Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction Mesh - Maybe Tomorrow Mest - Rooftops Metalica - Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth Metalica - Creeping Death Metalica - Escape Metalica - Fade to Black Metalica - Fight Fire With Fire Metalica - For Whom The bell Tolls Metalica - Hit the Lights Metalica - Jump Into The Fire Metalica - Metal Militia Metalica - Motorbreath Metalica - No Remorse Metalica - Phantom Lord Metalica - Ride The Lightning Metalica - The Call Of Kulutu Metalica - The Four Horsemen Metalica - Trapped Under Ice Metalica - Whiplash Metallica - Frantic Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Metallica - Purify Metallica - The Unforgiven Metallica And Justice For All Metallica - 2 x 4 Metallica - 53rd And 3rd Metallica - Ain't My Bitch Metallica - All Within My Hands Metallica - Am I Evil?

Metallica - Astronomy Metallica - Attitude Metallica - Bad Seed Metallica - Battery Metallica - Better Than You Metallica - Blackened Metallica - Blitzkrieg Metallica - Boreal Metallica - Breadfan Metallica - Carpe Diem Baby Metallica - Cure Metallica - Damage Case Metallica - Damage, Inc.

Metallica - Dead Kennedy Rolls Metallica - Devil's Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD) Metallica - Die Die Darling Metallica - Die, die my darling Metallica - Dirty Window Metallica - Don't Tread On Me Metallica - Dyers Eve Mudvayne - Death Blooms Mudvayne - World So Cold Mushroomhead - Before I Die Mushroomhead - Solitaire Unraveling 1 Nickelcreek - Smoothie Song Nine Inch Nails - Closer Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit No One - Chemical Nonpoint - Endure Nonpoint - What A Day Offspring - Defy You Ok Go - Get Over It One Minute Silence - Fish out of Water Our Lady Peace - Clumsy Our Lady Peace - Innocent Ozzy Osborne - NIB Ozzy Osborne - Paranoid Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer Ozzy Osbourne - Gets Me Through Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Know Ozzy Osbourne - Iron Man Ozzy Osbourne - Mr.

Crowley Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne - Road to Nowhere Ozzy Osbourne - See you on the other side Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark Ozzy Ozbourne - Purple Haze Ozzy Ozbourne - War Pigs D - Satellite Pacifier - Bullitproof Pantera - Suicide Note Part 2 Papa Roach - Last Resort Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD) Pennywise - Fuck Authority Peter Moon - Shine Pillar - Fireproof POD - Southtown Powerman - Free Presence - Tonz of Fun Pressure4 - Beat the World Project 86 - Hollow Again Puddle of Mudd - Blurry Puddle Of Mudd - Control Puddle Of Mudd - Drift and Die RA - Rectifier Radiohead - There There Radish - Wasted And Ready Rage Against The Machine - Freedom Rage Against The Machine - wake up [matrix] Rammstein - Ich Will Red Card - Lesson No.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - dosed Red Hot Chili Peppers - Cabron Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dosed Red Hot Chili Peppers - Midnight Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tear Revis - Caught in the Rain Revis - Seven Revis - Your Wall Riddlin' Kids - I Feel Fine Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl Rooney - Blueside Roots - The Seed 2. Cody Chesnutt [radio edit] Rugs - Breakdown Scott Miller - Second Chance Sevendust - Crucified Sevendust - Feel So Sevendust - Praise Shocore - Bonecracker Sinch - Something More Slipknot - Left Behind Slipknot - Spit it Out Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle Soar Thoat - The Color Red Socialburn - Down Socialburn - Everyone Soil - Breaking Me Down Soundgarden - Outshined Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself Staind - For You Staind - For You [Radio Edit] Staind - mudshovel Staind - Outside Staind - Can't Believe Staind - Change Staind - Epiphany Staind - Fade Staind - It's Been A While Staind - Open your Eyes Staind - Outside Live Version Staind - Pressure Staind - Suffer Staind - Take it Staind - Warm Safe Place Staind - Waste Stereomud - Breathing Stitch - A New Day Stone Sour - Bother Stone Sour - Get Inside Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline SubThree - Bleed Suicide Machines - High Anxiety Sum 41 - Hell Song Supagroup - Woulda Been Nice Superimposed - The One Switched - Inside System of a Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD) - Spiders Taproot - Mine Taproot - Poem The All - Swing Swing The All - The Last Song The Apex Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD) - Apossibly The Blank Theory - Sour Times The Donnas - Take It Off The Donnas - Who Invited You The Exies - Kickout The Exies - My Goddess The Mars Volta - Inertiatic The Offspring - Gone Away The Offspring - Original Prankster The Offspring - All I Want The Roots - Seed 2.

