Limited edition pressing of copies. Originally released by John Fahey's Takoma label in The Falconer's Arm pair of LPs is widely considered Basho's best work; monumental pieces of folk guitar invention from the pioneer, with guitar lines in….

Growing up in Maryland alongside neo-traditional gui…. Sold out at source, few copies availble. Growing up in Maryland alongside neo-traditional guitar explorers John Fahey a….

Basho was the least commercially successful of the three, but his influence and reputati…. Liam BarkerRobbie Basho. Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho is a feature-length documentary on the extraordinary life and visionary music of the American guitarist, singer and mystic Robbie Basho.

Before his bizarre death at the hands of a chiropractor, Robbie Ba…. Though frequently overshadowed by his contemporary and Takoma Records labelmate John Fahey, the compositions and performances of Daniel R. Robinson Jr. This only opens up the argument even more.

Even Bowie had little time for this album. But hey, feel free to get the omissions on CD or download, especially if you object to paying up to 4 times the price for vinyl. The Beatles Sgt. I was listening to the Violent guys, just more. It was just showing psychological He subsequently made some disparaging curating it. Add in a lot of drugs and alcohol, remarks about the band, then later and youth.

Watching avant-garde films. It expressed regret for making those remarks. We wanted to be Ehh, you know. I get it. All is well, no bad blood. I think he was offended because he and Kim Deal become romantic figures.

Kim Deal is still a Pixie. And After you ended the Pixies, did you mind our own ways. What ssues we had were now talking about somebody else? Not so much. Because I never paid my a crisis. So it felt good to learn stuff, to play keep it in check as much as you can.

What itches did that scratch? It was just me and the of way. I liked delivering harder rock. We could get the effort of it. Without any concern for… have such an esteemed cheerleader? We success or anything. I had enough success. It was just Were The Catholics an underrated band?

Because Pixies became a You eventually began playing Pixies songs anything with that information. At the end of the day, thing bigger than you. We put out a lot of records, and of something that was bi than me. I just a record that people like to sell concert tickets. But I liked the aesthetic of as big as me laughs. Tha uld control, happy. The praise of other musicians is nice, somewhat.

Which is funny, because Pixies were any regrets, other than maybe I could have your band and presumably you were slowed it down then too. Maybe I could have Did the Pixies ever have an issue compara- in control.

Just do, do, do, do, do, do. Almost manic. I started to bond with [Feldman] on the No. I think we had a little bit of an issue with last Pixies tour. It was like a new musical Any theories why you were like that? I liked the idea of working because the American record company people musical relationship.

London, June 21, And how can you not dudes. Totally, I get it. I did it before the woman, and her vibe. I left the band. This is imbal- that I really pushed for. The other guys were anced. How come? I have an outlet for musical stuff. I liked her. So I was attracted kids, and make way less money. Pixies Exactly. Any of those records could have been Surfer Rosa Pixies records. I had fun making the perverse pop genius of Gigantic, Surfer Rosa record. I have no regrets. But I liked it. During that same period you also made two albums in Nashville with a stellar cast of An escape from real life responsibilities?

Typical musician. Frank Black Dan Penn. How was that experience? Teenager Of The Year Very illuminating. Just seeing how different The Pixies reformed in I really liked it a lot. It was nice to be the kid. It was a little awkward, but we got through it self-conscious push to pretty fast. The affable, unfettered sound graphical, unusually so. We got to have the success that we of the true Frank was mostly recorded live and Right.

Are there legal reasons? But say? She could have opposed to the latest by the are so bleak. Tom Oldham. And for her lifestyle. So that makes me happy. M the requisite transgressive chops. John in his hoodoo finery, Montreux, ; opposite, clockwise from top left remembering Mac, Treme, New Orleans, June 7, ; Boston, ; awaiting his gumbo.

In a bit of symmetry, the the Orpheum Theater for an ebony-and-gold fu- last album Dr. John, The Night Tripper.

Things on board, rolled toward Basin Street. He was skipping school and run- ciation Social Aid and Pleasure Club dancing in sharp suits with ning with a crowd that would suffer its share of attrition, he wrote in gold-edged sashes, Mardi Gras Indians, with ostrich-feather plum- Under A Hoodoo Moon, from prison, violence and overdoses.

