When Friends Fall Out 7. Proper Stranger 9. Got To Find Another Way - previously unreleased, bonus track. No Time 2. The Rapper 3. Brother Louis 4. One Toke Over The Line 5. Walk On The Wild Side 6. Take A Letter Maria 7. Rich Girl 8. Count On Me Extended Versions Live CD. Share The Land 2. Rain Dance 3. These Eyes 4.

Sour Suite 5. Hand Me Down World 6. Albert Flasher 7. New Mother Nature 8. Glace Bay Blues 9. Heartbroken Bopper 2. Get Your Ribbons On 3.

Arrivederci Girl 5. Guns, Guns, Guns 6. Running Bear 7. Back To The City 8. Your Nashville Sneakers 9. Herbert's A Loser Hi Rockers Nobody Knows His Name Diggin' Yourself Dirty Eye Loves Me Like A Brother Long Gone. At The Hop 2. Great Balls Of Fire 3. Summertime Blues 4. Lollipop 6. Get A Job 7. It's All In The Game 8. Purple People Eater 9. Endless Sleep Tequila Susie Darlin' Are You Sincere Sugartime Catch A Falling Star Witch Doctor Tom Dooley Poor Little Fool Patricia Bird Dog Rockin' Robin Tracks of Disc 2 1.

In The Year Tracks of Disc 3 1. Love Will Keep Us Together 2. Hot Stuff 4. Nothing From Nothing 6. What's Your Name 7. Shake Your Groove Thing Morning Side Of The Mountain Rockin' Robin You Wear It Well I'm In You Once You Get Started Hollywood Swinging Hot Pants Pt.

Don't Worry Baby One Bad Apple Austin Meets Felicity 2. Am I Sexy? I'm a Believer - The Monkees 4. Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf 5. American Woman - The Guess Who 6. Get the Girl - The Bangles 7. Crash - Propellerheads Time of the Season - The Zombies Evil - They Might Be Giants Clinton Beautiful Stranger - Madonna Calderone mix. Little Darlin' 3. Bo Diddley 4. Chantilly Lace 5. Pledging My Love 6.

That'll Be The Day 7. The Great Pretender 8. Handy Man 9. At The Hop It's All In The Game Little Star Sweet Little Sixteen Teen Angel My Special Angel Susie Q One Summer Night Running Bear Stagger Lee It's Only Make Believe Book Of Love The Purple People Eater The Green Door Sea Of Love Tracks of Disc 2 1.

Wipeout 2. Monday Monday 3. Lovers Who Wander 4. Til 5. Shiela 6. Who Put The Bomp 7. California Dreamin' 8. The Letter Twilight Zone 2. Stealer 3. Midnight Rider 4.

Crossroads 5. Magic Carpet Ride 6. I'd Love to Change the World 7. No Time 8. Takin' Care of Business 9. Love Hurts So into You Runnin Back To Saskatoon 2. Do a search online to see if there are any laser tag venues in your area. Celebrate your 15th birthday party the old-fashioned way, with jousting tournaments, festival food, and theatrical entertainment. Invite a group of friends to attend a renascence fair with you for the weekend, or, if you live near one, pay a visit to Midevil Times.

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Celebrate with friends inside of a massive truck, equipped with at least 4 HDTVs and drives directly to your home, playing the latest games on the latest consoles. A short-lived band of teenagers from London who released one album back in I only know of them from Jacques the Kipper including Mary - The Monkees - More Greatest Hits (Vinyl particular track on his rundown of the best music of the year.

That voice that every girl in every mid-nineties Britpop band had, yelpy and custard thick with suggestion, and slightly posh and slightly not posh. Repeat lines over and over and louder and louder and gallop into the chorus again. Barely remembered ace times. This blog is now firmly in its adolescent, ill-mannered and unpredictable years. Adapted from wiki and the Jilted John website. So I went into a local record shop and asked if they knew any indie or punk labels.

They said there were two, Stiff in London and Rabid just down the road. So I phoned Rabid up, and they told me to send in a demo. I took it along to Rabid, who loved it … so we re-recorded it a few days later, at Pennine Studios, with John Scott playing guitar and bass and Martin Zero aka Martin Hannett producing.

