I have been searching for it for 2 months now. Hi, I need help identifying this track from early s. I heard it from a trance radio show and been searching for it since. It starts out with a trance beat with a female chanting, then she starts singing. I found the part where she was chanting from a trance track by Raddle B. I hope this helps. Does anyone know the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T Rex song with that same name?

Or subtitle? I remember a dj back-announcing such a song about 50 years ago, and he made a big deal about it because the band had the same name as the song. Even nowadays, only a handful of bands have songs with the same title as the band, or the same title as the band AND the LP. Please use you extensive knowledge to help solve this mystery. That is indeed strange. The only thing I can assume is that the DJ was talking about their first album after they shortened their name.

I wonder if there are any unreleased demos still out there? The reason he got it was because he was making an account on there for his dad but this is the only record of his he could not log. I got something I want to say to you Choosing words can be so hard My feelings stay inside me They find it hard to be free Only fools never rush in. Quite a lot to go on here. Male vocalist, probably of Wast Indies origin or similar.

I have not heard it anywhere since. Had quite a repetitive but catchy tune. Any ideas? I was on Spotify last week and in my discover new music playlist, there was this song that played that I really want to hear again! Very closely cropped to the head black hair and plain looking clothing. I feel better alone or something. Please help!! I am tired of searching Spotify by looking at endless loops of artists and similar to artists pages.

Also, I can no longer access that Discover Weekly music list because I am just using the free desktop version and it only shows the most current list. If anyone knows who this artist is, you are my HERO!! Going insane. This song used to be played by a DJ in I think it is an American woman and these are the only lyrics I can remember. Sorry they may not be in the right order!

Not sure if it was an import to UK. Please advise thanking you in advance — Karla B. Any clues? I am fascinated. Hi MH and Steve. Hi Mark, Hi MH. After a little further search I decided to go to the YouTube link and there, a fortnight ago, was the answer!

Hi all thanks so much for your assistance! I actually found out myself the answer to my own question and posted the answer on the YouTube page, so that was me. Both are incredible songs and I wish John watts got more credit. Here in America nobody really knows him or FZ. Hi my sister-in-law is trying to find a song.

I hope you can help us out with this one. I got to this post because I was trying to hunt down a song to which my friends used to sing what were almost certainly misheard lyrics too risque to be rightand I have no idea what the real ones are.

I have no recording either, but it would have been some time in the early s, probably or before. The only song that springs to mind is Say What by Trouble Funk which came out in or The song features a drawing of a clock in a blue sky. Anyone have any clue? Hi Mickey. Just curious: did the list definitively state your mystery song as being from ?

That makes me wonder if the compilers of that list might have also been mistaken about the true vintage of other songs on the list. There is an old rockabilly song that I just cannot find anywhere no matter what. Male singer with a fast pace. Theres also a fast piano in the background. Lovely tune. I will give this more thought as I am a big fan of early 80s New Wave vinyl!

Anyway, thanks again! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Links Search. February 18, — Mark Griffin. Examine the audio and lyrics for clues, and search for keywords on Discogs. Filter the search results to items released in a specific decade, geographic region, or genre. Use streaming music resources to follow leads. Repeat steps as needed. Example 2 Audio clues : a song taped off an American alt radio station in Focusing on the closest thing to a chorus, the only lyrics which repeat are variations of: Whatever name you go by, she goes by now too What else would she do?

Comments Author Details Join the conversation! Yucky NEO November 8, at am. VTC November 30, at pm. George Gimarc February 18, at pm. In fact, the hefty and expansive Yamaha glories in its retro clunkiness. That said, the Pure Direct removes any criticism because it allows the sound signal to skip right past them.

In these design terms and for this price…sure. Why not? The target audience, many of which will be maturing beginners with hi-fi experience that relates to their parents old system, may even see the inclusion of such controls as a comforting familiarity.

Three things hit me immediately. Firstly, the bass was very strong and punchy. Yamaha likes its lower frequencies and the performance here maintains the house sound which means that this track offered excellent bass force and foundation.

