Use the dialogue in Ex. Record yourselves. Listening d Read the list of statements. Which do you agree with? Give reasons. A I can make friends easily. C Friends help us to express ourselves. D Friends will always help out with money.

Number the statements above in the order you hear them. There is one extra statement. Say it right Socialising Q Choose the correct response to the statements. Listen and check. Everything alright? See you later. Yeah, fine. Not too bad. And you? Thanks, so are you. Nothing much. What could the other speaker say? Idioms Fill in: nerves, back, eye, shoulder, neck, head.

Check in the Word List. Are there similar idioms in your language? They gave me the cold. He drives me crazy. Get off my He really gets on my when I Words often confused 10 11 Choose the correct word. Then make a sentence with the other word. You can rely on her to help you if she can.

Speaking Portfolio: Prepare a two-minute talk about friends. Record yourself. B: No, I A: How long B: Since they met at university. A: My friend Moody River - Dream Boat - Shaking Shivering (File Never mind. Why are you in such a hurry? B: Because the film A; What B: We A: The weather B: Yes, I B: Why Look at the Grammar Reference section and say. Find an example where a stative verb is in a continuous form.

What does it mean? Use: always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, seldom, never. How often do you B: Not very often. I usually go window shopping once a month. Complete the sentences. She has Ask and answer questions. Use yet or already. Has she b Make a list of things to do today. Swap papers.

Use just, already or yet. B: Yes, for two hours. Choose one phrasal verb and draw a picture to illustrate its meaning. I was really I hate the way he Each correct sentence gets one point. Dependent prepositions Use Appendix 1 to complete the paragraph vdth: at, with, on, about. Use the phrases to make sentences about yourself and your friends. My best -frUwci. He's teeen. Word formation 10 Read the theory box.

Form adjectives from the words in brackets to complete sentences Forming adjectives To form adjectives from nouns, we use -able comfort - comfortable-ese China - Chinese-ful beauty - beautiful-ical economy - economical-al brute - brutal-ish self -selfish-ous fame -famous-y fun - funny-ed talent - talented.

To form adjectives from verbs, we use -ive act -active-ing care - caring-ed confuse -confused-less count - countless. Use the word in bold. Use two to five words. I last travelled abroad two years ago. I haven't met him before. He started work in Grammar Checkl 15 1 Look at the picture and the title.

What might the book be about? Read the biography and check. It is about the loves and lives of four young sisters growing up in New England during the American Civil War. The four March sisters. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, work hard with their mother to have a happy and peaceful home while their father is away at war. Where are the sisters? What time of year is it? Which of the two music extracts best matches the description? Listen and say.

Which sister Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy What parts of the text helped you find the answers? Then use your dictionary to explain the words in bold. It was a comfortable old room, though the carpet was faded and the furniture very plain; for a good picture or two hung on the walls, books filled the 10 shelves, chry. Amy, though the youngest, was a most important person - in her own opinion at least. A regular snow-maiden, with blue eyes and yellow hair curling on her shoulders, pale and slender, and 40 always carrying herself like a young lady mindful of her mourners.

What the characters of the four sisters were, we will leave to be found out. Meg, the eldest' of the four, was sixteen, and very pretty, being plump and fair, with large eyes. Fifteen-year-old Jo was very tall, thin and brown, and reminded one of a colt-; for she never seemed to know what to do with her long limbs, which were 20 very much in her way.

She had a decisive mouth, a comical nose and sharp, grey eyes, which appeared to see everything, and could be fierce, funny or thoughtful. Her long, thick hair was her one beauty; but it was usually bundled in a net. Jo had round shoulders, big hands and feet, a fly-away look to her clothes and the uncomfortable appearance of a girl who was rapidly shooting up into a woman and didn't like it. Elizabeth - or Beth, as everyone called her was a rosy, smooth-haired, bright-eyed girl of thirteen, with a shy manner, a timid voice and a peaceful expression, which was seldom disturbed.

Meg stopped lecturing and lighted the lamp, Amy got out of the armchair without being asked, and Jo forgot how 50 tired she was as she sat up to hold the slippers nearer to the fire. Find two examples in the text. How would their appearance be different? Where could they be living? Exchange with another group. Compare your ideas and check for mistakes. Endings Beginnings Hi Jane! Sorry to hear that you're not getting on very well with your brother. Maybe I con help! I really hope you feel better soon.

