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Hope this section is regarded as the right place to submit this No news on a release date. A Perfect Circle - release date keep slipping back, probably pushed back to an early release. Arovane - when will the new album be out? Arthur Baker - new studio album been working on it for yonks, including help from Mogwai and New Order.

Bark Psychosis - DustSucker album delayed due to legal problems. Beyond Dawn - when will they follow up their debut peaceville album, Electric Sulking Machine, they seem to have spent yonks recording an album, however expect them to deliver the goods.

The Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) Nile - new album duebut when? Expect more delays this is the Blue Nile way! CJ Bolland - stated too busy doing other things to release an album! Carl Craig - album now due in ! Circulation - when will they follow up the sublime Colours album. Tech-House sounds par excellence. Dave Clarke - too busy DJing, album delayed to Adam Freeland - debut studio album on Marine Parade label, when?

I Monster - no news at all of the album? Jonny L - will he ever make a studio album again? Killing Joke - album delayed again, till Klute - a new album would be cool, I enjoyed the last album that mixed up different electronic styles and sounds. Kraftwerk - rumours of a new album last year, but then nothing.

Laika - next studio album Larmousse - no news on the follow up album. Lemon D - longest award for working on a debut electronic album ever! Lengsel - superb atmospheric dark metal band from Norway, been working on a new album - no news of a release date. Matrix Virus - It is about time Matrix dropped a new album. Medicine Regal Records - debut album sometime this year - this is a house genre artist not the 90s alternative band Medicine!

Big mystery, however will he surprise us all one day and suddenly announce a new album? The Opposition - Mr. Andrea Parker - new album, when? Photek - all quiet on the Photek front at the mo. Rico - follow up on the way from this Scottish electro-rock artist. Shriekback - in the process of recording a comeback album. One of Britain's top tech-house artists. SikTh - the most talked about innovative underground rock band in the UK, release an album this year please.

Sirconical - apparently an album coming up on Twisted Nerve. Technical Itch - new album when? Max Tundra - apparently new album is coming but when?

Voivod - been talk of producing the new album for yonks. Witchman - Innasylum Deviant - again another promised come back, but when? Vince Watson - superb tech house producer from Scotland, when will a studio album be dropped - seems to prefer Vinyl only releases for DJs. Zinc - on DJ Hype's label, will Zinc ever finish and release his album?

The first single is due October, then the album - that is likely to be called just Mansun. So it is due sometime in ? The opening title track bublles forth with a warm oscillating bassline and perfectly executed key transitions that flow with enough squashed bounce to satisfy all who cross its path.

Fans of Ersatz, electropop and pure old dancefloor jacking will find much enjoyment within. The reflective patterns and ocean deep feelings brought through on his last CD 'Cirque' have here developed into a modern ambient overhauling of the finest works of Claude Debussy selected and re-wired by Geir Jenssen.

The sounds or atmosphere are pure Biosphere, dark in nature, like reading from old books, delicate brittle paper fraying away at the edges.

Music for the great outdoors which is where most music of this ilk is best heard, the perfect soundtrack for a walk in the woods or a lazy sunday afternoon in the back garden.

Twelve tracks. Usual beautiful artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft. Quietly stunning. This is Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) kinda conceptish CD about a pioneering space pirate's adventures on earth alongside his magic blackbirds as they collect flora and fauna. Try viewing the additional quicktime movie to make sense of it all.

Eighteen tracks in one hour of whacked sonic explorations in quirkdom. Not at all as shockingly provocative as the Tigerbeat missives, there is an assured maturity on display here, though still restless and mischievous that truly delivers track after track Through the spastic breakbeatravepop of 'en gaard' to the lo-fi hiphoppopbeat of 'Rockitship Alongside the 'Messy Jessy Fiesta' and 'Snauses and Mallards' this is the finest yet from these girls on a mission and as with Kevin Blechdom's solo efforts it shows they open up to a whole world of possibilities and desires when left to their own devices.

