I don't know the exact date of this show, other than it being in April Very good quality soundboard recording the vocals are a little high in the mix made just four days after the show in the previous post. The longer set-list would suggest that the West Runton show is an incomplete recording.

Again, there are songs that wouldn't see the light of day until some time after this gig: 'Short Songs' and 'Moon Over Marin. Very good soundboard recording. Debut album 'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables' had been released the previous month, though the show includes songs that wouldn't be released until some time later - 'Too Drunk to Fuck' was a single inwhile 'Bleed for Me' and 'Halloween' were singles in West Runton is a small village to the west of the sleepy Victorian seaside town of Cromer in Norfolk.

An odd place for the Dead Kennedys to play, perhaps, and it must have come as something of a culture shock to the inhabitants and the bandthough the Sex Pistols had played in Cromer a few years before see earlier post: Sex Pistols at Cromer.

This is a major upgrade of an earlier post, being a much more complete version of this superb show by Ride from The first song is taken from the original FM broadcast, which consisted of just five songs. The others are from a digital re-broadcast which omitted 'Drive Blind' but included eight songs not originally transmitted. Average-sounding audience recording, which is slightly disappointing, as the sound in the Cornwall Coliseum was usually very good.

I organised a coach trip to this very gig. The Cult were touring their then-new album 'Electric. The Cornwall Coliseum was the most Westerly major venue in England and, in the s, played host to many major acts. Sadly, it fell into disuse and was demolished in In response to a request by Jimmy, here's Altered Images in concert - one of the earliest tapes I have.

Altered Images were riding high, following the chart success UK number 2 of their 'Happy Birthday' single and having gained extra exposure following singer Clare Grogan's appearance in the film 'Gregory's Girl.

Garbage were at the peak of their success at this point, following the release of second album 'Garbage 2. I don't recall this being on UK radio - this was an American show, complete with annoying DJ and lots of commercials every couple of songs, in fact. So, I've carefully edited it so that it's now just the music. Very good audience recording of the Queens on the main stage at Reading.

It's the 25th anniversary of this show today - a very good audience recording of the Ramones' third night at the Lyceum, London in Unlike the 'Return to London' soundboard recording of the previous night, this is the full show and the band are in fine form - as ever. Did the Ramones ever play a bad show? The band were touring their third album 'Tighten Up Vol 88' at the time.

Two short FM radio broadcasts, and my favourite type of Billy Bragg show - just him and his guitar. This show happened exactly 25 years ago today and is posted to mark that anniversary. It's a stunning soundboard recording of the second of the Ramones' four 'comeback' shows in London.

The band hadn't visited Britain for a few years, and their then-current LP 'Too Tough to Die' had initially only been available in Britain as an import. The four shows at The Lyceum proved the band was still a big draw over here as if anyone should have doubted that This set is incomplete, missing about six songs, presumably due to the need to fit tracks onto the bootleg LP 'Return to London' from which this was originally recorded.

I have an audience tape from the following night which has a complete - and Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette) - set-list. Some of the songs from these Lyceum shows possibly from this night, given that it's a soundboard recording turned up a few years back on the bonus 'Smash You Live in London' CD which accompanied the 'Their Toughest Hits' compilation album.

The sound on this upload is sharper than the 'Smash You' CD which was a little muddy. Very good audience recording - slightly bass-heavy, with the vocals a little low, but a blistering performance from the same night as the Eddie and the Hot Rods show posted earlier.

Excellent FM radio broadcast recorded around the time the band's second album 'Doubt' was released. Fantastic soundboard recording. Somewhere there must exist the complete shows in this quality, given the soundboard source.

There are audience recordings, but nothing that comes even close to this. Morrissey was back in both critical and commercial favour following the release of 'You are the Quarry' and played Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette) on the bill to The White Stripes on the Saturday night at Reading.

This was the second of two nights at The Palladium, and was also the night Pennie Smith took the legendary photograph of Paul Simonon about to smash his bass guitar on the stage.

