The song can be heard on soundcloud. Record information documented at 45cat. All internet sites retrieved 15 December The recording can be heard on the Horton Records website and also on YouTube. Mark Tucker, album review of Bring on the Light at acousticmusic. Lac La Belle has a website with more information about their performances and recordings. The song can be heard in a live performance on YouTube.

Retrieved 26 December The original lyrics by Billy Hughes make no mention of Oklahoma; Jack Guthrie modified the lyrics to include mention of his home state. Retrieved 9 June Bond, Bobby [pseud. Record information documented at discogs. Internet sources retrieved 26 December The Jack Guthrie release on Capitol is documented at 45worlds. SR, Hank Thompson's recording of the song is documented at Praguefrank's country discography website.

Retrieved 28 December Writing credits verified by copyrightencyclopedia. Brief biographical information on Billy Gray is at rocky Billy Gray's recording can be heard on YouTube as can the recording by Hank Thompson released in Digital download album, available from several sources, including amazon.

La Chapelle devotes an entire chapter of his book to analyzing the writing and performance of, and audience responses to, "Okie from Muskogee.

Biographical information about the singer-songwriter at stevesuffet. All internet sources retrieved 1 May More album information and a listening link to the song can be found at bandcamp. David Gates, "The Okie Surfer. The song can be heard by clicking this link to authentichistory. Printed score catalogued by worldcat. Lyrics viewable at many websites, e. Oklahoma Statute Title The song, as performed in the filmcan be heard on YouTube. Record documented at discogs.

Albums documented by allmusic. Writer credits documented at chrischandler. A live performance of the song can be watched on YouTube. Lyrics printed at lynnwoolever. Writing credit verified by repertoire. October 21, Writing credits verified by repertoire.

The band has a Facebook page. A second clip from the recording can be heard at the allmusic. A one-and-one-half-minute clip from the song can be heard at the album's listing on music. The YouTube video that was available for many years has been taken down. Retrieved 1 May More album information and a link to listen to the song is at fredgillenjr.

Writing credit documented at ascap. The music video for the song can be seen on YouTube. The recording can be heard on YouTube, in a music video posted by the band's drummer.

The recording by Sara Gettelfinger can be heard on YouTube. Song also included in the album Another City, Another Sorry Archived at the University of Texas at Austin.

Further information about the singer-songwriter and the album can be found at indiegogo. Accessed 23 July The recording can be heard by clicking this link to the Horton Records website. Lee, Robert E. A video on YouTube features the composer's nephew, explaining the history of the song; it can be seen by clicking this link. Album information documented by Monty Harper's website and by allmusic.

Information documented at 45cat. Worth, Tex. Archived in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Hamblen, Stuart, writer and reciter, "Oklahoma Bill," Columbia Archived in the Syracuse University Library. This was the best-selling recording of Frankie Marvin's career. Frankie Marvin's recording can be heard on YouTube. Sourdough Slim's recording of the song is documented at sourdoughslim. Their recording can be heard on YouTube.

Information on the Luke Wills recording documented at Praguefrank's countrydiscoghraphy blogspot. The Zeke Clements recording can be heard on YouTube. Lyrics transcribed at sonichits. Internet sources retrieved 25 September Internet sources retrieved 10 January Writing credit verified at ascap.

Retrieved 11 January The record label credits "Chester Zurwik" as co-writer of the song, as was shown by bopping. CS1 maint: archived copy as title link According to folklib. Balogh gets sole credit as composer from repertoire. Retrieved 12 January Writing credit verified by ascap. Sheet music archived in the Library of Congress. The Paul Westmoreland recording of the song can be heard on YouTube.

The Bill Boyd recording of the song can also be heard on YouTube. No evidence found of a commercial recording of the song. Writing credit verified by sesac. Descriptions of Brian Collins can be found at georgiamusicchannel. Retrieved 26 September One of the YouTube videos of the band performing the song can be seen by clicking this link. Internet sources retrieved 14 January Archived in the University of North Carolina Library.

Album information documented at alllmusic. Retrieved 20 January See also "Record Reviews, Billboard, February 1,p. Album information documented at newreleasetoday. The recording was a radio transcription from the s. It can be heard by clicking this link. Recorded by Ray Peterson on Uni Records Record information documented by 45cat. Sung by the Limeliters on Harmony! Internet sources retrieved 18 January Album information, including writing credit, documented at discogs.