This is very probably, and I say this in all honesty, the best mix CD ever conceived. Jaga Jazzist - Livingroom Hush - Smalltown Supersound Much delayed but finally out in the UK this is a genius jazz album from the same label that houses electronica wunderkid and design master Kim Hiorthoy.

Featuring members from the Norwegian jazz, improv and electronics scene to make up what is akin to the Charles Mingus big band for the 23rd century. Influenced by 70's Weather Report to the manic rhythms of Squarepusher from darkness and serene light there are some truly beautiful melodic sections.

So if you like electronics and jazz this album comes strongly recommended though it's more jazz than anything else and in so being is one of the best jazz CD's of that's had strong reviews across the board. Tight beats come from artists such as Carl A.

Which is nice!! Exhilirating in the kind of way that only 6 minutes of pure aggression can be, this is seriously enjoyable stuff from a man with a healthy ability to vent his spleen sonically. In all, wonderfully angry, enjoyable from end to end. Navigating fluidly through a series of absorbing and granular abstract environments.

She studied percussion, voice and inter-disciplinary arts in Varanasi-India, Jerusalem, Ghana and at the California institute of the arts. Guy Harries works extensively as a flutist and vocalist. His current musical work consists mostly of the interactive combination of live electronics and acoustic instruments. It is an intimate document exploring manipulation, militarist education and war. The mood shifts rapidly from the violent and tragic to the comic and grotesque, reflecting the ambiguous nature of the subject.

The sound material draws from a wide scope of sources: extensive use of text and voice, recorded sounds of children in their natural or unnatural surroundings, acoustic instruments and a variety of the latest electronic techniques in the field of synthesis and sound processing. The album combines different genres; heavy beats, soundscape narratives, noise and theatrical elements merge into one.

Both text and sound refer to different places, ranging from the middle east where the artists grew up and Africa to Europe. It will not leave you untouched. Digipack wallet with 20 page libretto booklet. File under soundworks. Having known each other for years, the two happily accepted.

This CD brings to life highlights from these recordings, illustrating some of the best work to date from both acts. Noise, hyperrhythmic tinkering, jazznoise at it's most intense and free thinking.

A pure blast. Using mature production and seductive jazz samples, Jon has created a truly notable record. Taking equal inspiration from 60's 'Kind Of Blue' jazz and 70's 'Innervisions' soul, Jon has crafted a release that Chooses understated melodies and chord changes over cheap thrill loops and scratches. It is the work of someone who has spent years in the studio; something which comes forward with the sheer levels of production brilliance found within.

Melvins - Hostile Ambient - Ipecac The Melvins are back with their eighteenth album to date and this is the royal best yet! Nuff said. The 12" all have killer cuts on them and the CD is a superb way of having them all in one place, genius beats!! There are even strings that appear through the track, a floor filler before you drop the really heavy tracks. Moody briliance. The 'Slight Return' roughs the edges up and strips the vocal back a little for some crunchyclick action.

Third and last cut 'Ikea' is some minimal tech Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) cut with sprinkles of acid flashes and jackin' beats. Bring on the album. Nothings confirmed or denied at the mo. I especially love how this song builds from an almost hymnal opening only to swell in size and sound with the string orchestration and some killer work on the drums. Siffre's entire catalog from the '70s is classic material even if many of you probably have never heard of him.

This was from his debut album and it's just as good of a place to start as any to enjoy his gifts. My awareness of him preceded his passing but I had been giving Ellis' cover of Jr. Walker's hit much spin in the first part of the year that when Ellis passed away in October, I found myself coming back to his catalog again and again.

Ellis was arguably reggae's finest soul man, not just with his covers but also original compositions. Not something you'd want as a first dance at your wedding but doesn't it sound like an embrace rather than slow turn away?

Also on New Orleans Funk Vol. King is best known as the home of James Brown for many of his pivotal funk productions of the late 60s Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) at least for this single, the Cincinnati-based label picked up a slice of NOLA funk thanks to this excellently produced tune from Wardell Quezerque.