Give me a call some time! Best wishes, Sam Anyway, that's all for now! Write and tell me your news! Love, Andy Hi! I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened last Monday.

Thanks again for the gift. Once again. I'm really sorry. Dan 5 Hi Jamie! Congratulations on your graduation! We are all so happy for you! In fact I'm having a real problem studying for my exams this year.

You always do so well Could you please give me a few tips? Please write back as soon as you can. Kathy 2 Read the theory box and the plan.

Which type of tetter is each pair from? We write informal letters to friends and relatives we know well, or to people our own age. How are you? Write back soon. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence followed by appropriate supporting sentences. Informal letters should be written in an informal style. That is: everyday vocabulary e. Underline the key words. These will tell you who will read your piece of writing, why you are writing it and what you should write about.

You recently moved to a biQ city and have decided to write a letter to vour friend back in vour small town. Write a letter describing life in the city and vour feelings about the change. There are lots of interesting people here, too. What I miss most though is my old friends - especially you!

Say hi to the rest of the gang! Yours, Fiona Use the words in brackets to rewrite the sentences. If t were you, You should n't. This way you'll lose weight. A You are about to visit a school exchange partner in another country and you are not sure what clothes to take with you or how to get to their house.

Send an email to your friend asking for information words. Her name is Ann. Write an email to her. I hope you enjoyed your birthday party. What did you do? Did you have a nice time? What's your best friend like? What do you do together? I can't wait for the winter holidays! I've got lots of things planned. Write an email to George. Write a letter to Michelle and give her some advice on how to overcome her problem words.

What can we do? Before handing in your piece of writing, review and revise it. Use the questions below. Is it simple, everyday English? Vocabulary Do you overuse any words? Would synonyms make your letter more interesting? Do you write with your left hand or your right hand? I writeN. I usually wear comfortable clothes that show a little bit of individuality. I'm not really bothered about brand names or logos. I tend to stick to cheaper clothes that won't rip when I fall off my skateboard!

I spend too much time and money in all of them, but they are full of trendy, affordable clothes! So, what's a girl supposed to do?

Hit the shops of course! Britain is a very multi-cultural place, so you see lots of different styles and trends all the time. I like picking up bargains at the street markets and second-hand shops.

Then, I put these clothes together with things I have found on the high street. That way, I always stand out in a crowd! Young people today are so creative when it comes to fashion that pop stars are influenced by their style and not the other way round! Check in your dictionaries. Use your dictionaries to explain the phrases in bold. Then, list all the words related to places teenagers buy their clothes.

Are there similar places in your country? A: So Amy, tell me, do you like to keep up with the latest fashions? B: Oh yes! Portfolio: What do the teenagers in your country like wearing? Where do they go shopping for clothes? How much money do they spend on clothes? Write a short paragraph. What kinds of discrimination can people suffer from?

Who is discriminating against each person? Paolo is teased at school because he is Italian. He has to have extra les. He often feels nervous about going to school. Meg was made redundant from her job as a secretary last year at the age of She loved her job and would like to find a similar one. She keeps applying for secretarial positions and has joined a placement agency.

She suspects that employers are looking for younger secretaries. She loves the outdoors and docs a lot of extreme sports. She often wears combat trousers and trainers and i. Unfortunately, the girls at school don't talk to her and never invite her out. They sometimes even make fun of her.

Call a helpline for advice or share your problem with a friend, a teacher or someone you trust. A problem shared is a problem halved! Remember; discrimination is illegal in Great Britain in employment, education, housing etc. Schools, police and employers have a responsibility to protect you! If you're feeling brave, start an anti-discrimination group in your school, university, youth group etc. You could provide a counselling service or invite guest speakers along. If you're finding it difficult to get a job, keep on applying.

If you're being bullied because of your race, keep on fighting! What should Paolo, Meg and Julie do? B: t agree. He can also Use appropriate ones to complete the sentences below. They all She feels. She was. Project: Imagine you visit schools to give talks about fighting discrimination. Record your presentation. What makes up our rubbish?

Which of these do you recycle? Think of the recycling logo with the three chasing arrows. Each of them Recycling starts when you put your rubbish in the recycling bins. A recycling truck collects all the materials and takes From there, they are sent to factories and new products are manufactured.

