Which one of the following describes you? Set the time for 60 minutes! Throw out any food gone bad in fridge. Wash and put away dishes. Wipe down countertops and sink. Wipe down countertop appliances. Wipe down oven and stovetop.

Wipe down inside and outside of fridge. Wash front of cabinets. Heat bowl of vinegar and half a lemon in the microwave 10 minutes, clean inside and out. Wipe down kitchen table. Tidy up drawers, cabinets and pantry. Take out trash and recycling.

Extra credit: Use a Brillo Pad to clean silverware with spots, dirty pots and pans and stainless steel sink like this. Wipe down any dust in the closet. Tidy hanging clothes, drawers and shelves. Dust dressers, shelves, picture frames in the bedroom. Put fresh linens on the bed. Extra credit: Mend any clothing with holes or missing buttons. Take out toys that are not used, age appropriate or broken. Gather like toys in baskets. Straighten books on shelves.

You can even put half the toys in the garage and switch them in a month. Tidy drawers and shelves. Dust and wipe down surfaces. Change sheets. I do it like this. Also see: Laundry room makeover and organization Day 5: Bathrooms Remove countertop clutter.

Clean bathtub. I use dish soap to cut through grease! Clean shower. It should just be a touch up if you do this. Wipe down counters and sink. Wash mirrors. Clean toilet bowl, seat and base. Replace towels with fresh set. Throw out old products. Make a note of products that need replaced. Restock toilet paper. Empty trash. Make DIY shower spray Turn Me Around (Take-Out Mix) keep that shower clean months!

Extra credit: Clean stainless steel surfaces with a Brillo pad like thiswipe down fronts of cabinets and wash bathmats. Mop or swiffer all floors. Bake for about 3 hours or until brisket is tender.

Let sit in the pan for about 15 minutes before slicing. Enjoy this amazing brisket recipe! This recipe is so simple and tastes so divine. My friend Laurie makes it for us every year when we spend holidays with her family. It really is melt in your mouth delicious! Cuisine American. Most recipes out there, some of them in well known, published books contain too much yeast! Always use your refrigerator. When your dough rises too quickly, the flavor will not develop optimally. Use a scale to weigh the flour instead of using a measuring cup — it is much more accurate and will yield superior results.

Just do it. Mix the oil in as the last step, after the flour has all been incorporated. This is important to allow the flour to hydrate properly. I sometimes use a bit more flour after I begin spreading them. Do NOT ever use a rolling pin! I hope to add a few pictures someday of this process. Ensure that your oven is preheated for a sufficient amount of time about 1 hour and bake the pizza within 6 to 8 inches of the top of your oven ie, your broiler so that the tops browns sufficiently in conjunction with the bottom of the pizza.

After your stone has been preheated sufficiently, the heat from the stone will cook the pizza from the bottom and you can switch the broiler on if you find you need more browning on the top I now use the broiler to bake my pizzas…more on this sometime in the future.

If you find that your cheese is browning well before your rim attains sufficient color, use partially frozen cheese ie, place shredded cheese in the freezer while the oven is heating up and cold sauce or you can drizzle just a bit of olive oil on top of cheese. Use a pizza stone if you have one.

The stone with draw moisture out of the dough and produce a beautifully crisp crust. I use a pizza steel because my stones kept breaking. Do not use low fat cheese to top your pizza or pre-shredded cheese the former will not melt sufficiently and the latter contains additives that prevent the cheese from sticking together Turn Me Around (Take-Out Mix) therefore does not melt very well.

The best is low-moisture, whole milk mozzarella. Also, do not use too much cheese; apply it sparingly so that you can achieve that mottled NY pizza appearance. Use semolina or flour on the bottom of your pizza peel to prevent the pizza dough from sticking but be careful not to overdo it because it will burn. Give the pizza peel a few very small quick jerks to make sure the pizza will easily slide off your pizza peel before attempting to transfer pizza to the oven, and more importantly, rub flour into the peel before Turn Me Around (Take-Out Mix) the dough on top.

Try these other pizzas and this NY pizza sauce: Buffalo style one of my absolute favorites White with prosciutto White with spinach and feta Pizza sauce. My name is Marie, and I love to cook! I was born and raised in a Italian American community in Philadelphia. Many of my happiest memories were with my mother or father cooking happily in the kitchen and their passion definitely inspired me.

I'd like to share my recipes for pizza, breads, Italian cakes and cookies, as well as other family favorites with you! Read More…. Hi Marie, I made this dough many times with either all purpose flour and bread Turn Me Around (Take-Out Mix). It turned out great. I have few questions about flour combination: Will it be OK to use combination of flours: All purpose, Bread flour and 00 flour?

Has anyone used a flour combination before? I can experiment but I just wanted if it has been done by any user in this page. You certainly can. I use bread or AP flour or in combination — I will also use 00 flour but try to reserve it for my pizza oven since the 00 that i use is more expensive and it is made for high temp baking Caputo. Thank you!!! This recipe yields exactly the pizza dough we crave without needing to pay for take away.

This is a super simple recipe- and measuring ingredients is way easier! For the brand I use RedStarit is a substitution, however, other brands may use less yeast when substituting active dry. Thankyou so much for this recipe and amazing advice! The method is kind of a shortcut since it goes straight from the mixing bowl to the fridge. Yes, you would cut yeast also it is a percentage of the flour, so when you cut the flour, you cut everything else including yeast. Good question though!

Hi, my dough is fermenting, but I am confused on the flour part. Is that what we are supposed to be using? I have a scale and am trying to be very exact. The rest of the recipe ideas are spot on, especially the cheese. I use King Arthur flour which has grams per cup but universal measurement is grams per cup. Say you are so turned on and touching yourself.

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Ice cubes, a feather, candle wax not scalding hot!

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  3. Aug 29,  · Take out trash and recycling. Extra credit: Use a Brillo Pad to clean silverware with spots, dirty pots and pans and stainless steel sink like this. Also see: Grocery shopping and feeding a family on a tight budget with printable. Day 2: Bedroom and closet. Pull out clothing that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear.

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