And the day came, and it was an emotional one, but it was all right. Of course, he could have, and was entitled to, perform any of the more than songs he has recorded since Dylan opened the show with the single Things Have Changed from the film Wonder Boys, a somewhat obscure song, save for the fact that it won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Then he strutted to a piano, removed his hat, bowed his head and began playing the opening keys of another tune.

It sounded vaguely familiar. I sat up in my chair and turned to my wife. Yes, he changed the melody and modified the tempo and delivered a less folk-rock and more vaudeville-like version, but the lyrics remained the same. I am a forgiving Dylan fan, nonetheless. My affinity for Dylan started in October Like this: Like Loading That was also the summer of the movie Breakin'. And it was the summer that my little brother, at the age of 9, became the best breakdancer in Rupert, Idaho.

I think you have to be exactly my age to remember this peaking hit from the spring of Sa-Fire fell into that category of dance artists who recorded one ballad and got significant radio play out of it. Ineveryone wanted to be Madonna, and Regina is probably the most obvious one. You could be forgiven for assuming this was a cut from the True Blue album; instead, it was Regina's one play for stardom, and after it peaked at 10, she was never heard from again.

Now we're into the range of songs you may remember but probably wish you didn't. I can only imagine that this 7-peaking atrocity is unavailable on Spotify because Paul McCartney insists on it. And suddenly, we're into the realm of, "Hey, what gives? I have no idea why. From the soundtrack of the film Running Scared, it also Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl) at 7 on the Billboard Hot You'll find a 12" remix of this song on Spotify, but that doesn't count in my book.

Donny Osmond returned in a big way in and took this song to 2. It's a pretty crappy song, though. It just happened to sound like everything else on the radio that year. The year is actually one of the worst for retention of old songs on Spotify. This is the first of three 1 smashes that you will not find. Well, you will find that Damian did a horrible re-recording years later. Don't bother with it. I'm not counting this one as a full entry on the list because it is there -- it's just that if you want to listen to it, you'll also have to hear "I Want Your Sex Part 2" -- and together they run nine minutes long.

Is that really such a bad thing, though? That said, I do have a gripe about "A Love Bizarre," below. Well, it's my blog, so I don't need to be totally consistent in my methodology! It's a crime that this 2 smash from the summer of is not there. I seem to remember that it appeared for a little while, perhaps evading the radar of some exec in a suit.

But you won't find it now -- nor will you find Eddy's other memorable song, the title theme from the movie Romancing the Stone. Basil is another artist who later re-recorded her own 1 hit, possibly due to a label dispute. We know more about that these days as we watch Taylor Swift re-record everything she's ever done. The newly rechristened "Hey Mickey" is on Spotify -- but it's not the hit.

As I type this, over 2. Occasionally I'll read comments on blogs like this about how awful the people at Spotify are for leaving out this song or that song. Don't blame them -- it's not their fault. Every song that appears on the streaming platform has to be cleared legally, and again, it's impressive how little is actually missing.

While we're talking about the s, it's worth mentioning a few songs that weren't gigantic pop hits like Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl), but which are culturally significant and should be present as well. I find this one especially frustrating, because you can actually take your pick of three versions of this song on Spotify: the minute album version what?! But because that entire collection is beat-mixed together, you have to hear Billy Ocean sing over the first note, and the track will end cold as the mix shifts into Cameo's "Word Up!

This one used to be there -- I have no idea why it's gone missing, along with another classic of theirs, "The Finest. For a long time before his death, Prince was not on Spotify, and neither were very many of his side projects.

This is a classic one that still isn't there. If you were into country music back in the '80s, you might care that these are not available. But they all pale in comparison to This was Garth's first hit, so when I blog about the s, you'll hear me complain a lot more. For many years, Brooks allowed none of his music onto any streaming platforms, and then he signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Music.

I've always thought he was shooting himself in the foot, which is not something you expect a guy in a white hat and chaps to do. And that brings us to what may be the single most important s song that's missing from Spotify.

It was there up until just recently This hip hop classic was and this is one juicy bit of trivia the first top 40 hit not to be available as a 7" vinyl single since the introduction of that format.