Album released in the U. Songwriting credit is always given to Leslie Ann Winn later Satcherbut some sources give credit only to her and Gill, such as repertoire. Archived in the San Francisco Public Library. Melody same as the traditional "Buffalo Gals. See also Townsend, Charles R. Writing credit at repertoire.

Album information documented at Amazon. More information about the UK-based band Ahab not to be confused with the German band with the same name is difficult to find, as the band's previously live website is no longer active. Writing credits verified at repertoire. Shore, "Oklahoma Heart," Liberty B, The adoption of the song as Oklahoma's state folk song is documented in the Oklahoma Legislature's bill which established its status Okla.

Title Horton Records. Record information and writing credits documented at discogs. Information documented by 45cat. Later included on the LP Indescribable, released in earlyafter Leach's untimely death. A short biography of Leach appears on-line at hillbilly-music. Information documented at 45worlds. See also La Chapelle, Peter An image of the sheet music can be seen by clicking this link.

Audible sound file derived from Victor inch rpm record. In the mid's, having formally changed his first name to his preferred choice of Adrian, Belew moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a full-time career as a professional musician, and by he was playing with the regionally-popular cover band Sweetheart. While playing at a Sweetheart gig at Fanny's Bar in Nashville, he was discovered by Frank Zappa, who had been tipped off regarding the band's talents by his chauffeur.

Zappa approached Belew and discussed auditioning him for an upcoming tour, although Belew did not receive an official invitation to audition for nearly a year. During this time Sweetheart split up, and so once the formal invitation came, he flew out to Los Angeles and found himself auditioning alongside more formally trained musicians, and following a more intimate second audition Zappa was impressed enough to hire Belew on a handshake deal for a year.

He toured with the Zappa band and appeared on Zappa's album 'Sheik Yerbouti', most notably performing a Bob Dylan impersonation on the song 'Flakes', and he also appeared in Zappa's concert film 'Baby Snakes'. Although he was mostly credited as rhythm guitarist, he also played lead, melody, or noise lines, as well as singing lead on two songs. Belew accepted the offer, and he played on Bowie's Isolar II Tour inas well as contributing to his next studio album, 'Lodger'.

In Belew formed a new band, GaGa, for which he served as the singer, guitarist, drummer, and primary songwriter, and on one of his frequent visits to New York City, he became friends with the up-and-coming band Talking Heads, who invited him to join them onstage for performances of their signature song 'Psycho Killer', where he impressed them with his wild and unorthodox guitar soloing.

Following his working with Brian Eno on Bowie's 'Lodger' album, he was invited to add guitar solos to several tracks on Eno's next production job, Talking Heads' 'Remain In Light' album, and his involvement with them extended to playing on the band's spin-off projects, such as Tom Tom Club, and David Byrne's and Jerry Harrison's solo albums. Unfortunately, Belew's experience with Tom Tom Club was less harmonious than his previous work with Talking Heads, and their recording engineer, Steven Stanley, was vocal about his dislike of distorted guitar, and erased the majority of Belew's solos during the mixing sessions.

By now Belew's rising profile had gained him a solo record contract with Island Records, and in the down time at the Tom Tom Club sessions, members of GaGa joined him at Compass Point and backed him on a set of parallel recordings which would result in Belew's first solo album, 's 'Lone Rhino'.

In Belew was invited to join Robert Fripp's new band Discipline, with Bill Bruford and Tony Levin, and during initial touring the members discussed the possibility of renaming themselves King Crimson.

This had not been the original intention for the band, but all members generally agreed that this would be both appropriate and useful, and so his time with King Crimson began in and he stayed with them untilone of the longest tenures in the band by anyone other than founder Robert Fripp. As part of the agreement to his joining, he insisted that he would be allowed time to continue and develop his new solo career, to which Fripp agreed. The renamed band released the well-received 'Discipline' album infollowed by the equally fine 'Beat' inand 'Three Of A Perfect Pair' in Following King Crimson's breakup and hiatus inBelew formed the pop band The Bears with fellow guitarist and singer Rob Fetters, drummer Chris Arduser, and bass guitarist Bob Nyswonger, releasing two albums on I.