Excellent soundboard recording of the third and final London date at the end of the 'Sort it Out' tour. The Soup Dragons were half-way through their career when they briefly hit the big time, with a UK top-5 hit in the form of 'I'm Free.

This show finds them at the peak of their success, and on fine form mid-way between their third album 'Lovegod' and it's successor 'Hotwired.

This show includes several classic singles. A good quality audience recording. New Model Army were at their peak in terms of popularity and commercial success inwith their 'Thunder and Consolation' album reportedly selling a million copies worldwide. A measure of their popularity at this time is tat they played second on the bill The Pogues headlined on the Saturday at the festival - the first to be organised by Mean Fiddler, following a very patchy and poorly attended festival the previous year.

It sounds very much like a soundboard recording. One of so many bands of the era who are best known for one song - in the case of the Hot Rods, it's the classic 'Do Anything You Wanna do.

Tracks 9 and 10 are from a different show date and location unknownbut broadcast on Dutch FM radio, so presumably also in The Netherlands. Sadly, despite many great songs, the Psychedelic Furs are still best known for 'Pretty in Pink. Very good audience recording.

The Mission were relentless tourers back then and were promoting second album 'Children' at the time. I don't think this is the full show, as it appears to lack encores, but it was all that was on the tape. I bought a ticket for this gig - I really don't know why, as I was living miles away in Falmouth, Cornwall at the time and, being a student, had no money, so I couldn't afford to get up to London to attend.

I still have the unused ticket Excellent audience recording, apparently made with professional quality equipment - and it shows. This is one of the best Clash live shows.

The band played three dates at the Lyceum as part of their 'Sort it Out' tour, supported by The Slits. The shows were also filmed as part of the band's then-forthcoming film 'Rude Boy. The third night was on 3rd January That Petrol Emotion were between record labels at this point, and this recording includes tracks that wouldn't appear on record until their album 'Fireproof' - which would prove to be the band's last studio album.

Excellent FM radio broadcast, made while That Petrol Emotion were touring their fourth album 'Chemicrazy' - their first following the departure of main songwriter Sean O'Neill. Sometimes the big box of tapes surprises even me - what I thought was a blank tape, turned out to have this excellent FM radio broadcast, from a Radio 1 'Sound City' season.

Following the release of second album 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' The Pogues were breaking out of the cult status they'd enjoyed up until the autumn of One of their biggest shows to date aside from playing Scunthorpe Free Rock in August The band were on a roll at this point - tight through endless gigs, and before booze and internal tensions marred their creativity. Very good FM radio broadcasts. The main show here, in Utrecht, was recorded when REM were breaking out of the US college scene, following the release two weeks earlier of 'Document' and on the cusp of superstardom, which would really begin with the release of 'Green' the following year.

Despite some great tunes, the band never achieved mainstream success but carried on untilbefore reforming in Very good FM Broadcast. Although this is quite readily available, it's the last of my Undertones recordings, so I thought I might as well add it to the other two on here. If anyone has any high-quality earlier Undertones shows, I'd be very interested to hear them.

This set was recorded a few weeks before the release of the band's second album 'Hypnotised' and the band sound great, though the bass is rather high in the mix. Excellent digital radio re-broadcast of an Undertones gig from May Net news. May Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette), Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved August 4, May 28, Retrieved June 4, Mid-Hudson News. Statewide News Network, Inc. Archived from the original on May 30, Retrieved May 27, Retrieved October 12, Asahi Shimbun.

Retrieved April 4, Getty Images. Legoland Japan. Scream scape. July 8, Retrieved July 31, October 15, Archived from the original PDF on June 14, Retrieved June 14, May 7, Archived from the original on March 17, September 14, Retrieved October 11, April 14, Legoland Shanghai. November 6, Retrieved February 12, Roller Coaster DataBase.

Hansa-Park in German. Retrieved July 26, Legoland at Wikipedia's sister projects. Project X Lost Kingdom Adventure. Legoland Discovery Centre Legoland Sierksdorf.

