It was evident that going on the road with Styx would be impossible for him. Go to rehab and get better. We need to replace you for now, but when you get better, there will be a place for you. That night he got on a plane to Phoenix. He resented rehab and he resented me for sending him there. It is the last song to feature Johnny on drums. The drum work on it is fantastic!

Todd was asked to play on the tour. On July 16, John would pass away. It was like someone walked in and pounded me in the heart.

After his second divorce John was scared he would die alone in his apartment. That never happened. Someone was there to call the ambulance when he collapsed.

My sister was with John at the very end. Not a Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) goes by without one of us remembering one of his goofy things that he said or did, and makes us all smile.

It hit us all very hard. Return To Paradise — May 6, 1. Blue Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) Man 5.

Lady 6. Suite Madame Blue 9. Crystal Ball Disc 2: 1. The Grand Illusion 2. Fooling Yourself 3. Show Me The Way 4. Boat On The River 5. Lorelei 6. Babe 7. Miss America 8. Come Sail Away 9. Ioannis would provide the cover art for the album, working with Chuck.

Return To Paradise would end up becoming the top seller for CMC International selling overcopies and earning a gold record. The tour was short, only 40 dates. Dennis had a commitment in Nashville for the Hunchback musical. Tensions between members started to rise. When the tour ended Dennis went to Nashville to begin on Hunchback. Tommy also opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd during the summer.

Just a note - Due to so many people asking me to cover the solo albums I will get to those when we get to the end. I imagine interest in the thread will decline at that time because most people don't have them or just don't care.

But since several asked, I'll do them at the end probably 2 solo albums per week. MikeInFlaSep 13, The MEZKen. I saw them twice on this tour. First in Knoxville, TN then in Nashville. My wife and I had tickets Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) since they were general admission we got as close to the front as she was comfortable with. I believe we had been married for less than a year at this point.

It was an awesome show and I avoided "set lists" and would not let anyone tell me what was being played. I wanted to be surprised. Fantastic show and the music was great. Word among the fans was that John was out due to a "shoulder injury". I kind of expected to see more friends at this show but I only saw one other diehard fan that I knew there.

I bought the white t-shirt with the Paradise Theatre album cover on it I still have it and it still fits!

I eventually bought another one because the first one is a bit faded and the 2nd one still looks brand new. Later on I picked up the "band photo" shirt and still have that one too. Kansas opened the show and did a great job! The album turned out to be a commercial disappointment, stalling at number 82 on the Billboard in the U. The band suffered a further setback when lead singer Dave Bickler suffered vocal problems and was required to undergo an operation to remove vocal fold nodulesa very common ailment in singers, that required rest which Peterik and Sullivan were unwilling to do.

Bickler was fired and the band's record label, yet again, failed to do much in the way of promotion of what many feel was a superior album overall to Eye Of The Tiger one year before. The band's first song to feature Jimi Jamison was " The Moment of Truth ", the theme song of the box office smash hit The Karate Kidwhich peaked at number 63 on the Billboard Hot in June On the Billboard Album Chart the album only reached number 49 but still managed to sell overcopies and reached certified gold status.

In bassist Ellis developed a stomach ulcer requiring the band's head roadieRocko Reedy, to fill in on bass for a few dates. These health problems ultimately forced him out of the group. Drummer Droubay, who was becoming increasingly unhappy with the group's shift to a more pop sound, was likewise released at the end of Survivor's tour. During pre-production of their seventh album, Too Hot to Sleep OctoberEllis and Droubay were replaced by studio session veterans drummer Mickey Curry and bassist Bill Syniar, formerly of the band Tantrum.

Sullivan produced the effort with Frank Filipetti. Though the album presented a harder-rocking Survivor, similar to the sound in the band's early days, Too Hot to Sleep failed to make a significant dent on the chart only number US. There were, reportedly, a few live dates done by the band during this period including a stint as opening act for Cheap Trick on "The Flame" Tour of North America that included Syniar on bass and Kyle Woodring on drums.