The Strokes - Someday The Vines - Get Free The Vines - Outtathaway! Third Eye Blind - Blinded Third Strike - Redemption Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells Unloco - Failure Unwritten Law - Rest of my Life Used - Blue And Yellow Used - The Taste of Ink Vex Red - Can't Smile [Radio] Wakefield - Say You Will Yo La Tengo - Moonrock Mambo Zwan - Honestly GarbagePoe - how'd you get that I'm Now Listening to thing?

It's not that accurate next time i'll buy a better one. Find More Posts by Atmo. Use the attachment feature to add your playlists please, don't put mammoth text blocks in, people are lazy and won't scroll past them. That sounded mean I didn't see your post until after I posted so I was replying to idiot - not you. So Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD). Find More Posts by Cylob. Don't tell me there's no hope at all.

Together we stand, divided we fall. Find More Posts by taylormemer. Holy shit!!! I never knew it could do that! Pennywise - Pot Song - 2. Corrs - Rain - In Blue 4. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal 1 8. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal - 9. Black Sabbath - Iron Man Black Sabbath - The Wizard Black Sabbath - Tomorrow's Dream Black Sabbath - Parinoid - Parinoid Black Sabbith - Sabbath Bloody Sabath CDB - Let's Groove ColdPlay - Yellow - Parachutes Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise - Gangsta's Paradise Deep Purple - Highway Star - Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water - Disturbed - Stupify - Disturbed - Believe - Believe Disturbed - Remember - Believe Disturbed - Prayer - Disturbed - Voices - The Sickness Eminem - Lose Yoursef - Faith Hill - Cry Foo Fighters - Baker Street - Foo fighters - Everlong - Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly Foo Fighters - Times Like These - Gorillaz - Sunshine in a Bag - Gorillaz - sunshine in a bag - Jebediah - Fall Down Jenna's Files - Slayer - Criminally Insane Korn - Fake - Korn - Falling Away from Me - Issues Korn - Here To Stay - Korn - South Of Heaven - Korn - Wake Up - Issues Korn - Falling Away From Me - Korn - Thoughtless - Untouchables Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker - Remasters Disc1 Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Remasters Disc2 Linkin Park - Crawling - hybrid theory I offhandedly made a snide comment about the Cheap-O Pillows Does anybody wonder why I love her?

Gotta love a blog that uses a Don Martin cartoon on its header. This one is Issue 78, and it features seventeen pieces hand-selected by Mark from an assortment of talented and semi-talented writers. Go thou and read.

Exclusion, Political Correctness. Since this is my Personal Online Journal, I can use it as a Bully Pulpit to give my Esteemed Readers the benefit of my own worthless opinions on the matter. Some years, you can even throw Eid al-Fitr into the mix, depending on the vagaries of the Muslim calendar. We live in a pluralistic society, folks. Get over it. Christians decorate trees as a Christmas observance. It is ridiculous to blur its distinctiveness by calling it something it is not…so knock it off.

It is a Christmas tree, people. The issue gets a little touchier when it comes to what is acceptable in the public schools. I believe religious observance has little if any place in a public school, but I am also a realist. Face it. Whereas to Jews, Chanukah is a relatively minor holiday.

Post-biblical in origin, it commemorates a military victory and the rededication of the Holy Temple. The religious themes are there, but they are not of the transcendent nature of some of our other holidays — or of Christmas, for that matter. Using Chanukah as a stalking horse, trying to compete with Christmas, is absurd - yet American Jews have been doing it for years.