Big Stuff. As big of a fan I am of the late master's work, I had never listened to anything he did past the early '70s and I was mightily drawn to how good this cover of Stevie Wonder's song is. The sound of this song is just so gorgeous, especially the first few minutes but I did have to admit I wasn't quite as enamored with the vocals Like Bobby B. Joe Bataan: Ordinary Guy 7" version From 7" Fania, "Ordinary Guy" has been Joe Bataan's enduring hit for over 40 years but this version, which only appeared on 7" single, isn't well known and when I first heard it, I was instantly enamored.

It's not entirely clear what Fania's thinking was but they brought in pianist Richard Tee to give the song a a subtle new dynamic, most obviously heard in how different the new intro is.

Tee's piano has a strong presence, especially with an arrangement that sounds very much like the beginning of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's "Precious Love. It wasn't until I heard the Boogaloo Assassins play it at their shows that I Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) reminded of how damn good it is; it's since become, easily, one of my favorite Latin songs ever.

Love how it changes up from a guanguanco into a son montuno and has those beautiful keyboard chords anchoring.

Sometimes all you need is a good groove and this obscure disco single from the mids delivers a one helluva great groove that just goes on Jamie Lidell - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (CDr) on and on. Under other circumstances, I'd find the whole thing repetitious but somehow, I don't tire of it.

I created this "Unity Mix" which combines the original mix and disco mix in a simple edit. I love the small touches of funk to the arrangement, especially those pianos at the very beginning.

This has a fantastic groove to it and you put Stevie's distinctive vocals on top of that and you have an unbeatable combination.

Songs that are technically new i. It's a completely alternate recording of the Watts rd's big hit, "Express Yourself. No one wants to think of the Holocaust while groovin' to sweet soul - but even if the Chicago band formerly known as the Kaldirons probably could have chosen a better name for themselves, at least the music speaks for itself. The album - a soundtrack for a blaxploitation film never made - has an interesting backstory all its own but for now, all you need to know is how damn good "I Don't Care" is.

Especially when paired with that melancholy but heavy guitar melody by newcomer Carl Wolfolk, there's something sublime about how the group's falsetto voices come coasting in on top of the track. It's a mix of slow-building drama with an angelic set of voices, lending a gospel-like quality to the music's otherwise dark undertones. I don't know why it sounds so perfect with the season but there's something warm and comforting about this that makes you want to wrap yourself in it.

But if I had to pick amongst that trio, this Nina Simone reworking took the slimmest of leads, possibly because it's so damn happy which is not an adjective I often associate with Her High Priestess. Seriously though, this whole album is nice. Honorable Mentions: 1.

Patti Drew: Stop and Listen 2. Joubert Singers: Stand On the Word 3. Ceil Miner: Stardust 4. Nick and Valerie: I'll Find You 7. Pedrito Ramirez y su Combo: Micaela 8. Bobby Reed: The Time is Right 9. That's how I learned that the "Dance mix" is basically a long, five minute looping of the last two minutes of the original version and while it certainly is an incredible part of the song, I still like how the rest of the song sounds too so I did a simple edit that combined the two sides into one long, six minute song that includes both "halves.

Labels: 45sdisco. I recorded this mix for Dublab. I originally created it as a promo mix for Deep Covers 2 though the timing was off since Dublab was back-logged over the summer. Still, I put in a nice selection of different cover songs here - some you've heard, some you haven't. Hopefully I'll be rolling back to Dublab to do another mix soon. Black Gold now available on import Hercules And Love Affair : Raise Me Up Taken from the self-titled release on DFA A follow up to my post from last week, today we explore some classic sounds, some quirky sounds and a few selections from the new frontiers of modern A bit about our little disco adventure As for Part One of the series: the Golden Flamingo track could those drums sound any iller?

The first ripped from a very well-recommended series brought to us by the heads at Counterpointwho have done well to piece together a collection of disco, boogie, and disco-rap into a tightly knit two installment comp.

