Take a Break. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Time Will Tell. Stop Stepping on My Head. North Atlantic Drift. Veruca Salt. Far from Nowhere. Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. Noise for Music's Sake. Scooby Snacks: The Collection.

Fun Lovin' Criminals. Manic Street Preachers. Greatest Hits Live Making the Grade. Other Hours: Connick on Piano, Volume 1.

Harry Connick, Jr. Year of the Rabbit. The American Analog Set. Pete Murray. Phantom Power. The Artist in the Ambulance. Dude Descending a Staircase. Freaky Friday: Original Soundtrack. Friends of Mine. It's All in Your Head.

A Lethal Dose of American Hatred. Superjoint Ritual. Three Days Grace. What Are You Waiting For? Killing Joke. The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection. Carpenters Perform Carpenter. Down upon the Suwannee River. Sink or Swim. Tour de France Soundtracks. Emotional Technology. Get the Picture? Truth Be Told. A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar. Dashboard Confessional. Official soundtrack to the role-playing game.

Greatest Hits Volume II. Legacy: the Absolute Best. This Is Meant to Hurt You. Giving the Devil His Due. Ian Anderson. Simple Things. Youth and Young Manhood. Back Home. Bearfoot Bluegrass. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed. Anthems of Rebellion. Burning Down the Opera. Everything Goes Numb. The Farewell Tour. Reverie Sound Revue. The Wind. What Do I Have to Do?

Breathing Is Irrelevant. Warts and All: Volume 3. Amazing Grace. Death Cult Armageddon. Empty the Bones of You. Hand Over Your Loved Ones. The Decline of British Sea Power. British Sea Power. Feel It. Her Majesty the Decemberists. Love Is the Only Soldier. The Meadowlands. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Seal IV. Self-Destructive Pattern. Frank Black and the Catholics.

Welcome to Poppy's. Wellwater Conspiracy. Wildwood Flower. The Wolf. Smash The Octopus. Rock Rock Kiss Kiss Combo. The Fashion. Underachievers Please Try Harder. Go Tell It on the Mountain. The Blind Boys of Alabama. The House Carpenter's Daughter. Identity Crisis. War All the Time. Worldwide Underground. No Turning Back. Who's Your Step Daddy. The Calling. Best of Madball. Caught by the Window. Comin' from Where I'm From. Anthony Hamilton. Couldn't Have Said It Better. Dark Chords on a Big Guitar.

The Eyes of Alice Cooper. Gallowsbird's Bark. The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Mavericks. Mechanical Spin Phenomena. Murphy's Law. Natural Selection. The R. String Cheese Incident. Another Day. The Dresden Dolls. The Antidote. Volume 1. Billy Currington. The Jethro Tull Christmas Album. Lead Us Not into Temptation. Life For Rent. The bass is inaudible,and the drums have that adorable DIY biscuit tin and bucket quality,overpowered by one side of a C's worth of the last words of somebody being garroted.

Its all quite ridiculous of course,but it sounds fantastic. Ah bless 'em I had a similar amplification device in the 80's, purchased from Tandy called the Archer mini-amp,which you could easily overdrive the fuck out of and it would sound not unlike Andy Riot of The Decay's fizzing and spitting Guitar sound,if fed through the PA.

The infamous Archer Mini amp by Radio Shack! This undoubted charm remains intact from Insane Johnny the Singer and the boys,despite the wonderfully meandering time signatures,which in classic Beefheartian style seems to involve at least two different timings playing at the same time,which is very difficult to do, unless you're doing it by the forgivable mistake of incompetence,or got no monitors?

I can't imagine anyone notating the parts on these wild tunes, Drumbo style;but this Drummer, Rotten Love!? This is how Punk Rock should sound. Listen to rock'n'roll decaying in front of your ears and dream of what might have been. More Swedish D-Beat from Anti Cimex,who basically played the same track,and wore the same clothes, for the ten years or so of their existence.

They sounded like Discharge, looked like Discharge,wrote about the same things Nuclear annihilation ,as Discharge, and even supported Discharge whenever their heroes played in Sweden. Slightly more conventional, and far less brutal than Swedish faves The Shitlickersbut its still fun to listen,open mouthed, and wonder how groups like this ever came into being,and how they lasted for longer than one demo tape?

What was the game of the Arseholes? Golf of course? Only five years between Wire's seminal "Pink Flag",the LP wot started this ultra reductionist approach, and this bizarre racket is what Punk Rock had evolved into by Times moved fast back in them daze.

Now the renaissance has finished,nu-forms are stuck in the quicksands as is time. Your author has come across a fan review which included a fine description of the I think this sums up the sound most adequately indeed:. Tracklist: 1. Warsystem 2. Armed Revolution 3. Leader Of The Fuckin' Assholes 5. Silence 6. Desperate LP From The Heat 7. The Night Of The Holocaust 8. Although this demo tape makes Shitlickers sound like they were produced by Trevor Horn Who would have thought that a dressing style which once populated the grey streets of Stoke-On-Trent,uk, circa would crop up in the homeland of Bossa Nova in the mid-nineties?

