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In conclusion. Replace the topic sentences with other appropriate ones. Which is the topic sentence? FAMI To start with, they can keep an eye on your house when you're not at home.

There are many reasons why using a bike to get around a city is a good idea. Choose either the beginning or the ending and write an alternative one using different techniques. You have seen the following notice in an international student magazine.

Essays wanted! Even though city centres can be dirty, chaotic places, many people still prefer to live in them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city centre? Follow the plan below. What do you expect to read about? Read the text to find out. GR5-GR6 0 Choose the correct tenses. Give reasons.

Check in the Grammar Reference section. Don't worry about making the restaurant reservation. This dish looks delicious. Look at that pile of dishes Here are the tickets. What are you going to do this weekend? What are you doing tonight? What do you think you will do next summer? Say four things you have learnt from it. How are attitudes towards eating insects changing and why?

Would you like to eat them? Write a few sentences about this, then read them to your partner or the class. Which device; can help you travel through time; can make you disappear; enables you to control electrical items using your brain; replicates different foods!

Q Listen and read to find out. Read the text again. For questionschoose from the texts A-D. The texts may be chosen more than once. Which development s make some people concerned about using it? Ij will have been the inventor's main focus? Until now, though, this was all a world of the imagination, but that's changing as new scientific discoveries move ever closer to science fiction! However, its possibilities now go far beyond just the gaming industry.

They hope that one day paralysed people will be walking again simply by thinking about moving their limbs. Some have expressed doubts about all this, however. Well, quite close, actually! Ali Aliev of the University of Texas demonstrated on YouTube how to make something invisible at the flick of a switch using the same principle as a desert mirage.

In a mirage, heat bends light out of shape creating the illusion of water, a trick of the light that has fooled many hot and thirsty travellers.

Aliev has done the same, but at much higher temperatures. By heating carbon nanotubes which look like strands of thread, he was able to bend light enough to hide the tubes from view. Check these word colonise, galaxy, control, levitate, swamp, wirelessly, disabled, paralysed, limbs, hack into, mind-boggling, invisibility cloak, prototype, flick, mirage, bend, illusion, fool, nanotube, strand, thread, mouth-watering, crack the secret, nanotechnology, replicate, saliva, far-fetched, circulating, swirl, stir, beam, emerge, sceptical Three-course chewing gum Violet Beauregarde paid the price after she ignored warnings not to eat the sweets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But now, food scientist Dave Hart thinks that soon he will have cracked the secret to turning this weird invention into a reality and creating a similar three-course meal flavour chewing gum.

Unfortunately it could be some time before the gum is created. B: By the end of the month, I B: No. By the time we get there, she I think we What will you have done by the age of 25? Write a few sentences. What invention from science fiction would you like to see become a reality in our everyday lives and why? Write a paragraph about this, then read it to the class. For many, it is a difficult place to live. The air is thick with moisture making you sweat constantly and you are They are Cajuns, In their stilt houses above the marshes, they grow their own vegetables such as okra and black-eyed peas.

But amazingly, their diet also The day alligator hunt takes Travelling the waterways in their boats, hunters try to They then throw out r - lines with rotten meat " hooked onto them to.

They have to be very careful and predict alligator movements. They can easily do a death roll in the water when they spin wildly. Despite the danger, the Cajuns One alligator hunter, Troy Landry, However, he has enormous respect for the reptiles. In fact, the Swamp People worked with authorities to protect alligators after they almost Now, too many alligators upset the balance of the ecosystem, so authorities let hunters catch some alligators each season. They give each hunter tags restricting the number of alligators they can hunt in order to sell their meat and skins.

The community is Prices for skins are always changing, which means the hunters have to look for other work such as catching shrimp and giving alligator What do you think makes them unique?

Read again. For questionsA, B. C or D best fits each gap. Make notes about the Swamp People from the text under the headings; who they are, what they eat, alligator hunting season, hunting problems.

Use the notes to compare your lifestyle to theirs. The Swamp People live in I live in Tell the class all about them. What kind of event is each? Which one would you like to go to? What on earth is that? What do you expect it to be about? Pre-contest entertainment will include trampoline St acrobat show and live bands. Which phrases show hesitation?

Let me see I don't think so. Well, I'm thinking of going to Nathan's hot dog eating contest. To what?! I know, it sounds crazy! It's the USA's most famous competitive eating event.