Enough, already. Christians: Enjoy your holiday season. Merry Christmas. Light up that Christmas tree and enjoy the splendor of the day with your families. And if you want to get pissed off because someone is fighting a War on Christmas, look to yourselves. Then drive home from the mall and shut the hell up. I can wiggle my ears I have translated the Mr. Ed theme song into four languages, including Bahasa Indonesia.

I have 28 of my original set of 32 permanent teeth, having had my third molars extracted two years ago. My first car was a Chevy Malibu. It was a piece of crap. I have visited twenty-one foreign countries on four continents twenty-six countries if you count drive-throughs and short visits but have never resided outside the U. It is not good. I have owned jointly with She Who Must Be Obeyed seven different houses in four different states, all at different times.

I remember Mama. I have eaten snake. Tastes like chicken. Chicken that has been crawling around on its belly all its life. Snagged from Kris, the Goober Queen.

Warm enough for Hakuna to relax on the loveseat and leave her usual Deposit of Hair. Is it really Friday? Gotta love that December weather, am I right? It was this past Sunday, and a Nefarious Crime had been committed. The Punishment: Mouse arrest! Having had a few hours to spend during Airplane Trips and Training Downtimes, I was able to finish off a novel I had been reading over the past few weeks, a novel I purchased on the strength of a recommendation by the estimable Bakerina.

And, oh, what a novel it is. Cloud Atlasby David Mitchell, is one of the most unusually structured, thought-provoking books I have read in a long time. Part historical romance, part mystery, part science fiction, it is all brilliant, a Chinese puzzle of a book, a series of short novels nested into one another like the components of a Matruschka doll.

Considering that the story arc is not so much an arc as it is a boomerang, it feels odd to say that the novel ends on an optimistic note. Get this book out of the nearest library; if necessary, go buy it. Read it. You will be rocked back on your heels by the sheer audacity of its premise and the beauty of its construction. The power of the story?

A bonus. Thanks, Bake! I owe you one, big-time. A: The Nittany Loin. Yes, Happy Days. Four glorious days in Sweat City. Following a drive to the Atlanta airport in a blinding hailstorm, followed by a hellacious, bumpy flight to the Land of Schvitz Sunday evening, I spent Monday in the Bowels of the Great Corporate Salt Mine.

Three days of sitting in a conference room, listening to lectures, running supply chain simulations, and trying to keep that thin stream of spittle from getting on my pants when I doze off. Three days of pleasure while my brain turns to cottage cheese. Envy me not, Esteemed Readers. Alas, it is one of the benefits of Continued Employment, that my bountiful Employer wishes to enhance my General Usefulness. Thus: training.

Like teaching dead dogs new tricks. I participate. I am attentive. Like a Bottlenosed Dolphin, I leap at the right time, so as to grab the Fishy Treats that are proffered.

And I piddle only on the Approved Newspapers. I can feel my brain getting bigger by the hour. This weekthe Bonfire is hosted by Special Fried Rice. You know: beef, shrimp, chicken, vegetables, and the odd Random Turd.

Lots more. A risky venture to some, but Dax has the drive and determination to succeed. He is a connoisseur of the Fine Arts. Musical theatrefilmtelevision - these are all home to the redoubtable Mr.

Nutty, offbeat sports? Dax is your man. Bizarre sex? The guy wrote the book. And did I mention model rocketry?

Gourmet cooking? Dax has got more BAM! There are days when the sight of Yet Another Turkey Sub is likely to send him right over the edge The Carnival of the Recipes is up - second week in a row! The sixty-eighth edition is an Appetizer Party, and appetizing, it surely is. Go to get your fix of Fuzzy Kitty Goodness. Would you like to have your tits shot off? A couple of months ago, I chronicled a memorable Japanese dinner.

The meal was memorable not only for the food - which was superb - but mainly for the fact that it was with my old buddy Walter, whom I had not seen in something like 29 years. Accompanying Walter were a couple of his business colleagues, two Japanese guys who styled themselves Chris and Carl. It would give him the strength to climb Fujiyama, or to cut the grass at the Imperial Palace in a single day.