His father defended him. He and Mac mental guitar rumble Storm Warning. The ited black and white people from injury prompted his move to piano: congregating socially. It felt natural to him, he give a white guy guitar lessons when told me in John with Black Key Dan Auerbach after traditions. Two days of interviews at the hotel with Dr. John cemented it. To us, those were just director for Sonny And Cher, had already set up names on records.

And he just proceeded to pour out camp. This was where he adopted the persona these lovely, detailed, poetic stories about working in that would become his overarching legacy. His language, as you know, was very In the middle of the 19th century in New colourful and evocative — he painted pictures in Orleans, there had been a famed root doctor, a words. That was the glue that held the book together.

Totally clean for the into his playing. Putting in his life. But he was mostly based in New York time member of the Neville Brothers band — told City, far from the town that inspired him. In its Dr. Funny How Time Slips Away. John returned home, traumaticalised but galvanised. Before every gig, Guerin said, Dr. When Rhiannon Giddens discovered the truth about american folk music — namely, the erasure of key black contributions from its official lineage — she went into battle, armed with a banjo, a voice like silver and a passion for all things roots.

Can she rewrite history? Just try stopping her, says Will hodGkinson. Photography by ebRu Yildiz. T and she needs to get our interview completed before it is time to pick up her six-year-old son and year-old daughter he big moment Came for giddens inat from their gaelic language primary school. I was a nerd! By her own admission she was player who died inaged People in the white community valued what he did and wanted to sing but hated the idea of having to talk on-stage, as you thank the Lord for them, so he was used to people learning from generally have to do in musical theatre, folk, country and pop.

They revived out. We Southern black celebrity; according to a newspaper report put the hours in with Joe, which is how you of the time, his funeral in brought the biggest pro- apprentice. There really was a power in being cession the city of Wilmington had ever seen. But he died in that band. You wonder how something once at the heart of hillbillies the next, leaving the black string bands on the street. T the banjo is developing as this is happening.

Until the s, the black string drops, and subsequently Giddens in her solo career, have band was an integral part of rural life. With nothing recorded, different styles were mixing naturally. With the concurrent birth of the recording album of songs about civil rights, slavery and young black men industry, the blues became defined as race music while string bands shot by the police. I would boys. They just got written out of history. I have to I ask Giddens what she means.

Justin from the Chocolate Drops is from Gaston County in who speaks about serious black stuff. Black people have been singing classical music and music because it reminds me of when I was four. A doing ballet forever. What the hell!? Hip-hop is folk Eight years ago he read an article on the Chocolate Drops and wanted music, but it is not seen that way. It has been commercialised, but to meet Giddens, and after being connected by the cellist Kate Ellis Peter, Paul And Mary were commercial.

They were put together to who plays on the recordthe pair carved out time in August sell records and make a lot of money. Giddens came up with Ten Thousand Voices, the haunting Giddens. There Is No Othe met me the way he did. He has the folk instruments in his European tradition, partnership that like the tamburello, frame drum and lute, and I have the banjo and Genuine Negro J pitches Giddens with jazz improviser violin in mine.

Meeting someone from across the ocean allowed us catapulted the trio ground between the roots of to be completely ourselves. That album is everything I have in one. Earlier this year she revivalists into rhythms, Appalachian bluegrass released an album with Our Native Daughters, a band of four black full-blooded and other tributaries.

A sparse commercial force, through departure from all her previous banjo-playing women; two years previously she took a part in Nash- clear-sighted vision and infectious work, it frames the singular Giddens ville, the popular TV series about the lives of two semi-competing determination. Feisty yet soulful, voice beautifully. She i on an opera about Omar ibn Said, a Senegalese Korani was sold into slavery in the early s, escaped, e North Carolina jail and became a local celebrity afte publishing his biography in Arabic.

And the kids do Reclaiming They must be a bit pleased to have a mother who, the country: Rhiannon better phrase, does cool stuff? It was clear this was going to be phenomenal.