However, Piccadilly Radio in Manchester began playing the flip, following which a couple more local independent radio stations also jumped on the bandwagon, leading to Rabid doing a quick bit of re-promotion. This all led to John Peel playing it on his show and seemingly making the comment that if the single was promoted by a major record label, then it would be a huge hit.

Cue EMI deciding to get on board, given it a wider release in August It ended up going all the way to 4 in the UK singles chart, which led to Jilted John and Gordon the Moron making three appearances on Top Of The Pops, which have been very Mary pulled together in one clip When the venues were first closed down, I really resented it all. I actually wondered at times if my enthusiasm for live music would ever be rekindled, especially as I was getting e-mail after e-mail advising of yet another cancellation for tickets bought such a long time ago.

It took until 18 August for the Scottish Government to publish its guidance for the reopening of cultural events and venues. My first Mary gig, as far as already owned tickets were concerned, was scheduled to be Arab Strap at Glasgow Barrowlands on Friday 10 September. But at the same time as this was being confirmed, other gigs in smaller venues were being cancelled or rescheduled, which got me thinking whether or not it truly was safe to go back to a music venue.

This really felt like something of an acid test. The band was likely to attract a more mature audience who were more likely to follow the advice around spacing and the wearing of masks, which would take care of some of my main concerns. And yes, it was his return to the live scene too. Support was provided by Alexis Taylo r, best known as the lead vocalist with Hot Chip. Although I was unfamiliar with much of the material, his minute set of largely gentle and easy-paced songs, centred around him on either keyboards or guitar, provided an ideal reintroduction to live music.

To my utter astonishment, that turned out to be the very next song played Mary - The Monkees - More Greatest Hits (Vinyl Alexis Taylor…. Sadly, the easing of travel restrictions between the US and the UK came too late to allow Brian to confirm everything with a degree of certainty, and so he pulled the plug a few weeks back, but very generously passed on his tickets and asked that they find a good home to go to. And if you happen to read this my friend, I can confirm they did and that Juliette and John were very grateful.

He is 66 years of age, but looks at least 20 years younger. He's Got All The Whiskey 2. God's Song 3. Small Town Talk 5. Excuse Me Mister Side B: 1. Strange Fruit 2. The Sky Is Crying 3. Glory Box 4. Feel So Bad 5. Death Don't Have No Mercy. Polka by Wojtek Mazolewski is one of the most appreciated jazz albums in the world. InDownBeat Magazine recognized it as one of the five best jazz albums. We proudly present The Live version, which has never been released on vinyl before. The album combines elements of jazz, rock, reggae and electronic music.

The Live version is very expressive, danceable, and rhythmic. Punk-T Gdansk live, Wadowice A2. Grochow live, Wadowice B1. Polka live, Wadowice. The vinyl release of the Grammy-nominated album. Presented for the first time ever on vinyl! Remastered from the original tapes. Belief 2. Little Melonae I Side B: 1. Phantasm 2. Afterglow Side C: 1. Limbo 2. Consenting Adults Side D: 1. From This Moment On 2. Peace 3. Little Melonae II. Hand-numbered orange vinyl, with random autographed sleeves inserted!

Mastered for first time audiophile by long time Monkees curator and associate Joe Reagoso. Pressed with four bonus tracks, never-before-included on original albums or singles. Surprise color: translucent red or translucent yellow. Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears 2. If You Have The Time 3. Party 5. Carlisle Wheeling First Recorded Version 6.

Storybook Of You 7. Rosemarie 8. My Share Of The Sidewalk. All Of Your Toys 2. Nine Times Blue 3. So Goes Love 4. Teeny Tiny Gnome 5. Of You Alternate Mix 6. War Games 7. Lady's Baby 8. Time And Time Again. Rare Monkees tracks, never included on original albums or singles. Valleri First Recorded Version 3. Matthew 4. Words Alternate Version 5. Some Of Shelly's Blues 6. I Wanna Be Free 7. Come On In 9.