And now, you can enjoy goma-ae, too. When the seeds are golden brown, remove them from the oven and transfer them immediately to a plate.

Set aside. Add the spinach to a saucepan of boiling salted water and boil uncovered for two minutes, or until just tender. Dump the spinach into a colander, rinse with cold water, and drain well. Gently squeeze dry by the handful. If you have small ramekins or timbale molds, use these to shape the spinach into neat little piles. In a small bowl, whisk the soy sauce, mirinvegetable oil, sesame oil, and sugar. Pour over the spinach timbales. Just before serving, sprinkle with the toasted sesame seeds.

Serve at room temperature. Popeye-wa, goma-ae-ga hoshii desu, neh? Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Wanna know more? Go here. View my complete profile. Buy My Book, Dammit! All hail Elisson! Obi-Wan Kenobi of Georgia We know that.

Elisson, my man You know you want to Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments. Pastel de Tres Leches : Thre From my friend Irwin comes this heartwarming story Welcome to Carnival of the Vanities ! The Bloggy-Sphere is a many-splendored place. With tens of millions of blogs out there, the whole range of human interests is represented s Here I stand, impoverished of deeds, trembling and frightened with the dread of He Who is enthroned upon the praises of Israel.

I have come The Table You find the damnedest things on the Internet. Looking through my referrer stats, I noticed that one lucky? A Perfectly Cromulent Blog. All Atwitter. Baboon Pirates. Back Home Again. Bad Bad Juju. Big Stupid Tommy. BigHominid's Hairy Chasms. Bobo Blogger. Boudicca's Voice. Cowtown Pattie's Texas Trifles. Dead Dog Walkin'. Drunken Wisdom. Elms in the Yard. Erica's Photo Blog. Grouchy Old Cripple.

Hating Dating. Holder of Useless Knowledge. John Cox Art. Laughing Wolf. Leslie's Omnibus. A Baby Wolf! Moogies World. My Garden Spot. Nicole Wolverton. Not Exactly Rocket Science. One For The Road. Parkway Rest Stop. Primordial Slack. Rants of a Texas Yid. Restroom Revelations.

Straight White Guy. Tabs on Writing. Tell It Slant. The Word Stories Podcast. The Adventures of Omnibabe. The Brier Patch. The Dax Files. Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. Tim's Reflection Connection.

Voted Off the Island. Wiley's Championship BBQ. You Bitch! Blogroll Buddies. Bartender another round Blog d'Elisson. Dazed and Confuzed From Here. Fat in Indiana. Fetch me my axe. Fried Green al-Qaedas. Georgia On My Mind. Grandma's House.

Great Reader. Groanin' Jock. I'll Show You Mine. Last One Speaks. Lost in the Cheese Aisle. Morris' Musings. Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated.

Music and Cats. My Life In Words. Naked Villainy. Near the Salty City. Night of the Return of the Son of Rocket Jones. Passed Up Strange. Pet Cobra. Postcards of the Hanging. Red Hill Kudzu. Scheiss Weekly. Shorty PJs. Simply Jews. Smokey Mountain Breakdown. Socal Mom by Donna Schwartz Mills. First, I came across the town of Norway, Illinois, the oldest Norwegian settlement in the country. Minnesota has nothing on Illinois. Well, at least it terms of early Norwegian settlements. But I also drove by this, so I had to pull over: My first thought was that it was a memorial to commemorate some sort of plane crash.

But no! There you have it. Now I'm pouring sweetness -- I've had my fun and now it's time. If you see her again, be sure to say hello. Too far, too great in my mind. And then it's got to pay and pay. If you left her just the way you found her. I can hope, I can pray. I was wrong. Since I am a dork, I find this very interesting. A group called the New 7 Wonders is trying to determine the new seven wonders of the world.

The group wants to recognize the awesome achievements of humankind since ancient times. And since most of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World are gone now, the group wants to create a brand new list.

If you read their websitethese people are very passionate about the project. Anyway, they want the world to vote on the new wonders, and I like this idea.