InWeis was a year old high school student and devoted rock music fan with shoulder-length hair. This would be their second public appearance. He travelled light. There were no ticket takers. There was a four-foot high Getty 3. Another bus proceeded north. People were just walk- to the two-lane roads upstate, cars were pulled up on the grassy ing over it.

We went over a rise and then you could see a bowl and. I took a spot close to the could hitch a ride to Bethel. It was there he spotted ex-Spoonful stage — close enough that I could see everything.

People were still roadie Walter Gundy, by then working for The Incredible String working on the stage. There was a shared consciousness. Get in the helicopter. But there was more than one Woodstock I never left the site for a cute little hotel room. Woodstock attendee and music business veteran Danny Goldberg. I realise, Oh! Feel the next note, hear it, offer it.

Thinking is poison for musicians John Lennon and — the ego loves to criticise and tear apart and George Harrison. Dead, but he also loved the to make a statement.

Most being far out — that came later, from the Midwest. Hawaii this morning. I was watching this and Babatunde Olatunji, and Bill was a dancer against Hitler. We wanted to protest against thing and I was surprised to see the split — he loved to dance to Afro-Cuban music. We Vietnam. Hippies wanted equality, fairness and screen. And you will never be the same again. So, just weather the storm… chant and the mud, and then the congas come I know how to put on big events.

I told him Jerry Garcia told us that the Grateful Dead in, then the band. This is outside of time and outside of Now, people only knew us in San Francisco, bands after us, at about So, like a trainer, Bill so he volunteered some mushrooms or of the second. If you take words Sly Stone went on at 3. That was the best summer went on. He was training us to play in with naked awareness. Holy shit — Sly Where we mostly played, the Fillmore in San on right now. But I had man! And then Jimi did the national anthem.

For me, that was a lot of River Rock Festival, where we were sandwiched right, but I need you to please help money. That was my mantra — in tune school washing dishes and I go to We rented a house in Woodstock where and on time. I repeated that as I the Fillmore and see Cream and everybody was hanging around, and people was playing because I trusted Jimi Hendrix and I start would point out where Bob Dylan lived, where my muscle memory to carry believing I could be on stage Jimi Hendrix lived.

But I never saw them me through the songs. But what we were doing was from moving around — it was anything, so basically it was a building our psyches for this event. You pay half a million helicopter and saw the aerial view of neck not to wiggle around so ollars to play half-time at the this so-called disaster area, the much just so I could visit that uper Bowl — for the exposure!

You felt a global consciousness platform, a sanctum. The way whatever we had. It easy for me to trust that I could Pepsi or Madison Avenue was inspiring to see that people were capable get to the other side. The could hear the music in the creating this organism of hippies had a different agenda from being ether, and it came through mypeople sharing. It was pretty cool. But whenever it came, it was inadequately with the tenor of the times to prevent Woodstock from being a planned-for and caused multiple problems.

The band lived They faced the same danger Sebastian experienced — and they were communally and their lyrics advocated radical politics and celebrat- a fully electric band. The crowd had no such refuge. Rock critic can see better. A lot of it had to do with the times. At that moment, Ellen Sander covered the festival for the Saturday Review. But apparent. That sense of cultural identity separated Woodstock. And they were complimented on it by the There were other factors. The connection between the name MCs.

Kaukonen also mentions the mystical X- ser John Sinclair was doing serious prison time factor of the area. Maybe that had rupting a show is not in my genes. In that re- Others at the festival have described mo- spect we were the same. It all felt hypocritical. Weis experienced his Woodstock ended at I did this for 10 minutes and suddenly I Most of the audience had gone home, people stopped and realised I was looking at the back of my had to go to school or work. If you Danny Goldberg was a year-old clerk at music ook at photos of Hendrix playing, you can see biz trade mag Billboard.

Its presence in the movie to cover the festival, he volunteered. We Fred Weis returned home by thumb. Aquarian musings, warts and all. Peeling back Compare with those other Bay Area the layers of legend to get to the real deal, we insurgents, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Why CCR them- ency but also much gubbins for chroniclers, selves felt the show so sub-par they sup- completists and the compulsively curious.

Woodstock targeted a tighter demographic belief. Woodstock — this particular year-old was Love Crowd. Woodstock, by Of the other big names, Janis 3, miles away in north London, ear bent to comparison, was a no-soul zone, Joplin sounds over-refreshed; Radio 1 as usual.