The song was driven throughout with a strong rhythmic drive that gave the track an enhanced sense of pace. There was a lack of engagement, though. By that, I means that the soundstage did sound a little stark. It was almost as if the guys played in a studio that was, by day, an operating theatre. There was a slight lack of soul and musicality in the R-Ns presentation so that the drums never really connected with the guitars or the emotional vocals. Then I noticed that the Pure Direct button had not been engaged.

Turning this feature on bypassed much of the amp to provide a more direct sonic pathway. This improved the sound quality immeasurably, giving the vocals a more, well, human quality with delicate textures from the vocal chords more in evident while the guitars offered greater grit and involvement.

Despite the good news, though, a certain analytical edge remained but the effect was greatly reduced in Pure Direct mode. The sense of clarity from the upper midrange and treble enhanced the tonality of the music while there was tremendous instrumental separation around the soundstage so the band sounded relaxed and at ease with their playing.

There was never any sense of tension. The air and space exhibited also gave the frequencies time to decay properly which enhanced the performance of these organic instruments, increasing detail. There was plenty of room to be had while midrange and bass existed in an admirably balanced manner.

Strings and the wind section did sound a little thin and slightly forced, though, even at this high resolution. The performance basically allied itself to the earlier CD tests, in this respect. That said, there was much to admire with the informative nature of the track giving this textured and detail arrangement time to manoeuvre while allowing complex instruments such as the harpsichord a chance to express itself.

I wanted to test the internal phono amp of the Yamaha. At this price, it is more likely that users will be utilising the internal module and not spending out for an external phono amplifier.

Pushing an analogue signal through this unit was fascinating because the results were surprisingly good. The slightly sparse nature of the presentation combined with the epic quality of the phono amp and the warmth of the basic vinyl signal to provide a big, bold, open and grand musical return.

Trumpets sounded clear and brassy without a hint of stridency or brightness, saxophones were reedy and emotive, vocals offered a precision and enhanced diction and bass was firm, fast and informative. This heady mixture was quite a sonic revelation for the price! The Yamaha R-N offers plenty of value for the money and a wide array of features with an appealing retro design.

Despite the slightly constricted digital response in CD and general digital file terms, I was blown away by the analogue play and can whole heartily recommend this amplifier if you are looking for an amplifier to act as the heart to your vinyl hi-fi system. In fact, I would go further than that and advise you not to look at this box as a multimedia receiver at all. I would not buy it for its digital features.

I would turn the feature list on its head. I would see this product as the amp section of a new vinyl system with plenty of bonus digital features added on because even if you saw the Yamaha as nothing else but a vinyl-based amplifier, it would still be good value. Anyone looking to set up a budget vinyl system really needs to place this box on their demo list and pronto. Web: uk. For more specifications, click HERE.

I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology. Can you connect it the RN, as I thinking of pur hasing one.

Double check with your dealer but I would say no. Not sure of the would be compatible. Hi Paul, great review! I have the RN, which is quite similar. But unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to the Yamaha, sorry this was not the answer your reader was looking for.

Hmmm, looking at the rear, I would say no. Unless anyone reading this has rigged up an alternative that works? Yes, it is possible when you turn on the A and B channel by the same time; I have this function on my NS-F speakers and it sounds exquisite. Hullo there. I talked to Yamaha about your questions and here is what they said. Your review has the last word in my decision: I should buy it :. And I want to use it with Dynavoice Dm-6 speakers.

Should I take in consideration another model? Buy, using network, can I search over the internet online music using generic? Like Jazz or rock…? Hi Dan — sorry for the reply delay, just moved house! Hi Paul, Thx for your reply. I will go and listen Q Acoustics. Hi Paul, Still nothing change from my side regarding this aquisition :. Still looking for best combination between this amplifier and speakers that fits my budget — GPB.

This amplifier is GPB. The Triangles are possibly too good for the Yamaha. Hi Paul, Yes. Do you connect other sources to the Yamaha through the digital ports?

If so, what? The Q Acoustics and Dali speakers are excellent speakers for your budget but you rejected them.

Hence, my wish to target the reason. What about Dali Zensor 3? Hi Paul, Thx. You are so understanding and patient! Q Acoustics 2. Dali Zensor 3 3. Yes, the Monitors are another good option. Yes, good design but beware that the punchy presentation can be a little wearing on the ear over time for some.

