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Article by Ian Lithgow. Australian Car. October 26, Dead Flowers Live with Brad Paisley 8. Please note that none of the bootlegs here are sactioned by Bad Religion and no profit is made from them; not by us The Bad Religion Page and especially not by Bad Religion. Over the hills and far away 2. Bootleg Sites. Bootlegs from Joy Division and New Order.

Nothingman Pearl Jam song with Chris Martin. Better sound quality than on the other bootlegs from the same show. Release Name: VA E-Mailing denotes acceptance of these terms. Raspberry Beret Prince cover only Chris Martin. It was recorded at the Manchester Free Trade Hall Album) Dylan's world tour inthough early bootlegs attributed the recording to the Royal Albert This is my page dedicaed to all my Kiss bootleg and rare live shows. Sweet Emotion See more ideas about bootleg, live music, bob dylan.

Sectionrow 19, seat?? Pearl Jam released bootlegs of shows from their Backspacer Tour exclusively on its website. Watch live webcasts. All recordings are of the mixing desk, an FM broadcast or directly from the taper.

All recordings are lossless!! Nothing MP3 sourced is on this site. Kurenai 9. Rendez-vous 4 live version Jarre in China Bootleg at Discogs. My Kingdom of Darkness 8. Live bootlegs flac Toggle menu. Beautiful melody and shifts to minor from major, rocking harder, and just a perfectly self-contained song that is part of the bigger picture. That Time of the Night: beautiful atmospheric guitar playing with a lyrical overture of sorts as the keyboards and drums slide along underneath, the bass urgently pounding.

Then the keyboard melody begins, nicely capturing the feeling of a certain time of the night More beautiful lyrics from Fish. The chorus loudly proclaims Torch's feelings, that he hates where he's at, and wants to get away.

He pleads with the listener to come with him, find a way out, leading to a brief reprise of the pounding Warm Wet Circles theme. Going Under: not included on the original LP, I think this piece is essential to the overall work Marillion have made here. Having raged against his circumstances in the previous song, Torch takes a moment to reflect on himself, making sure he hasn't lost himself completely.

It's short, lovely and well placed in the story. Great soaring guitar work to complement the lyrics. Just for the Record: shift to a very upbeat in a nice fun time signature, the keyboard and guitar work is excellent here, interplaying with one another, weaving in and out effortlessly. The lyrics deal with Torch asserting he's going to stop drinking and change his life, with a perfectly written note of doubt at the end. The keyboard interlude is very Genesis, but forgivable on a record so perfectly original and written.

White Russian: the clear and powerful centerpiece of the album, coming appropriately at the center. Stemming from Fish's disgust for a rising Neo-Nazi movement in Europe and all they represented, the fury and anger couldn't be more evident in his performance and lyrics, with a pounding beat and sinister melody to Marillion - This Strange Engine (Vinyl the point all the way home. Ends on a quiet note, of despair perhaps, as Torch gives in to the idea that he can do nothing to stop the things driving him to drink.

All time brilliant prog song. Incommunicado: very upbeat charging song as Torch escapes from the things he hates. The target now is celebrity musicianhood, and all the problems that come with that, as he kisses it all off and says he's going incommunicado.

More excellent, top notch guitar and keyboard interplay here. Fish's vocal performance here is aggressive and exuberant at the same time. Really, all the musicians have reached their absolute peak with this album in every possible way. Torch Song: a much slower, more thoughtful song as Torch again stops to LP his thoughts, drinking and wallowing more. As much as this album sounds depressing when describing it, it's really quite invigorating.

Spoken word from a doctor tells us Torch is literally drinking himself to death, and Torch himself finds this romantic. Slainte Mhathe: a bright piano melody leads us into this song, a cryptic song that seems to be about trying to write, trying to create, and the thought process that that entails. More evocative imagery, but it's not immediately clear what happens in this song. Sugar Mice: An absolutely lovely penultimate song.

Torch is still lost, trying to figure out a direction, how to reorient himself. The chorus shows he has all but given up on the anger that once drove him. It doesn't matter who you blame, we're all just "sugar mice in the rain", only going to last so long. A gorgeous, soaring guitar solo from Rothery Album) to Torch settling the blame for all this on himself after all, and seems to come to be at peace with it.

Tying all the themes together, Torch essentially sums up what he's learned, in extremely florid language of course: life is meaningless, humanity is inherent cynical and amoral, and nothing we do matters. Again, pitch black stuff here, but the delivery gives it something special. If this is not an essential masterpiece of prog, I don't know what is. Pseudo Silk Kimono: good stage setting overture of sorts, minor key synth melodies, very pretty.