Here, The Rolling Stones lorded and Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, perhaps she was also missing over a Top 20 boasting several more now-classic Ravi Shankar and Richie her wah-wah pedals, declared songs by now-classic icons including Elvis Havens conspicuously mislaid in one of the most Presley, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Serge non-vanilla interventions in a chuckle-inducing on-stage Gainsbourg, while The Plastic Ono Band were gathering posthumously announcements.

Joe Cocker exhorting everyone to give peace a chance. Of the big-news rock festival over the water. As MOJO went to press, a new site had been chosen and track albums: one in and its sequel.

Andy Zax Lang insisted that Woodstock 50 would happen. The latter contains each ing disasters, the human race has made progress. The audience recording level was too low during er nostalgia. It makes money from event as well. None of looked very different back then. Quite a different picture of what our mixes have overdubs, sweetening, edits.

There are one or two society was about was created at Woodstock and seemed to have exceptions where we made things more listenable. It was a generation coming of age that was quite heat, moisture and equipment issues, the different than the ones that preceded it.

An engineer at Abbey Road studios in their politics. They saw they could make lots of money by having lots of people at big festivals. When the kids at the Isle Of Wight tried to turn it into a free festival, they turned the dogs on them and beat them with sticks. That was not realistic.

The latter was the opposite of its peaceful predecessor 30 years earlier. Water and food was confiscated from attendees in an effort to force them to purchase overpriced staples onsite.

For further info and stockists visit www. Combining bracing dissonance, exploratory charge and female energy, their self-titled debut album continues to enthrall. Gina Birch: I was doing foundation art in Nottingham and went to London to look at art colleges for my degree, when the Sex Pistols played St Martins [on November 6, ]. It felt bud-like, like revolution was in the air. Punk was happening and it felt Justin Thomas. Then I saw The Slits was already there but their attitude was unique.

Adventures Close To Home, which Palmolive had and it felt possible. I loved their rawness but I thought it mine. Suddenly violin on top of the sound. I put an ad in the In Love, so I did my own repeat with my voice, not there was me represented in performance, lyrics, Compendium bookshop [in Camden].

Vicky realising there was a button that could do that. GB: Vicky had been in Jam Today who had been to do. What should I do? We and we really connected. They were the the vocals, bass, guitar through them.

But then shop and I went to see them and thought they we started to work out what we wanted to do. We complete opposite of Gang Of Four. They were brilliant. We asked them if they wanted the bass hitting exactly with the kick drum. We w he differences and supporting Tymon Dogg at The Tabernacle.

We ward, a basement stud nating as an idea played with our backs to the audience but we got Cambridge. Mayo Tho ender thing? They Chippenham this international performance art Crayola and was nged me to think festival curator turned up and asked us to ingrained at Rough we constructed perform in Warsaw. At the same time, we make it sound as good as possible fun. There was no joyous clatter. Just feckin go, man. I implore you.

Sure is an interesting hunch of yours and reflecting on it as things stand I guess there's more than an even chance of something special still to come. Anyone know if this is just a compilation of interviews that were made public previouslyor is this new, previously unreleased stuff? God, I've loved that woman for so long. Pam sings only traditional and original songs so this one caught me by surprise. The writer is one Tom Jans, fairly obscure but a collaborator of Mimi Farina at one time.

Al - you've got me hankering to go see The Boss. Hard to top Rosalita, Born To Run, some of those songs from back then, but i think there is another, hard to imagine, but deeper and bloodier statement to come even. I think there is somethng in there on it's way out, or trying to find it's way out. Maybe he needs someone to work withmaybe he doesn't. He always wrote alone before. But something is a brewing. Sadavid - sounds like you may have been up "isolated" or "secured" whilst your bag was rummaged through.

Once is enough, eh? You may have the distinction of being the first GBer to spell my posting name correctly. SomeI could understand. Like Westie. He couldn't spell properly if his life depended on it.

Where is the old fucker anyway Al, of course, i don't know, but i;d like to think Springsteen has a different sort of greatness in him that he hasn't reached yet. And i;d like to see more of those kind of human artistsic stuff out of him.