After the disappointing sales of Too Hot to SleepJamison decided to start work on a solo album and Peterik and Sullivan decided to put the band on indefinite hiatus in the fall of A Greatest Hits compilation was released in late Jamison's debut solo album, When Love Comes Downwas released in July and he decided to continue touring and playing Survivor songs with local musicians.

After Jamison's success touring overseas that year, Sullivan contacted Jamison's management and asked to be included on the tour; he performed on eight to ten dates before leaving the group.

Soon after, in late to earlySurvivor was tapped to make a new and more extensive hits package with two new songs. For a short time, Peterik, Sullivan and Jamison were reunited in the studio to record new material for the new package and forthcoming world tour. But after contract talks faltered, Jamison quit and went back on the road again as "Jimi Jamison's Survivor".

They embarked on a world tour, with Bill Syniar and Kyle Woodring returning on bass and drums, respectively. Klem Hayes, who had performed on the new tracks on the compilation, took over on bass in after Syniar departed. As Jamison was also touring as Survivor, Peterik and Sullivan filed a lawsuit against their former colleague for using the name but ultimately failed at the time in their bid to stop Jamison from touring under the "Survivor" banner.

On November 27,guitarist Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) Carl filled in for Sullivan at a gig at Club Dimensions in Highland, Indiana after the latter injured his ribs from falling through a garage roof. From toPeterik, Sullivan and Bickler recorded about 20 demos for a new album which are available on the Fire Makes Steel bootleg with Syniar and Woodring and, later, Ellis and Droubay contributing.

But they failed to secure a record deal due to ongoing litigation and trademark issues with Jamison. In Klem Hayes departed and the bass chair was filled, first by Randy Rileythen by Billy Ozzello — With Peterik and Sullivan increasingly at musical and personal odds and Sullivan attempting to move the band in more of a bluesy direction, Peterik abruptly decided to leave Survivor, playing his last show with them on July 3,at the 'Eyes To The Skies' summer fest in Lisle, Illinois.

At this juncture, Sullivan and Bickler were effectively the only remaining original members of the band. Survivor replaced Peterik with composer—keyboardist Chris Grove. Peterik returned to recording and touring with The Ides of March and also formed the group Pride of Lions. In latebassist Stephan Ellis and drummer Marc Droubay rejoined Survivor, but Ellis left again by early and was replaced by Gordon Patriarca who only played about a half a dozen shows before Billy Ozzello was brought back.

Survivor then went on to record more demos for a record deal, including "Rebel Girl '98" and the Sullivan solo album cut "Lies". In Jamison released the album Empires under the name "Jimi Jamison's Survivor" later re-released under his own name. In late SeptemberSullivan, who had brought forth another lawsuit against Jamison, won ownership of the name "Survivor", thereby ending the ongoing trademark battle. Music Cassettes: Tunes With a Nostalgic Sound Music cassettes, like vinyl, are one of the formats in which music is released.

What are the genres of cassette tapes? Some of the cases will have the album artwork, which includes the cover as well as other details, including: List of songs and sometimes lyrics Information about the musician or musicians Production notes and dedications Photos of the artist or artists What different features do cassette tapes have?

They might have a few different features, including: Set: There might be more than one cassette tape included in the set because the album has a large playlist or because of multiple hits from one artist.

Style of cassette: Different labels created unique looks for artists by using clear, white, and colored cassettes. The album Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) the all-star reworking of 'Heartsong' and also a track Various - On The Track Summer Sampler 1995 (Cassette) 'Last of England', later to be the title of a highly regarded album, which had been used in the Adrian Shergold drama Will You Love Me Tomorrow.

This play was loosely based on the child killer Mary Bell and featured Giltrap in a cameo role as a newspaper seller strumming a guitar. This album also featured a track entitled "The Lord's Seat" which had been written for a television documentary. It remains a staple of Giltrap's gigs to this day. The track was written in a Renaissance style and required a special, lute -like baby guitar made by luthier Rob Armstrong.

Another track on the album, "Brutus", had been used as the theme tune of the World Bowls Championship. Giltrap also found himself providing the theme tunes for the holiday programs of both the BBC and ITV simultaneously when ITV decided to use his piece entitled "The Carnival" as the theme tune for their rival holiday program.