The 4D film is pretty fun, was clutch powers 3 years ago, now Ninjago. Pretty enjoyable, even for adults. The rides are more for younger kids, thing year olds might really not enjoy it that much, think they are used to more 'speed'. Some staff is very nice but certain policies from Merlin regarding handicapped people is quite shocking, but I'll not go into that too much here. The queus at guest services are nuts. We had fun both times, but we did realise beforehand that the park was worn etc so didn't expect too much.

Managed to get a good deal on hotel and park too. I've been to the Windsor Legoland three times in my life. Once when I was about 10, once Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette)and once last year. My favourite section was always Miniland. Visiting it last year was quite sad as it really has fallen into quite a state of disrepair. Bricks are dirty and Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette). Buses, cars, trains, lying on their sides half broken.

Ships half sunken. The rest of the park left me and the rest of the group I was thinking "There isn't enough Lego! Aside from Miniland, most of the rest of the park is merely made to look like Lego. There are Legoland - Neds Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal? (Cassette) builds dotted around - the occasional bird in a tree, a lantern or two, but it was really disappointing how little Lego there actually was. The rides are definitely for the younger variety, almost too young.

They're a bit boring to be honest. The new Star Wars section is quite good. Actual models built from Lego, seems so unusual! I actually came away thinking that will probably be the last time I go. I haven't been to the other parks I'd like to, Billund especiallybut Windsor really left me quite sad. I've not been for a few years now my kids have grown up but it's gone downhill a lot since Merlin took over, particularly in the last 5 years or so.

I don't think it's possible to have a pleasant day out there at this time of year if you want to do the rides because it's just too crowded and unless you're willing to pay out for Q-Bots, which are astronomically priced and, as others have said, spoil it for everyone else, then you will be queuing for hours.

My niece brought her kids over from Ireland last summer holiday and went home disappointed as they only managed to get on 2 rides the whole day.

My advice would be to visit Billund instead which is much better kept and less crowded although you still have to pay for parking What snowhitie said about Windsor 'reprosenting. Try again What snowhitie said about Windsor LL representing the Lego brand.

I usually jump into the conversation there to shout "It's not run by The Lego Group it's run by Merlin. Please keep buying Lego because it's brilliant". Do Merlin legally own the rights to running Legoland for a certain number of years? Could The Lego Group take it over? Who runs Billund? Huw said:. I haven't been to Legoland Windsor for years- do you really have to pay for parking now?

That's pretty extortionate. But, does anyone actually pay full price for getting in? It seems there are always plenty of free tickets around, given away with breakfast cereals and so on. I once got a free annual pass when I bought a big Lego set I think it was Mindstorms from somewhere. On the whole theme parks always seems to be fairly unpleasant Kafkaesque experiences these days.

Are there actually any good ones? DoktorL Member Posts: Especially Billund staff are really dedicated and loving Lego and showing this attitude whereas Windsor staff are mostly just bored or overworked and showing that they don't like to be there. And Merlin seems to just want to make money, hardly putting money in but trying to get everything out.

Having been to both Windsor and Dubai last year the difference between the two is incomparable in everyway I think to be fair because Legoland Billund is in such close proximity to the home of the brand TLG probably exerts more power to help it to keep the spirit of the brand - and implement more brick built models. Almost all the issues you get in Windsor you won't get in Billund - except very standard theme park issues like the long queues in Summer and occasional rides broken down.

I think ink it would be fun to have more AFOL building areas or events put on by the parks - so the adults can have a little fun of their own too. Muftak1 Somewhere cold, probably raining aka Ireland Member Posts: We were hoping to go to LL Windsor next year but after reading this I'm not so sure Thanks for spoiling my future planned holiday! Having been to both Windsor and Billund I would say I agree with the other comments and always try and go to Billund There were plenty of vouchers about for 2 for 1 entry, the taxi driver even gave us a kids go free voucher.