After three years of constant recording, promotion, and touring, the band broke up in following the collapse of PMRC, although Belew has continued to tour and record, either solo or with new bands that he had formed. This collection of his session work includes songs from all those albums, plus many more tracks, and on every one you can hear his inimitable guitar tones, adding something a little bit special to the songs. Skrillex - Voltage In Skrillex was recording tracks for his new album, when the laptop containing most of the recordings was stolen from his hotel room, leaving a whole album's worth of music lost.

None of the tracks have ever surfaced online, so it's likely that the thieves just wiped the hard drive to sell the laptop on, not realising that they probably had something in their hands worth much more than they eventually got for it. A few other reworked tracks have leaked over the years, including 'Amplifire', 'True Gangsters' and the proposed title track 'Voltage', and although there is no official track listing, as Skrillex never got as far as putting one together, by taking all the tracks that we know were probably on the stolen laptop we can approximate what the album might have sounded like, and here it is, along with the title track to the 'Bangarang' EP as a bonus, as that was linked to the release of three of these lost tracks inand it makes the album a concise 34 minutes.

I know Skrillex can polarise opinion, with some music fans hating his work, but I quite like some of it, so I think this is worth posting. Damian Marley. Quick aside: she sounds closer to Dinah Washington than anyone would have expected. Freedom Now Suite. A player of often-dazzling capabilities on various stringed instruments, Gordon Grdina inaugurates his own label with two scintillating releases.

Pendulum is a solo recital, incorporating musical languages both Arabic and European, for classical guitar and oud. The high-octane sound of Cuban mambo is largely inseparable from the tradition of cultural exchange between Havana and New York.

Flutist Nicole Mitchell, cellist Tomeka Reid and drummer Mike Reed made their first statement as Artifacts Trio inwith Artifactsan act of radical repertory in celebration of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Astral Spirits. The arresting eight-track set opens with the primordial heartbeat of solo drums, setting the scene for the quintet Blake calls Pentad, with alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins, vibraphonist Joel Ross, pianist David Virelles and bassist Dezron Douglas.

The music hits straight to the heart. Tuba maestro Theon Cross is equally adept with a guttural growl, a brisk ostinato or a thrumming drone — a range that has been integral to the sound of the insurgent London scene, with Sons of Kemet and behind the likes of saxophonist Nubya Garcia.

Pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and guitarist Mary Halvorson have collaborated as a duo before, on a fine album, Crop Circles. But where that effort revolved around repurposed material, their second, Searching for the Disappeared Hourfeatures music composed expressly for the occasion. These three openminded musicians, active on the Brooklyn scene, released their first collective album a few years ago. This music is hyperacute and superdynamic, with myriad strategies at play.

Smoke Session s represents the realization of a dream for multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton. Both Coleman and Carter appear on his new album, along Album) drummer Karriem Riggins — and together these four musicians display a comprehensive mastery of the Black American musical experience. Its bluesy melody and buoyant rhythm foreshadow a program of originals and arrangements that provide the perfect common ground for this multi-generational band to shine brightly.

As a beatmaker and sonic catalyst, Jamire Williams has made his mark alongside elders like Dr. Lonnie Smith as well as peers like Ben Williams. International Anthem. But their first tour of Japan, early inmatched their most blazing sounds with their most appreciative audiences, as we hear on a newly unearthed gem, First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost Recordings.

Alto saxophonist and composer Remy Le Boeuf scaled up his ambitions as an orchestrator a few years ago, creating the acclaimed album Assembly of Shadows. He expands on the concept with a dynamic follow-up, Architecture of Stormswhich vividly illustrates his creative breadth, including an affinity for atmospheric indie-rock. Shipp is addressing the topic of what comes next with a Album) of pulse, mystery, adventure, and the suggestion of infinity.

When the pieces come to an end, they often suggest more questions. Sometimes the following piece gives an answer, sometimes not. Codebreaker reveals new information on each successive listen. Tao Forms. Street of Dreams marks the 24th anniversary of the Bill Charlap Trio — their synergy instantly apparent when they formed in For Charlap, bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington, this album feels like both a post-pandemic reunion and a nostalgia-inducing vignette of the old New York jazz scene — where you could walk into a smoke-filled club and pull an all-nighter listening to classics from the American songbook and beyond.

