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Cross-platform soccer game for all

FIFA 23 is a premium sports video game developed by Electronic Arts in partnership with the premiere football league FIFA. This football simulation game shakes up the longstanding franchise that traces the football title back to the early 90s, boasting new systems, improved graphics, and covering two World Cups

Fans of the franchise can check how FIFA 23 differs from previous entries in the series. More importantly, it will cater to a more extensive player base as it allows cross-play between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox devices. You can also try FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 and see the changes in graphics, gameplay, and the association system.

A more lifelike game

Like most games in the franchise, FIFA 23 will let you control a football club of your choosing as you play against other teams from around the world. Similarly, it has a Career Mode that puts you in charge of a team as its manager–arranging the lineups, appearances, and games of your chosen team. The latest entry in the franchise also offers experience-based upgrades for players.

However, the game easily exceeds all expectations by featuring two World Cups—one for the men and another for the women, marking a first in the series. More importantly, it will cater to all franchise fans, regardless of the platform they’re playing with the cross-play feature. This means that console players can now play with those on PC. Plus, they can check out the new FIFA Ratings, which include the soccer player database and average athlete performances.

In terms of application, it will also improve on the Hypermotion Technology players first saw with FIFA 22, giving players better animation in-game. However, it ends there. It basically continues the previous installment but with minor changes. If you’re looking for more new content or gameplay mechanics, it doesn’t drastically change the tried-and-tested formula of the franchise, especially if you’re one of the players who grind the Career Mode.

Choose any team from the NWSL

FIFA 23 will include 12 National Women’s Soccer League teams on its roster of playable squads, and a renamed EA Sports FC option will allow players to select any team from NWSL. The National Women’s Soccer League Players Association has entered into a licensing partnership with EA Sports, meaning the league’s real-life players will also be featured in this game. The National Women’s Soccer League has 12 clubs, making for a total of 36 women’s professional soccer teams in this video game.

All 36 playable teams are available in Kick-Off mode and Classic, Volta—a type of tournament, House Rules, Online Friendlies, Coop Seasons, and Tournament mode. Four National Women’s Soccer League stadiums are also found in this game. In addition, significant women’s soccer competition features, including the 2023 Women’s World Cup and UEFA Women’s Championships’ League, will be added to the game in time for those event’s kick-offs. It’s also adding four new European clubs—including Real Madrid and Juventus—to make the UWCL experience even more complete.

A new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate exclusive

FIFA 23 has recently joined the ranks of other exclusive game offerings of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle, making it even more enjoyable for cross-platform players. Due to that, users who have signed up for the subscription will get access to the soccer game to their heart’s content. It joins other popular Xbox One titles like FIFA 21 and 22, Madden NFL 23, NHL 23, and more.

Signals the revival of a franchise

While it doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, FIFA 23 adds significant spikes that make the said wheel perform better. It takes good steps in the right direction, such as including two World Cups and finally adding cross-play into the game. With its inclusivity in terms of gender and gaming platform, more players will definitely hop into the ball-kicking fun. Recommended.