But i;m really hopjng there is some hardbloody, real, deep, yet not overblown stuff to come. Stripped bare emotion, none of the grandeur, none of the over poetics, just straight to the point bare bones shit.

I decide to listen for whatever reason to the alternate version of Idiot Wind. Suddenly the track begins to skip madly through the song. Static sounding and then skipping. Again, I have to ask the question. How many of these precious music CD's that I own, actually Album) perfectly anymore. This has now happened on 4 different occasions; with different CD's.

These are mint CD's; but again I question the life of these things. I had to download an iTunes version of the song to complete the album. Very upsetting. Mark - thought you might enjoy re-living the night courtesy of a fellow attendee from one of the forums who clearly derived a similar joy to yourself from what went down It was night 2 in a city, a beautiful summer night but rain was on its way, it was a ballpark, it was Boston.

Who cares! Every night we get to see Bruce and the ESB play is a treat. This always seems to get the band focused and intense. It is harder work - but they really seem to enjoy themselves more.

Steve was way into it or at least as into it as he gets. It is hard to underestimate how much his steadiness is the backbone of the band working.

LOTS of mugging, lots of setlist changes, lots of energy. That made the show somewhat less accessible to them. It sure made it fun for us! It was beautiful and, to my ears, a very romantic rendition of the song. The song was fine. I assumed we were going to go back to a more usual WB concert structure at this point. No clue as to what was coming. I really like this song and like its growth from a song about a stadium to a metaphor for aging.

Somehow Night 1 seemed more powerful. Bruce says something about any horn player should know this. The band works it out for a few moments and then BAM into the song. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?

Some people were outright hostile to the idea. I, like many others, were skeptical that it could work. As the concerts began, it was clear that Jake was talented and had perspective that this was about Clarence and he needed to work really hard to play the role without it being about himself.

It was also clear that the guy could blow the horn and was doing so in a great and appropriate way. Audiences embraced him. I wonder if Bruce had any doubts before the first big roar of approval or if he just knew.

LP it was the loose energy of the night. Perhaps it is Jake starting to own bits and pieces of the songs. He talked about opening for all these other bands. He talked about how no one remembers the opening act so they came up with all these complex songs to try to become memorable and then used his past line of this being the shot stopper before there was a show to stop.

He mused about whether anyone would know it and then said something about this being Boston so he figured we would. Nice props, Bruce! Frankie - A knockout surprise for the fanatics. A nice pop tune for most of the people there. During this song the rain started to drip a bit. For fanatics, we knew we were seeing something new or pretty new Wherever the show has been, this is pointing to the future with hope. It seemed to me it was sung rather sadly. Man, this is pretty and man can she sing.

Born to Run - Lights up, encore time. Raining steadily but who cares. I guess the surprises are probably over. Surprises not over.

Band just ripped into it. I sat next to a couple. The woman then told me that the guy she was with grew up with Steven. They had gone separate ways. He had never gone to see Bruce before because of his regrets at having missed the ride. Although his real non-musical career sounded pretty interesting, too. But one of the things he and Steven had put together was a medley of tunes by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. It survives intact today as the Detroit Medley. Looks at it. Does the whole too tired to go on bit.

Steve comes with the sponge to revive him. At this point a little boy maybe 5 from the crowd who Bruce had been mugging with all night came wandering all the way up from the runway to the main stage.

Steve hands him the sponge and he helps to revive Bruce who then carries him back to the family. Was this totally staged? Totally spontaneous? Of course, the song itself is great.

Crowd sing-along worked, too. You could tell that these old-time songs really worked for the old-time band members. The grins were huge. I think a lot of the audience missed the reference to Clarence and Danny. I had a newbie with me last night. He's a generation younger and this isn't his kind of music. I also told him multiple times that nights like last night are what happens when you have a GREAT group of people who know their work individually, who trust one another, and who are really in sync.

You get a TEAM at its peak. You get a TEAM that can do almost anything. I know I've only experienced that kind of peak in my own work on a few occasions. I know that's exactly what I saw on stage last night. Subject: Al Edge Al was able to evoke more of the passion of the show with his response than I was able to evoke after attending the show While everyone has their favorite period, mine will always be the '78 "attitude", and last night was clear attempt by Bruce to channel that "attitude" into those four songs.