Hi, Paul! At first I connected subwoofer at LFE but later I testet connect to L channel Line Input crossover potentiometer put on 80 Hz and in this connection subwoofer sounds better. The crossover on our R-N is set to 90Hz. Hello I see this unit is available in silver, bit I find it. Where can I purchase it in silver.

Tough one because Yamaha USA appears to offer the black version only. Just to be clear: based on the published specs, the phono preamp in the N is the same as the one in the Yamaha budget amplifiers and receivers.

I want to pair it with wharfedale diamond What is your opinion? Thanks in advance. Hi Alkis — No, the Creek is better. Just about any dedicated external phono amp will be superior than a bundled, built-in model for any amp.

As far as the Onkyo question is concerned, what is your primary source format: vinyl or CD? That will determine your next move. Depending on what you listen to most, that is. For a stereo system, Onkyo units feature a good amp module. If digital listening is less important or equally divided amongst the other sources then I would look to improve your turntable and then your CD player and then your digital server source.

The Onkyo is a good product. Thanks for the advice Paul. I was wondering for your opinion about the new yamaha rn d. Thanks again for your help. Hello Paul, I want to update my old amplifier to match my new Dali Zensor 7 speakers. The Yamaha R seems a good option, but after reading your review I got the impression this is perhaps not so good.

Any suggestion along this line is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help. Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply. This looks like an excellent option, which would be your second choice? My first idea was something cheaper, but I feel the Dali speakers sound great and I am goint to miss performance if I buy a cheap amp.

Nice review! I just got this stereo receiver. I have one question tho: will the subwoofer get a LFE signal while the pure direct mode engaged? Or is the subwoofer-output deactived while in pure direct mode? Nice review. I am not an expert and planning to upgrade my amp.

Have Yamaha NS tower speakers without sub only two channel. In-terms of numbers, the much cheaper R-N is also having comparable wattage.

Then what difference does R-N makes in terms of sound quality. Hi Rajesh — the provides better quality speaker terminals, a built-in phono amp for a turntable, a sub connection if you need one later, optical and coax connections, wireless and networking facilities, USB, Bluetooth and more.

So can we assume wild guess would deliver the rated power tirelessly apart from component quality. I am presently using a Fiio X1 for playing music and it has got line out facility. Does using built in USB gives better sound quality than using an external player like Fiio.

A USB is not really in the picture as an option, I believe. Even so, the Fiio is a good little DAP and should work well with the Or have I misunderstood your question?

Fiio has a 3. I was wondering using in-built USB, are we getting better sound because of minimum signal loss and or better matching to amp. I would highly recommend using the line out option via the headphone jack to improve sound on your Fiio, yes. For the Yamaha, the USB port is well worth pursuing, yes, if you have something compatible to plug in.

Hi Paul, I just bought this receiver. I have one question regarding DSD playback. I have got few sample files in. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The recorded files can be uploaded to a file storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo.

The preamp may be built-in to a portable recorder, or be external as part of a mixer. How to use VoiceMeeter to control your PC sounds. How to prepare for a self-introduction video. How to stop stomach growling? Maybe you're supposed to present a project at work, but everyone's Still getting embarrassing stomach noises at school?

Gases Consequences Of Stomach Noises. But i soon discovered it was actually my stomach making all the gurgling noises. The infamous stomach gurgle is a bane to many of us. Millions of Free Graphic Resources. It used to cost an arm and a leg to go into the studio to record.

If you suffer from stomach pain or stomach problems like bloating, indigestion, nausea, heartburn, gastritis, acid reflux, or peptic ulcers, this article might be of interest to you.

Suicide is preventable and help is available. If you have just eaten a large meal this can improve the digestion process but if your 2. Alternately, you can read a passage from a newspaper or a book. Learn what causes stomach cramps, how to treat them, and when you should Most of the time, stomach cramps aren't serious and don't need to be diagnosed.