You could buy a 12" vinyl single containing the remixes. Or you could buy it on cassette single or maxi-single. That would be silly. For the purpose of this blog post, "all time" means from to the present, which is a more generous definition than most pop culture blogs would ever use. I've never even seen Billboard magazine attempt it. So there. I've always been fascinated by the pop music charts. Beginning on the Sunday afternoon in when I discovered Casey Kasem's American Top 40, I've always wanted to learn more about music popularity.

It's part music appreciation, part sociology, and part geeking out in the world of statistics. So to those who enjoy sports statistics, hey, this is my version of that. Many people know me as an Episcopal priest trying to figure out how the Church can be the Church during a pandemic and quarantine when we can't get together in person to worship.

That truly gives me joy. But when it gets to be too much to deal with, I can always take refuge in my pop music collection and hobbies. To that end, for the first time ever, I have just calculated the biggest hits of all time What are my criteria? It starts with the week-by-week Billboard pop music charts that go all the way back tocollected in massive, decade-by-decade spreadsheets with all sorts of formulas in them. And I should note that I have calculated my own weekly charts for the years Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl)using Billboard data but re-jiggering each weekly chart to produce something that, in my belief, better reflects the actual popularity of songs.

I can do this because nobody's paying me to do it Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl) will hold me to any standards other than my own. So take or leave this, and if you're curious about the differences, we can talk. The other thing to take into account is the fact that at different times in history, the charts have worked differently.

Sometimes like in the mid- to late shit songs have come and gone in a flash, becoming enduring classics despite not having stuck around long enough to rack up a ton of points. At other times likethe charts move at a glacial pace, with the biggest hits hanging around on the chart for a year or more. I have had to weight the songs from different eras so that they all match up somehow. This is also reflected here.

After a lengthy battle, Cook has set the record straight. A true pioneer, the page booklet that comes with the CD is chock full of photos and information. Everything on this collection has vintage sound, and really on-target performances.

And that's part of the fun of this disc. There were 16 titles on the vinyl released 17 years prior to this, all included here, with 16 different titles and alternate takes. Developed in August of and released some months later inLittle Joe Cook's 80th year, In God We Trust combines new renditions of previously written songs as well as material culled from 45s, much of it never before available on an album or CD.

The liner notes refer to this as gospel with "a touch of patriotism," an accurate description. This album comes almost 40 years after his Top 25 hit "Peanuts. Hearing this record is evidence of why college kids year after year get turned on to Little Joe Cook and his following continues to expand.

Cook is as serious an artist as you will find. Geils song of the same name. It works on many levels by a gentleman who was a contemporary of Presley 's. The live version of "Hold Up, Stickem Up," another title also represented here by a studio version, simply rocks.

Some of the album is disco, which may seem out of place inbut Cook knows his audience. It's classic Cook, and one of the highlights of this disc. Bobby Hebb made his stage debut on his third birthday, July 26,when tap dancer Hal Hebb introduced his little brother to show business at The Bijou Theater. This was an appearance on The Jerry Jackson Revue of even though it was"that was how Jerry, a big man in vaudeville in the '30s, '40s, and '50s, did things" noted the singer.

Harold Hebb was nine years of age at the time and the young brothers worked quite a few nightclubs before Bobby Hebb entered first grade. Produced by Jerry Ross and arranged by Joe Renzetti"Sunny" emerged from a twelve-song disc released on the Phillips label, a division of Mercury records. Although Bobby Hebb is known as "the song a day man," he only composed three of the dozen titles included on this collection.

A pity, and a definite statement about the music industry when a man as prolific and talented as Robert Von Hebb constructs and delivers pop tunes with a voice and feeling that crosses genres and ethnic boundaries. Recorded in Germany the week that the Iraq War began in March ofand originally titled Midnight Adventures by Hebb, the music sounds like an antidote to the troubling situation that was brewing just a few countries away.

But that's the positive attribute of the masterpiece that is "Sunny," here in duet form with vocalist Astrid Northone of two duets tracked at the sessions the second is available only on the CD single, with Pat Appleton singing in French.

Producer Ladwig keeps a very controlled sound throughout the disc, his ingenuity coming from the song selection and his history as a Hebb fan. There's a remake of the lost Philips single "Bound by Love," one of the many follow-ups to the original "Sunny" which stays close to the originaland a quite wonderful cover of the G. Victor Moulton, better-known in rock circles and to record collectors as the legendary Moulty of the Barbariansis an enigmatic figure whose appearance on the Nuggets vinyl and CD compilations only added to his mystique.