It's been taking place since So, what's it all about? Last year the winner managed to eat 62! That's unbelievable! I went last year and I really enjoyed myself. There were some great performers before the contest too like trampoline shows and live bands. So would you like to come with me? Oh, come on, it'll be fun! It's free and the food is great.

OK then, why not? That's great! I'll call you on Friday to make the arrangements, then. OK, I'll speak to you then. I'm not sure yet. I 2 A: Shall we go to the camel race tomorrow? B: Oh B: Hmm Speaking g Use the sentences in Ex. Ask why. Ask what it is. Ask what it's all about. Describe the event.

Encourage B. It's the nearest thing to visiting another planet - it's going deep inside our own! My director and I arrived in the quiet town of Naica as the morning sun painted the Chihuahuan Desert gold. Ml I Within minutes we were going downwards inside the mine. The air became dusty, thick and heavy as sweat poured out of my skin - deeper and deeper we went. He wanted us to physically and mentally prepare, just in case we ended up spending much longer inside than we had expected I VV;, humidity, respirator, sweat pours, breeze, steam up, gypsum crystals, blade, glitter, challenging shoot, drain, decay, fate, operate, funding.

World Heritage Monument Read the article again. Seven sentences have been removed. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap Thtere Is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. I 41 Sweat poured from my head, my energy was sucked away, and my breathing became heavy. My eyes led me forwards, but my body wanted to go back. I was standing among a forest of giant gypsum crystals as sharp as blades - the largest crystals ever discovered, some up to 12 metres long about the height of 6 men!

The view was incredible; everything around us glittered, as though we were standing inside a star. However, within just five minutes I had gone from a fit year-old to an unfit year-old.

I 5 I I This was going to be the most challenging shoot of my life. For over half a million years these crystals have been slowly growing out of hot hydrothermal fluids rich with minerals. Undisturbed, one can only guess how big they may have eventually grown. Yet when mining began here over a hundred years ago, the cave was drained and the development of the crystals froze forever.

I 6 This began the slow decay of the crystals and now no one knows what their fate will be. Once the mine stops operating, it could be flooded by polluted mine water and abandoned forever.

And that's if mineral sellers don't get to them first and rip them out to sell around the world, which has already happened to other smaller crystal caves in the area. My hope is that Gonzalo will succeed in finding funding to preserve this site as a World Heritage Monument.

I I Who knows what other wonders lie hidden deep inside the Earth? Similes g Fill in: ice, crystal, bone, nails, lightning, bat. Now close your eyes and imagine you are inside the Crystal Cave. What can you see and hear? What is happening to you? How are you feeling? Open your eyes and write a paragraph about this.

Read it to the class. ICT Find out information about another amazing cave in the world. Report your information back to the class. Vocabulary Bank 2 p. WB2 41 i I 1 I 11 met my Russian friend Anya on a diving holiday a few years ago, so on a recent trip to visit her, she suggested that we go ice diving in Lake Baikal in the south of Siberia. I leapt at the chance! Looking out over the lake with the towering mountains all around under a clear blue sky totally took my breath away.

I'm an experienced diver but I had never dived in such low temperatures before. A As we drove out onto the ice. All this was so interesting that for a moment I even forgot my nerves! The divers plant a New Year tree on the lake bed, then perform a dance around it! It sounds like fun but it's quite dangerous too as the divers dive around 40 metres down carrying about kg of equipment.

The cave-like stalactite roof and crystal clear blue waters made me feel like I was on another planet. I could see shoals of fish and a field of bright green sponges 20 or 30 metres ahead of me! We all treated ourselves to a traditional sauna, which had travelled with us on a sleigh. Reading Matching headings to paragraphs 2 f i study skills Matching headings Read the headings and underline the key words.

Be careful though as the extra heading will be referred to in some way in the text. What is the text about? Use each heading « once. There is one extra heading. Where is the extra heading referred to in the text? Listening Multiple matching Study skills Listening for gist main idea Remember that the sentences express the main idea of what the speakers say.

Then listen and try to match the speakers to the sentences. Be careful because the sentences are all related to the same subject so what the speakers say can seem quite similar. Specking giving a talk 4 a Read the rubric and underline the key words.

Give a 1. Note down synonyms and other vocabulary related to the key words. I You will hear five different speakers i j talking about sport. Match each speaker j I with the sentences A-F. Use each i j sentence only once. There is one extra I sentence. With a partner, justify your answers. How did his answer compare to yours? Do you agree? Writing a letter 0 Read the rubric and underline the key words, then do the task.