This Simply Album) Flatter Stomach Affirmations Recording may help achieve your goal as you relax or whilst sleeping. Human Sounds Voice: hum, grunt, mutter, chatter, yack or yak, blab, lisp, sneer, snicker, giggle, whimper, bawl, squeal, shriek, whoop Nose and Mouth: If you're experiencing a change in your normal stomach sounds, try keeping a "stomach sound diary" for two to three weeks, recording all the food and drinks you consume, whether you are stressed, anxious or upset, and if you skipped meals and the intestinal activity they sparked.

I have been having noises like um there hard to describe like stomach growls and gurgling. Drink plenty of water. I am 14 and have had stomach problems in the past I I have been searching for others that may have this same problem. I love to watch videos on youtube where people record there stomach noises. Im finding hard to go to the toilet even though I woke up in the night with stomach pain and filmed this aswell.

If you don't hear these noises on both sides there might be an issue. I have a strange feeling in my stomach for 3 days. Get them in a quiet space, feed them whatever they need and use a mic with a low selfnoise like a studio condenser. No reason to starve yourself before you record!

Have a hard-boiled egg and a piece of 3. Stomach Growl, Two Variations. Often it is a cause of embarrassment when stomach noises are loud and clear especially when people are around.

Step 1. Peptic ulcers, sores in the lining of the stomach or upper intestine, cause abdominal pain, gas Sounds to help visualize the story, but there are unsaid guidelines associated with writing sound effects. Snoring, choking, gasping like noises should be eliminated during CPAP use.

This article coversAlmost everyone knows how to take screenshots, but have you tried recording your screen as a video? Some users often find that recording video on a Windows PC is more difficult than capturing a simple screenshot, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. I woke up in the night with stomach pain and filmed this aswell. Setting the bar down Should I drop the bar on a deadlift? Proper deadlift grip, straps, and other equipment.

Common causes of stomach ache. Open your Audacity. How many platelets are there in one cubic millimeter? What is the difference between the plasma and serum? TikTok - trends start here. Once you are able to tolerate imagining the sound, follow the same procedure while listen to a recording of the noise.

Additional Resources. Recording this while answering your comments actually! I have read all posts and one person did say that this could not be changed.

Maybe you can contact your local DVLA office to found out the options? Van to motorcaravan conversions and the law I am about to purchase an original Peugeot Boxer X 3.

Kia sedona Camper van. I made a fold out bed for my sedona, made a great camper, Ive now bought a vw sharan for my car and thinking of doing a full conversion to the sedona to make a two birth camper.

Kia Sedona camper This occurred to me last week, so have bought Sedona, and going to take rear seats out to Album) same. But have never seen a mpv converted. So also interested in any existing cons or ideas. This is all can help with at the moment but I believe this is a good start — at least now you can research it more.

Attaching a caravan to a chassis cab? Ive gone in depth looking at converting a panel van or mini bus into a camper van. However thinking outside the box! I would think that the caravans im looking at would weigh around to KG. Any advice would be gratly appreciated. I think this is fairly I think this is fairly straightforward legally. In terms of insurance, you might want to know you can get insurance first. It shows the double can can take — kgs, depending on the body fitted. As you wont actually fit a body,that should give you the full kgs.

Other makes of chassis might carry less weight, but it should be similar. However, your insurance company are unlikely to insure you if you carry people without seat belts. Also the Police might consider it unsafe. Major motorhome companies and even Landrover now have forward or rear facing seats only. Vehicle weight hi there, me and my partner snapped up a bargain just before the low emission zone charging in London set in early this year and are the proud owners i say that loosely of a 93 LWB transit Dormobile.

We live on the very outskirts of the emissions zone but due to family, friends and work it would be extremely handy to enter the M25 in the future. Checking the transport for London website it states only campers over 2. I think you mean vehicles under 2.

Just to clarify, it is not how much the vehicle weights, but how much it is allowed to weight, when fully loaded. It is possible to reduce the listed weight of the vehicle. This is called downplating. However, your van is about 2 tons when empty. So if you downplate it to 2. With this kgs you have to include a tank of fuel 80kgs 2 people at least kgs and everything for you campervan.

Big vans really need to stay rated at 3. A newer van made after would allow you to go inside the M Van registration and campers Thank you for this very useful summary. I am about to start the re-registration process. Thanks for the information Thanks for the information John. This sounds like the ferry company trying to profit from customers.