Multiphonics Music. The album, whose title references a canyon near his native Tucson, Ariz. More than two decades later, Malaby has an expansive track record as a solo artist, and his Sabino quartet has changed personnel just slightly, swapping Ben Monder in on guitar.

Its next album is sure to be a step forward. Shows, festivals, concerts, even recording sessions all came to a screeching halt, leaving many to wonder how they would provide for themselves and their families. This top-flight German ensemble originally set about making the music on Bird Lives for a Charlie Parker centennial concert last year. A pandemic delay thwarted that plan, but also gave a pair of co-arrangers — Swedish saxophonist Magnus Lindgren and American pianist John Beasley — more time to steep their ambitions.

Frederick P. Rose Hall, the home of Jazz at Lincoln Centerwent dark along with the rest of New York City in the spring of — but the organization and its artistic director, Wynton Marsalis, kept the pilot light on. Rose Hall.

The beat scientist and bandleader has made a career out of taking recorded improvised music and chopping it up to create entirely new compositions. Head nodding: guaranteed. Pianist and South African jazz guru Abdullah Ibrahim proved his enduring vitality as a composer-bandleader as recently aswhen he released an acclaimed album titled The Balance.

With his latest, Solotudehe returns to the format that has been a calling card for well over 50 years — at least since Reflections, which he recorded in One Nation Underground. Pearls Before Swine. Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings the Complete 'Dr. A Whole New Thing. Sly and the Family Stone. Days of Future Passed. Buffalo Springfield Again. Tangerine Dream. Magical Mystery Tour. Someday at Christmas. The Temptations in a Mellow Mood.

After Bathing at Baxter's. The Amboy Dukes. Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas. The One and Only. Their Satanic Majesties Request. Songs of Leonard Cohen. A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. Anything Goes.

The Look of Love. Pandemonium Shadow Show. The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw. Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Phil Gernhard and Richard Holler. George Davis and Lee Diamond. Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon.

Mark Lindsay and Terry Melcher. John Phillips. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Jim Dale m. Tom Springfield. Mike Petrillo and Angelo Cifelli. George Fischoff and Tony Powers. Bob Crewe and L. Russell Brown. John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon. Tom Jones m. Harvey Schmidt. Les Reed and Geoff Stephens. JB Smoove will return for his weekly digital variety show at p. Wynonna Judd is going live here at 9 p. Badflower will be going live with Deal Casino on the latter's Instagram at p.

Tyler Rick will be hosting an acoustic couch concert from his living room on Instagram at 10 p. Ashley McBryde will celebrate her new album, Never Willby playing some songs and chatting about the recording at p.

Tune in at p. ET hereand then do a live performance on his Instagram at p. Haley Reinhart 3 p. Tune in to Billboard 's Facebook page to watch live. Sofa Sets Livestream Festival will air here starting at p. Sofa Sets will give viewers the chance to donate directly to charities in their area supporting those most economically impacted by the disease.

EST through Sunday here. The festival is raising funds for the Sweet Relief: Musicians Fund. Cara will perform today at p. April 2: Alec Benjamin 1 p. PT and The Driver Era p. And a calm discussion of anxiety," Mulaney promised in a tweet. Cheat Codes and Anna of the North will be playing virtual party Zoomtopia starting at 6 p.

ET in a private Zoom room. Migos will be celebrating Quavo's birthday with a livestream at 5 p. PST on Quavo's Instagram page quavohuncho. Tequila brand Don Julio is hosting an Instagram Live donjuliotequila starting at 6 p.

Reggae sensation Koffee goes live at 6 p. ET on Instagram. Reik will livestream footage of a past performance at 7 p. April 1: Tank and the Bangas 1 p. PT and Trina 3 p. James Bay is giving a guitar lesson on Instagram Live at 1 p.

Jason Mraz will be going live every Wednesday at 1 p. Morgan James has a series of livestream concerts coming up, starting today at 2 p. The next shows are coming up on Aprili 4 and 8 here. The Fader Fort Digital Day 2 features nine hours of performances starting at 10 a. Michael Buble is going live with his wife Luisana Lopilato every day at 2 p. Switchfoot is doing daily acoustic performances on their Facebook page in support of StayHome.

