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FIFA Mobile, also known as FIFA Mobile, is the Android version of the world’s most popular soccer game. With improved graphics and high levels of playability, in this new season, you will have to form the best team to dominate the field during each match. By opening packs and managing your tactics, you will be in charge of strengthening the squad to make the most of the quality of hundreds of real players on the field.

In FIFA Mobile, there is a well-organized main menu that gives you access to different game modes. As you might expect, this edition of FIFA incorporates a mode in which you will show off your skills in Ultimate Team. During each game, you will get packs that you can open instantly to get the virtual cards of the best soccer players in the world, such as Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski.

Another interesting aspect of FIFA Mobile is the new manager mode. If you opt for this mechanic, in each of the matches, you will sit on the bench to face the ninety minutes of the game from the perspective of a manager. This will mean that you will have to define rehearsed plays on the fly or decide on changes to give freshness to your team.

In terms of gameplay during matches, FIFA Mobile offers four camera modes. These well-differentiated perspectives will allow you to adapt the viewing angle, making it very comfortable for you to control your team’s game. In addition, the controls are the same as in other editions and all you need to do is tap on the joystick and the action buttons to generate offensive and defensive plays.

What’s more, in FIFA Mobile, new kits and official badges of recognizable teams of world soccer have been incorporated. Furthermore, during this new season, you can find the badges of more than thirty national teams. As we have come to expect, the game incorporates FIFPro license so that you can identify the faces of soccer players competing in the main leagues of the world. Watch out for the replays, because realism will be more than present, once again, in every celebration.

Downloading the FIFA Mobile APK for Android will allow you to experience the magic of soccer with the seal of quality that EA Sports always provides. The latest edition before the change of nomenclature to EA Sports FC promises great joys to lovers of the best soccer games for Android.