The song was written by MorrisEliot GreenbergBarbara Baerand Robert Schwartzand was released without the consent of the band, a fact that may have led to the defection to Mercury. The rumors of business conflict and allegations of battles with the record executive s over the release of the single "Moulty" only added to the legend, especially after the single charted and met with great audience response.

The song was about the loss of Moulton's hand through an accident with a pipe bomb in at the age of 14, which resulted in a prosthetic hand. The metallic claw resembling Captain Hook from Peter Pan was certainly a striking image for a rebellious rock and roller, and the fact that Moulty is a truly great drummer and front man brought punk credibility to the group years after their initial fame.

Itll Be Me Babe - The Shadows - Itll Be Me Babe (Vinyl) was missing on the first album, though, was solid original music beyond the singles, something that changed when Moulton brought a new version of the Barbarians into Intermedia Studios on Boylston Street in Boston, circa This is the facility where Aerosmith cut "Dream On" with producer Adrian Barber and where Jonathan Edwards ' "Sunshine Go Away " was recorded, and the five-song tape showed something that was missing on the original collector's item vinyl LP: a depth in the songwriting department.

Moulton's second wife, Chris Moultonperforms piano with him on the tracks, which include a cover of Gary "U. After the early '70s recordings, sightings of Moulton and the other Barbarians were rare. During the new wave of the mid-'70s, Moulton wrote the A-side of a single for the band Cat's Ass.

In the s, a new version of the Barbarians began performing in New England, son Tory Moulton from his first marriage, and Eric Moultonhis son by Chrisare joined on-stage by twin brothers Ken Olson and Karl Olson. The Wonderland Ballroom show was videotaped for Visual Radio-Televisionas was the re-mastering session of the demo tape.

The final gig of the reconstituted Barbarians was at the end of the '90s on the Waterfront of Plymouth, MA. Interesting articles, like Jan Hoiberg 's Norwegian website for the Bandcan also be found, that site referencing the information regarding the "Moulty" single, the transcript of his television interview first published in the July issue of Discoveries Magazine, and other information gathered by fans.

Bands such as the Dogs have also given it a whirl, as well as Peter Wolf of the J. That came out as the B-side of his CD single and is now highly collectible itself, more poignant when the world is reminded that the HallucinationsWolf 's group prior to the J.

Geils Bandused to open for the Barbarians. The fact that Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford roadied for the Barbarians just to be able to get in to see them play should say it all. Geils BandAerosmiththe Carsand so many others. The respect for his work among musicians is great.

The Witch Is Dead!. With all the cult fascination for Roky Erickson and the Chocolate Watchbandit is amazing what the plus minutes on this disc reveal, and even more amazing that this music isn't as sought after as so many other bands from that era.

A novelty hit, after all, hardly has the lustre of a Standells riff or? The liner notes on the back of the CD call this "A real first: the complete recorded output and memoirs of a group who recorded for four labels between and It would've been perfect for the Walker Brothers or Tom Jones.

Open Your Eyes - Goldfinger (7) - Open Your Eyes (CD, Album), Candidate - Joy Division - Heart And Soul (CD), Anxiolytic Effect - Kontext - Dysphoria (File), Hope - Fragment (17) - Fragment (Vinyl), Bay Moon - Pépe (2) - Motorforce (Vinyl), Hardfloor Will Survive (SKH Remix), James Wheeler (4) - Cant Take It (CD, Album), Crypto-Anarchist (The Second Death) - Mentallo & The Fixer - Burnt Beyond Recognition (CD, Album, Beautiful - Marillion - The Chance.Poughkeepsie,NY,USA - 1995-08-15 (File, MP3), Amiga (Gracias Por Venir...) - Miguel Bosé - En Concierto Por Vos Muero (DVD), Uhæmmet Jysk Rock Vinder Af "Rock Nu 90"* - Atomsatellitter (Vinyl), Pa-Pum ! - Various - Chaos Core I & II (CD), Master Of My Soul - Stefan Elmgrens Full Strike - We Will Rise (CD, Album), Sonnet 73 - Paul Kelly (2) - Seven Sonnets & A Song (CD)

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