Much of the show was light, loose and fun For somebody who wasn't around for the Darkness era, it was as close as I will get to what they must have felt like at the time. Absolutely delighted for you Mark. Just wish I could have been there for both nights. Just reading the Boston Globe review and through the various comments on Greasy Lake and BTX it seems you had the sort of night I was trying to give the nod about to everyone on here about a month or so ago.

And the thing is he's feeding off this rare rock 'n' roll communion consisting of himself, the band, the songs and the fans so voraciously, so instinctively, so riotously whilst all the time retaining such a focussed command that I'm sure by the later shows it'll actually get even better - if that is superhumanly possible. Simply astounding. Never less than inspirational on the stage, for this tour it is now as if he's possessed, summoning up some magical spirit of rock 'n' roll [anyone seen him at the crossroads?

No matter. Whatever it is that's inspiring him to these unfeasible heights, it is certainly something that is becoming unmissable for anyone who cherishes the art form. I wish I had the ability to channel some of Al Edge's passionate writing style to describe the event, but all I can say is that is was an amazing night designed for the diehard fans, not the masses.

While nothing can replace my memories of many, many Rambles, this particular show reaffirms what a great night of music can do! Re accordions, my first meeting with Garth was like living an accordion joke. Four of us in a small room off the bar where he would soon be playing. One says, "I'd better go check your stuff, Garth". Garth says, in his slow drawl, "Oh, you don't need to worry about anybody stealing an accordion.

PutEmUp Friend0: suspicious package, indeed. I occasionally used to put a harmonica in my carry-on bag, but no longer. Something about those little Hohners gives them a highly alarming x-ray silhouette. Mike C: Thanks Solilquoy - Robbie Basho - Basho Sings (Vinyl that clip.

Was surprised at the Oingo Boingo connection. As for prog Prog Spring is a clever title, eh? Much of it is surprisingly listenable even now - or maybe especially now, when it is not associated with the doings, sayings and tendencies of highschool and college classmates.

It's a very good article on The Nice. I saw them at least three times. Only a fragment, but this is pretty cool. See link. Hudson was born in Windsor. This compilation, from aroundwas a promo only release on Columbia white label.

A great collection of original songs that capture the feel of 60's pop music. I was wondering if anyone else from the Guestbook is enjoying this new music? And here's a link to another Buffalo Springfielder leading his band through a British-invation-influenced number. That's likely Sneaky Pete Kleinow on rave-up guitar.

I have to guess that he and Sneaky Pete moved down the coast together to hook up with the Dillards. Another Springfield performance with a shy bassist--evidently their road manager. Rainy day here is Toronto. Grey day and a little depressing.

Been a long time. I got it when it came out, but foolishly dumped it years ago. Here's George: "The Band: the reason all those people are singing different lines is they all want to be the singer, but where they're all singing together it gets like discipline where nobody is crowding anybody else out. They said consumers never consider it until too late. No they don't process orders that quickly. Saturday then? No, that's extra. Monday late afternoon is Thursday's "next day".

In fact the small print says that they fulfil the contract if they delivered by Wednesday. Ya just gotta love it. I bought a used book on Amazon today. How much was the book? Hey it's a old book from ' Then I got the final bill from Amazon for my 8 cent book. Handling and shipping of course. Sorry; but I just had to share it with you. Subject: the Consuls If you want to know what the young Robbie would have been playing onstage in '59, the Consuls' setlist would surely have included both sides of their first single, both sides of which are included in the Little Caesar and the Consuls comp at the link above tracks 1 and 2.

Recorded in Buffalo in February '59, just before Robbie joined. The photo shows drummer Peter Deremigis and guitarist Gene MacLellan, both of Solilquoy - Robbie Basho - Basho Sings (Vinyl would leave the group along with Robbie to form the Suedes with pianist Scott Cushnie.

Peter V: You didn't mention Furay's dorky turtleneck, which was pretty bad to start with but which he made worse by rolling it OVER the jacket! As for Dewey, I'm sure he always overdressed for a drummer in the event he was called upon to be the lead singer some day.