Its cleaner, the fast food in Legoland is far far better, and all the family enjoyed it. Somehow as well there were hardly any queues UK School Easter holidays, which differ slightly from Denmark it seems. Muftak1 said:. Legoboy km further Member Posts: 8, Brickset at Star Wars Miniland preview, 10th March Lyichir United States Member Posts: The main thing I remember from Windsor is that, like Billund, it lacks the iconic Granny's Apple Fries from the American parks, which was a minor bummer.

Can't really compare otherwise since a lot of the Legoland experiences I've had tend to blend together in my mind, making it hard to compare and contrast the different parks. Bobflip Member Posts: I wouldn't say it was terrible, just mediocre. Went a couple of years ago with my girlfriend at the time and another mutual friend, and we had a fun time. It wasn't amazing though, hahah.

Member Posts: 2, My wife not an AFOL of any description and I went in using clubcard vouchers to pay for the tickets. Her exact words when we left at the end of the day were 'It was alright but I wouldn't have paid money to go' and I think this sums it up really.

Admittedly there have been new builds added to miniland and some new attractions have also been added since we went but I'm not entirely sure I could persuade the boss to go back in a hurry. Speedman29 UK Member Posts: 1, Just got back from our trip there.

Got in the big shop just after 9am.

The World - Various - Mysteryland - Yesterday Is History Today Is A Gift Tomorrow Is A Mystery (CD), Captured In A Song - Zrazy - Private Wars (CD, Album), Baby Elephant Walk (Kenos Dry Desert Version) - Various - A Smooth Transition 3 - From Trip Hop To N, Flor - Maldonado (3) - El Arte De Esquivar Puñales (File, MP3, Album), I. The Abduction And Ingrids Lament - Grieg* - Abravanel* / Utah Symphony Orchestra - Works For Orch, Off The Wall - Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (CD, Album), O Kiri - Manu Dibango - Le Prix De La Liberté (Bande Originale Du Film) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Saltarello - Various - Dictionnaire Des Instruments Anciens (Vinyl, LP), Drakkars - Quintal De Clorofila - O Mistério Dos Quintais (CD, Album), I Want You! (George Acosta Remix), Doesnt Matter - The Beau Brummels - Volume 2 (CD, Album), The Wicket Shit - Esham - Detroit Dogshit (CD), Flash - Ottomix Vs DJ Yano - New Ethnic Electronic World 6 (CD)

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  1. Nov 10,  · Ned's Atomic Dustbin. –. Are You Normal? Label: Chaos Recordings – OT , Columbia – OT , Furtive (2) – OT Format: Cassette.

  2. Are You Normal. Ned's Atomic Dustbin Format: Audio CD. out of 5 stars. 33 ratings. Price: $ See all 8 formats and editions. Hide other formats and editions. Listen Now with Amazon Music/5(33).

  3. Ned's Atomic Dustbin was one of the more interesting bands to come out of the early 90's Brit-music scene, with their distinctive dual-bass sound. Although they did have a few hit singles, their work was sadly under-appreciated - fading into obscurity even as they grew more diverse and catchy/5(33).

  4. Jun 30,  · 2. Ned's Atomic Dustbin. Are You Normal? (CD, Album) Sony Soho Square. 2. Australia. /5.

  5. Nov 10,  · Recorded through the Summer of at Chipping Norton, Rockfield and Ridge Farm Studios. Mixed at The Hit Factory London & The Wool Hall Bath. "Suave and Suffocated" contains an extract from "Apocalypse Now" used by permission of Zoetrope Corporation ().

  6. Reviewed in the United States on September 14, Ned's Atomic Dustbin was one of the more interesting bands to come out of the early 90's Brit-music scene, with their distinctive dual-bass sound. Although they did have a few hit singles, their work was sadly under-appreciated - fading into obscurity even as they grew more diverse and catchy/5(33).

  7. Oct 19,  · Original sound recording made by Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. Distribution: Sony Music. Recorded through the Summer of at Chipping. Norton, Rockfield and .

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