Cookers and the DVLA regs Hi, Does anyone know if the double camping type stove which you insert the gas bottle directly into the cooker like a Campingaz bistro but a double one can be used as the main cooker, and still comply with the DVLA regs for changing the panel van to a camper? They can be easily stored safely away and would be better for me as I want the kitchen to be right at the back of my van conversion, which will be accessed only from outside of van via the open back door.

I have seen these cookers used in rental campervans such as the ones from wicked campers and getaway campers etc. Those rental companies vans are similar to the basic type of conversion I want to do. Also would I get insurance if I used that type of cooker? Thanks for any advice. But they also like to see the fittings as being permanent and fixed down.

Peugeot expert van conversion. Also anyone had any dealings, problems, converting an expert van. Thanks in Please Dont Stop - Any Trouble - Any Trouble (Cassette for any info, Cant wait to start. Chris U. Mazda Bongo re-classified as a Motor Caravan! As it met all the criteria, a letter, some photos and a revised V5 were sent off.

Photos were returned and the new V5 arrived shortly afterwards! Thanks again for the article! Can anyone please help me on the V5 section I have to fill out. Please apply at your local DVLA office. One other point is what exactly to fill out in the V5:H7, Do I have to fill out the new weight? How does one find out? Hi Mate Dont know about Hi Mate Dont know about filling in v5, but if you need to know the weight, all local councils have a weighbridge, you can use.

Thanks jack. Thanks and Gas Hi many thanks about the bed, it will save me some much needed money not having to convert it to 6 foot exactly as Me and my wife are not 6 footers. Another Album) I have is does the Gas bottle have to be in its own Safety box to satisfy DVLA or is it ok just being strapped down in a cupboard, at moment water tank is in there to.

Ive had gas and elec check for insurance and it past though the guy did mention that i should move bottle to back doors and fit it in a metal safety box to change v5. Ive looked at some other conversions that past and they only seem to be strapped into a cupboard like Album). Many thanks Craig. No, the gas bottles does not No, the gas bottles does not have to be in its own safety box.

It is recommended to put it in a steel sheet lined box, accessible from the outside. However, this is only a guideline. Even professional conversions have it inside sometimes. You would be very unlucky for the DVLA guy to pick up on the gas bottle. Make sure it is securely strapped in. Can I ask how you filled out the V5, any pointers would be really apreciated. Finding this bit harder than converting the van lol. Changing V5 from Van to Motor caravan I did exactly the same. Anyway, not having a good day with the insurance bods.

There are lots of people with lots of money who are unemployed. I used to be regularly unemployed, as I worked irregular contracts, and enjoyed time off. But always have enough money to pay my van insurance.

Bed High I have recently purchased a self build from a friend and am currently getting it to DVLA regulations to change V5, The bed having to be 6 foot is causing problems as I have to extend it by a foot as width van is 5, 11 so to short, can the diagonal measure be used as this is over 6 foot and if so would save me purchasing more wood for an extension of the bed.

Many Thanks Craig. These guidelines are often just guidelines, rather than strict rules that the DVLA will adhere to. Chances are, than an inspector would not measure the bed.

If the bed looked big enough, they will probably be happy. If I were you, I would not worry about it, as it will probably be fine. However, just be prepared for them to reject it, just in case. Converting to campervan I am currently working on a Transit long wheelbase that I purchased from a friend in November. It is registered as a panal van and ive been trying to get it upto scratch as a Campervan on the V5. Ive installed suitable wardrobecupboard space and Just finnishing the Table.

The Bed needing to be 6 foot though is a problem as when folded out its 5 11 by 5 foot though the diagonal is way over 6 foot. Can I use the diagonal length?

It will save me purchasing more wood. Flexi pipe is fine. If your Flexi pipe is fine. If your pipe is more than a few years old replace it.

The pipe starts to crack after a while. Hmm, tricky one this. I an Hmm, tricky one this. I an not sure if you can re-classify it as a campervan. The DVLA might want to keep it as a car. Regarding insurance, you need to check with the insurance companies if they are happy to insure it.