Unfortunately he almost never was, despite having the best voice and the most prior recording experience at the mike. And Dewey Martin's jacket and tie is appalling. No wonder the British were so successful, cravats and all! I also have the Asylum U. Bill M: there's been a spate, lately, of op-eds decrying the woeful state of Canuckistanian economic productivity. Now look at the messages encoded in the CanCon prevalent during our business leaders' mid-'70s formative years: Materick: "I don't mind wasting my time.

Looks like a camera shy Jim Messina playing bass. She then signed a management deal with Mr. Geffen and subsequently signed a recording contract with Clive Davis at Columbia.

Years earlier, Mr. Davis had first made a name for himself as a young lawyer working for Columbia Records in the successful renegoiation of Dylan's recording contract. One of the issues was that Dylan was a minor when he signed his original contract with Columbia. News had already leaked that Dylan was jumping to MGM records, but that might have just been a ploy by Albert Grossman for leverage at the time.

Helping to keep Dylan on board at Columbia was a feather in Mr. Davis' cap. After signing a management deal with Mr. He then joined Richie Furay in forming Poco. I wonder if he's technically been part of the Springfield's contractual arrangement also? The same sort of fuss happened with Asylum in Britain. He had signed a young Jackson Browne to a management contract, and while Browne was singing in audition for Clive Davis at Columbia, Davis took a phone call mid-song. Geffen stormed out, incensed.

There was a lot of that going on in Europe! Souther and Chris Hillman. In a double-switch, Timothy B. Meisner left that group. But an interesting question posed by a record executive in the late 60s. Say The Beatles had signed to independent Oriole inor stayed with the German Polydor label, then still a very minor player in the UK. Would they still have got where they did? Would talent have "outed"? This is a record label guy justifying his existence of course.

But even so, it was part of EMI, with access to their distribution and manufacturing. By around there were distribution deals for independents with bigger labels, but back inthere were only four major players in the UK EMI, Decca, Philips, Pyewith CBS joining them as number five as late as until then they were Philips distributed.

Even years later, independents still suffered with the majors. It was taken up by Radio 2, and suddenly they were looking at pre-Christmas orders in the hundreds of thousands, and a 2 chart placing.

He tells the tale of how the majors suddenly demanded a much larger cut in order to press the quantity required. Thanks David P. I didn't know the purchase was as early as that.

I wonder if that made Warner the owner of Levon and the Hawks' three? ATCO recordings, or would those have been licence deals? I'd borrowed it from the library a few years ago, but was disappointed because nothing stacked up against their one legitimate release, a 45 of "Candy Man", an effervescent marvel that can be heard at the link above. I believe that's Ry Cooder singing lead, with Taj Mahal interjecting here and there. I'm getting to like the rest of it more, though. I think Atco and Polydor when it comes to them.

In reality, maybe they didn't formally reject him, but rather they both failed to recognize his potential early on and failed to offer him a contract right away. Dylan first gained Mr.

Hammond's attention while playing harmonica during a Columbia recording session for Ms. There is this major label v boutique label mood hovering over the 60s and 70s.

Big labels come out better in chart books, but if you take sayDecca in the UK released singles. Vanguard and Elektra had similar beginnings and experimented with some very unusual material, but Elektra got into the major league and became part of WEAhelped by astute signings like The Doors and Love.

Did I write that? The only disc you ever see from that period is Country Joe's Fixing to Die. On the other hand, the folk stuff on disc two and early disc three was all readily available and well-known, virtually all of it on Fontana in the UK. The Vanguard blues disc 1 flows well as a disc, as does disc 2.

Subject: Sandy Bull Sandy Bull wasn't dire. He was an extremely talented and experimental multi-instrumentalist and composer who was often linked with other guitarists such as John Fahey and Robbie Basho. In addition to guitar, he played banjo, oud, and pedal steel. Years before it became popular to do so, he created his own backing tracks to perform to. I was lucky enough to see him when he was one of the surprise guests at a Rolling Thunder Revue show in Hartford in Above is a link of Sandy Bull playing Carmina Burana on frailing banjo.

