Blog Allegedly hit by a truck Bali Towerindo optical cable harms the Sultan

Dalam era yang terus berkembang dengan pesat, informasi telah menjadi komoditas yang tak ternilai harganya. Dari revolusi digital hingga transformasi teknologi, dunia kita kini tenggelam dalam lautan informasi yang tak pernah kering. Artikel ini mengajak kita untuk melangkahkan kaki ke dalam kompleksitas tatanan informasi saat ini, mengeksplorasi tantangan dan peluang yang muncul dalam mengelola dan memahami gelombang informasi yang terus menggulung. Dari algoritma cerdas hingga arus berita yang tak kenal lelah, mari kita telaah bersama bagaimana kita dapat menjadikan informasi sebagai alat untuk mendobrak batasan dan memahami dunia di sekitar kita dengan lebih baik.

Berikut adalah artikel atau berita tentang Harian dengan judul Allegedly hit by a truck Bali Towerindo optical cable harms the Sultan yang telah tayang di terimakasih telah menyimak. Bila ada masukan atau komplain mengenai artikel berikut silahkan hubungi email kami di [email protected], Terimakasih.

“Since first learning of the tragedy, the management of Bali Tower has been committed to finding the best solution, which is still being discussed by both parties. We also apologize for the postponed visit and gathering by the management of Bali Tower,” he said.

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The arrival is based on reports from residents regarding the disconnection of internet connection due to the broken optical cable owned by Bali Tower. The cable breakage occurred simultaneously with the leaning of one of the utility network poles, which has been installed since 2015.

“Indeed, there is information on accidents, but it is not known what kind of accident or who it happened to. Our party only found out that there were victims five months later, on May 23 2023. The Cilandak Village summoned the Bali Tower regarding an accident. We just found out that there is a victim named Sultan,” said Maqdir.


While they have no photographic or video evidence before and after the incident, the allegation points to the overloaded truck causing the cable to go down. Then, the cable got stuck in a lower SUV type car before then bouncing into the neck of Sultan who was carrying a motorbike behind the car.

“So, this (cable down) is suspected because there was a vehicle that was more than 5.5 meters high so the cable got stuck,” he said.


The image of the alleged cause of the optic cable disconnect and the tilting of the utility pole owned by PT Bali Towerindo Sentra Tbk, as shown in the press conference related to the Sultan Rif’at Alfatih accident case in Jakarta on Thursday (3/8/2023).

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“This is not easy, there are many requirements that must be fulfilled. Apparently, based on the discussions with the family, it was not pursued because the requirements were too complex and difficult to fulfill. The insurance, according to the investigation, cannot be provided if it is a single accident,” he said.


Sultan Rif’at Alfatih (20) and his father, Fatih, are at their home in Bintaro, East Ciputat, South Tangerang, on Tuesday (1/8/2023). Sultan cannot speak, has difficulty breathing and eating due to being entangled in fiber optic cable in a traffic accident on the streets of South Jakarta in January 2023.

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Wednesday (2/8/2023) afternoon, Fatih came with a lawyer from the campus where his son came from, Brawijaya University, to visit Polda Metro Jaya in Jakarta. Tegar Putuhena as the attorney explained that his party was reporting the Bali Tower for the first time for the incident.

“What we reported, based on an independent investigation carried out by the family, the data we have, the Bali Tower was careless so that it protruded downward so that people were entangled,” said Tegar.

They also consulted the findings with the police on several allegations, such as traffic violations to consumer protection.

“If we’re talking about treatment, compensation, and so on, that’s fine. But, let’s come in a good manner. First, resolve the main issue. Then, don’t send someone to try to silence with a certain amount of money,” he said.

The accident experienced by Sultan resulted in severe injuries to the vocal cords and nerve problems in the respiratory and digestive tract. Until now, Sultan cannot speak, then breathes through the throat canal, and can only consume liquid food through a tube inserted into the nose.

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