So I would recommend. Contacting insurance companies to see if they will insure it. They may be happy to insure it as a car, or they may be happy to insure it as a campervan, without you having to re-register it as a campervan.

If you do need to re-classify as a campervan, which I doubt you will, then contact the DVLA and see if they are happy to do that. It came registered as a motor caravan. Great to hear you are Great to hear you are re-classifying your vehicle. Please let us know when you hear back. The LEZ is such a silly scheme. You are so right about scrapping the van. It makes no sense. Well, I got the V5 in the Well, I got the V5 in the post this am, they have re-classified her to a motor caravan, with out any problems, but only down plated to 2.

Well done on the Well done on the V5. Downplating might require an inspection. See what they say. I am so so so happy that I dont need to scrap or sell my much much loved camper!!

She is legal now!!! I think the issue is that the I think the issue is that the weight of the van is classified as unladen. I have similar issue my van is 3k kg unladen however my van is so im safe for now. Cant wait to drive her again, its been months!!

Change of class I hope someone can help please, I have a land rover discovery, which I know use for my company, I want to change it to a commercial vehicle, how do i go about this??? Thanks Harry. And on the insurance page it says this….

This is important to ensure you are covered legally, but you will also get other benefits such as cheaper road tax. It is ready to be done officially but now with this new thing about looking like a camper from the outside, i am afraid to send off the forms until i have more info my three months is nearly up and i wont be around for the next six weeks to do it so its now or never.

Hi, sorry about that. The Hi, sorry about that. The second section you quote is a little out-of-date, and not entirely clear. Whether you are insured or not is between you and your insurance company, and nothing to do with the DVLA. Your insurance company might give you an extension to the 3 months to convert. It seems now that the DVLA have relaxed the rules about re-classifying vehicles as campervans, so it is worth trying to re-register yours.

I have a merc D i bought it two years ago for a steal, was told it wont last more than 6 months, was getting sluggish. So it became a project. I fitted bed, kitchen, sink, clothes storage, seating plan, and a wood burning fire.

I have been enjoying it for 2 years now, many delicious meals have been made in my oven. We travelled far my 4 yr old and i, part business part pleasure. I want to take it to europe.

And was wondering if changing the classation on it from a private van to a motorcaravan, i know the costs for insurance may vary. There is little luck out there to travel for more than 90days on my current insurance, without it costing the earth, plus breakdown cover.

Should i insure as a motor caravan and begin the long process to declassify it, whilst im in motion in europe, will i be accepted to cross boarders without correct insurance…. You have little reason to You have little reason to change it to Motorcaravan. I insure my van, not re-registered as a campervan, for a good price through them. You should have no problem at borders with the insurance.

They will not worry about the classification of the vehicle. You should just concentrate on the insurance. Try the brokers, they can probably find you an insurance policy for more than 90 days. I have put a window in the side and checked with my insurance company about window vans and they said they do not insure vans with windows! I have got a decent quote from camptons to cover me as a camper van but i need to prove that the conversion fits their criteria within 3 months.

Did they ask you to do this and if so how did you get it approved. I am thinking my MOT garage but worried they might refuse the responsibility? My insurance is with Campton. I had to get the form completed also. I went to a local campervan dealer, and he was happy to sign off the form for me.

I also contacted a motorhome dealer and they were also happy to complete the form. Thanks Thanks for the reply. I will find out frommy MOT people first then find some local campervan dealers and ask them! My Please Dont Stop - Any Trouble - Any Trouble (Cassette is, On the v5 states it is a window van.

But it has 9 seats, So insurers will only insure it as a minibus. I asked dvla and was told they cannot comment on insurance or say if ok to take seats out to alter from minibus. I would like to change it, by putting a hightop on and converting the inside to a campervan. Will I be allowed to do this and if I do will it be classed as a motor caravan and bring my insurance down? Will, as I have been reading here, I need to change the exterior in some way?

The important thing here is the insurance. You need to get the right insurance, that will cover you from mini-bus to van, and during the conversion.

To re-register the vehicle as a Motor Caravan you need to satisfy the DVLA of the requirements on this page, and it also has to look like a motorhome from the outside. You dont need to re-register it though, as long as you have the right insurance. Will be contacting Campton a. Converting inside first I think, cheapest bit. Roof will need more expert work than I can give.