On Circus Maximus, I'd never heard of them. Sandy Bull? You'd have to say that Vanguard did not get the best of the genre. I'd put, at least at first, Jawbone Hi Pat Brennon, or anybody - Is there a Band song that is the most difficult to play? Singing aside, a song that took them, as 5 individual players, to or near the upper limits of their abilities.

Perhaps Garth knows no limit? Al: The talk of the 60s Gosport band was in my mind as I watched the 10 M diving Olympic competition this evening.

She also recorded 'Just Like A Woman'. Aahh, of course. Good old Connie. How could I forget. Old Tutti Frutti herself. Maybe not to LP taste but if only for her cover of 'Hunting the Ferret' she more than merits the title of leg end. Cheers for the nod Moonies!! Crazy man! Subject: Mixed-up Confusion Definite confusion, Al. The Divers were three ex-frogmen from Gosport naval base. The Poole group you mention was much later, in the punk era, and their female vocalist was noted for her shaven head and foul language.

She was Irish. Connie Lingus? I think that was her. It brings back a special warm feeling for me as I listen to it and reminds me of the feeling of personal freedom out of the parental clutch that I experienced at that time. This reaffirms for me the emotional connection I have to some music.

The warmth of the 'Wind' is palpable. Thanks for reminding me. Subject: Fred is dreaming! Fred, you are only dreaming when you say Can anyone recall whether Pete eventually became a Muff Diver?

Jos Lumière - Various - Succès Profil (Vinyl, LP, Album), Explication Soul Sound - Mickey Bakers Soul Sound - Explication Soul Sound / After Watz / Bad News /, Divertimento F-dur Kv 138 (Salzburger Sinfonie) Für Streicher - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Klavierkon, Beginning To End - DJ Honda - Reason Soundtrack (CD, Album), I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do - Caravelli - Caravelli Joue Abba (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nervous Ant - Eric Sneo - Nervous Ant (File, MP3), Untitled - Sammy Goossens - X (Vinyl), Breaker - Accept - Greatest Hits (CD), Love Unlimited - In Heat (CD, Album), Mariah Carey Ft. YG (2) - I Dont (CDr)

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Robbie Basho - Basho Sings at Discogs. Complete your Robbie Basho collection.

  2. Vinyl Records by Basho, Robbie - Basho, Robbie,Zarthus,Song Of The Stallion,Zarthus,Venus In Cancer,Song Of The Stallion,Visions Of The Country,Art Of The Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12,Basho Sings,Visions Of The Country,Rainbow Thunder-Songs Of The American West,Venus In Cancer,Venus In Cancer,Voice Of The Eagle,Basho Sings,Art Of The .

  3. Robbie Basho albums and discography on AllMusic including all best, old, and new album information. Robbie Basho albums and discography on AllMusic including all best, old, and new album information. Basho Sings: Tacoma Records The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 2: Takoma Venus in Cancer: Tompkins Square

  4. ? - "Robbie Basho, Indian Album II"-unreleased studio recordings for Vanguard, published digitally as "Indian II" like the tapes were labeled tracks: 1. A Day in the Life of Lemmeria (p,whistling,vocal)- (earlier v. of "Leaf in the Wind" /Visions of the Country).

  5. Mar 20,  · I think the first dedicated RB album I owned was the other Windham Hill offering Acoustic Steel String Guitar, 6 &12 String, the LP of which I found in Yardbird Records in Coconut Grove when it first came out. As a collector to varying degrees, one thing I really appreciate about Robbie Basho is how rare the vinyl is.

  6. Selection From The Songs Of Avatars (LP) Tompkins Square TSQ Country / Folk, Electronic, Record Store Day 12" £ (£ incl. VAT) Completely unreleased Basho () is widely regarded as one of the progenitors of what's commonly known today as American Primitive losandes.bizg up in Maryland alongside neo .

  7. Basho Sings, an Album by Robbie Basho. Released in on Takoma (catalog no. C; Vinyl LP). Genres: American Primitivism. Rated # in the best albums of Featured peformers: Robbie Basho (vocals, acoustic guitar), Tom .

  8. /////SONGS/////DURATION01 - salangadou. - - basket full of dragons. - - katari takawaithia. - - aons au ball. - 0.

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