Bebe Rexha is showing off her cooking skills live on iHeartRadio's Instagram at 12 p. CST on his Facebook page. The Grammy Museum is releasing its digital public program with Billie Eilish and brother Finneas here.

AJ Mitchell is going live at 8 p. EST here for a live performance. Josh Ritter is going live at 8 p. Check it out here at a. Watch "Van Horn" here. Cold War Kids p. PST and Gavin Rossdale 3 p. Fader 's Fader Fortis usually an invite-only event held at SXSW, but this year, it's going digital due to the coronavirus. Fader Fort will go live today at a. EST until p. Ticketmaster Australia launches Together Festa virtual music festival featuring performances from more than 20 acts.

The day-long event is at Facebook Live. The ticketing giant is also throwing its considerable weight behind Support Act and the Sound of Silence campaigns. March Concerts giant Live Nation announces its " Live From Home " series, a "virtual hub updated daily with live streams content and more to keep you connected to your favorite artists," a statement reads. Metallica and Umphrey's Mcgee are up today p.

Dermot Kennedy 1 p. PTJewel 3 p. Umphrey's McGee's weekly webcast series continued this week here with footage from their performance at the Brooklyn Bowl. A Colors Stream is live now for 24 hours a day for the next 30 days herefeaturing home-recorded sessions by artists from around the world. This week's Metallica Mondays is premiering the group's live Paris performance from September 8, The National showed live performance footage from Brooklyn Academy of Music in here at 5 p.

Alec Benjamin went live on Urban Outfitters' Instagram here. See them here. Grouplove hosted an Instagram livestream performance and chat here. James Corden is hosting Homefest at p. The virtual event on Facebook and Instagram will be raising money for charity. It will also be available to watch on CBS. Today's video will feature a "vocal coaching session" with Tove Lo at p.

Sennheiser's virtual concert series called DontStopTheMusic, streaming live from its Instagram page, continues today. Bob Sinclair streamed live at a. ET with a violin lesson. Noah Kahan is scheduled for April 1 at p. ESTAlaina Castillo p. ESTLauren Jauregui p. EST and Lennon Stella p. Q will take to Instagram Live for an afternoon show at 1 p. Ambjaay will perform on Instagram Live Jack Of Hearts - Roy Harper - Work Of Heart (Vinyl 9 p.

March Caitlyn Smith will perform on her Instagram Live at 9 a. Maye Musk will perform a reading on her Instagram Live at 12 p.

Dove Cameron will perform on her Instagram Live at 1 p. Tasha Cobbs Leonard will perform on her Instagram Live at 2 p. Michael Franti will perform on his Instagram Live at 6 p. Rileyy Lanez will perform via Instagram Live at 7 p. March Taylor Dayne shared that she'll be performing a "Soulful Sunday" set on March 29, her second "stay home" show of the week. March Alec Benjamin announced a virtual These Two Windows tour, following his real-life headlining tour's postponement to the fall.

Those interested in tuning in can click here for the full celebrity lineup and schedule. The stream begins every night at 5 p. Miley Cyrus' "Bright Minded" Instagram live stream at a. ESTFalana p. ESTIngrid Andress p. ESTCarla Morrison p. ESTElijah Blake p. ETThe Lumineers p. ESTBarenaked Ladies p. Sarah Peacock will live stream a release show for her new album Burn the Witch at p. CST via Instagram and Facebook. EST on his Facebook and Instagram page. Overcoats is hosting an IG live series called Friday Night Fights where they perform songs, host game shows and more.

Immediately following, a virtual afterparty will go down on Questlove's Instagram, s tarting at 7 p. Niko Moon and Anna Moon will then stream at 5 p. Saint Asonia is hosting a happy hour on Instagram live at p. Max Herre performed live with a full band here. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra uploaded a stunning set here.

Alec Benjamin performed a full set and chatted with fans while chilling at home. Gnash went "live from the treehouse" a. See it here. March DJ Cassidy will be going live on Instagram at 8 p. PST as part of Global Citizen's Together at Home series, "for a little feel good wake the neighbors bedroom dance session.

Lamb of God will premiere the full set from their performance at Resurrection Festival in Spain on Friday, March 27 at 3 p. PST on Knotfest. Guitarist Mark Morton will also chat with fans during the premiere. Matthew Koma went live on Winnetka Bowling League's Instagram pagewhere he played some acoustic songs, in his words, "poorly to medium good.