The second, a nice little flea market score. So that's where "Brass Monkey" comes from The other joints Charanga 76known for their latin reinterpretations of disco classics and a staple of my DJ sets for the handclapping hell-raiser that it is; Evelyn Kingcourtesy of Part Two--above--includes some recently discovered obscurities such as the Peekskill track which I've been hunting for for a minute.

Wait it out till the five-minute mark and you get an absolutely epic three-minute crescendo Don Armando was a side project of Kid Creole in the early 80's. Sometime Creole collaborator Fonda Rae absolutely slays the wacky vocals which were originally sung by Ethel Merman?!? That's right.

The writing credit on this track goes to Irving Berlin. The blazing "Odyssey" synth-fest was originally used as scoring for an episode of the 80's TV show, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century --??? Listen to that instrumental freak out. Lastly, the new stuff. Forget that Sam Sparro happens to be a friend of a friend--Dude is mad talented and his new record is apparently blowing the F up in Britain right now.

If Jamie Lidell wrote with a sense of humor and Jamiroquai returned from Jupiter, maybe the three of them could form the epickest 3-part pale-skinned Prince cover band ever. Till then, don't sleep on fresh talent. And for best record of the last 12 months I nominate Hercules and Love Affair.

Run, don't walk, to you local record store where you may happily fork over 20 bucks sorry, import only for the most inventive dance record in recent memory. So there it is. Get your dance on, friends. This is good music to sweat by. Golden Flamingo Orchestra feat. It requires just the right proportions beat, cheese, strings, handclaps, obscurity, populist appeal, introspective build-up and anthemic deliverance.

The old wedding day maxim could almost be jacked verbatim for application in regards to the necessary elements for a proper disco party-rock: Something old, something new In this case we'll tweak the 'borrowed' to mean a cover song and 'something blue' in the musical sense.

Labels: discosoul crates. Max Roach with the J. Let's just first say that the sound of the song runs deep and for good reason: this is a Joel Dorn productionwhich is perhaps why - even though I had never heard the song before - it sounded familiar, like a lost Headless Heroes song.

White has such a powerful, resonant voice on the song; the music has a slow, measured power to it too, of course, but it's White's vocals that brings the song down upon you.

But wait toward the end, when the full chorus comes in and the song's emotional state changes from morose to uplifting - it's stunning. For whatever reason, listening to this, I kept thinking about Gil Scott-Heron - stylistically, there's some clear similarities - and it motivated me to pull out one of my favorite albums by him, Winter In America almost certainly the most successful Strata-East title ever.

The song sounds marshmallow mellow on one hand but when you listen to what Heron is singing about, there's a abiding darkness that seeps into the otherwise soft musical fabric. This pair of songs is best heard beginning with a deep breath. Then dive in.

Tu Ten Vas, A Thing Of The Past - The Shirelles - The Worlds Greatest Girls Group (CD), Roses & Moonbeams (Stereo) - Gary Tanner - Roses & Moonbeams (Vinyl), Die Picos Spielen Beliebte Schlager, Somethings Coming - Stan Kenton - Kentons West Side Story (Vinyl, LP, Album), How Do I Get There - Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This? (CD, Album), Something Different - Bonus Fruit - Dissatisfied (File, MP3, Album), Bintou Kouyaté - Aminata Kamissoko - Kognoumalon (CD, Album), Good Night - Emerald Four - I Want To Be A Saint (File, MP3, Album), En Roulant Ma Boule - Emile Normand Sextet - Emile Normand (Vinyl, LP), His-Story - The Devil In Miss Jones - Venlo Headache (Vinyl)

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  7. Jamie Lidell Compass “I don’t want to be closed,” Jamie Lidell sings at the beginning of Compass, “But opening up has left me completely exposed.”Then things go haywire. His voice is crystalline—light, sharp and precise—as the music opens up into seismic bass throbs, peals of distortion, lazer blasts, and steam-engine human beat-boxing.

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