This is the second part of the process. The Recycled materials are everywhere, even in the clothing we wear. Look at my fleece jacket and gloves for example. Here they are! They are great, aren't they? Believe it or not, they are all made of Next time you go This way you help conserve precious resources and eliminate waste overflow in landfills.

Remember you are the Only you can persuade Use your dictionaries. Portfolio: Use the text to give a 2-minute talk about the Importance of recycling. Project: What do you recycle at home or at school? Make a list and compare it with your partner. How does she feel? What does he find surprising? A He has lots of boy cousins. C He is an only child. What is her opinion of it? A She really likes it. C The shops are expensive.

What is special about it? A It has articles about clothes and movie stars. C It is only for different teenagers. C They had a fight. What does she suggest? A To phone an organisation. C To forget about it. What kind of programme is it? A A news report. C A pop music programme. Reading Match the texts to the headings A-G. There is one extra heading that you do not need to use. High-heeled shoes and plenty of accessories, such as gold chains, beads and leather bags will also be hot this season.

And if you like hats Beautifully written and memorable, it is about family relationships, traditions and culture, and a little girl who rode a whale out to sea. Those interested in finding out about the native people of New Zealand, the Maoris, will find it well worth reading. Do you enjoy clubbing, hanging out with friends, taking part in extreme sports or surfing the Net?

Whatever you like, others want to know about it! Join our online pen-friends club today by just filling in the form below. We will send you your secret password and you'll be set to be part of this amazing chatroom! Your greatest gifts are your honesty and trustworthiness, as well as your ability to understand the problems of others.

You are very dedicated to your job and will go far in your chosen career. I am a slxteen-year-old student who has been brought up to respect other people, so why don't people respect me too? OK, so I'm short and fat, but that's no reason for other kids to make fun of me behind my backi Please help me.

IVe had enough! The winter sales are starting soon and I need some new jeans! There are some real cool ones at our local shopping centre.

Her name is Emma. Write a letter to Emma. My brother really annoys me. Do you get on well with your family? Tell me all about them! We always have a lot of fun together! Peter the Great is probably the Under his rule, Russia Peter toured Europe, sometimes in disguise to Returning to Russia, he He founded St Petersburg, his most lasting contribution to Russia, on some land he conquered along the Baltic Sea.

A gateway to Europe, St Petersburg became the new capital Inafter bravely trying to rescue some drowning sailors, he ended up with a bad cold and died a She only thinks of herself! I thought he was going to hit you. She is a very The film My mum is very Can you look If you go swimming, look Are you good Be careful Tina is very excited B: a Not too bad.

A: What do you think of rock climbing? B: a 1 find it very excited. B: a Thanks, so are you. A: Do you enjoy surfing the Net? MP3) do you think British teenagers spend their money on? Listen or read to find out. A I have borrowed money, which I will pay back when I start working.

I need to get good grades. D I want one that takes photos and has an MP3 player on it. I spent two weeks' wages on them. Shopping is my favourite hobby. Read the whole sentence. This will help you guess the meaning from the context. Use them to make sentences. There are over 9 million of them in Britain and they are the most powerful group of consumers. Who are they? A retailer's 'dream come true'. Sweets and chocolates are still the number one best seller, but sales of mobile phone cards are catching up quickly, and they are expected to overtake sweets and chocolates very soon.

Quite a lot of teenagers have also joined clubs that involve extreme sports, such as gliding and parachuting. This means that parents are digging deeper into their pockets than ever before. Teenagers are making ends meet by doing odd jobs, such as helping with the chores around the house, delivering newspapers, and working weekends as sales assistants in shops.

Although they earn and receive the same amount of money, girls spend more than boys. How about you? Do you get enough money? Are you a big spender or a saver? Choose from the list. Swansea Do you ever Do you Do you think teenagers Which of the things you buy Do you have a part-time job to It's not really enough.

I had a credit card but 1 cut it up. I spend my money on snacks, bus fares, going to the gym and going out. Middlesex 3 Tm football crazy! I follow my team wherever they play. I can't get a job at the moment because I'm studying for my exams. I'm mad about computer games and spend hours playing with my friends. My parents can't afford to splash out on expensive things for me, so I save the money I earn from my Saturday job. I enjoy going on shopping sprees and buying magazines.

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