Midland's lead singer Mark Wystrach will takeover Midland's Instagram live feed at p. Lauren Jenkins will perform her album, No Saint, in its entirety 5 p. CT Friday March 27 and p. The stream will take place here. Wyclef Jean is going live with acoustic sessions daily. The event will stream via Twitch at 8 p. EST, where there will be a DJ set followed by a live stream of the album and a visual experience and wrapped up with an after party. Delacey is hosting a Black Coffee album release live stream here at p.

Miley Cyrus has unveiled a star-studded lineup for her "Bright Minded" series on Instagram Live today. Mark Ronson, Ilsey Juber and Ryan Tedder will stop by for a "songwriting camp," and Antoni Porowski will lead cooking lessons "on ways to keep food fun in times of limited options and responsible rationing.

Dua Lipa celebrated the release of her sophomore album, Future Nostalgiawith a Youtube livestream here by playing every song from the album and giving commentary on each track. ESTNoah Cyrus p. ESTCaroline Jones ft. Jimmy Buffett p. ESTLang Lang p. ESTKevin Garrett p. ESTJon Batiste p. Atlas Touring will be presenting a virtual festival titled "The Quaran-Stream," which will air on Youtube and Facebook from p.

Check out the lineup here. Catch it at 12 p. Sam Fisher will deliver a live performance from Los Angeles here at 3 p. The second edition of Isol-Aid, an "Instagram Live music Jack Of Hearts - Roy Harper - Work Of Heart (Vinyl featuring Australian artists, will take place from March Alex Lahey, Middle Kids, Montaigne and more are set to perform; check out the full lineup here.

They'll be bringing the Fader Fort online, with a day-long broadcast from a. EST on Tuesday March Fans can expect "over 40 exclusive, curated performances provided by both emerging and acclaimed artists," a release promises. The event will also "raise money for various charities that focus on helping the city and people of Austin, as well as musicians and LP entertainment industry on the whole during this global crisis.

March Diplo announced a virtual "corona world tour, " where the DJ will be going live on Instagram, Twitch and Youtube every day for the rest of the week. Thursday night March 26 at 7 p. Tori Kelly hosted an Instagram Live stream, where she performed a number of her own songs, covers including Mariah Carey 's "Hero," and chatted with Alessia Cara before the duo performed the latter's "Rooting for You.

EST and run until Saturday at 10 p. James Bay has announced he'll be giving guitar lessons of some of his songs via Instagram Live.

The first lesson will take place today at p. ESTJoJo p. ESTJennifer Hudson p. ESTSofi Tukker p. ESTH. ESTBush p. ESTKirk Franklin p. EST and Guy Sebastian p. A red carpet pre-Show hosted by Broadway's Jared Gertner will kick off at p. EST, followed by the gathering at p. Head here for more info. CT via Facebook Live. Awolnation's Aaron Bruno has been going live on Instagram with fellow artists.

Today's session will feature Duff McKagan, taking place at p. Nashville hitmaker Matt Stell will launch Penned Up at p. CT on his Instagram.

Members and non-members alike can view past performances via the platform from artists like Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Jay-Z, Beyonce and more.

Today's livestream is Latin-focused, with performances from J. Head here each day to watch. CT via her Facebook page. This week's special guest is Dave East, who will be chatting about life in quarantine, movies, fitness, food and life. Declan McKenna will go live on Instagram at 4 p. EST to perform and talk about his album postponement.

Ingrid Andress announced that on her Lady Like release date March 27she will go live on Instagram at 12 p.

Metallica announced MetallicaMondays every Monday at 8 p. EST, when they will be sharing some of their best performances. Josh Ritter will go live at 5 p.

PST here for an acoustic livestream. Elderbrook performed live in London here. Linkin Park celebrated the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory by reacting to never-before-seen concert footage from Orville Peck went live for a performance, and also chatted with fans. Jimmie Allen announced that he will be performing live on all of his social channels on Thursday March 26 at 5 p. He will be accompanied by a full band, and will perform songs including his two hits, "Best Shot" and "Make Me Want To.