Michigan Blackhawk 2. Hold On Girl 3. The Crippled Lion 4. Changes 5. Webster 6. Circle Sky Live Version 9. Seeger's Theme Riu Chiu. Kellogg's Jingle 3. Through The Looking Glass Prev. Unissued Alternate Version 5. Penny Music 7. Little Red Rider 9. You're So Good Look Down Hollywood Midnight Train Demo Version. SIDE 2 1. She Hangs Out Single Version 2. Shake 'Em Up 3. Circle Sky Alternate Mix 4. She'll Be There 7. How Insensitive 8. Merry Go Round 9. Angel Band Tema Dei Monkees.

To some he's the godfather, to others he's the king. Long before bedroom recording became an aesthetic choice, R. Stevie Moore built a legend of pop experimentalism, home recording, and mystic curmudgeonry. Equal parts songwriter, improviser, composer, producer, filmmaker, artist, and comedy writer, the self-taught Tennessean polymath has released hundreds of homemade albums since the '60s--and inspired a thousand times more.

Rather than pose and slither in the music biz, Moore opted for a more genuine life and a spot on the staff at legendary indie radio station WFMU, sharing Bedroom Radio with the world.

His independent streak extends to his record releases, the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club successful and long-lasting enough that it became the R. By refusing to settle into any one genre or style, Moore has always dedicated himself to eccentric ideas and passions whether around the world or focused into his home. And as Moore now eases into a well-deserved retirement, ON EARTH stands as a powerful statement, an intimate companion, and a goofy guide through a storied career.

Ranging all the way back to 's classic Phonography, the double-disc retrospective collects a full suite of dazzling power pop, psychedelia, and indie rock, and opens the gateway to the ultimate cult DIY hero.

Stevie Moore. Stevie Moore in Stevie Moore has recorded nearly 2, songs on over very original homemade double albums of alarmingly idiosyncratic variety and styles, often considered a seminal pioneer in the DIY ethic Made his first home recording in A New York Times article referenced Moore as the progenitor of "bedroom pop" XTC founder Andy Partridge said of Moore's work: "What beauty, what invention.

Much of his musical and lyrical content is characterised by a quirky cynicism. He also has a highly sophisticated sense of melody, again without following formulas. Some of those tracks are featured on this release. This is the first official vinyl reissue of the score since its original release in on the Cerberus label. Madre Assente 3. Campi Aperti E Sospesi 4. Double Face 5.

Esecuzione Radiofonica 6. For Enrico, Riccardo And Roberto 7. For Dalia 9. Stranamente Di Notte Madre Assente This release is an extract from a previously unreleased concert.

Toy [Live]. This project brings together the sophisticated songcraft of singer-songwriter Johnny O'Donnell, the iconoclastic arrangements of Van Dyke Parks, and the genial production touch of Lewis Pesacov into a refreshing and rewarding musical package that deserves the focus that only a 45RPM single provides.

Built upon a relationship formed in Los Angeles over a nearly twenty year period, the songs, penned by O'Donnell, are explorations in harmony, straddling the line between familiar and freakish. The arrangements and production are cinematic and full of drama which befits a production born of the belly of Hollywood. Romance, intrigue, and a touch of the unreal is where the tripartite of musical craftsmen have brewed this potion of melodies.

The two unreleased songs will be available for the first time as a 7" single, exclusively as part of RSD Drops. That newfound sense of freedom defined the record, on which Lynn wrote, played the entirely of the guitar, drums, and bass parts, cooked up beats, and of course, sang vocals.

For the first time ever, these five tracks are now available on coke bottle clear vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops.

Special vinyl box set that contains all four studio albums - including the first album, Partynextdoor, which has never before been available on vinyl. Early in Johnny Paycheck's pre-fame career, he toured as a sideman and bassist for George Jones in the early s. At that time, he entered a recording studio in an attempt to secure a record deal as a solo artist.

The recordings have been long forgotten and unheard until now. These recordings showcase Paycheck's considerable talent long before the music world took notice. Step back in time and listen to uncovered country music history. First ever vinyl release of the soundtrack for this Wes Craven classic from Composer Don Peake created an incredibly atmospheric and spooky score for this film.