According to their site, "This vote will culminate with a live, worldwide telecaston July 7, - See the full list of nominees here. I am going to vote, but I have not decided which ones to vote for yet. Like I said, this is probably to world's dorkiest post, but something about the combination of culture, art, history, and architecture is quite fascinating to me.

As everyone knows, The Big Lebowski is an all-time classic. That is not even up for debate. But I do know a few people who are offended by the level of profanity in this movie.

I do notice it when I watch it, but to me it just adds to the humor. But someone has edited The Big Lebowski down to a much shortened version, and originally I did not think this would be funny, but about a minute into it, I could not stop laughing.

So, if you have not already seen this, please enjoy. And this is definitely NOT suitable to listen to at work or with Grandma in the room. I saw the documentary Wordplay yesterday, and I highly recommend it. The film focuses on Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle, and on the annual crossword tournament. The bulk of the movie is about the various contestants in the tournament, and these people's lives are so strange and quirky that it makes for top-notch entertainment.

But another major part of the movie involves interviews with celebrity crossword fanatics, including Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, the Indigo Girls, and Mike Mussina.

Clinton, as always, is fascinating to watch, but it should come as no surprise that Jon Stewart steals the show. He is hilarious in this film.

But not all the laughs come from professional comedians. Also, the competition itself is an edge-of-your-seat thrill. A documentary about the world of crossword puzzle enthusiasts may not sound exciting, but trust me -- it is a rollicking great time and one of the best films of the year. These arguments pretty much sum up the reason why this issue has no business in the Constitution. But their passion is so nauseatingly touching. I don't know about you, but I am convinced that these politicians really understand God's plan.

Then she starts to wonder what life would be like without Oliver, and likes what she sees. Both want to stay in the house, and so they begin a campaign to force each other to leave. In the middle of the fighting is D'Amato, the divorce lawyer. He gets to see how far both will go to get rid of the other, and boy do they go far. When this movie was released during my junior year in high school, my friend Lisa and I went to the theater to see it, and apparently the rest of the audience was not nearly as amused as we were.

We were laughing so loudly and so much that people kept turning around and staring at us, and at one point the middle-aged couple in front of us the woman taught at our school! I love everything about this movie, which was also directed by Danny DeVito, and it contains some of the best, funniest, darkest lines I have ever heard.

The movie reaches into the blackest pits of the human soul and finds hilarious humor hiding there. Kathleen Turner's rage is beautiful, and the climax of the film is the most un-Hollywood result one could hope for. The funniest part of the film, in my opinion, occurs after Oliver leaves the hospital, and he reads the "dying words" love note he composed.

Barbara's reaction is priceless, and that is the line that sent the couple in front of us to another row. If you seek dark black comedy full of evil hilarity, look no further. I have the genetic condition called the photic sneeze reflex PSRalso cleverly called the ACHOO autosomal-dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts syndrome.

Apparently this is a fairly common condition, but no one I have ever met has such extreme symptoms as I do. Ever since I was little, I have sneezed every time I go outside into the sun. My mom is the same way, so I have always suspected that this was a genetic issue. Now this is not a problem for me, and in fact, I actually like the sensation of sneezing though not as much as some urban legends might indicate. The one downfall is if I get a sneezing attack when I am driving; sometimes if I go around a curve and can suddenly see the sun, or if the sun comes out from behind a cloud, I go into a sneezing fit, which is not the safest way to drive.

Fortunately the attack does not last very long. One major benefit of the photic sneeze reflex is that whenever I get that starting tickle of a sneeze, I can just look at a light and the sneeze will come to fruition.

I hate the non-sneeze that just leaves you hanging. The light source does not even have to be the sun -- any lamp or ceiling light will do. Growing up, and all through school, I would sneeze three 3 times whenever I went outside after being inside for a while. My friend Kathy was so accustomed to it that she would pre-emptively bless me. We would walk out of the store, and Kathy would say, "Bless you, bless you, bless you," and then I would sneeze three times.