All strong, good stuff. Bitter Suite: This is where it always starts to fall apart for me. Atmospheric noodling is not really what Marillion is good at, so it's inclusion is fine, if puzzling. Then we get the music kicking in, spoken word lyrics VERY much seeming to be written on acid, then shifting to a sung portion about, something? Then a reprise of the lavender melody with more wonderful imagery that just Look, the music and the instruments are all good, singing good, it's just like, all put together at random.

Heart of Lothian: melody starts to pick up and kicks in for another upbeat rock song The Lamb Lies down is surreal and random but there was a narrative that held it together. Waterhole: Side 2 kicks off with another minor key melody, sort of linking to Heart of Lothian, Fish doing his sort of "arch" vocal tic that brings a sinister edge. Lords of the Backstage: More upbeat rock with good musicianship and great imagery, serving nothing.

It's great to listen to, but it also makes it all sort of feel like it runs together. Blind Curve: Another long piece made up of a couple disconnected pieces. Good guitar solo from Rothery, strong work from all involved, but still seeming indistinct from the rest. Childhood's End? Pretty good. White Feather: Pretty much continues from the last song, uplifting ending. Perhaps this gets highly rated due to it's influence, but that shouldn't change the rating in my opinion.

An influential album must also stand as excellent in it's own right, this one is good but not great. In my opinion, Clutching at Straws is the true Marillion masterpiece, achieving what they tried to here on every level. Lifting aside, this is a very confident and self-assured debut album that shows serious talent and musicianship. The songs are all well composed and paced, with no one band member outshining any others.

Pete Trewavas does Marillion - This Strange Engine (Vinyl good job of emulating classic prog bassists withOUT overt copying. Mark Kelly's keyboards are tasteful and well played.

Lots of good guitar work from Steve Rothery. My personal favorite from the album is the Garden Party. Somehow I did it, clutching at sleep! EMI were relieved. Fish seemed OK. The rest of the band were a bit unmoved, it was so different to the previous sleeves. I was bloody disappointed!

I loved this album, still do. It was some kind of pinnacle as far as I am concerned. Probably my favourite of theirs. And I felt cheated! It was not the sleeve I had imagined. You don't win them all, believe me! InDavid Hepworth wrote in Q"Musically, Clutching at Straws doesn't depart far from the educated arrangements of previous albums.

However somebody has been applying a stop watch to the individual songs and to the solos within them; thus we have eleven distinct songs, each with its own melodic virtues and most with quite acceptable hook lines barked out by Fish There are tracks here that could have snuck into Sting 's live act quite easily.

AllMusic described the album as "perhaps Marillion's most unheralded masterpiece" which "showcases some of the band's most satisfying compositions, including the magnificent 'Warm Wet Circles' and 'That Time of the Night The Short Straw ' Tour opener 'Slainte Mhath' is simple and elegant, building to its dramatic crescendo only to be upstaged by 'Sugar Mice' — quite simply, one of Marillion's best commercial singles ever".

Music writer Paul Stenning described 'Incommunicado' as "the most original commercial composition of all time," and the album as a whole "the greatest progressive rock album of all time. Inwhile including Clutching at Straws in the "50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time", Rolling Stone stated that "Marillion's fourth album balanced melody and melodrama" and commented on the "atmospheric production and guitarist Steve Rothery's spacious, relatively restrained guitar which split the difference between Genesis ' Steve Hackett and U2 's the Edge ".

The album was originally released on cassette, vinyl LP, 12" picture disc and was the first Marillion album to be released on compact disc.

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  1. Marillion signed for Castle Records, and went on to record three albums with them, these being This Strange Engine, Radiation, and The band, though, became increasingly unhappy with the poor marketing strategy, and lack of understanding of the music, by their record company, and they parted ways, with no real prospect of a new.

  2. Clutching at Straws is the fourth studio album by the British neo-progressive rock band Marillion, released on June 22, It was the last album with lead singer Fish, who left the band in , and is a concept album.. Although Clutching at Straws did not achieve the sales of its predecessor, the number one album Misplaced Childhood, spending 15 weeks on the .

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  4. Seasons End is the fifth studio album by British rock band Marillion, released in The album was the first to feature current lead singer Steve Hogarth, following the departure of former vocalist Fish in late It reached number 7 on the UK Albums Chart.

  5. Clutching at Straws is the fourth studio album by the British neo-progressive rock band Marillion, released on June 22, It was the last album with lead singer Fish, who left the band in , and is a concept album.. Although Clutching at Straws did not achieve the sales of its predecessor, the number one album Misplaced Childhood, spending 15 weeks on the UK album chart (the shortest.

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