It's an incredible career and his musical diversity shines on this score. Fun fact: People Under the Stairs opened at 1 on the box office chart and stayed in the Top 10 for a month. Remastered on violet vinyl for RSD Drops. The album is a mixture of classic improvisation, electronic sound, drum'n'bass and jungle as well as punk energy. Pink Freud are the world's most rock and roll jazz band. A collection of songs from the Oh Boy Records catalog curated by independent record stores.

Strictly limited to copies worldwide. The Wild One 2. The Honky Tonk Downstairs 3. Heartbreak Hotel 4. Half As Much As Me 5.

Cat Size 6. American Lady 8. Glycerine Queen 9. Can The Can Devil Gate Drive Roxy Roller Tear Me Apart Keep A-Knockin'. Five-track EP on heavyweight vinyl. Includes four tracks from the Live Around The World album, and one unreleased live track.

LP: 1. The famed performance - recorded in Australia during their End Of The Century tour - contains 23 tracks, many of which are rare songs from the album that did not remain in their sets following this tour. Permanent Records is profoundly proud to present this limited edition reissue of Raven's highly regarded wasted hard rock masterpiece, Back To Ohio Blues. More hard rock than blues, this stoned proto-punk record is one-of-a-kind and is finally being reissued with its original minimalist artwork.

But don't take our word for it, here's what the heads at Acid Archives had to say about this rarity: "Messed up bluesy hard rock biker statement which I'm told comes straight from this guy's reality, no posing but the real thing. Great punky vocals relate stories on smack, sex, Ohio, Harleys and everything else that makes life worth living. An impressive intensity especially on side 1 and one of the few local white blues rock LP's that truly works.

A classic of mid '70's local hard stoner dementia; would make a good double bill with the Merry Airbrakes. Exclusively available for Record Store Dayand strictly limited to 9, copies worldwide. RSD Drops Exclusive! A double LP pressed on Yellow g vinyl with expanded original artwork. Includes two 8. Remastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering. Limited to a worldwide piece pressing. Station Identification Intro feat. Fatman Scoop 2. The Invitation feat. Come On Baby feat. War 5.

Bring Me Down Pt. Friends 7. The Greatest Story Never Told 8. Clap feat. Faith Evans 9. Preacher It's Alright feat. Believe It Give It to Me feat. Raheem DeVaughn What the Lovers Do feat. Devin The Dude Better Way feat. Oh Yeah Our Babies And the Winner Is feat. Bun B Too Long feat. Black Thought I was pouring sweat alongside people who had just met that day for the first time to play a show under the name St.

Now, over 8 years later, we built a career out of it. During this pandemic, I have gotten awfully nostalgic. For a time, we would travel constantly and shows started blending together. That endorphin rush was taken for granted. The first moment we had to play a socially distanced show, I knew exactly what we should do.

Play a show at Avondale Brewery and do our debut album in full. Something I would never had done if the pandemic had not happened. The beauty though of looking back at the beginning was realizing all the great people that helped us turn a summer fling into an actual career. It was such a beautiful time. Here is the live recording from that show that night.

New inch EP is the latest release on Records Store Daya collection of his new songs recorded during the pandemic, available on vinyl.

The release of More of the Monkees was rushed to capitalize on the band's popularity, catching even its members by surprise. The band learned of the album's existence while on tour in Cleveland, Ohiodiscovering it had already been released. They were dismayed by the cover image of them which was used in an advertisement for JCPenney and were offended by production overseer Don Kirshner 's liner notes, which praised his team of songwriters before mentioning, almost as an afterthought, the names of the Monkees.

The band, particularly Nesmith, was also furious about the songs—selected for the record from 34 that had been recorded—leading Nesmith to later tell Melody Maker magazine that More of the Monkees was "probably the worst album in the history of the world".

The group began to grow concerned over their musical output, since this album and their debut, The Monkeesfeatured them limited to just vocals with scattered instrumental contributions. Kirshner had a strict rule that the Monkees were to provide only vocals on his productions, though separate sessions produced by Michael Nesmith himself usually featured Peter Tork on guitar. More of the Monkees has Nesmith limited to one song as lead vocalist.

