when rush passer well. Zones get larger when QB holds ball. Trying to stay on top of guys, not allow big plays — did most part — but frustrating when they get plays under zone.

WE really miss Andre Curtis. A one-night live event is coming to the Chicago Riverwalk Friday in conjunction with the Art on theMart series, starring a jazz band and the Era Footwork Crew of Chicago. By Doug George. By Christopher Borrelli. By Rick Kogan. Michael Winslow will appear at p. By Annie Alleman. Most read on entertainment. The exhibit will have photographs by Paul Nicklen and partner Cristina Mittermeier.

Plus the Blue Angels overhead. By Holly Baumbach. Entertainment Douglass Park 18 is now open, a mini golf course in North Lawndale designed by local teens. Why the bird theme for every hole? Lincoln Park Zoo helped organize the construction of the mini golf course in Douglass Park, which was years in the making and replaces a long-abandoned putt golf course in the park. Plus the park is the site for a lot of migratory birds. Touring Banksy exhibit opens more than a month late on State Street, with dozens of screen prints and other original Banksy artworks.

You exit through the gift shop. Los Angeles. Retrieved September 14, Peggy Lee, — CD Recordings". Retrieved November 25, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved April 15, November 23, Retrieved January 16, Live in Las Vegas Media notes. Epic Records. EKESD Linda Johnson Rice. November 3, Rolling Stone.

Retrieved July 31, Toronto: Universal Music Canada. July 29, Retrieved July 30, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. MTV News. Retrieved September 16, Broadway World. Retrieved September 17, The Guardian. Retrieved September 18, Slant Magazine. Retrieved May 15, Retrieved November 1, The New York Times. December 6, Untamed Heart". The A. Retrieved September 15, Media notes in English, French, and Spanish. Baz Luhrmann. Terra Networks. LA Weekly. Digital Spy. Retrieved December 25, Adinolfi, Francesco Duke University Press.

ISBN Dennis, Jeffrey P. Dimery, Robert Hachette UK. Gabbard, Kirk University of Chicago Press. Gioia, Ted Oxford University Press. Friedwald, Will Da Capo Press. Gabbard, Krin Rutgers University Press. Gottlieb, Jack State University of New York Press.

How I Feel (Sick Individuals Mix) - Various - Kontor - Top Of The Clubs Volume 62 (CD), Think Im Gonna Fall In Love With You - The Dooleys - The Best Of The Dooleys (Vinyl, LP), Fat Albert, Monkey Gone To Heaven - The Pixies* - Loudquietloud - A Film About The Pixies (DVD), Black Panther - The Duke Of Burlington - The Pressed Piano: A Revolution In Sound (Vinyl, LP), Runaway, Hallo Mevrouw - Paul Severs - 30 Jaar Paul Severs - Zijn Grootste Hits (CD), Obscured - Vacant Stare - Vindication (CD, Album), Avi* - Promo 8/98 (DAT), O Kiri - Manu Dibango - Le Prix De La Liberté (Bande Originale Du Film) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin - Cut In The 70s (CD), Fol&ar - Fol&ar (CD, Album)

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  1. Cheek to Cheek is the first collaborative album between American singers Tony Bennett (his fifty-eighth studio album in general) and Lady Gaga (her fourth studio album in general). It was released on September 19, by Columbia and Interscope losandes.bizt and Gaga first met at the Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York City in After the two later recorded .

  2. Tony captures the real Frank. I think I’ll be reading Sinatra and Me over and over.” —Angie Dickinson, star of more than 50 Hollywood films “The legend that is Frank Sinatra remains a fascinating topic. Tony O. had a deep and abiding friendship .

  3. "Nature Boy" is a song first recorded by American jazz singer Nat King Cole. It was released on March 29, , as a single by Capitol Records, and later appeared on the album, The Nat King Cole song was written in by eden ahbez and is partly autobiographical. It is a tribute to ahbez's mentor Bill Pester, who had originally introduced him to Naturmensch and .

  4. Sep 27,  · So did Marshawn, Bennett, Clowney. No one believes in the rah rah stuff, haven’t since The SB guys played for themselves, not Pete. They were hungry, angry, out to prove a point. There isn’t enough talent, hunger, nor bad asses on D for them to go anywhere. Its actually pretty easy to see why, and I think fairly easy to fix (over

  5. Sep 28,  · The Best Duets of All Time: 72 Karaoke Classics. The best duets of all time. Open your ears, and enjoy the company of two voices, very often singing as one, and always singing brilliantly.

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  7. All have this with me Frank Leo CDR All in Favour Shout “Hear Hear” Florrie Forde VAR Following a Fellow with a Face like Me Vesta Tilley CDR Following a Fellow with a Face like Me Vesta Tilley It's a Grand Sight to see them going away Frank Leo CDR It's a great big shame Gus Elen VAR It's a great big shame Gus Elen.

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