Will be glad just to get insurance down to what I think it should be. Only 6 seats in now. So will work from there. Will let you know how I get on Thanks again. DVLA revise their rule change on campervan conversions Very informative, and encouraging! However we heard that recent requests to change the body type classification were being refused by DVLA. This is a longstanding procedure. Whilst vehicles kept or used on public roads in Great Britain must meet both domestic and European regulations such as Type Approval, DVLA body type descriptions are a separate entity to approval requirements.

There was a clear consensus that the body type should reflect the outward appearance of a vehicle rather than its internal fixtures and fittings. We are aware that some motorists have complained that insurance premiums can be higher if the body type for converted vehicles does not show motor caravan. However the ABI have advised that insurance premiums would normally be calculated based on the information provided by the customer.

They further advised that customers should make their insurers aware of any modifications made to the vehicle and this would be taken into account when the premium is calculated.

Taken at face value it seems to mean that NO conversions of any type of vehicle that has been previously registered will be able to re-register with a change of body type to motor caravan unless they have had a coachbuilt body fittedeven bone-fide professional conversions that any reasonable person would consider to be a motor caravan.

MOT tests are another potential problem area where the type of test which is applicable may be affected if a vehicle is not described as a motor caravan on the V5C.

For vehicles over kg GVW it is possible that the regulations relating to drivers hours and the fittment of speed limiters and tachographs may also apply if the vehicle is not described as a motor caravan on the V5C. We now hear that, following many complaints about the new policy, they have re-examined the issue. We asked for an explanation of the revised policy and received the following:. Recognising the impact the policy may have on professional converters and our customers who self build I am pleased to inform you that following a further review the policy will allow greater flexibility for vehicles which have been modified both internally and externally from the manufacturers original specification after first registration and consideration will be given to conversions which have been carried out professionally where the customer can provide documentary evidence from the converter or a self build conversion where the customer can provide documentary evidence of the build.

DVLA will continue to consider applications requesting a change of body type description but we will need to consider both the internal and external appearance of a vehicle. I think I may be in a fortunate position.

I will let you know how I get on as I try to get it registered Class 4. Interesting to hear of your Interesting to hear of your different position. Please do let us know how you got along. The problem i have is that it originally was a 17 [email protected]the previous owner, removed two seats and got a class 4 mot for me but it still says minibus and is still rated at kg. Can i convert it back to kg easily so that the AA will relay me in?? It seems that you need to It seems that you need to fill in paperwork and maybe get the vehicle inspected.

Sprinter van to MPV-Minibus-Camper Hello all, I am thinking of buying a LWB sprinter to convert to people carrier cum camper i intend to fit a cooker, fridge, oven, shower,toilet but i also want up to 11 or 12 seats from VW sharans so they are removable foldable and can change layout, I intend to use seatbelts and mounts from doner VW sharans. I dont want to have to psv as a minibus or pay the extra for minbus insurance and tax, any ways around this? It will look like a minicoach from the outside, so going by you problems in getting camper status i might have to pay the extra.

Or put beds in and go for camper status and then make them removable after change? Does anyone know which forms do I need to fill out for this? Some insurance companies allow you to insure a camper van that has not be reregistered with the DVLA. Mine is like this. Find the best Canadian Interac casinos on LiveCasinoOnline and start using your favorite payment method right now. Betty White vs Joan Rivers.

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  2. Sep 21,  · Once cut and despatched we cannot refund fabric orders, If you have received a damaged or faulty item please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and without any further cost to yourself. Contact Details. Midland Textiles Limited. Old Grange Road.

  3. “When Trouble Calls” is a Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield composition from and the group´s version appeared originally on an impossible-to-find cassette published in Unlike the Ice Man’s version, the Masqueraders upgrade .

  4. Jun 25,  · Update: July – The DVLA have reverted to their original policy regarding re-registering of campervans. The vehicle does not need to have graphics on to be re-registered. A well converted vehicle with windows is likely to be registered as a “Motorcaravan”, and not a van with side windows. Update: March – Many people.

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