Within weeks of the release of More of the MonkeesNesmith lobbied successfully with the group's creators, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, for the Monkees to be allowed to play their instruments on future records, effectively giving the quartet artistic control.

To make his point clear to Kirshner, who was balking at the idea, Nesmith proceeded to punch a hole in the wall of a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel during a group meeting with Kirshner and Colgems lawyer Herb Moelis, declaring to the latter: "That could have been your face!

This outburst came after Moelis snapped to Nesmith, "You'd better read your contract", when Nesmith threatened to quit. Kirshner was later dropped from the project altogether. When the album was reissued in the Colgems symbol replaced the word "Colgems" on the bottom right-hand corner of the reverse side Catalog number COS RE. The following tracks were included on the deluxe edition of the album. Some were previously unreleased, while others were on the Rhino reissue or the Missing Links series.

Studio chatter is included between some bonus tracks. Its follow-up, a remix of " Daydream Believer " featuring a modern drum soundhit No. At the end of the print run of Then and Now The second vinyl version is denoted by an "RE-1" etched into the LP's inner groove.

At the time of its release, the CD version was the most comprehensive career-spanning Monkees compilation to date in the U. Originally, Arista had decided to Mary - The Monkees - More Greatest Hits (Vinyl a 2-LP set with only classic material. After the decision was made to include new material, the 2-LP set got released as a mail-order collection from Silver Eagle Records.

Flutetest (Extended Mix) - Franky Rizardo - Flutetest (File, MP3), Hol Jár Az Eszem? - Various - Calypso - Duett Album (Cassette), Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 & 2) - Bessie Smith - The Ultimate Collection (CD), B-Lontje = B-Londeleen - Ton Lebbink - Hongerwinter (Vinyl, LP, Album), Armia - Exodus 2 (Cassette, Album), Colonel Hathis March - Various - Walt Disney Classics - The Jungle Book - The Original Motion Pictur, The Terrorist (Original) - DJ Vadim - Friction / The Terrorist (Vinyl), On The Rocks - Gillan - Glory Road (CD, Album), Foolish (Remix Instrumental) - OC* & Debonair P - Dive In (CDr), Talking To The Spirits - M.C. 900 Foot Jesus* With D.J. Zero* - Live 5-26-90 Dallas (VHS), Best Interest At Heart, Come È Profondo Il Mare - Lucio Dalla - Come È Profondo Il Mare (Vinyl, LP, Album)

9 thoughts on “Mary, Mary - The Monkees - More Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP)

  1. More of the Monkees is the second studio album by the American pop rock band the losandes.biz was recorded in late and released on Colgems label # on January 9, It displaced the band's debut album from the top of the Billboard chart and remained at No.1 for 18 weeks—the longest of any Monkees album. Combined, the first two Monkees albums were at the top of the Billboard chart.

  2. The second vinyl version is denoted by an "RE-1" etched into the LP's inner groove. The track listings for the LP and CD releases differed greatly, with the LP version featuring 14 tracks and the CD version expanded to from More of the Monkees: 5. "Mary, Mary" (Michael Nesmith) From "More of the Monkees" 6.

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  4. 2 CD, 3 LP, and DVD sets featuring performances from their sold-out shows in their hometown of Oakland, CA. More Their famous July 24, concert at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, California now sees a legit physical release for the first time.

  5. May 02,  · Christian Nesmith is Michael's eldest son and first appeared in The Monkees' touring band upon his father's return to the group in Christian's songs have been heard in both film and TV (Blades of Glory, The Hills Have Eyes, Lionheart) and he has composed commercials for companies ranging from AOL to ESPN to losandes.biz theater credits include being the musical director for the .

  6. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.

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  8. Overall - this record player is pretty decent playing easy-listening music. I tend to listen to older albums (i.e. the Monkees, Patsy Cline, American Graffiti Soundtrack, etc.) I'm not sure how this record player is going to handle new music or rock music (I'm waiting for both the latest Janet Jackson album and a Queen Greatest Hits album).

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