Exchange with your partner and check for mistakes. I I've just come back from La Tomatina. It's a festival in Valencia,' 1 Spain, where people take part in a huge tomato fight! Which place in the world would you most : like to visit and why?

I Write him a letter and answer his three questions. Write words. Remember the rules of letter writing. Fill in the gaps with the proper lexical form of the capitalised words. Dean Karnazes is an athlete with a ! By the age of 11, Dean's list of As his It looks like this will be a real Use between two and five words.

Jack took up jousting. WAIT I LIKE "Would BOTH Insects IDEA Stuart Writing an opinion essay a Read the rubric and underline the key words.

What is your opinion? You have had a class discussion about the following: People should not be allowed to keep exotic pets. Now you have to write an essay giving your view on this statement. They can be difficult to look after. Some exotic pets are dangerous. They can be expensive to keep. Some aren't as demanding as a cat or a dog.

Use your ideas to write your essay words. Collocations Fill in: fussy, readily, opening, common, future, thick, sandy, beam, royal, growing, breeze, mind. Word formation Complete the sentences with a word formed from the word in capitals. DEAD 2 Sharks and alligators have very Read through Module 2 and mark the statements T true or F false Then write a similar quiz of your own. By law chocolate is allowed to have insect parts in it per g.

In China cooked baby bees are a delicacy. Stuart Cove gets paid SI50 for 2 days' shooting. Stuart Cove works on his own. What can you do in each of these places?

Mark sentences T trueF false or NS not stated. The divers take tourists on tours to the cave. Visibility in the cave is excellent. The Geyser Valley has the largest geysers in the world.

The Velikan Geyser stopped erupting after the mudslide. Fill in: bubbles, trip, boiling, springs, virtual, leaping, wonders, rock. Write a short text, then read it to the class. The environment in the cave is so delicate though that even air bubbles from the divers could damage it.

Because of this, the team used an underwater funnel to take their air bubbles safely out of the cave. They hope that now people can see the stunning photographs of the cave, they will When The Sun Comes Out (Alternate) - Art Pepper - The Complete Galaxy Recordings (CD) how important it is for precious places like this to be protected.

Inthe valley was badly damaged by a massive mudslide. This didn't affect one of the most amazing sights in the valley, though, the Velikan Geyser, which erupts every 6 hours, shooting tons of water 30 metres into the air. Within the valley also lies the 10 km-wide Uzon Caldera, a collapsed volcanic cone where magma heats ground water to near boiling point and there are hundreds of bubbling mud pools, geysers and hot springs. Well ' tour of the Geyser Valley has recently been launched!

Which words are the same in your language? Reading a Look at the picture and read the title and the hrst sentence of each paragraph in the text. Read to check. Here Amy looks at the medical benefits of hypnosis and is put into a deep, deep sleep My arms and legs and even my eyelids are feeling heavy. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians used hypnotism over 2, years ago, but hypnotherapy as we know it dates from the 18th century.

With the rise of modern medicine, however, in the last years hypnotism has been more associated with stage show hypnotists swinging a pocket watch in front of their victims and asking them to cluck like a chicken to entertain an audience!

Now, increasingly, with the help of hypnotherapy people are managing anxiety, losing weight, stopping snoring and overcoming many other addictions and conditions. So how exactly does it work? What they do know is that it creates a state of deep relaxation in which patients are more open to suggestions than when they are wide awake.

Q Burn victims, for instance, have benefited from pain relief after a session of hypnotherapy. One pensioner even had an operation which involved a surgeon sawing into her foot while under hypnosis! Every time When The Sun Comes Out (Alternate) - Art Pepper - The Complete Galaxy Recordings (CD) happened, I imagined the pain going away, like the tide.

So what happened after my own hypnotherapy experience? I have to admit I've been sleeping better ever since. W It looks like hypnotherapy might work for me, but what about you? Could you be hypnotised? I b Read the article again. There is no gap where plagiarism could squeeze in. Your money is safe. Even if we fail to satisfy your expectations, you can always request a refund and get your money back. What happens on our website stays on our website.

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  6. This CD, a $ value can be used in an audio CD player or an IBM compatible computer and includes a coloring activity and songs from The Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack. In-store point of purchase support will include exciting shelf speakers, posters featuring The Chipmunk Adventure and 12, 18, 24 and unit floor merchandisers.

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