Its brutal stuff but there's some much needed space in the recording,the clangorous knuckle dragging bass is audible among the six-stringed savage bees attack going on around it;and the drums surf atop,this wave of zero-fi cassette tape meltdown effortlessly.

Making a disintegrating bespoke frame for the strangled vocals which seemed concerned very much with human disabilities,although not the disability for the average human to listen to fine music like this without getting a headache. Just noticed I have yet to put any of the beyond great Shitlickers work on this blog!? Will rectify on next post The music is such a bizarre distortion of the original Metal template as to qualify for the 'weird without trying' award of the week.

Hellhouse is the stuff that Hell is made of, and for. How you can start off with Black Sabbath and end up with this bizarre cocktail of barking and 78rpm riffing is a fascinating process indeed. We've had a band called " Dead " whom shared a name with the second LP mental member of Mayhem This Hellhammer came from the repressed and impoverished hell hole we know as Switzerland, where life is so unbearably awful that it makes young men so unhappy that they just wanna sing songs about death and violence all the time.

I'm not sure if it's an urban legend or not, but doesn't every Swiss home have a nuclear bunker,and own at least one handgun? Indeed gun ownership is rife,yet the murder rate is one of the lowest on the planet. Maybe this is achieved because of the cathartic effects of Black Metal? We'll never know,but there seems to be very few Swiss bands that manage to escape the Alps and spread their secret.

I can think of Brainticket, Kleenex, Yello and I dunno. Or maybe they just ain't stupid like American 2nd amendment waving rednex. Having visited this stunning country,they do seem to have the slowest law abiding car drivers i've ever tail-gated. It's all quite weird,especially when the shops close at four in the afternoon on Saturdays!?

Its that Nazi-Gold or dead jews teeth they stole during the war I reckon? It seems ,on the insert, that Hellhammer don't like Venom too much,which is obviously incorrect,as they'd be called Venom 2 if they were a horror movie franchise.

Its all suitably raw,and spacious,which is unusual for metal albums. The Bass clawing is particularly impressive,and the vocals very Lemmy-esque,which seems a prerequisite for the birth of Death Metal Basically, whoever had the bright idea to take these groups into a good studio should be forced to listen to Metallica can't believe that was in spellcheck!?

These Notorious Norwegian metallers were very naughty boys indeed. One could accuse them of taking it all rather too seriously, perhaps even taking it all a tad too far maybe? So that kinda categorises them I guess? Some call this Back Metal,or even Death Metal? I dunno,but because they dress like Metal kids with make-up on,does that make this metal? Its got some riffage going on,and hints of growly vocals,singing about ghosties,violence,and pure fucking armageddon So I suppose the pure derivative silliness of it all qualifies them as 'Metal'.

It just sounds like a bunch of mad noise to me,like an avant-garde interpretation of Metal whith large chunks edited out,the opposite end of Sun 0. Basically I dunno what I'm talking about,but I like it Of course the back story to this band is that some of them actually wanted to back up the rhetoric with actions. So if one of the mis-led young fools said I'm gonna actually live out the the Rock'n'Roll endgame of comitting suicide on stage I'm actually gonna do it.

It all started to go wrong with the addition of new vocalist and grade 'A' nutjob, Per Yngve Ohlin,aka "Dead",who had a nasty habit of cutting himself with hunting knives and broken glass on stage. A cry for help perhaps? Nobody will ever understand this, but as a sort of explanation, I am not human, this is only a dream and soon I will awake" Paper format. Our guarantees Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore.

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Tango Balance - Never Been There - Never Been There (Cassette, Album), Walking In The Sand - Al Martino - To The Door Of The Sun (Vinyl, LP), Vien Tik Tau - Bavarija - Spalvotas (CD, Album), Symptoms - AGF/Delay - Symptoms (File, MP3, Album), Eda Zari - Toka Incognita (CD, Album), Just For Marty - Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers* - Drum Suite (CD, Album), Broken Lady - Waldemar Matuška, Olga Blechová, KTO - The Country Door Is Always Open (Vinyl, LP, Alb, Dimmi Cosa Vuoi - Natura Deorum - Natura Deorum (Cassette), Rescue Me - Various - Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol (Vinyl, LP), Without Your Love I Cant Live - Claude François - Claude François (CD, Album)

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  3. The Bad News Tour" at about on this YouTube clip)losandes.biz late Rik Mayall, as Colin, the posh bass player in a terrible sub-Heavy Metal band (Bad News) is caught on the phone to his mum reeling off a list of library books to take back to the losandes.bizng he was on camera,Colin changes from very non-metal subjects such as Blair's Origins.

  4. Jul 29,  · The greatest rock albums ever made vary wildly in era and tone. From Chuck Berry to Guns N' Roses and The Beatles to Blink, these are the best.

  5. Band Pink Floyd reunites to perform at the funeral of their manager Steve O'Rourke. Byron Stroud is confirmed as an official member of Fear Factory. November Blink release their fifth studio album blink This album was regarded as a change of musical style for Blink as the music has darkened and matured since their previous albums.

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