Giltrap's character in the show was the Troubadour. The show then headed to Edinburgh Playhouse for a four-week run before returning to Birmingham for a few pre-Christmas shows. It then travelled to the Palace Theatre in Manchester and finally Hammersmith Odeon before its final performance there in May Heathcliff entertained nearly half a million people during its run and broke box office records at almost every theatre which hosted the production. Whilst not popular with critics, many people loved it and a video of the show recorded at Hammersmith Odeon remained top of the video charts for eight weeks.

Giltrap's next album, Troubadourwas named after his character in Heathcliff. When he heard that the album was going to include a version of "A Misunderstood Man", Cliff Richard approached Giltrap and volunteered to sing backing vocals on the track. The first edition of the album included sleeve notes written by both Cliff Richard and Tim Rice. It has since been renovated and usually accompanies Giltrap on his gigs, used primarily for the piece "Appalachian Dreaming". Alongside his continued live performances, Giltrap then began conducting celebrity interviews for Guitarist magazine.

This led to him meeting Fay Goodman, who was considering producing a series of DVD interviews with notable musicians. One such interview was with one of his heroes, John Entwistle of The Who. Their encounter was later released as a DVD entitled Thunderfingers. For some time, Giltrap had been considering creating a tribute album to Bert Jansch whom he greatly admired. The result was a short album comprising six pieces.

One of these tracks required vocals which Giltrap himself performed. The track, entitled 'Running From Home', was the first time Jansch had sung on an album in 17 years. During this album Giltrap attempted to demonstrate Jansch's great versatility of skills in the selection of pieces he chose for the album, performing each in Janch's unique style.

Another notable track on the album was another piece previously interpreted by Jansch: Davey Graham 's ' Anji '. This well-known piece spelt 'Angie' on the album had also influenced Giltrap's early work. The album concluded with a version of "Roots", Giltrap's own composition which had first appeared on his ' Fear of the Dark ' album. He included this to show the influence Jansch had had on his own guitar style.

Janschology was released on the ' Voiceprint ' label in Giltrap was by now working on new material for his next album, Under This Blue Skywhich was to be released the following year. Giltrap recruited additional musicians to play on the album, the most significant of whom was Bert Jansch himself. Jansch plays on the track "Chambertin".

This track had appeared on his previous album but was now considerably lengthened. The album also featured the talents of flautist Hillary Ashe-Roy. He used a baby Armstrong guitar for this piece and, although he never met George Harrison, he was indirectly the person who introduced him to that guitar.

This happened via his friend, Joe Brownwho was so impressed with the instrument when Giltrap demonstrated it to him, that he sent one to Harrison as a Christmas present. Harrison loved it too and purchased two more as gifts for his close friends.

Another track revisited on this album was the Troubadour piece "The Picnic". This piece became enlivened by Ashe-Roy's skills on the flute and Giltrap was delighted with the result. The flautist's skills were also in evidence on another track, "Crossing the Border", on which the duo were joined by a second guitarist, Kevin Dempseywith whom Giltrap had toured as a duo several years earlier.

These included " Substitute " by The Who as Giltrap had long been an admirer of Pete Townshend 's skills on the guitar. Giltrap performed most pieces himself but on a couple of tracks he enlisted the help of guitarist Neville Marten and, once again, the flautist Hilary Ashe-Roy.

In Giltrap met the classical guitarist Raymond Burley. This resulted in a collaborative album called Double Visionwhich was released in This was the beginning of a collaboration between the two friends which would last several years. Next came the solo album Live At Ambergate. This album explored the unusual sound effects of binaural recording which was recorded using in-ear microphones.

The next studio album, Drifterwas released in This featured a very special violin played by John Bradbury. He asked somebody to look at it to see if it was any good. The violin features on the opening track of the album, "Mrs Singer's Waltz". This is followed by another track, a regular piece in Giltrap's current live performances, entitled "Maddie Goes West". It features banjo player Madelyn Martyn who was just about to take a trip to America, hence the title.