But I think my photic sneeze reflex is getting stronger. I now regularly sneeze five 5 times instead of three. And today on my way out of work, I sneezed seven 7! And it was cloudy. I may try to build a device to harness the energy emitted from my face and then use it to power my iPod. Girl 2: Oh man, that game is the best. Last time I played it, I ended up falling out a window. High school girl: He's a really good guy.

Williams, and I am selling stuffed animals for the Happy Family organization. We believe in the sanctity of family and abstinence before marriage. Gay Guy: You're talking to the wrong people. Woman: Oh, you're college students. I thought you were a Christian youth group or something. Woman 2: I don't know about that. I like to keep it all in there. Woman 3: Yeah, I agree. I don't want anything to be drippin'. Cop: See that naked Chinese guy? Tourist man: Ummm Cop: Walk down to him and make a left.

Tourist man: Um, thanks. Cop: No problem. I have watched some more films from my list :

December - Various - Century Media - Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (CD), In Your Eyes - Various - Youth Crew 2016 (Vinyl), Da Capo Al Fine - Lidija Percan - Lidija Percan (Vinyl, LP, Album), Texas - Boss Hog - Boss Hog (Cassette, Album), Raw Power (2) - After Your Brain (Vinyl, LP, Album), Whatever It Takes - Roger Breland*, Truth (31) - Would You Believe (Vinyl, LP), Johnnie Ray - 20 Golden Greats (Cassette), Marys Boy Child - BZN - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Cassette, Album), Follow The Signs - A Blaze Colour - Collection (CDr), Sweets For My Sweet - The Searchers - Spotlight On The Searchers Volume One (Vinyl, LP), Call Me - Ottomix Vs DJ Yano - New Ethnic Electronic World 6 (CD), Mar Revolto - Mar Revolto (Vinyl, LP, Album)

9 thoughts on “Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers (DVD)

  1. Aug 13,  · yarısı alsatçı emlakçı telefoncu taksici olan ülke 40; bim'in başarısının sırrı 77; irfan can kahveci 14; 26; adayınız nerede 28; citroen ami ; kafa dengi biriyle evlenip birlikte vakit geçirmek 71; kitap okumak 14; nagehan alçı 18; ign tüm zamanların en iyi oyunu anketi ; youtube'un aşı karşıtı içerikleri kaldırma kararı

  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the DVD release of "Night Prayers" on Discogs.

  3. Smashing Pumpkins - Night Prayers Product details. Language ‏: ‎ English; Package Dimensions ‏: This particular DVD gives you 2 Smashing Pumpkin concerts, one a true retro event from , with the original band lineup at its peak. The 2nd is the later formation consolidated and circa Both concerts are superb.

  4. Silverfuck The Smashing Pumpkins. Produced by. Butch Vig & Billy Corgan. Release Date. July 27, View All Credits.

  5. The Smashing Pumpkins, Rock, Музыкальные стили • pt 9 act three was designed to bring the energy back up, and it did. the last encore i think was 'silverfuck', which had a lot of improvisation in it. it wasn't all planned out, and i remember thinking of my deceased mother alot. it all came down to 'where was mommy?' in the.

  6. The Deluxe Box Set’s 5 CDs include 64 bonus tracks of previously unreleased material or alternate versions of MELLON COLLIE era songs, and its DVD features a live show filmed at the Brixton Academy, London () and bonus performances from the German music television show Rockpalast (). It all comes housed in a 12 x 12 lift-top box with.

  7. Filename O:\My Music\FLAC rips\Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness\Disc 1 - Dawn To Dusk\10 - The Smashing Pumpkins - We Only Come Out At Pre-gap length Peak level % Track quality % Test CRC 3A1EACF9 Copy CRC 3A1EACF9 Accurately ripped (confidence ) [05AA] Copy OK .

  8. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Sheperd's Bush Empire on by Smashing Pumpkins. Publication date (check for other copies) Topics smashing pumpkins, corgan, iha, wretzky. Collection SmashingPumpkins Band/Artist Smashing Pumpkins. To Sheila Tear Once Upon a Time Crestfallen Ava Adore Daphne Descends.

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