EST on their Facebook page. Each episode will be minutes long, and will feature the country singer-songwriter "building his songs from scratch. The show gets built in front you. A new Russian platform called Stay will be streaming performances online, and fans can support their favorite artist by paying a nominal fee. First up is a performance from the group Hadn Dadn on March March Beatport will launch a hour Twitch live stream show Friday, March 27 at 4 p.

Check out the full 24 artist lineup here. Morgan Wallen will host a live concert featuring a special unreleased song on Facebook and Instagram at 7 p. Orville Peck will perform tracks off his debut album Pony to celebrate its first anniversary, tease an upcoming record and chat with fans and special guests at 9 p.

ET on his InstagramFacebook and Twitch live streams. Dua Lipa hosted an Instagram Live session where she announced the expedited release date for her Future Nostalgia album -- this Friday, March 27 -- instead of April 3. Armin van Buuren launched a live stream featuring reruns of A State Of Trance global sets and trance artists' new video mixes at 12 p. Check out Stone's performance hereand see the full schedule for the week here. Garth Brooks has announced he will play a concert on his weekly "Inside Studio G" Facebook series tonight at p.

The show will be just Brooks and a guitar and possibly wife Trisha Yearwood taking requests for up to an hour. Christine and the Queens will perform on her Instagram Live at p. Check out the full schedule for this week here. Brandy Clark will be hosting her livestream concert today at 3 p.

Picture This will perform on their Instagram Live at p. Vance Joy will perform on their Instagram Live at p. Morgan Wallen will go live on his Instagram and Facebook pages at p. Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard has announced that he'll be providing fans with some in-home entertainment in the form of performances livestreamed from his home studio.

Watch all of the episodes here. If you're interested, sign up here. March Katie Couric will perform a piano concert on her Instagram Live at a. Evanescence will perform on their Instagram Live at p.

Canadian Steele - Stallion (11) - Rise And Ride (Vinyl, LP, Album), A Love Supreme: Part 1 - Acknowledgement - John Coltrane - Espiritual (CD), War Pigs - Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chtaime Pis Chten Veux - AutChose - Encore (Vinyl, LP), Flap Cr Roll - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 5 (Vinyl, LP, Al, My Own Way Home - Various - Hit News 93 Vol. 2 (CD), Les Structures Des Villes - Téléfax - Des Courbes De Choses Invisibles (CD), Untitled, Beyond The Edge Of Consciousness - Eisflammen - In The Element... (CD, Album), Torso - Gate (5) - This Is Grind! (Cassette)

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  1. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.

  2. Jack Straw — Music composed by Bob Weir and lyrics written by Robert Hunter, recorded by the Grateful Dead. The song first appeared as a track on the Europe '72 album, K "Kiamichi Mountain Home" – Bill Grant and Delia Bell, "The Kiamichi Trace" – Bill Grant, "King of Oklahoma" – Michael Franks,

  3. Phone: Email: [email protected] Address: 53A Duxton Road, Singapore Powered by Retrophonic Records LLP - Yes, we are a physical and independent record shop in Singapore and we sell vinyl records, turntables and audio equipment.

  4. Jah Lloyd, a.k.a. Jah Lion, The Black Lion of Judah, and Jah Ali, Jamaican singer, deejay, songwriter, and record producer, born Patrick Lloyd Francis (- 12 Jun ) 74 years ago today, in Point Hill, St. Catherine.

  5. Sep 24,  · Some of the songs have since appeared online, with 'In The Snow' and 'Pretty Horses' surfacing in , followed by 'Lighten Up' the next year, and Manson posted 'Dark Hearts And Heart Beats' on her Facebook page in , but investigation has discovered that it was copyrighted in , and was therefore part of the solo album recordings.

  6. The year was an important one for psychedelic rock, and was famous for its "Summer of Love" in San saw major releases from The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour), Small Faces ("Itchycoo Park"), Eric Burdon & The Animals (Winds of Change), Big Brother and The Holding Company (Big Brother and The Holding Company), The Doors (The .

  7. Online shopping from a great selection at CDs & Vinyl Store. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Stereo Mix The Beatles $ $ 97 $ $ (10,) Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture Scripture Lullabies, Jay Stocker $ $

  8. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Grohl talks about almost joining GWAR, debating songwriting methods with Rivers Cuomo, breaking his leg, and much more in .

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