The title track, "Drifter", was, interestingly, also recorded on another guitar purchased cheaply at a boot fair. Giltrap's wife, Hilary, helped out with the vocals on this track. Giltrap had previously received a call from somebody who worked for music publishing company wondering if he could write a piece in the style of Django Reinhardt.

Giltrap duly created a piece entitled "Deco Echo". This piece was later to be used on television program about the Poirot series which starred David Suchet. The album had a sleeve with the lone silhouetted figure of Giltrap looking like a drifter. Not much to say about the encore. A slightly above average show because of the fun factor, but nothing to write home about. Page steps up to great effect in the latter third of the song while Trey holds back.

The way they transition from the dark feel of Mike's, to the more major scale sound of the jam, then back into the darkness of Mike's is really good. My Soul and Weekapaug, by contrast, were unremarkable. Casual Enlightenment is boring. Not much more to be said. The beginning of David Bowie is tough to hear.

Even by 3. The rest of this version is unredeeming. Overall a substandard first set with Mike's Song being the only high point. That said, I'm judging by what I hear and not what's written on the setlist. Bathtub Gin was nothing special. Things don't get interesting until Ghost, which is good though brief. Jarring transition to Sneaking Sally. Unfortunately Sneaking Sally doesn't really amount to much, and Twenty Years Later feels like it kills any momentum they may have had. Waste feels like filler.

This set is a great example of the schizophrenia of 3. As a whole this set isn't all that great. There weren't quite enough great moments to make up for all the meh moments.

Nice old school encore with Contact always fun to hear and Slave. Pretty standard versions though. Altogether I'd say this is an average show at best.

On balance it adds up to a so-so show overall. Roggae isn't a song I'm particularly fond of, but this version is pretty nice. A Wave of Hope is yet another lame new song. Trite lyrics, and nothing interesting musically. This is simply not why I listen to Phish. Struggling to find something redeeming in this crap Trey churns out gets really tiring.

The Stash jam has some interesting moments, but nothing earth shattering. Overall a fairly standard first set. Like the Stash jam, the Everything's Right jam has some interesting moments but nothing incredible. What's the Use is a relatively recent song that I enjoy a lot.

This version is no exception. Crosseyed and Painless is one of those covers that Phish has really made its own not necessarily in the sense of having a unique take on the original, but rather in the sense that it blends right into their shows and fits their style well. This is a fine, albeit unspectacular, version of Crosseyed. The way they bring it back to What's the Use is nice.

After going through the motions of a standard Type 1 DWD jam, the band settles into a mellower exploratory mood about halfway into this version of DWD. They don't end up going too far out with it, but it's an enjoyable enough jam. Overall an okay second set. Drift While You're Sleeping as an encore is a good excuse to beat the crowds to the exit. Altogether this is a slightly below average show. Not much stands out. It's kinda' just meh overall. More of the same with Sand.

Nice version of Tube. Overall a fairly standard first set that showed potential to be better. The jam is decent overall but nothing special. It ends with the typical Phish 3. Simple is another story. The Simple jam has a lot of interesting ideas going on, and the band really steps off the cliff Fish included. I've definitely heard better performances of the song itself, but this is one of the more exploratory Simple jams I've heard.

Even though I loved the exploration, I don't hate how they brought it back to the song at the end of the jam. I'd rather be left wanting for more than feeling like the band was beating a dead horse. Maybe not the all-time best Simple, but definitely a version that needs to be heard. There's nothing noteworthy about the rest of set 2. The encore is also unremarkable, other than Sanity always being fun to hear. Overall an average show that would've been below average without the Simple.

Everything else has been, in the grand scheme of all the decades of Phish music that exists, unremarkable. I'm not saying this Simple is necessarily an all-time great, but it's definitely noteworthy. Putting up with this lame dad rock is really getting tiresome.

Halfway to the Moon isn't terrible. Maybe it's just the change of hearing Page singing and taking the lead, but this song is way more tolerable than pretty much every other 3. It's not amazing, but when put in the same set as crap like Ocelot and Water in the Sky it sure sounds good.

I don't remember hearing this song before so I don't have a point of reference, but this version was thoroughly enjoyable. Theme is a fantastic song, but this version is a bit rough around the edges in the composed section.

The Type 1 jam is enjoyable enough, though it doesn't cover any ground that hasn't already been covered in the past with this song.

They definitely didn't nail it though. For better or worse, these days we just can't expect them to nail Fluffhead like they used to. At least they didn't totally botch it though. Overall, I'd say this is a slightly above average first set.

There's nothing essential though. Completely jam here. Birds was a little bit sloppy at times. The Ghost jam was really cool, including the weird in a good way transition into Bathtub Gin. The weirdness of the Ghost jam carried over nicely into the Gin listen to Page! Even though they got quite a head of steam going in the jam I don't mind that Trey brought it back to Gin. They could've been headed to a cookie-cutter 3. The Split Open and Melt jam takes a very intriguing turn into spaciness right from the start.

This Split Open and Melt jam is something special. It's the first stuff I've heard that I'll definitely listen to again in the future. The first set is nothing spectacular, but the second set is legitimately good with moments of greatness. Anyone who hasn't heard this second set yet, listen to it now! A pretty mundane first set. Not much to say really Trey obviously got bored with it, though, and decided to take a sharp turn into Possum. I can't necessarily say I fault him because while it was interesting at times, the Ruby Waves jam also didn't seem to have a lot of momentum at that point.

The Light jam is kind of a snoozer. It feels like the band was searching for something to happen and it never did. But hey, I'd rather have them trying than have them just sit back and play it safe.

Duende Del Amor (Day) - Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra* - Solo Para Ti (CD, Album), Man And Machine - U.D.O. (2) - Man And Machine (CD, Album), A Summer Song - Chad & Jeremy - Yesterdays Gone (Vinyl, LP, Album), Silence - Various - ORange (CD), Morten Harket - Out Of My Hands (CD, Album), The Gremlin From The Kremlin - The Atlantics - Stompin Time (Vinyl), II. Norwegian March - Grieg* - Abravanel* / Utah Symphony Orchestra - Works For Orchestra (CD), Dan Slobode - Meri Cetinić - As (Vinyl, LP, Album), Welcome To England - Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin (CDr), Waarom Waarom Waarom - Bert & Ernie - Maak Er Wat Van! (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Style of cassette: Different labels created unique looks for artists by using clear, white, and colored cassettes. Some albums are even identified as being a special addition. Cover artwork: Some releases include posters, lyric books, and other items with the music itself. How many songs are on an audio cassette? Cassettes are two-sided.

  2. Track Introduction Track Rock and Roll Track Sick Again Track Over the Hills and Far Away Track When the Levee Breaks Track The Song Remains the Same Track The Rain Song Track Kashmir Track The Wanton Song 55 mins. Disc 2 Track No Quarter Track.

  3. Gordon Giltrap, MBE (born 6 April ) is an English guitarist and composer. His music crosses several genres. He has been described as "one of the most revered guitarists of his generation", and has drawn praise from fellow musicians including Steve Rothery, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore.

  4. Survivor are an American rock band formed in Chicago in by Jim Peterik and Frankie band achieved its best success in the s, producing many charting singles, especially in the United States. The band is best-known for its double-platinum-certified hit "Eye of the Tiger", the theme song for the motion picture Rocky III; that single spent six weeks at number one in.

  5. Hickory Dickory Dock. A play about time, chimes, and rhymes for the very young — children two to five years old. Now through October 24, Weekends only.

  6. Sep 13,  · Little Suzie () * New Track * It Takes Love () * New Track * To me, it would have made sense to combine tracks 1 & 2 together for a CD release. It just flows better if it is just one song. Because really, AD and Rockin' The Paradise are one in the same.

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  8. Set 1: The first time I'm really perking up in this set is the Ghost jam. Fish is much more creative than he was on 7/28 (that sampler has got to go though). The jam got into some interesting places and I could've used it going longer. Not a Ghost for the ages, but a fairly enjoyable version.

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